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Wife goes to Vegas with her girlfriends and leaves sissy hubby with a cruel nanny for training.
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Donna's Nanny,
part 1

As told by my Wife and Nanny Jane.

YES, I am going to Vegas with the girls Don and I am not going to discuss this any more. You know the girls and I have been planning this trip for 2 months and the tickets have already been purchased so quit your griping. You travel alone plenty for your work now its my turn. Damn, I wish you would stop whining like such a baby about it.

Really Don, I know you really want me to go so you can hang out and read your porn, eat chocolate and suck down bottles of beer all day. You will probably put on some of my panties while I'm gone too if I know you. Yes I know you have done it. Do you think I'm stupid. I see how they are all stretched out in my drawer, and the damn stains you leave in them. You are such a perv. I don't know why I put up with your shit sometime. Maybe if I get you some panties then you will stop wearing mine. You're always bitching that I don't play enough kinky sex games with you anymore. Maybe I will buy a sexy Vegas stripper outfit while I am there, and have you wear it for me when I get home.

I said shut up and quit whining. No you cant come with me. Finish the dishes and quit acting like a baby. Maybe I should get you a babysitter while I'm gone to keep you focused on chores. Yes, that's just what I need for you. A proper nanny. I have a couple days to find someone to do that so you better watch your sorry ass or I will. I am so tired of you acting like a do nothing child. Maybe I will call Amber. She might know a nanny that will take care of your sorry ass. Don't you be telling me what I can or cant do to you. You gave that right up when we were married. Remember those promise rings we put in your cock and behind your balls. Yes those promise rings.

Well I talked to Amber's friend Jane. She has been a nanny for many years and knows just how to handle naughty husbands that complain like little babies. Its Wednesday now. If I hear one more complaint or any more whining from you I will have her here before I leave with the girls Friday and you will have to deal with her rules. I hope you understand that because I am serious. You probably think that some lil old nanny wont be able to handle a guy like you but you may want to rethink that.

Well you blew your chance at having a week alone. Did you really need to talk back because I said you couldn't have another bowl of ice cream for dessert? Really? Don that's pretty pathetic. I mean it's Thursday night and all you had to do is behave until tomorrow morning. I think you want me to get you a nanny. Is that it. Is that why you are blushing. You little shit you do want it. Do you think she will let you fuck her or something? Lol, guess again sweetie. If she is here you wont be very happy about it, I can promise that. You know what. I want you to go in the bedroom and put on the panties of mine you usually wear to wank in. I want to see you in them. Maybe I will keep you in them all the time. Well that's too bad. Do it now or things will get much worse for you. That's a good girl, move along now. I have a call to make.

Yes Jane, I would be so happy if you could come work your magic on my Don. He really needs to be more respectful. He is either acting all macho or whining like a child. Well of course you have a free hand in training him. I hear your methods have done wonders for other womens' hubbys. No he's in the other room so we can talk. I told him to put on a pair of panties to get rid of him. He is probably moping about trying to figure an excuse not to. But its not enough. He really needs to change his ways. He needs a much stricter training regiment. Well yes he whines all the time. He whined about me going to Vegas. He whines about doing chores. He whines if I don't give him candy. He's like a big baby . Yes I will be gone until Thursday night and you will have complete control. I'm sure he will fight you at first but Amber said you can easily handle it so I trust your judgment. OK, I will see you at 8:30am on Friday. Thanks Jane I am looking forward to it.

Well look at the sissy in the pretty ruffled panties. And is that a stiffy inside them. All 5 skinny little inches. Why are you blushing darling, you look adorable like that. Don't they feel so nice and soft. And so feminine like a dainty little baby girl. Oh look its twitching. Are you gonna squirt in them Donna, I mean Donnie? You really like them don't you dear? When I get back maybe we will buy some just for you. Would you like that sweetie? Yes I bet you would. Let me see you reach down and rub the outside with your hand. Doesn't that feel nice. Why you are positively trembling dear. OK, move your hand away. Oh look at it squirting all inside your panties. All that creamy cummie. I think you should wear them to bed doll they look so sweet. NO YOU CANT CLEAN UP. I want you to feel that nice sissy cream all night. I hope you enjoyed it because you never know when you will get to do it again. Oh nothing dear, just thinking to myself. You get in bed while I finish packing. I am leaving in the morning.

8AM darling time to get up. You need to make me some coffee and a couple sandwiches and snacks for the plane trip. No I want you to leave the soiled panties on just like they are. I want to remember you like that when I leave. Now go get the coffee. MMM you do make a good cup of coffee Donnie. I wish you did everything that well. Oh the door bell. I will get it you just get the sandwiches done thanks.

Hi Jane, Im so glad you could make it. Let me help you with those bags. Wow 2 suitcases. You dont mess around. Well yes I guess its best to be prepared for anything. He's in the kitchen making me a lunch for the plane. Come on I will introduce you. Donnie honey, this is Nanny Jane. She will be taking care of you while I am away. Oh don't be so embarrassed. I am sure she has seen men in their underwear before. Even frilly yellow ones like yours. And I told you what would happen if you kept whining all week, and now you are going to have to pay the price for it. I don't wanna hear any shit out of you about it. Nanny Jane is in charge as of now.

