How I got Diapered by bidiaperboy (PG)
I wanted to wear diapers and again and got way more than I bargained for.
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How I got Diapered by bidiaperboy
I wanted to wear diapers and again and got way more than I bargained for.
none - Characters: - Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers), (Spankings), (Bi Orientation), (Crying Like A Baby), (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.) - Rating: PG - Warnings  1
Published: 10.04.07 - Updated: 10.04.07 - Completed: No

I had always been in diapers I was potty trained but I had problems going poopie. I had to take a laxative every
other day that gave me diareeha so i had to wear diapers. Well I did that for years then we went to a different doctor told
him about my problem and he said "well thats not healthy just give him fiber pills and he should become regular." So my mom
started giving me fiber pills that made me regular and w/out the mess. Well soon thereafter I missed my dieapers but was
scared to ask my mom for diapers. So there was a young man down the street that was a few years younger than me and was a
bed wetter so he had goodnites. Whenever I went over there I would steal a couple of goodnites and use them usually 2-3 times
over the next couple days.A few months down the road I realized what I had been doing and stopped. We moved a little while
after that.
After we moved I had the urge to wear diapers again and I had recently got a laptop for my birthday so I went online
and searched Adult Baby not thinking I would find anything so much to surprise was what popped up. Well I started looking at
diapers and adult baby clothes and such and one day my parents unbenounced to me went through my computer and found all of my
sites clothes and forums. Well about 3 weeks later I get home from school and am called upstairs to the guest bedroom I get
up there I was pulled into the room and the door was shut and locked from the outside. At this point I looked around the room
and noticed the room had been painted a light pink, there was a strip of carebear wallpaper in the middle of the room the
whole way around, there was a big whinnie the poo rug on the floor, there was an oversized crib, a girly dresser and an over-
sized changing table. At this point I noticed my mom sitting in a rocking chair in one of the corners of the room. She told
me that they had gone through my computer and seen everything in it and decided that this was what I be treated
as a baby.
Then she told me to go lie on the changing table i was still speechless (and motionless) so she came over to me and
started undressing. When i was completely naked she held my hand and pulled me over to the rocking chair. She sat down bent
me over her knee and before i knew what was happening started spanking me. I tried to put my hands on my rear but couldn't
manage to get them there so she spanked me until i started crying. Once I was crying like a baby she let me up put a pacifer
into my mouth and tied the pink ribbon around my head. She then brought me over to the changing table laid me down locked my
hands into the straps that were on the side of the table powdered my butt and diapered me. I felt so alive being diapered
After the diaper she went over to the closet and when she opened it I saw about 20 of the most beautiful little girl
dresses in the world. She grabbed the first one that she saw which was pink with baby blue ribbons and trim. She let me up
and off of the changing table put the dress over my head the dress came about mid way down my thigh but was petticoated and
showed off the whole diaper. Then she zipped it up in the back buttoned it then tied the bow. Then she went over to the
dresser got out a pair of pink mittons, booties and a matching bonnet. She also grabbed a pair of pink frilly panties to go
over the diaper. After I was completely dressed she knocked on the door and my dad unlocked it. When he first saw me he
sarcastically said "awww how cute" then my mom continued to lead me downstairs to the kitchen where I saw an adult sized
highchair. She took the table off put me in it and strapped me into with an adult baby harness then put the table back on and
locked it in.
After being completely in she went to the pantry and got out 3 large jars of baby food and a rubber ended baby spoon
and a pink big that said "My little Darling". She opend the first jar and started feeding me. It was HORRIBLE it was so bad I
couldn't keep it down. My first bite almost made me gag the second did and I threw up in my mouth a little bit but was able
to the third bite I threw up even more and it came out a little bit and dribbled down my chin and onto the bib. After those
first few bites though I was able to get use to it and keep the rest down. After dinner I was brought up stairs and undressed
and given a bath for the fist time in 13 years.
After the bat I was brought to my room again put into carebear pajamas and put into my crib where again my hands were
strapped to the sides of the crib and my mom told me that babies don't play with themselves and baby girls really don't play
with themselves so to keep frmy playing with myself my hands were going to be tied down until I got use to NOT playing with
myself. Then my mom left the room (she left the light on so I knew she was coming back) and when she did she had a bottle in
her hand. She fed me the bottle which much to my surprise was really sweet and didnt taste bad like the food did. Then she
left the room leaving the door open part way and the hallway light on. In the morning she came in and woke me up and asked me
if I was wet and I was sitting there thinking no silly I am potty trained I don't wet the bed and then I realised I was wet.
