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A girl goes shopping for clearance Halloween candy and picks the wrong bag.
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"Yes!" Candi snatched up the bag from the ever-emptying shelf, turning it over in her hands happily. It was perfect, everything she could have hoped for - Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kats, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream bars, all in one package. She might regret having so much candy the next morning when she got home and finished sobering up, but for now, she could think of nothing better. And it was such a good deal! She was glad that Halloween had fallen in the middle of the week now, so her friends' party actually came a few days after it was over, because that meant when she went out shopping to fulfill the candy craving being around all that Halloween stuff had instilled in her, it was all on clearance.

Of course, she knew she should limit herself to this one bag, and even that should take her months to finish. She looked hot in her costume - it was called "Wizard Hottie", but it was basically a halter top that didn't even reach her belly button and teeny skirt trimmed in Gryffindor colors, with a tiny cape and a wand, that she wore with thigh high heeled boots and big, fake glasses so she could tell everyone she was Hermione - and she certainly hadn't gotten that way by eating candy. But standing there, still buzzed, she couldn't resist this one bag, this perfect blend of chocolate treats.

But she decided to look around at the other candy first, and the few spare costume pieces still left over. Part of her considered trying to put together a costume for next year, now that everything was so cheap, but this one had been so popular, she might just do it again. It had been fun - and a little cold, though totally worth it - stumbling around, pretending to be more drunk than she was, "accidently" bending the wrong way to flash her panties from under her miniscule skirt. She'd gotten dirty looks from a lot of the other girls at the party, but they were just jealous. 

She actually did stumble for real as somebody brushed against her, and she caught herself on the shelf, turning around to glare at the woman who had hit her. It was a woman, probably a few years older than her, but rather frumpy looking, blushing as she stared up at the buxon, statuesque Candi, who towered especially high at the moment in her heels. "I'm so sorry!" the woman squeaked. "I'm just in..." Her eyes widened as she saw what Candi was holding. "Where did you get that?!"

"I don't know," Candi shrugged nonchalantly. "It was over there somewhere." She waved off in the general direction she'd found the bag in, ignoring the woman's thanks as she went back to looking at the leftover Halloween decorations. Just a couple aisles over, they had the Christmas lights out already, but she was seriously considering buying some of these lights instead, with light-up ghosts and mummies, and putting those up around her apartment for the holidays. They were a lot cheaper, at any rate. 

After a few minutes, she felt a presence behind her, turning to find the woman standing there, blushing again. "Umm, I'm sorry, I just... I can't find any more of that candy."

"So?" Candi rolled her eyes. "It's like three days after Halloween, they're probably sold out. You should have gotten here earlier."

The woman gave a quiet sigh. "I would have, but my little girl's been sick, and I've been looking after her... She had to miss Halloween, and... Well, those are her favorite kinds of candy."

Candi could see where this was going, but she was having none of it. "They have the same kinds in other package," she pointed out. "Get her some of those."

"Yes, but, see, those have special Halloween wrappers. I know it's silly, but she was so looking forward to Halloween, and..." The woman shrugged apologetically. "Listen, I can buy you some of the plain candy if you want, I just need..."

A certain part of Candi was tempted by that, but she only had to look at this little, slightly chubby, woman to remind herself why she couldn't allow herself to get any more than this. "You need," she interrupted, "to deal with it. I found this first, it's mine. Go look at another store if you want it so bad."

"I have," the woman said. "I've looked everywhere, and they're all sold out! Please... I'll buy that bag and we can split it."

That actually wouldn't have been a bad idea, but she was starting to get on Candi's nerves. "Hey, screw you, bitch," she spat. "This is mine! I found it, I picked it up, it's mine!"

"But my daughter, she..." the woman tried to explain.

"Is your daughter as annoying as you?" Candi sneered. "Then I'm glad she missed Halloween. Now go away, I'm trying to shop. Or do you want me to call store security?"

The woman appeared to be in shock. "But... Please, I just..."

"No!" Candi shouted. "How many times do I have to tell you? No, no, no! It's mine!" She stomped her foot, frustrated at having to explain herself over and over again, each time making her want less and less to do as this annoying woman wanted.

"All right!" the woman held up her hands. "I'm sorry, I just thought your mother had taught you to share! But I guess you're just a selfish little brat, aren't you?"

"That's right," Candi smirked. "I'm a selfish 'little'", she stepped forward to loom over the woman, "brat, and I get what I want. I'm sure you have no idea what that feels like, do you? When you look like this," she waved her hand over her body, making sure to emphasize her large breasts and perky backside, both barely covered by her costume, "that's what happens. And right now, I want your little girl's candy. And I'm going to eat it all." 

With that, she shoved the woman aside and walked out of the Halloween aisle, stomping her way up to the checkout, missing the woman's reply completely. "Yes, you will."


"Shit!" Candi moaned as she looked over at her alarm clock. "Come on!" She turned on her bedside lamp and stared at the top of the thing, seeing that, sure enough, she had turned it on the night before, after collapsing into her bed, and yet, for some reason, it hadn't gone off. She picked up her cell phone to see what the alarm on it hadn't rang, either, only to see that the charging cable hadn't gone in all the way, and it had died overnight. "Damn it!"