Yes Jane, that is a big cummie stain on them. Donnie got them all messy last night so I had him sleep in them. Well that is certainly up to you. I am sure he will not give you any trouble.

Is my lunch ready Don, the rest of the girls are here in the taxi. I gotta run. Come kiss me goodbye. Thank you Don. Im glad you have today off work so you and Nanny Jane can get acquainted. Now be good and don't give her a hard time. Bye now.

Well Donnie it looks like its just us now. I must say those ruffle panties are very pretty on you. Now don't blush. Why don't you go take my bags to the bedroom and I will unpack. Then you can put some shorts on over those panties and wait in the living room for me. No not the guest bedroom dear. I get the master bedroom with the pvt bath. While I am here you will use the guestroom and like it. Understood! No buts! That's the way it is going to be. If you are smart you won't try to push me too hard Donnie. I promise I push back much harder. Now go away and do as you are told.

Nanny took a quick look around the room and the attached bath. It would work perfectly for her needs. She unpacked her case of clothes and set aside the other case holding some of the tools of her trade. She returned and saw Don at his computer in the office at the end of the hall. She also noticed the special chocolate she had left on the coffee table was missing a few pieces. She smiled at that one and silently snuck into Dons office.

Are you reading porn this time of day? Turn that off right now. What do you mean no? I SAID NOW SISSY. Before he knew what was happening she had grabbed his ear, pulled him from his chair and tripped him up so he fell across the coffee table. She sat on his back and pulled down his shorts and started to spank his pantied ass. You (swat) do (swat) not (swat) disobey (swat) my (swat) orders (swat) sissy (swat). Then proceeded to spank him more while he kicked his feet and screamed obscenities at her. The more you yell the more it will hurt you big baby! (swat)(swat)(swat)(swat)(swat)(swat) You better put a sock in it right now or I will gag you. OK you asked for it. And she pulled off his panties and shoved them in his mouth. Then another dozen swats.

Now sissy lets get something straight between us right now. You will do what I say when I say it. If you don't you will be punished. If you are good I will be nice. Do you understand. Just nod your head leave the panties in your mouth. Good I am glad we understand each other. You will address me as Nanny Jane or just Nanny at all times, got it. Good girl. You can shake your head no, but if I want to call you a girl I will. If I want to call you sissy or baby or anything else I will and you will not complain. (swat)(swat)(swat)(swat). Understood? Good girl. I knew you would agree. Now go and clean the master bathroom and leave those panties in your mouth while you do it. I will be in to inspect and it better be sparkling.

Finding what she needed in the kitchen Nanny Jane went to the second bathroom and sealed the toilet shut with multiple layers of plastic wrap. Don would not be able to use that room all week. She had other plans for him. And he started it by eating the chocolate she left on the table earlier. Too bad he didn't ask first she might have told him it was chocolate flavored ex-lax. This one is gonna be fun she told herself imagining how cute he was gonna be in a diaper.

Well you can do a good job when you need to, can't you sissy. This looks very nice in here. But hear this. I will not expect to see you set a foot in here again as long as I am here, unless I am with you. Got that. This bathroom is off limits to you from now on. Now you can take those panties from your mouth and put them back on. Yes I know they are wet. I didn't ask that did I? (swat)(swat) I said put them on, now! Good girl. I want you to get the laundry started and then get dressed so we can have lunch.

Lets go Donnie. I want you to drive to the locals Wendy's. You know where it is don't you. Of course. Lets get going then Nanny is hungry. No I want to go in and sit down. I will order for us. Did you just call me Jane. Didn't we talk about that before. That is going to cost you later. Remember that. OK our food is ready. Yes I did get a lot, but its mostly for you. I get a salad and ice tea, and you get the x-large drink, large salad, large chili and double cheese burger and large fries. Yes its a lot but believe me you will work it off later. Oops, be a dear and get some extra napkins from the counter Donnie. Good girl.

Now I can mix some more laxative in his salad dressing.

Well that was a delightful meal wasn't it? I bet you are full you had a lot of food. But I think you need a frosty for desert too. Oh don't worry, you wont gain any weight from one meal. No you cant go to the miens room, just wait until you get home its only 20 minutes. Don't talk back to me young lady get out to the car now. Do I have to add more punishment to what you already earned? OK drive. Oh don't worry I'm sure it is just a very sort traffic tie-up. Probably that construction we passed on the way to the restaurant. Well you will just have to hold it a little longer. I'm sure we will get through this traffic soon. You better not wet yourself. Damn, I should have but a diaper on you. Well then hold it.

If you wet yourself before we get home you will be put into diapers. I can promise you that sissy. You won't let me. OK sissy when we get home try to stop me. We will see who's the boss around here. Well see there's the house now. Lets get out. I said get out of the car what's wrong with you. Ha ha did you just wet yourself sissy. Looks like you do need some diaper time girl. What did you just say. DID YOU SWEAR AT ME YOU LITTLE BITCH. Get that door open and get in the house now. Where do you think you are going. Get out of my bedroom. Of course the bathroom door is locked. You just cleaned it and are not going to mess it up. Oh so now you want to use the other bathroom. I don't think so. Don't you dare take the wrapping off of that.

