R A different kind of prison
A story of several convicts and their incarceraton in a very unique prison.
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Part 1

The gavel slammed down, and just like that, William Summers was found guilty of manslaughter due to driving under the influence of alcohol. His sentence was 12 years in the brand new state penitentiary. There had been several rumors surrounding the prison, that the convicts went in but never came out. But Will wasn't scared, he just wished he hadn't been so stupid....that he hadn't drank so much at that party. A couple of hours and long drive later and Will was being led into the prison. After initial processing, he was led to the warden's office.

The warden, a beautiful woman in her early thirties with long brunette hair, turned from her computer. "Ah....Mr. Summers, please have a seat."

Will stared at her for a moment, surprised to see a female warden, and a beautiful one at that. Finally, he took a seat across from her desk.

The warden pulled out a file labeled, 'Summers case.' "So, you're here for our 12 year program...."

Will was rather confused at her use of the word 'program,' but nodded.

The warden smiled warmly, "Now, Mr. Summers.....as you may have heard, our facility is quite different from that of a conventional prison. As opposed to a normal penitentiary, we aim to rehabilitate and reintegrate our people back into society."

"And.....how do you do this with dangerous criminals? Most of the normal rehabs don't really work..." Will said.

The warden grinned, "Quite right, Mr. Summers. However, our programs are.....quite unique. It has yielded a 100% success rate."

"How many people underwent this....program?" Will asked with uncertainty in his voice.

The warden's grin widened, "Over 500."

Will's eyes widened, "500...? You're telling me....that every single one was a success?!"

The warden nodded, "Indeed. In fact, most of them were able to considerably cut down on their jail time by taking part in this program. Would.....you be interested, Mr. Summers?"

Will narrowed his eyes, trying to decide whether this woman could possibly be telling the truth. But....when it came right down to it, did it matter? He was stuck here for twelve years as it was. He couldn't imagine it getting much worse.

"Alright.....I'm in."

Part 2

The warden nodded with a smile, "Excellent. Now, first thing's first, we need to get you to the infirmary for a complete medical exam."

Will nodded and stood, "Sounds good."

The warden nodded and called for a guard, "Let's go." The guard led Will through the prison until they reached the infirmary.

Will looked around the infirmary, not noticing the beautiful woman coming up behind him. "Mr. Summers?"

Will jumped slightly and turned to the woman, "Y-Yes...?"

The woman smiled warmly and led him to one of the empty beds, "The warden has informed me that you wish to take part in our rehabilitation program?"

Will nodded and sat down on the bed, "Yes, that's right."

The woman took a seat across from him, grabbing a clipboard from the table. "Good. I'm doctor Barnes, I'll be supervising you during the process. Now, before we begin, I must know a couple of things. You're William Summers, age 22, correct?"

Will nodded, "Yes."

"Blood type is A-?"

Will nodded, "That's right."

Doctor Barnes looked up at Will, "Now, Mr. Summers, some of these questions are a bit.......personal. But I must have your full cooperation."

Will raised an eyebrow, "Uh....okay..."

Doctor Barnes smiled, "Now then....Mr. Summers, have you ever had intimate relations with a woman?"

Will blushed deeply at the question, "W-What...? I-I....w-w-well.....y-yes.."

Doctor Barnes scribbled something down on the clipboard, "Have you ever been sexually attracted to a man?"

Will's blush deepened even further, "W-W-WHAT?! N-No!!! O-Of course not!!!"

Doctor Barnes grinned slyly and wrote something down, "Very well. That's all the questions I have." She stood and walked over to a cabinet, producing a pink syringe. "Now, I'm going to give you a small injection."

Will eyed the syringe with narrowed eyes, "What is it?"

Doctor Barnes smiled reassuringly, "Nothing dangerous, I assure you. This injection will help in the rehabilitation, Mr. Summers."

Will eyed the syringe for a moment longer before rolling up his sleeve, "Okay, whenever you're ready."

Doctor Barnes smiled widely and walked over to his side, preparing to inject his arm. "Deep breath!"

Will took a deep breath just as she plunged the needle into his arm. "Ow! D-Damn..."

Doctor Barnes grinned widely, "Now, Mr. Summers, I should explain the details of your rehab. It will require a combination of injections, audio-therapy, and hypno-therapy."

Will tilted his head, "What, exactly, is the purpose of all these treatments? To keep me from ever touching alcohol?"

Doctor Barnes chuckled, "In a way....you won't be touching it for a good long while, anyway. Now.....we should move you on to your first hypno and audio therapy sessions. But first.....you need to put these on. It will help you grow accustomed to them." She walked over to a drawer and pulled out an extra large diaper, pink plastic panties, a pacifier, and a pink onesie that had the words 'Mama's little girl.'

Will stared at the objects for a moment, "........What?"
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Good start,im intrigued already.
oh god story how are you please tell more
: PinkBaby-Lachen:
I'm thinking it will involve some unique regression therapy....am I right?
Very good start, good place to leave it waiting for the next part. I can not wait. I agree with one of the other comments i hope it includes regression therapy
krystala's sissy baby
You guys are great! Thanks for all the great feedback. More is coming soon, I double-promise! ;)
This story is moving in a very appealing direction.
- Sissy Desiree

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