She was already late, but she knew she needed to at least take a shower after her long night of partying, so she did that instead of taking the time to make or find anything for breakfast. She threw on some clothes and headed out, stomach growling, wondering if she had time to stop and pick something up on the way. As it turned out, however, she had left her shopping bad from the night before in her car, so she ripped the bag of candy open and took out a Kit-Kat, chomping it down hungrily.

"Mmm..." She didn't remember them tasting so good at all, but it had been a while since she'd let herself eat them, and the fact that she was so hungry probably helped as well. The fun-sized candy helped a little, though once she had finished, she couldn't help staring down at the bag longingly. She knew she shouldn't have any more... But she was skipping breakfast. And it wasn't like these were full sized bars or anything. She grabbed a tiny Cookies 'n' Cream bar and ate it as well, before telling herself that was enough.

She reached forward to finally start the car and get going to work, only to find herself distracted by her shirt, which seemed a little too big, especially in the front, where she could see straight down to her bra, which also seemed wrong. She had been sure she'd chosen one of her black, lacy ones, that, as usual, her shirt showing a touch of it, as it just barely buttoned over it, but now the front was sagging open, showing a pink polka-dotted bra. Was the shirt one of her ex-boyfriend, Brad's? She thought he had taken them all, but perhaps he'd missed one... Though that should have been way too big all around, enough that she would have noticed before then. And she wasn't even sure where she'd gotten that bra... It looked like something she might have worn in high school.

Either way, she didn't really have time to worry about it, or to change. She buttoned a few more buttons on the shirt and reached forward to start the car, frowning at how much she had to lean forward to get the key into the ignition. Was she in the wrong car? But no, that couldn't be... Her key had unlocked it, and her candy had been there... She shook her head, convincing herself she had simply moved the seat for some reason the night before, and changed it back, starting the car and heading to work, telling herself she was just flustered because she was in a hurry.

As it turned out, there was no real reason to be. By the time she got to the mall, her stomach was growling again, so she took the bag inside with her and headed into the store she worked at, clocking in and heading to her check-out area, where the other cashier, Emily, gave her a dirty look. "What's wrong with you?" Candi asked, stashing her candy under the counter. "This place is dead."

Emily rolled her eyes. This was her first job, and she took it very seriously, always cheerful and obedient and on time, doing everything by the book. Of course, she was also a bit of a geek, so that likely contributed to all that as well. Candi had joked a couple times at the party that she was actually dressed as a sexy version of Emily, who, with her ever-present pigtails and glasses, looked a little like Candi had imagined the dorky Hermione being every day. "We're not supposed to have food out here," she told Candi.

"Well, I missed breakfast," Candi informed her. "Are you going to tattle?"

"I guess not," Emily sighed. Candi smiled smugly, looking around at the nearly empty store. 

She stood at her register for a minute or two, then, when her stomach grumbled hungrily again, she grabbed a Reese's cup from her bag of candy and hopped up onto the counter. She wasn't supposed to sit on it, of course, but she did so quite often... Though, this time she thought she must have sat a little further back than usual, because her legs dangled just a little more than usual. She tried scooting forward, but even that didn't seem to help as much as she thought it should.

"Miss Cheryl said we should do some dusting and stuff when we weren't busy," Emily told her, getting the cleaning supplies out from under her counter. 

"You do that, then," Candi said, unwrapping her candy and eating it, enjoying it all the more as her co-worker glared in her direction. Or, rather, she did until she felt a sudden urge coming from her bladder. At first, she didn't think it was any big deal, but the need to go quickly escalated, and moments later, she realized she needed to go, now. "I'm going to the bathroom!" she told the irate Emily, jumping down from the counter and hurrying across the store.

"You just got here!" Emily complained behind her, but Candi couldn't even slow down to reply, each step bringing her closer to disaster. She'd worn a flimsy thong under her skirt that day, and she had no doubt that any little accident would soak through in seconds. 

It was just as she pushed open the bathroom door that she felt her bladder give in, just a touch, a few drops escaping into her underwear as her cheeks burned bright red. She fidgeted, her underwear feeling suddenly different somehow while she cut off the flow and managed to get inside and into a stall. When she pulled down her clothes and sat on the toilet, she saw with confusion that she had apparently been wrong - it was a pair of boyshorts, not a thong under her skirt. Just like with her bra, she felt almost certain she had put something else on, but maybe she was mistaken. Maybe she was still a little buzzed from the party.

She shook her head, trying to clear it, even splashing a little water on it after washing her hands once she had done her business. She should have just stayed home, she thought bitterly, but she was here now. It would be silly to leave already. She trudged back out to the sales floor, walking right past Emily and back to her counter, sitting down yet again.

"The district manager is coming this week," the girl informed her. "So we have to make sure everything is clean, and..."

"That's great, Emily," Candi closed her eyes. "Why don't you do that, and I'll watch the register in case someone comes in."

"Umm... Okay, but..." Emily stammered.