Did you just try and push me out of the way you little shit. That attitude stops right now. See how vulnerable you are sissy. See how quickly I took control of these sissy balls. Yes of course it hurts. And so easy to drag you around by them. And you better watch your language too. Now back to the master bedroom.

You want me to let go. Not a chance sissy.

Still holding on I open my spare suitcase and grab a collar out.

Put this on now if you want me to stop squeezing.

Now give my your left arm.

I quickly place a handcuff on your wrist and hook it to a ring on the collar.

Now the other arm.

This is then attached to the other side. Now I will let go. Now step out of those wet shorts and underwear.

Examining your cock I see the PA ring and another ring behind your balls. I thought I felt metal down there. How long have you had these. Oh good then they are well healed.

(I cut off his t-shirt and had him stand on it)

Good thing you aren't a very hairy sissy this Nair will work much better that way. In a few minutes your skin will be all pretty and pink from the neck down. Not a hair to worry about. OK lets get you in the shower. You can pee in there.

You clean up well. Pink and smooth like a little baby. What baby. Your tummy is grumbling. Oh well probably form that huge lunch you had. You say your arms are tired for being cuffed to your neck.

Then maybe you should have obeyed a bit better earlier. Ya think?

Sit down on the closed toilet and and spread your legs. I wanna better look at those piercings.

I grabbed some pliers from my travel tool kit and returned to the naughty sissy.

I have a wonderful idea sissy. I can see no reason for two rings when one will do just fine. I am going to take one out and use the other to connect both piercings. It will keep that naughty sissy clit soft and tucked away for you. But I warn you dear, if you happen to get hard it's probably going to hurt so be careful OK?

Oh look with your clitty pulled way back between your legs like that your sissy balls pop right back up inside you. How sweet is that. You look so precious and smooth. It will stay like that with the ring fastened that way too. Isn't that fun?

Yes I saw you looking down nanny's blouse while I did that sissy. Yes that was naughty. And one more thing to add to your punishment list. Maybe I should see if your clitty can get hard like this. Would you like to be able to get hard like a real man sissy? Yes I bet you would. But would a real man have his man parts locked up like this? That's right they wouldn't. Lets see what happens when I play gently with it like a lady clitty OK sissy? Oh look how it tries to get hard. Oh does it hurt baby? OK I will stop now. Well soft again. I liked that. Let me try again. Oh how sweet look how it pulls the ring. Yes I know it hurts. In fact every time you read porn or look down my blouse or anything that arouses you it's going to make you hurt. Well not always baby. Someday it just will stop getting hard at all. Just like a little baby. Hold still I want a picture of this. Well of course Im taking pictures. Your wife wants to see whats happening too. This isn't all about you , you know.

OK I am tired of hearing naughty words form your dirty mouth. Kneel on the floor now! Good girl. Let me take care of that potty mouth for you baby. Open that mouth now. Yes that's a bar of baby's soap wrapped in that washcloth. And it is staying in your mouth until I say it comes out. In fact I think I have a scarf to tie it in place with till I think you are repentant. Now lie over the tub with your ass in the air. Its punishment time.

I think this toilet brush will be a perfect warm up. Let me just scrub your rosy cheeks with it to get it started. Oh I love how you wiggle your bottom baby. This will make it nice and raw and ready for your caning. Are those sobs I hear. What a sweet baby crying already. Now let me count up your demerits for the day so far. OK, and multiply by 2, that's 32 strokes on each side baby. Are you ready. Well here they come. I think we will do a nice checker-board pattern. Yes some across this way. Well of course it hurts. Its gonna hurt more when I'm done though that was only 10 on each side so far. And now ten the other way. And now we fill in the rest. Oh what a pretty red and raw ass. Thats gonna remind you to obey I think. Now lets take a pic and then get a nice soft diaper on you.

Lie down on the floor. Yes the cold floor feels harsh on your bottom. If you promise not to have a potty mouth anymore I will remove your gag. OK baby, soapy gag is gone. Yes I know it tastes bad but you did need that mouth cleaned properly. Oh what pretty tears baby. I'm gonna spread a nice minty lotion all over you to protect your poor red bottom. Uh oh, that makes you hard again. I bet you are liking how that hurts your clitty. No? Oh too bad. But you need the lotion, even here in your bottom. What? My finger felt funny in your baby bottom.

(I bet he didnt even feel that suppository go up there with his bottom so red and hot. Poor thing) lol.

Now first a nice soft disposable diaper with a soft flannel liner added. And now a nice thick cloth diaper all pinned on. Now lets get these nice pink rubber panties up over it all. Thats right lift your bottom and make it easy for Nanny Jane. Good girl you are learning. I am going to unlock your arms now so you can go clean the kitchen. And here is a nice pink paci to keep in you mouth while you work. I better not catch you without it or there will be trouble. Now go get busy while Nanny relaxes and watches TV.

Why are you out here bothering me. Is the kitchen finished? You know you aren't supposed to come out here until it is, now get back to work. I don't care if your tummy hurts. You are the one with that needed her potty mouth cleaned with all that soap. Get back to work. No you can't use the bathroom. They are off limits. Why do you think you are wearing a diaper. OK, I will make a deal with you. Its 4:30 now. If you can keep your diaper clean until 7pm then you can use the bathroom. Too bad. That's the deal. But if you mess your diaper you will be in them all week. Well I see no reason you cant wear a diaper to work. You got that? Now get back to the kitchen.

