Doppleganger (R)
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It is said everyone had a twin. Rick used to think it was an old wives tale until he met his. This is his story.Richard or "Rick" as everyone called him was window shopping in the mall one Saturday evening. He felt as if he was being watched; as if someone was following, watching his every move.It’s just my imagination" He thought to himself.

He made his way through the food court to the men's rest room. Suddenly he was pushed through the door. He stumbled onto his knees as he fell on his hand to brace himself.

"Ouch! What did you do that for?"

"Shut Up baby" He heard a female voice say. “You will do what Nana says or I am going to blister you bottom."

She forcefully grabbed him and flipped him onto his back. It was then he noticed the second stranger. His mind raced as he wondered what was going on.

They were both wearing black ski masks but he could tell that one was female and one was male. The female was tall about 6'4 he guessed. He judged that she probably weighed 210 lbs. The Male seemed to have the same body build as him and stood 5'5 .

The male stranger held his arms above his head while the other cut his shirt off of him. Rick shivered as his back touched the cold tile of the restroom floor. He tried to struggle but she over powered him and was held down firmly. They continued to undress him. His belt was unbuckled and his jeans were pulled off. Rick cried as they cut off his boxers.

"Shh baby." The female voice cooed "Everything is going to be alright."

He smelt Baby powder as she sprinkled his diaper area. Reality set in as he realized what was happening. He was being diapered!!!

"I'm not a baby. I don't need those." He yelled. He began to struggle as he heard her open the diaper.

"Quit struggling little one or nanas going to pank. Baby needs his pamper on or he's going to have an accident."

"But I'm not a baby. I don't have accidents."

"Yes you are your going to be my little baby"

She lifted his legs with one hand by his ankles and slid the diaper under his bottom. He cried as she let his legs down, pulled it between his legs and taped the sides."It will be OK baby. Now you’re all nice and safe"

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Mina Silverwind
wow what an excellent story, I hope you continue in the future, and thanks for sharing all of your work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
It's a little short to really get a good feel for the story, but it seems promising...
Ty everyone I have been reading others stories for a while I thought I would write my own. Look for more in a little bit
really good start up. would too see what going to happen next.
Sweet Dreams
dreamer of frilly
Can't wait for more please continue
Ok, you really need to continue this, I want to read more.
I'm confused. you definately need to expand the idea and set some background of the characters :)
I know I am currently trying to rewrite it. So forgive the long wait.
Great start so far can't wait to see read what happens next.
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