"You're doing great," Candi told her, reaching under the counter for another piece of candy to distract herself for a moment. She knew she shouldn't, but one more piece wouldn't hurt. She dragged the bag out to dig for a Snickers, since that was the only one she hadn't tried yet. She had been saving it for last, since that was her favorite candy, and it was well worth it. "Oh, God," she moaned, squirming in delight as she chewed the first bite and went in for a second. "I think they put crack in Halloween candy... That way, even kids who have parents who don't normally let them have candy can get addicted and they'll beg and scream for more..."

"Umm, Candi?" Emily squeaked. 

"What?! Are we not allowed to talk now, either?" Candi huffed, turning around to see what the girl wanted, only to see the customer sitting behind her, waiting. "Oh, hi," she chuckled, hopping down off the counter as she took her final bite, throwing away the wrapper as she started to ring out the customer. She paused for a moment, frowning at the sight of her hands. Did they look a little puffier than usual? The waistband of her skirt felt a tiny bit tight, too. She blamed the candy at first, but of course that was ridiculous - she'd just eaten it, there was no way she'd gained any weight from it yet. That was silly. Probably she was just a little bloated from the drinking she'd done last night.

"Is this..?" the customer asked, seeing the bag of candy sitting on the counter and starting to reach in.

"No!" Candi snapped. "That's mine!" She was a little surprised at how vehement she was about it, but she was starting to feel quite hungry again already, and, besides, she was the one who had bought it. If they wanted some, they could go get their own. Her mouth watered as she stared at the bag, wanting nothing more than to eat another handful, even if she knew she shouldn't. Now that she was here, perhaps she should take a break and go get some real food, something a little more healthy... Once the customer was gone, she walked out to Emily and said, "I'm going to go ahead and take my lunch."

"What?" Emily turned and looked at her, her big eyes especially wide, and only magnified by her thick glasses. "That's not fair! You just got here! I've been here for two hours, I should get to take my meal first!"

"Well, I'm hungry!" Candi informed her, stepping up to the girl to intimidate her. Except, where she usually towered over the teen, she was shocked, and more than a little confused, to see that they were about the same size. It was a strange enough sensation that it threw her off her game slightly, enough that she found herself saying, "Why don't you take yours now, then so I can have mine once you get back?", rather than insisting she get hers first.

Emily shrugged and said, "Fine," putting away her cleaning supplies and heading for the break room. "If you have a chance to clean some, that would be really helpful."

"It's nothing," Candi told herself, shaking her head, trying again to figure out what was wrong with her that day. "She's just wearing heels." Candi herself had just grabbed a pair of flats, since they were the first thing she'd found in her closet, so that might account for the apparent change in size, though when she looked back at the girl's retreating form, it certainly looked like she was in the same sneakers she always wore.

She groaned as her stomach rumbled hungrily, sure that she wasn't going to make it until Emily returned from her break, so she went back to the counter and took another Snickers. It didn't help much, though - it was incredibly tasty, yet it only made her want more, as she tugged at her suddenly tight skirt uncomfortably. She couldn't resist another Reese's Cup, though she told herself that was it.

"Not again!" she whined, feeling another sudden pang from her bladder as she finished the candy. It had to be all the drinking she'd done the night before, she told herself. She really wasn't supposed to leave the register unattended, but if this was anything like last time, she didn't have much of a choice, so she looked around nervously for a minute, then rushed to the bathroom. She was glad she left when she did, too, because she barely made it halfway across the store before the trickling began. Humiliated, she blushed, thrusting a hand against her crotch as she gasped, "Nooo!" and quickened her pace, in too big a hurry to worry about the strange and sudden feeling of the smooth silk of her boyshorts changing to a rougher, thicker cotton feel. Another few drops escaped as she burst into the bathroom, before she could make it to the toilet.

When she looked down to see the extent of the damage to her panties, she was shocked to see that there was a definite wet spot, and, embarrassingly, a slight skid mark. More worrying than that, however, were the underwear themselves, which she had never seen before. They were a pair of cotton briefs, white except for where her body had changed that, trimmed in pink. The front bore a picture of a monkey and the word "Thursday". She was not only wearing day of the week panties, which she hadn't done since she was in grade school, she was wearing the wrong ones! How was this even possible?!

She hurried out to the sink to wash up and splash her face again, but as she lifted her head to look at herself in the mirror afterward, she barely recognized herself. She certainly wasn't fat, but her face looked much rounder than it had the night before, in her sexy costume, as did the rest of her, with the notable exception of her chest. "I need to never drink again," she told herself with a frown. How could one wild night have undone years of hard work like that? It didn't seem possible, and yet, here she was.

She couldn't even worry about it too much, because she knew she had to get back out to her register. If Cheryl walked by and saw nobody there, she and Emily would both get chewed out, and considering how late she'd been, she'd probably wind up fired as well. Luckily, there was nobody in her section when she returned.

After seeing herself in the mirror, she was ready to put the candy away for the day, yet as soon as her hand touched the bag to do that, she could feel her mouth start to water. Just one more, she thought. One more... She took the first thing she grabbed, a Cookies 'n' Cream, and scarfed it down. That would do, she told herself. She could last until Emily got back, surely. She went to hop back up on the counter, but, to her surprise, she didn't quite make it. Her bottom slammed against the edge of it and she slid down to the floor.