Well I take it the kitchen is clean. I will have to go inspect it. And it better be spotless! Oh dear why are you crying baby. Oh you poor thing did you mess your diaper little girl. And its only 6 o'clock. I guess you lose the bet.

How sweet. Just like a real baby girl. Wittle baby Donna. Yes that will be your new name. Baby Donna. Oh its ok baby you don't have to cry. Babies always mess their diapers. That's what they are for. Well it wouldn't burn your bottom if you didn't make me punish you before. Well you might get a rash, yes but that's ok cause Nanny Jane will take good care of her baby girl.

Now I need to check the kitchen so you sit right here on the floor and wait for me and I will bring you back a nice treat if you did a good job. I SAID SIT! Well you might as well get used to sitting around in a dirty diaper. I told you you will be in them all week and I meant it. Now sit. Good girl. Does that feel nice and warm and soft to sit in. Ha ha ha. Can you feel it spreading all around your bottom. Its still coming out. Oh you poor baby. But with that big lunch and after eating that chocolate laxative that was on the tray earlier what would you expect. Ohhh my poor little baby. Maybe this is what it takes to teach you to obey your lovely wife in the future. Now wait right here.

Well you did a pretty good job cleaning so here is your treat. A nice bottle of chocolate milk for you. I want you to drink it all up like a good baby. Yes, you have to use a baby bottle. Now lie on your back and suckle it all. Yummy, Yummy. Oh why the sad face baby. You think it tastes funny. Oh that's just some milk-of-magnesia I mixed in to it. You just drink like a good baby. I think this is a Kodak moment dont you dear. Smile.

I can see how much fuller your diaper looks Donna. Does it feel nice when I rub the crotch like this. Is it all warm and soft around your baby clitty trapped in there. Oh yes, I can feel it getting hard in there. Oh look at you squirm. I forgot you can't do that any more. Keep that bottle in your mouth Donna. I didn't give you permission to take it out. I know you like it when I rub you like this. It's so hot seeing you react when it gets hard. I will miss it when it stops doing it anymore. Well you stay here and finish your baba and I will get dinner ready.

Well I see you finished your bottle. I brought you another to enjoy with dinner. Doesn't this salmon and asparagus look and smell delicious baby? Why dont you sit at the table seeing we don't have a highchair for you and I will get your dinner. No no baby girl, you sit where I put your bottle. That's Nanny's seat. Here is your dinner baby. No you don't get the salmon dinner that's for grown-ups. Really, you are a grown up? Then tell me baby, what do grown ups wear to dinner? That's exactly right baby. Now, tell me this, what do baby girls wear to dinner? Very good baby Donna. They wear baby diapers. And what are you wearing? Yes darling, a very messy one at that. So are you and adult? Then what are you? That's right sweetums. You are a messy sissy baby. So now I want you to eat all the nice baby food I prepared for you. Those are peas, thats liver, and the big bowl is fruit, well mostly prunes and some apple. If you are good and eat it all I might consider putting you in a clean nappy later. Would you like that? Yes I bet you would. Now eat.

Well wasn't that a good dinner? No, you didn't like it. Poor baby, you better get used to it. Well anyway mine was wonderful. Now you go clean the kitchen up again and then nanny will get you ready for bed. Because that's what I told you to do sissy. Now hop to it. I don't care if your bottom is itchy now go get to work. Good girl. I'm going to go get your bedtime clothes ready now. Come to my bedroom when you are done and I will get you changed.

Ok babygirl, lets get you in the shower so we can undo that messy diaper and rinse you off. If you give me any trouble I will do a lot more with the pictures I have been taking than just make a scrapbook for your wife. Now hop to it. Now peel off the rubber panty. Good, now unpin the cloth diaper and drop it to the floor. Ok, now carefully un-tape the diaper and put it in this plastic bag. Now wash up while I watch. Use that spray attachment to get everything nice and clean baby. Now I want you to get that clitty all nice and soapy. Yes that's it. Now rub it softly to get it nice and clean. Oh is it trying to get hard again. Poor wittle Donna. Does her baby clittie hurt now. Ha ha ha. I just cant get enough of that, It's so much fun to watch. Ready to dry off now. Good girl. Lets go get you ready for bed princess.

I want you to lie down on the changing mat on the floor now dear. That's good. Now hold up you hand and make a little fist. Yes, these mittens will fit just right. Now the other hand. Do you like your pretty pink baby mittens Donna. Oh, they make your little hands useless. Well little babies only need to be able to hold there bottles up to drink so don' t worry. In fact I should go get you another baba right now.

I HEARD THAT MUMBLING, you naughty baby. You just earned another punishment so think about that while I gt the bottle.

Now, how to punish a naughty baby. Maybe I will forget your baby lotion and powder while I diaper you. Your sore bottom is already red and itchy. Maybe it will teach you to mind your tongue. And one more little treat, open your mouth now. I SAID OPEN! Good girl. That should fix you for a little while. No I am holding your mouth shut until you finish swallowing. Of course castor oil tastes bad. Thats why it is used for naughty sissy's. It will stay in your system for days. Now drink your bottle while I diaper you. Well of course there is special formula in your bottle too. I wouldn't me a good nanny if I didn't look out for you.

I just must play with that pretty little clittie a bit before I diaper you baby. Its just so irresistible watching it try to get hard and hurting you so much. Oh there it goes again. Lol. How sweet. It gets me so hot to see that. Let's do it again. Oh yes that is so nice. Well I'm sorry you don't like it but you aren't in charge are you. Okay one more time before your diaper goes on. Oh that is so darling to watch.

You are going to look so precious when your are ready for bed Donna. First another nice cloth liner to keep a naughty girl all moist and itchy tonight. Then 3 thick disposable diapers and I put slits in the bottom of the first 2 so it will hold more without leaking. Then a nice pink cloth diaper over all of that. Pinned nice and tight. Now another nice shiny pink rubber panty. And just look at all the pretty ruffles. And isnt this sheer pink baby-doll nightie just so adorable. You dont have to answer dear, just keep sucking your bottle. And now some matching booties and a bonnet. Aren't you just precious.

Your bottle is empty. That's good baby I actually have one more for you and when it is gone you can go to sleep. Now I want to see you crawl to your bedroom. Well how can you walk when you can't even close your legs with all that bulk between them. You look so adorable crawling like that baby. Okay up onto the bed baby. Yes I know its only 7:30 but that's plenty late for babies. Did you think I would let you sit at your computer and read porn all night. That would just make your clitty hurt.

Now here is a bottle of nice warm formula to help you sleep. I will check on you in 20 minutes and I expect it to be empty. Well I don't think you are too full to drink it now get busy while I take some more pics of you in this outfit. I think I will email some to your wife so she can see how sweet you look Baby Donna.

How nice you finished your baba. Well here is a treat for you. A new pacifier to sleep with. Open up. Well yes its shaped like a little cock but then you are a sissy baby now open up. Don't you try and spit it out. There now its tied behind you head so it will stay all night. Oh look at you drooling around it. How cute. I better get you a bib to catch the spittle and keep your nightie clean. What baby? You are pooping again? My what a baby you are turning out to be. No I wont change you. We just did that. You will just have to wait for morning. You have plenty of protection on. I know you can' t rub away the itching with your mittens on. You will just have to accept the fact that you caused the diaper rash with your potty mouth. Now go to sleep.

I will wake you in the morning and take off your mittens so you can make my breakfast. I will leave a menu of what I want on the fridge and 2 bottles for you in the fridge. I expect to see both of them empty by the time you serve my food. Good night.

Baby Donna

part 2

A note to those reading this:

Something appearing in parentheses donates an action being taken my Nanny Jane. Everything else in the story is nanny speaking. She is talking to Baby Donna. There are no quotation marks as she is the only one talking. You will just have to imagine what the baby is saying based on her remarks. Some have complained about this style and that's their choice. If you don't get it or don't like it, then don't read it. I am enjoying writing this for my mistress.

( With Baby Donna snug in her bed Nanny prepared some extra bottles for baby to drink Saturday and then proceeded to hide a few cams around the house before retiring for the evening)

Wake up baby, its 9 o'clock and time for you to make my breakfast. Let me get these mittens and pacifier off of you and you can get to work. My my, your diaper looks pretty bloated, and I can tell by the smell that its messy too. No you can't change until I tell you. Well of course it itches your bum bum. It wouldn't have if you had behaved yesterday. I told you that already. Maybe you can do better today. Now get up and get to work. Your instructions are in the kitchen. Wake me up when its ready and don't forget your bottles.

Thank you baby, I will be there to eat in a minute. Did you finish your bottles yet? Good girl.

Well, if this is as good as it looks I will be quite pleased. MMM very good. And the coffee is excellent too. No you may not shower yet. Bring me my laptop and then go stand in that corner where I can keep an eye on you. Not 2 feet from the corner, I want you right up close with your nose touching the wall. Good baby.

Ok Donna, come take my plate to the kitchen and clean the dishes and any mess you made then come back in here so we can have a little chat. Sit down right here at my feet. Did you enjoy your breakfast baby? That's nice. Are you trying to look up Nanny's skirt you nasty girl? Yes you were. Don't lie to me. That's 2 demerits for being a little pervert. Want to try for more? Then keep acting that way. Remember this week is to help you be a better person. I am going to break you of those nasty habits so you better get with the program. Your wife is expecting big changes in you and I plan to deliver on my promise to make you better. So baby, answer me this. Who said you could make yourself breakfast? No. I told you to make me breakfast I said nothing about you. So, who said you could have breakfast?

I don't care if you were hungry. You do as I say and only as I say, YOU GOT THAT? Good, now remember that in the future. That's 2 more demerits. Now about your 2 bottles you had to drink this morning, did you finish them both? Really? Look up here at my laptop you lying sissy. What do you see in this video. Isn't that you pouring your 2nd bottle into the sink? SHUT UP SISSY. There are no excuses for that kind of disobedience. That's 10 more demerits. You are going to be one sad little baby girl before this day is over. Crawl to the fridge and get 2 more bottles, then get back on the floor here. You have 15 seconds to get them and be back. That was 17seconds that's another demerit.