"What the hell?" she frowned, turning and rubbing her backside. She'd never had a problem with getting onto the counter before! Maybe it did seem a little higher, but that was just her imagination. It had to be! She thought for a second she had gone to the wrong register, though of course her candy had been at this one, and they were all the same size, so she knew that wasn't it. Something was definitely up... As soon as Emily got back, she was getting out of there. She'd tell Cheryl she was feeling sick and go back home and back to sleep, and hopefully she'd wake up sober.

Her stomach growled loudly. How was this possible?! How could she still feel even more hungry than she had before eating the candy?! She looked out the doors at the sunny world outside, trying to figure out how much longer she would have to wait for Emily to return without any real way of telling the time, but she couldn't remember when the girl had left anyway. She forced herself to wait for a few more minutes, but that was all she could bear. She chose a Kit-Kat next, reasoning that it would take her longer to eat, since she could eat each half separately, yet as soon as she tasted the sweet chocolate, she couldn't help scarfing down the whole thing right away.

As she bent forward to throw away the wrapper, she noticed her shirt seemed even baggier around the chest. Even before she peeked inside, she knew something was terribly wrong, but she had to look to see how bad it was. Even her silly polka-dot bra was gone now, replaced with a sports bra, which was hiding a pair of breasts that were not particularly impressive - B cups, at the best. She felt sick to her stomach, though not nearly as much as when she looked at her actual stomach, and saw the pudge that had grown there. 

She couldn't do this anymore. She'd find Cheryl, she'd tell her there were no customers around, and she could just find somebody else to watch them until Emily got back. It was no big deal. She grabbed her bag of candy and started to leave, only to notice that she was wrong - there was a customer browsing the clothing racks a few feet away. She chewed her bottom lip as she watched the woman, debating whether to continue as planned and pretend the woman had shown up after she left, or if she should wait just a little longer. 

The latter made her look a little more responsible, she decided, and after showing up late that would probably help. She could say that she came in despite feeling sick, and she'd bravely stayed long enough to take care of a customer while Emily was on her lunch, too, despite how ill she was. She watched the customer anxiously, willing her to hurry up. She felt rather jittery, though she wasn't sure if that was from all the sugar she'd had, or just nerves from waiting for this woman to get her stuff and check out so she could leave herself.

Barely thinking about it, she reached into her bag to get another piece of candy to calm herself. She had skipped breakfast, she reminded herself, and if she just went straight home and right back to bed, she'd be skipping lunch, too. Plus, all the candy was so tiny, it couldn't be that bad, could it? 

Her hand came out of the bag with another Snickers. By now she felt sure that she'd eaten enough of those to make a full-sized bar, which was normally enough to satisfy her, but when she finished this latest one, she only felt more hungry than before, and more bloated at the same time. She could barely wait another full minute before she got another piece of candy, this one a Reese's. 'I'll stop after this one,' she told herself. 'I have to stop after this one.' But even as she ate it, she knew that wouldn't do it. She was just so hungry...

That wasn't the most pressing of her worries, however, as she finished her candy. As she licked her fingers, that sudden urgency returned, stronger and quicker than ever, accompanied by an embarrassingly loud, wet fart. Her eyes darted over toward the customer, horrified to see that the woman was heading straight for her. What horrible timing! Normally, she would be sure she could hold it until the transaction was over, but after the last couple times, she had her doubts. She smiled weakly as the woman stepped up to her register, desperation mounting quickly inside her.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but I have to go on break, would you mind at all going over..?" Candi started to ask.

"I only have one thing," the woman informed her. "I'm hardly about to go trekking across the store to pay for one thing, young lady!"

Candi nodded weakly, pressing her thighs together. She should have expected it wouldn't be that easy. Clumsily, she took the woman's item and scanned it, skipping over as much of her usual sales pitch as possible, ignoring the member's club and credit card spiel she was supposed to give everybody and just speeding through the transaction. Even so, she felt herself bouncing and squirming desperately, every second bringing her closer to disaster. The woman took her sweet time digging out her money, while Candi whimpered softly, forehead beading with sweat from the effort of keeping herself contained.

She almost thought she had made it as she snatched the woman's money away and counted her change, but as she handed that over, her eyes widened as she felt a now-too-familiar feeling of trickling. "No!" she squeaked, while, under her skirt, things changed once again. The thick cotton grew even thicker, yet softer, bulging out against her pressed-together thighs, which felt the transformation quite clearly, as the panties changed into something that felt almost, but not quite, like cloth, and crinkled ever so slightly as she moved.

"Did you miscount it?" the woman asked sternly.

"N-No, it's fine," Candi shook her head, the transformation making it all the harder for her to halt the accident. "That was just... something else..."

"Are you sure?" the customer demanded. "Count it for me."

Candi gave her a dirty look, the pressure building up increasingly fast inside her as she began slamming the change down on the counter, one coin at a time. "Fine... The total was $10.27, so here's 28, 29, 30, 55..." She gasped as her bladder began to release again, issuing another spurt of warm urine into the waiting padding between her legs. She could feel the bulk swelling ever so slightly as it absorbed the liquid, and she knew what she had to be wearing now, which made it even worse. "Umm..." she stared down at the change in her hand, her chain of thought broken, so she had to start all over again. "28, 29...." That was all the further she got before another few drops escaped and side-tracked her again, painting her cheeks bright red as she peed her diaper even more in front of this woman.