I don' care if it was hard to carry them while you crawled. That's not my problem is it? What are demerits? That's how I track if you are being bad. Each demerit is multiplied by 2 to figure out how much you are to be punished. But if you have more than 10 in a day then I multiply it by 3. More than 20 and it's times 5. So, how bad are you going to be sissy? You already have 15 and it's only 10:30 in the morning. We just may make it to 20 today. Won't that be fun? Well it would be for me. Now you are going to sit and watch cartoons and if you behave I will change you at noon. Any problems and we will add more demerits. Now crawl into the living room.

Sit right here nice and close to the TV like a real baby would. Oh wait, you are a real little baby. Ha ha ha. Hope you enjoy Barney. Now take this bottle and drink. I know you are drinking and pooping constantly. That's what babies do. Yes I am sure you do have a little diaper rash by now but that's your own fault. Now you pay attention to Barney because I may have questions about it later. I am going to do some work on my laptop, but remember I am keeping an eye on you.

It's noon baby, crawl to the shower and wait for me. Let's get you cleaned up now. Take off the booties, and the baby-doll nightie. Ok, into the shower and you may stand. First take off the pretty rubber rumba pantie. Now unpin the cloth diaper and but both of them in this bag. Now take off the rest of the diapers and put them in this trash bag. Good girl. Now I will turn the water on for you. Oh dear, is it cold? Well it will warm up soon. Now rinse yourself off well and then use this special baby soap and shampoo I brought for you. Oh that is going to leave you smelling so pretty. Now I want to watch you clean your clitty again. That's right baby get it all soapy. Keep rubbing it until it gets hard. Oh that's so precious. I just love how it hurts when you do that. Now do it again. Because I said so that's why. Do you want anther demerit sissy. Very good, yes, a bit more soap. I bet that feels so nice. Oh my is it hurting again already? Well ok. Rinse off and get out.

All dried off. That's good baby. Put your collar back on and your cock pacifier goes back in too. No. No more talking from you for a while. Now give me your hands so I can put your baby mittens back on you. I might as well clip them to your collar. That way you can still hold the nice bottle I brought you. Lie down on the changing mat I put on the bed. Now lift up and let me see that sore bottom. Well you do have a bit of a rash there baby. I hope you learn something from that. Ok, put your bottom back down. Now let me see that sissy clit. Yes it is a bit red too. I bet this baby lotion will help it feel better. Let me just rub some in to it.

I bet that feels nice. Don't you wish you could squirt while I do that? I bet you do. Oops, looks like it got too hard and is hurting a bit. I will let it settle down a bit. Look now its all small again. Let me put more lotion on it. Oh it's getting hard again. Look at you squirm baby. Don't you like nanny playing with your sissy clitty? Don't you like it when it gets tries to get hard? Well I am loving it. In fact I think I will continue for a while. If you are lucky maybe it will just stop trying to get hard at all. I bet we can teach it not to if we try hard. Would you like that sissy? No more hurties form your clitty getting big. Lets try some more lotion. Mmm, rubbing your sweet clitty so gently. Just the way you used to like your wife rubbing it for you right sissy? I bet it you feel so good inside when I do it. Oh look at you squirm. I guess it does feel good. Look at it try to get fully hard. That ring controls it so nicely. I think I will keep it up for a while. You better stop squirming baby.

Yes stay nice and still while nanny Jane rubs the lotion in. Would you like to squirt sissy? I bet you would. Yes I know it hurts but how else will we train it not to hurt you. I bet if we do this for a half hour each morning and night for the rest of the week it will stop getting hard and hurting you. Wouldn't that be better? Yes baby Nanny will help train it for you. Well I guess you would still be able to squirt. In fact the last baby I trained this way learned wiggle her clitty like a real girl does and make it squirt. No she doesn't get hard anymore. But I hear she loves to do it when it's covered by a nice soft diaper. Yes she rubs it right through her diaper And she never has to worry about it trying to get hard and hurt her anymore.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well no baby. I don't think you will be able to do that anymore. And your wife probably wont want that tiny thing unlocked anymore after she gets back. Well, its just that sissies don't need to use their clitties. They are much more fun when they are small. And there are plenty of other ways to please women you know.

Well now that you have had your fun, it's time to get you dressed. We do have shopping to do today. So lets get to it. Of course you have to go. I can't leave a little baby home alone. A good nanny would never do something like that.. So lift that bottom and let me slide these diapers under you. Very good baby. All taped in nice and snug. And now this nice crinkly plastic panty to cover it. Now, what to put over them? I think these nice loose gray jogging pants with the pink stripes down the sides will be fine. Stand up and pull them on. Good girl. Now this nice cami on top. OK. And let me pull this T-shirt over the top. Perfect. Well yes it does say Baby Girl on it. Isn't that what you are? Well if you don't like it I could take you out in a little baby dress. Would you like that better?