The woman sighed. "30..." she offered helpfully, as if Candi was too stupid to know how to count. Candi stared at her dumbly for a couple seconds as more urine gushed out of her. "30..." the woman tried again.

"Th-thirty," Candi repeated, trying to finish this as quickly as she could, just wanting to be alone now. "55, 75... Wait, no, 80..." She whimpered, her bladder leaking further, but she was almost done now, so she made herself press on, devoting as little attention to the accident as she could without completely losing control over it. "90, 11 dollars. And 12, 13..."

The woman gave Candi a dirty look as she paused again, soaking herself even further. Each time, it felt like a little more was coming out,, and it was harder to make it stop at that, but she refused to give in, to completely wet herself in front of this person. "14," the woman helped her again, sounding far less patient this time.

"14," Candi nodded, smiling slightly, the light at the end of her tunnel approaching. Just one more, and she'd be done, and this bitch would leave, and she could, hopefully, make a mad dash for the bathroom that would save at least a hair of her dignity. "Fif... Fifteen." She scowled as it happened again, pushing her thighs together, only to realize that there was no more point in fighting to control her bladder - it was empty. She'd managed to completely pee herself in front of a stranger.

"Thanks," the woman shook her head, snatching the money off the counter and taking her bag, grumbling about stupid teenagers not being old enough for this kind of job. 

Candi hadn't been a teenager in a couple years, but she was too busy for that to bother her too much. Gingerly, she poked the thing beneath her skirt, feeling it squish damply against her tender skin. Blushing, she dashed to the fitting room, closing the door after herself so she could pull up her skirt in peace. It wasn't quite as bad as she'd expected - there were no tapes, and the thing seemed designed to look like a very juvenile, disposable pair of panties, making her realize they were training pants and not a full-fledged diaper - but they were definitely not what she had put on that morning.

As she looked up from that strange sight, she caught a glimpse of an even stranger one in the mirror. It was hard for her to judge exactly how much smaller she had gotten, but it was certainly a significant amount. Her clothes still fit perfectly, though, except in the chest, where she could definitely tell her breasts had deflated quite a bit. With the new, slightly chubby look making her face softer and more round, she had, along with everything else, she looked more than a little like a kid. This was not some hallucination, and it wasn't just a little bloating from drinking more than she'd thought. She was changing, fast.

It had to be the candy. There was something wrong with it. She didn't know what that could be, but this was not normal in the least. What was she going to do? Should she call the Hershey company and complain? She couldn't imagine this being a very common occurence, but even so, surely she would have heard of it on the news before. Though, she supposed, that sort of huge company was bound to have a whole bevy of lawyers. Hell, she might wind up getting rich off of this little misadventure.

She jumped, gasping as she felt her seemingly empty bladder dribble further into her very wet training pants at the sound of a knock on her door. "Hello? Is that you, Candi? What are you doing?! You know you can't just leave the registers unattended when nobody else is on the floor!"

"I-I don't feel so good," Candi called through the door, stomach twisting inside of her at the thought of her dorky little coworker seeing her like this. "I'm going to go home..." She wasn't sure how she would get out of the store unseen, or if she was even still tall enough to reach the gas pedal and see out of her windshield, but there was no way she was going to stay here if she could help it.

"Can I help?" Emily asked, and Candi saw the door handle turn slightly before the lock caught it.

"No, you have to watch the registers, remember? If you could tell Cheryl, too, that would be great... You don't mind, do you? I'm sure you can handle it on your own."

"Yeah, I suppose I could," the girl replied, her voice sounding slightly different. Candi pressed her ear to the door, listening as Emily walked away, but moments later, before she could make a break for it, she heard somebody coming back. She backed away from the door, able to hear them quite clearly now that they were so close, waiting for them to walk past to a different stall, but they stopped right in front of her door, and, as she watched, the lock clicked open. She let out a curse word and leapt forward to try to hold the door closed, but it was too late.

"Candi?!" Emily stared at her in shock. "Is that you?!"

Candi considered shaking her head; Emily had already heard her speaking, however, and if she had to do so again, it would probably blow her cover. She sighed, staring down at her feet with a resigned, "Yeah."

"What happened to you?" Emily knelt down, giving Candi a very brief feeling of normalcy as that made her taller than the teen again, for the moment. 

"I-I don't know," Candi answered. It was mostly the truth.

"People don't just shrink," Emily informed her, as if she didn't know. "I thought there was something different about you before, but..." She shook her head, seemingly as overwhelmed as Candi by the changes.

"Yeah, it's weird. Look, can I just go so I can try to figure this out?" Candi looked up at the girl with big eyes, expecting her to give in.

Instead, Emily's expression hardened. "You just got here, young lady. It isn't fair to expect me to do all the work. Come on." She stood, towering over Candi again, then reached down and took her hand, dragging her back out onto the sales floor, and over to her counter, thrusting the cleaning supplies at her. "I think you can tidy up for a while. If you do a good job, I'll let you have some candy, but none until then!"

Candi knew that the candy was what was doing this to her, so she shouldn't want any more, but even the mention sent visions of it dancing through her head, and her tummy began feeling very empty again. "But..." she protested, more the cleaning than the candy, though that wasn't how Emily took it.