Ok, in the car with you. I will drive. Oh look here is a Nail salon. I could sure use a manicure. Lets go in. I think while I am getting a manicure you will be treated to a pedicure and a manicure. They don't seem too busy. Lets pick a nice color for you. Of course you have to get a color on them. Here Baby Donna. This dark baby pink is perfect for your toes and I will let you use this lighter one on your fingers so they don't show too much. If you want to complain we can use the darker polish on your hands too. Ok, I think you should say thank you Nanny Jane. Good girl. Now I want you to tell the nice lady to put the words Baby Doll on your big toes. You go with her and I will be here getting my hands done.

Well my hands are done, baby. I am going to go out for a few and I will be back in a little while to get you when your nails are dry. I have a couple of things to pick up at that adult shop down the block. If I find out you misbehaved while I'm gone it's 4 demerits so watch yourself.

(Nanny goes into the adult shop down the block)

Oh what a great little shop you have here. I need a few things for a naught sissy baby. Do you have a nice bonnet and maybe a bib. That's great. Yes they are lovely. I will take them both. And I need to find a nice sissy trainer. My what a great selection you have. Oh this is perfect that will stretch her bottom nice and wide. I see you have poppers too. I will take a nice bottle of that sissy sauce as a treat for her too. Thanks but that should do it for today.

(returning to the nail salon)

I'm back to pick up my sissy Lady's, I hope he wasn't any trouble? Well thank you miss for telling me that. I am sorry he complained about it. I will see to it that he is properly punished later. No you did the right thing. Why should you let him use your bathroom when he is obviously in a diaper.

Yes he probably does need his brows waxed and shaped. Can you do it now? Great. Sissy go with the nice lady she has one more thing to take care of for you. It doesn't matter what she is going to do, I said go with her and behave.

Oh such a pretty arch to your brows now, and look at your lovely nails. Aren't they much nicer now. Don't you feel like a pretty baby this way? Your wife is going to love how you look when she returns.

You better leave a nice tip for them. Now pay up and lets go next door. You will see when we get there I suppose.

Look at all the pretty jewelery baby. All sparkly and nice. I think you need to get some pretty earrings to go with your new look. Well I am sure they can pierce them for you right here as well. I want you to ask that saleslady to pick you out 2 pairs of starter earrings that would be perfect for a baby and have them put in. Well you can refuse, but I don't think you will be very happy with the outcome. By the way, you already got 4 demerits for trying to use the bathroom at the nail salon. Want to try for more?

Oh my, how simply precious they look. And it hardly hurt at all. You will have to be sure to follow all the cleaning instructions very carefully. They look like 2 tiny pink diamonds in each ear. And they almost scream sissy to anyone that sees them. I love it. Oh is baby crying? They must me tears of joy I think. Now let's head to the grocery before heading home.

Get a carriage baby Donna. Good girl, we need more baby food for you so lets start in that aisle. I will pick it out, you just put it in the basket. Why so many? Well we do have a lot of meals coming up don't we. You need a balanced diet to grow up to be a big strong girl for your wife don't you? Then quit complaining and do as I say. Now lets grab a couple more packs of baby diapers too. You can never have too many diapers around you know. And another bar of baby soap. And a few things for Nanny to eat, and maybe some ice cream and we can go home. Yes I now your diaper is getting full. We are almost done. It will just take a few minutes to get through the check out line.

Is your diaper leaking baby? Yes I know people can hear us. But, I cant have you getting the car seat wet if you are. I will take you into the restroom and change you after we pay. Oh look at you blushing baby. See how good it was we are buying more diapers? No, it won't wait till we are home. I don't care if people hear us. And that's 2 more demerits for stomping your feet and complaining. Want to try for 4.

Okay now baby, pay for the food and let's get to the bathroom. Its at the back of the store I think. Yes I can see where you are leaking. That's exactly why you are getting changed now. Yes its the womans room where did you think we were going. You don't look much like a man right now anyway. There that wasn't so bad. All changed and dry. Now lets go home and put away the groceries and I will make a nice dinner. What was that. You don't want the DAMN baby food. Did you really use that dirty word with me. I'm pulling the car over right now you naughty girl. Now were is that soap we bought. No more licks for you baby. Open up NOW. The soap stays in until we get home!

I want you to sit and watch TV while I make dinner. First Im going to put your baby mittens back on you so you can't be changing the channel. Now here's a nice bottle of special baby formula. Don't make that face. Just drink it like a good girl and watch your cartoons. No you don't get to watch sports, they aren't for baby girls. I will call you when dinner is ready.

Crawl on in to the dining room Baby Donna, din din is ready. Climb up in your chair and I'll remove your mittens. And now this pretty new bib I got you and lets put this pretty bonnet on you too. Now I will get your food. Mmm, doesnt that look good. 2 nice cups of baby prunes, apple sauce and a nice juicy steak. Well no, it doesnt look like steak but it is. I just put it in the blender to puree it so its easier for baby to eat. Now I want to see it all finished, and here's another baba for you. And after dinner we will deal with your demerits before I change you for bed.

Wasn't that a delicious dinner baby? Oh, don't make grumpy faces like that. I had the steak too and I know it was good. Now lets sit you down on your changing pad. Put out your hands out so the mittens can go back on. And now your collar. Good girl. Now I can hook your hands to your collar so I can take get your diaper off. Now roll over on your tummy. My my, it looks like your poor baby bottom is still red. Maybe you should think twice before earning demerits. Now lets see how many we have for today. My note pad says 21 demerits. Oh my poor baby, you remember the rules 20 or more is multiplied by 5. That makes 105 strokes. Oh are you crying already. Well it's not my fault you were bad was it.