"No!" Emily stopped her. "Candy is for good girls. I don't care if it's your Halloween candy or not, you still have to earn it."

Candi was rather surprised at the girl's sudden change of tone with her, until she realized what it probably was. She had no doubt that Emily was the kind of girl who had spent a lot of time babysitting before she got this job, and maybe even still, when she wasn't working. This was probably her babysitter voice. She was treating Candi like a little kid! The thought infuriated Candi, but it was also a little scary, considering her new stature.

"I really just want to go home," Candi whined. Emily just shook her head. Grumbling, Candi stomped her way over to the nearest fixture and began to dust, barely making it through the first before a wicked thought came to her. "You can have some of my candy if you want..."

"We're not supposed to eat on the sales floor," Emily informed her snottily, and yet, a few seconds later, Candi could hear her mutter, "Oh, Kit-Kats!"

Candi smiled, doing her best to suppress a giggle. She wasn't going to let Emily get away with treating her like this! She'd bring that brat down to her level, and even things out! She couldn't completely contain her chuckle when she heard the girl exclaim, "Oh, my God, this is incredible! Where did you get this?!"

"Halloween candy is always better than regular," Candi told her with a smirk. "Have some more!"

"I probably shouldn't..." Emily said, but Candi could already hear her unwrapping another piece. Candi continued gleefully with her cleaning, unable to wait and see what that annoying girl looked like after a few pieces, which she heard being opened faster and faster. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore, peeking up from her work to see... 

A bombshell. The formerly gawky teen now looked like a supermodel, tall and thin, her shirt straining to contain her now far-larger bosoms. Candi had always considered herself quite attractive, but even she couldn't deny that Emily was better looking than she ever had. Her jaw dropped in jealousy. It wasn't fair! How had the candy turned her into this little kid, and Emily into a hottie?

Maybe it was only the top few pieces that had those negative effects, she mused. If she could eat more before the greedy Emily finished it off, maybe she'd go back to normal... Or even better. She hurried over to the counter, her awe at her co-worker's new shape only growing the closer she got. Emily grinned down at her condescendingly. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Can I have some candy, please?" Candi begged. 

"How much did you get done?" Emily asked, and Candi pointed over to the two racks she'd finished. Emily grabbed a piece of candy, putting it in her pocket as she strolled over to them, inspecting them carefully. "There's still dust there," she observed, pointing, not moving until Candi grabbed her duster and got rid of it. "All right, I guess that's good enough. Here you go."

Candi snatched the Kit-Kat away, hands shaking as she tore it open, ready to start her journey back to normalcy. After the long wait, it tasted better than ever, and she was positive she felt different, even if she wasn't positive how. She glanced down at herself, only to let out a horrified shriek. Her breasts not only hadn't grown back, they had gotten smaller - in fact, they had completely disappeared. She clasped her arms over her flat chest, but not quick enough.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Emily asked, bending down, exposing her ample cleavage to the incredibly jealous Candi. "Does your tummy hurt?" Candi felt helpless as the girl peeled her arms away, only to giggle at what she found underneath. Emily undid a button or two, cooing softly as she exclaimed, "Look at that darling little training bra! Don't worry, dear, I'm sure one day you'll be ready to wear a big girl bra!"

Sure enough, when she took a fearful look down at herself, it was clear that was what she was wearing. It was plain white, decorated with a pink ribbon, and it was definitely just for show. Pouting, she buttoned her shirt back up, tired of this whole thing. "I'm going home!" she declared, hurrying over to her counter to snatch away her candy so she could leave and try to fix herself at home.

Emily's legs were way longer than her's now, however, and it was simple for her to get there first, holding the candy far above the other girl's head, where she had no hopes of reaching it. "I told you, this is for good girls!" she declared. "And you are being naughty, aren't you?"

"It's mine!" Candi told her, stomping her foot, only to feel the horrifying sensation of a squishy slap across her backside as she was given a spank for her brattiness. Candi stared up at Emily in horror, praying she hadn't noticed, or didn't recognize it.

"Now what is going on under there?" Emily wondered out loud, crushing Candi's hopes. "Come on." Candi tried to pull away as Emily took her hand and dragged her back to the fitting room, but the girl was too strong now.

"Please don't look," Candi begged. "I'm fine, I promise!"

"That's exactly what the little girl I babysit says," Emily told her, "and it's always when she's had an accident in her trainers." Emily swept Candi's hand away from her skirt, then lifted the garment with a smirk. "And they look exactly like that." Candi grabbed the skirt, tugging it back down, but it was already too late. "Look at you," Emily teased, "Not ready for a big girl bra or big girl panties. What will we do with you?"

"Leave me alone," Candi pouted.

"I can't do that," Emily told her, reaching under her skirt to pat the sagging training pants. "You're soaked! Come on, we'd better get you changed."

"Into what?" Candi asked grumpily. "It's not like I planned this..."

"Don't worry, I think we'll find something," Emily grinned. A sick feeling hit Candi in the pit of her stomach, moments before the girl clarified, "They have a nice diaper vending machine in the bathroom."

"I won't fit into those!" Candi wailed.