Well I tell you what baby. I will not use the cane for all of them. I am going to use this nice little paddle and give you 10 on each cheek to start you off. I really think that you need to be gagged first to keep you from yelling too loud. Here is your sissy plug. Open wide. Good girl. Now just a bit of rope around your ankles to keep you still. Oh I love that nice solid thwack sound baby. And such a pretty red mark it leaves. Well that was 5 on each side. Do try and stay still baby. I know it hurts you but if you don't stay still Im afraid I will have to do it harder. Now here come the next 10 from the paddle. Yes baby, just lie there and take it. Such pretty tears. I think you finally realize how useless it is to fight the inevitable. Mmm, I can feel the heat already. Well that wasn't too bad. Lets try this nice bristly toilet brush for 10 on each side too. Ready? Just 4 and you are squirming so much. Looks like I found something baby doesnt like. Poor baby. Well 10 done now baby. That really looks like it makes your bottom sore. It feels so hot when I rub it like this.

Here come the last 10 for the brush. Oh baby girl, that is making me hot too. You are such a sweet little girl. I am loving every minute of this. And just think only 65 left. Lets do 40 with the cane in that pretty checkerboard pattern.

Just look how those 20 cane stripes stand out so well after using that brush and paddle first. You are making my panties moist now sissy. These next 20 are going to really show especially where they cross the others. Here baby to help stop your crying smell some of nanny's special sissy sauce. It will help keep you still and focused on your pain. Yes, cry for me sissy as I land these last cane strokes. Cry away all your naughty man thoughts. Your bottom feels so sensual now baby girl. I can feel it pulsing from the pain you must feel. Maybe tonight will teach you to be a good baby girl.

I know it will make my job easier for the next few days. And your wife will appreciate it too. No more macho man. No more sneaking in her lingerie drawers. No more avoiding household chores. No more leaving the toilet seat up. If fact, if all goes well you may no longer use a toilet at all. And who's fault was all of this? Yes sissy. It was yours. Now roll over on your back. We have more to do. 25 more in fact. Oh I know it hurts to lie on your bottom. Too bad for you.

Now I am going to unhook your ring for a few minutes so we can finish your punishment. Wow did your eyes get big sissy. Let me stroke that clitty a little for you. Yes, nice and hard now. You know, I always thought males had there brains in there, so I should be able to train it. Doesn't it know yet that it hurts when it gets big? Well after this night maybe it will remember. You have 25 with the cane coming baby girl. Maybe I will just give it a good scrubbing with the bristly brush to get it nice and clean and ready first. You just take a nice hard sniff of your sissy sauce and lay back and think about what you did to cause all of this hardship. Good girl. Look how pretty and red it makes your clitty baby. I'm just creaming my panties. Oh my. You are so damn hot baby girl. You ready for the cane?

I love using the cane on the underside of your clitty sissy. It's so delicate and tender there. Oh and right on the head too. Yes sissy, moan into your gag. Look how small its getting. I will have to stroke you up again so I can find somewhere to use the cane for the last 15. Yes nice and big again. Here comes the cane. 5 hard ones on the right side. Oops, soft again. Maybe its learning. I will just stroke it a little more. Nice. Here comes the cane baby. Now the left side matches the right. Oh, and its soft again. Well just 5 to go so I will stroke it up one more time. Wow two hard ones on the bottom and it shrunk again. I guess you are learning. Well I will just have to hold it up and give you the last 3 right on top. Damn, that last one was hard. But we are all done now.

Let me take your gag out now. Ok, are you ready to be a good baby and do as you are told? Yes I thought you might. Does your clitty hurt? I'm not surprised. Let's just hope that baby learned a lesson tonight. Really baby, that's so sweet. I would love to lock your clitty back up to the ring. Yes, we will keep it locked up all the time now so it won't get hard and bother you any more. There you go. All locked up. Let's see if it learned anything. I will put some lotion on it and rub it for you. Oh it still hurts. Well look its not getting hard now. How wonderful baby Donna. You are so special. Now lets get you diapered and ready for bed.

Here's a baba for you. Put it in your mouth and suck it all down. Nice warm milk and special sauce to help you sleep like a baby. Now lift your bottom while I slide these nice fluffy diapers under you. A nice warm flannel liner to be soft next to your tender skin, 3 more disposables to keep you from leaking. And a pretty pink cloth nappy to cover them all. And let's not forget your rubber rumba panty. You are so pretty like that. I can't wait for your wife to come home to see her new baby girl. Now let's undo your hands from the collar and put this nice onesie on you and you can crawl into your bed.

Oh you poor little baby Donna. Is your tummy growling? Well you just relax and let nature take its course. You know you cant stop it. Yes I will change you in the morning. You just sleep tight and enjoy. After-all, you will have to learn to get used to it I'm afraid. Now I have to send your wife some pictures and tell her about your day. We have a lot more work to do tomorrow.

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 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
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