"Well, then, we'd better bring the candy, too."

"No!" Candi protested, but there wasn't much she could do about it as Emily pulled her back to her counter, where she called another cashier over to their area to cover. Candi kept her face down as the other woman approached, certain there was no way she'd be recognized as she was, for what little comfort that was.

The other worker didn't seem to notice her, though she still managed to remind her of the situation by saying, "Wow, Emily, you look great today!"

"Thanks," the girl replied. "I think I'm going through a growth spurt."

Candi's heart pounded as they approached the bathroom, knowing that she was going to be exiting it in a baby diaper, and thus small enough to fit into one. "Please, just let me go home," she begged Emily. "Please..."

But the girl ignored her, dragging her to the bathroom and lifting her easily onto the changing table, strapping her down while she examined the machine beside the table. "What size should we get?" she pondered out loud. "Here's some toddler sized ones... Is that what you want?"

"No!" Candi whined. "Please, I don't need diapers!"

"Okay," Emily shrugged, "We can go smaller."

"No! No, please, stop!"

Emily raised her eyebrow. "Newborn? Well, if that's what you want..."

"No!" Candi struggled vainly against the strap holding her against the plastic changing table. "Don't do this!"

"I think we'll go for the middle," Emily said after a minute or two, slipping a couple coins into the machine and hitting a button, getting a small package out in return. "All right, let's get started!"

"Let me go!" Candi wailed, thrashing around as much as she could while Emily slipped the skirt off of her, clearly quite used to changing squirmy children. She unfolded the changing mat from her diaper packet and slipped it under Candi's bottom, then pulled down the training pants, clucking and shaking her head.

"Didn't you just say you didn't need diapers? Look at how wet this is!" Emily declared. "And look at this mess in the back... If you were in big girl panties, they would have been ruined! You are obviously not ready for potty training yet."

Emily pulled the diaper out of the package, setting it aside while she got out the baby wipes and began to clean Candi up. Candi's struggles stopped for a moment as she saw the diaper, stomach turning at how small it looked. There was no way she was fitting into that... Not like this.

All too soon, Emily tossed the final baby wipe into the trash and grabbed the diaper, unfolding it in front of Candi. It didn't look much bigger that way, and when Emily held it up to Candi's crotch, it was clear it wouldn't work. "All right, sweetie," she cooed, "Candy time!" She grabbed the nearly empty bag and began to look through it, muttering to herself. "Which was it?" she wondered. "I know it wasn't the Kit-Kats..." Finally, she came up with a Snickers, unwrapping it and pressing it against Candi's closed mouth. "Open up!"

Candi shook her head, desperate not to have another bite of the candy, but every second she saw it there, so close, she felt more hungry, as if she hadn't eaten anything all day. With her arms pinned down by the straps, she couldn't stop Emily from pinching her nose, and not a minute later, she was forced to open her mouth to breathe, receiving a mouthful of candy at the same time. She wanted to spit it out, but the taste of it on her tongue was enough to quash any hope of that.

"Oops, wrong one!" Emily giggled as she watched Candi get bigger rather than smaller, her exposed tummy swelling slightly. "Maybe it was Cookies 'n' Cream." Candi couldn't even bring herself to make a token resistance when Emily pressed that to her lips, eating it like a puppy with a treat, and, moments later, she had lost a good deal of her remaining height... But not enough. "One more should do it," Emily decided after measuring the diaper against Candi again.

"No, please," Candi sniffled. "Don't make me smaller! Nobody is going to believe I'm an adult, please, I..." Despite her protests, as soon as she caught sight of the candy, she reached up - arms free from the restraints, which had been set for a larger girl - and grabbed it, and, instead of throwing it as far away as she could, she jammed it into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, it looks like you really hate it," Emily sneered, holding the diaper up once again. "Perfect!"

"No!" Candi yelled, but Emily could tell she was about to get squirmy again and quickly readjusted the straps before sliding the thick diaper beneath her tiny loins. "No, no!" Candi panted, fighting to free herself from the table as the girl sprinkled her with baby powder and began to pull the thick, plastic garment up between her legs. "No, don't do this!" Almost before she could finish saying it, it was done, the tapes securely fastened into place, leaving her snugly taped into a diaper. Her chin shook as she stared down at herself in disbelief, and then up at Emily, and she burst into tears.

"Aww, don't cry," Emily told her, unstrapping her and sitting her up on the changing table to give her a hug. "It's all right. Do you want some more candy?"

Despite everything, Candi really did, but when Emily turned to get more, she could only say, "Oh... I guess we ate it all. I thought there was more..."

"There may be." Both girls turned to see someone else walk into the bathroom, both recognizing the voice.

"Hey, Miss T!" Emily exclaimed happily, hurrying over to give the girl walking hand in hand with the woman a hug. "How are you doing, sweetie? Are you feeling better?" 

The girl, no more than five, nodded, and said, "You look pretty!"

The woman left the two to it, walking past them to the changing table. "Well, well, well," she smiled down at its occupant, "what do we have here?"

Candi stared up at her with a gulp, everything falling into place. She may have been dressed like a witch that morning, but she had encountered a real one... And what was worse, she had pissed her off. "I'm so sorry!" she squeaked. "Please, I'm sorry about what I did! Change me back!"

"I don't know," the woman shook her head, picking Candi up and setting her down on the floor. The thick diaper made her legs bow out, but even if she had been able to stand perfectly straight, she could tell she would have been the smallest there by far, outstripped even by the girl barely out of toddler-hood. "I told you I'd get you some Halloween candy, Carly.. Well, this is Candi. How do you like her?"

The little girl, intrigued by her new toy, brushed right past her babysitter to examine Candi, who could only squirm uncomfortably as she was poked and prodded before the child came up with, "She's cute!"

"She certainly is," the woman agreed. "She would make a great little doll for you, wouldn't she? You could feed her, and change her, and put her to bed early, just like a real baby. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Candi's blood ran cold as the little girl exclaimed, "Yeah!"

"Is that what you want?" the woman asked. "I'm sure Emily wouldn't mind watching over her when she comes to babysit you, would you, dear?"

"Not at all," Emily smiled. "She is pretty cute this way... And she really isn't much use around here anyway."

"I will be!" Candi squeaked. "Please, I'll work really hard! And Christmas is coming up, and we're short on cashiers, you know you need me! Please, don't let them do this!" She waddled up to Emily, hugging the girl's leg desperately.

Emily chuckled, patting her head. "She might be right... But I think I have an idea."

Candi watched nervously as Emily whispered something to the woman, who then discussed it with Carly, all of whom seemed to agree that it would be a good plan, though Candi was pretty certain she was going to disagree. Emily grabbed the bag of candy, which, sure enough, did have a couple more pieces left in it. Candi balked as the girl pulled out a Cookies 'n' Cream, all too aware of what had happened the last time.

"Please, no," she begged, staring hungrily at the wrapper. "Not again..."

"Don't worry," the woman told her, "you won't get any smaller."

Candi eyed her, not quite sure if she could trust her, but out of options either way. Every person in the room could easily make her do whatever they wanted, so, rather than being force-fed, she took the candy herself and ate it. To her surprise, the woman had told the truth, and she felt herself sprouting upward, shooting up over Carly, and then stopping far short of where she had used to be. It was hard to tell for sure, since she couldn't judge based off of Emily after her own growth sput, but she didn't think she could be much more than four feet tall. If she ignored the diaper between her legs, she looked like a flat-chested, slightly chubby eleven year old, though with it she looked much younger.

"There you go!" Emily exclaimed. "You should still be able to see over the counters... barely... so you can be as useful here as ever." She handed Candi the final piece of candy left in the bag, a Reese's Cup.

"No, bigger!" Candi whined, hating the idea of her other coworkers seeing her this way, especially next to the new Emily. Nervously, and hungrily, she unwrapped the candy and ate it. Almost instantly, she felt that familiar full sensation in her bladder, and her eyes darted off toward the toilets - surely she was close enough this time - but she knew she couldn't just walk away yet.

"That's all you get," the woman informed her. "Emily has very graciously agreed to keep an eye on you here, and if you start slacking off again, we'll be sending you to school instead. You'll be Carly's big sister... At least for a few more years. Of course, you aren't nearly big enough to watch her on your own, so if I need to go out, Emily will be babysitting both of you. And even though you're the 'big' sister, Carly is still more mature, so you will do what she says, or else. She's just developing her powers, but that only makes her more dangerous... She's not supposed to use her magic, but if you make her mad, she might, and you never know if her spells will work right or not."

"H-How can Emily babysit both of us?" Candi asked, not sure she wanted the answer, fidgeting as the first few dribbles soaked into her diaper, which began to expand at the contact, growing thicker, forcing her legs further apart, a jack-o-lantern design blooming across the front and back, and taking her mind off the full feeling that was developing elsewhere as well.

"You're going to be living with us, silly," the woman told her. "You're nowhere near big enough to live on your own. Don't worry - I know how much you love Halloween. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun next year. I doubt you'll get the same effect with the 'costume' you wore this year, but I'm sure we'll find something cute. Maybe a nice pumpkin... That would hide your big, thick diapers, anyway."

Candi let out a groan as her bladder twinged, turning to toddle toward one of the stalls, but she was too late. It had barely been two minutes since she'd felt the urge, and already all she could do was stand there dumbly as the floodgates opened into her pants. If she had been at her station, she wouldn't have had a prayer - even at home, it would have been an awfully mad dash to make it to the bathroom in time. Not that it was her home anymore, she thought.

"Uh-oh, did somebody have an accident? I think so... Yes, I think somebody really needs those diapers, doesn't she? That's all the longer you can hold it from now on, sweetie. So if you don't want to be a nice, round pumpkin next Halloween, you'd better think of some other costume that can hide them, because you need them." The woman smiled cruelly at Candi's hopeless expression, which grew more shocked a moment later as she involuntarily messed herself, filling her diaper to the brim with a warm, mushy mess. "Whew... You really filled up that pumpkin, didn't you? What have you been eating?" the woman teased her, patting the girl's swollen diaper. "I guess this is what happens when you have too much candy, isn't it?"

The End

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    I really love your writing. As soon as I read through the first few paragraphs, I was almost certain you were also the writer of "Christmas Shopping" from last year, which is one of my all time favorites.




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