I had the pacifier in my mouth so I didn't want to talk so I just let her change my wet diadee and bring me back downstairs
for breakfest and this time I was ready for the food and prepared for the taste. After breakfest but before my mom was able
to get the pacifier back into my mouth I asked her how she knew i was going to have a wet diadee when I woke up and she just
gave me the typical mommy answer "I'm psychic."
So I was brought upstairs put into a new dress, diaper cover, booties, mittens and bonnet brougt downstairs and put
into the highchair again where my mom told me the rules. Since I was a baby girl Matthew wouldn't work so she would now call
me Katheleen or katie for short. Second thing was since I was a baby babies don't speak so if I wanted anything I had to cry
for it. If I cried though I would only get a few things. The first thing was I would be checked for a diaper change. The
second thing was I would be fed. The third thing would be a raddle or some toys and the fourth thing was a bottle and a nap.
If I still contined to cry for anything else then I would be smacked on the back of the legs out of the way of the dress
or diadee's. She also told me these rules applied to anywhere we went and anyone that was watching me would be told my rules.
she also told me if I wanted to get her attention I could say mommy or for my dad daddy it was no longer just mom and dad.
She then told me that since she had work today and she wouldn't be able to watch me and take care of me that she would be
bringing me to a daycare center every day during the week where they would change me feed me and give me my daily nap along
with all of the other babies. So then she let me up from the highchair and got unlocked the baby harness from it put it on
me took me to the car where in the back seat my dad had fashioned a makeshift baby seat where basically he just took a
regular baby seat and made it big enough for me. So I was put in locked in and driven to a very small daycare center. When we
got there I tried to release myself from the seat but found out that the release button is very hard to push and is located
in the back of the seat far out of reach of even my long arms. I was let out of the car and brought in to meet my new care-
takers. We met and I was sent to play with the little babies which I found out wasn't too bad. The babies enjoyed my company
which made it pleasant for me and they didn't have any drama in their lives to deal with or tell me about (most of them
couldn't even say mommy and daddy). I was also fed so i didnt have to feed myself anymore and I got to sit there and pee and
poop myself and have someone change me it was actually pretty awsome and I thoroughly enjoyed and still do to this day.
when it was school time again my parents gave me 2 options first: I would go to a different school where they would
put me in the special ed. program and change me but other than that treat me normally or option 2: I could continue going to
the daycare and be homeschooled and get my GED after I got picked up. I chose option 2 which turned out to be the best
decision of my entire life. About 3 weeks after everyone including all my friends went back to school (i had a few friends
were trustworthy and new my predicament and would come over and we would watch movies and stuff) I was still going to the
daycare well...this day I was awoken to be looking face to face with the girl I had had a crush on for 4 1/2 years. She
looked at me mouth wide open and I looked back at her with my mouth open and still holding the bottle that put me to sleep.
After we both recovered from the shock she told me that she needed some cash for college next year and I told her how I ended
up there and she I guess liked it. Well one day when my parents came to pick me up she brought me out to them and put me in
the car and talked with them and told them that if they ever needed a babysitter for the weekends (they never went out on
the weekends) then she would watch me and she wasn't expensive. So they got her phone number and that weekend they gave her a
call and asked her to come over. When she came over we didn't do a whole lot (kind of hard to do things in diapers and
dresses) so we just sat on the couch together and watched movies (we both liked eachother) so we kind of made it a "date".
After a few week of this she decided to talk to my parents and tell them that we wanted to become a couple and start dating.
Well the problem with this was I found out my mom had been giving me muscle relaxants in all of my bottles and that was why
I was wetting my diapers at night and even during the day now i didn'teven notice when I wet. So my mom told her that they
would potty train me and we would talk then but I would still have to stay in diapers and dresses as long as I was living in
the house but for a while I would wear adult training pants. After another 4-5 weeks I was re-potty trained (then put back
into diapers) but now they weren't required I just had to use them since When at home I wasn't allowed to use the potty. Well
then my girlfriend (Ashley) got to thinking well we can't go out if I'm dressed in diapers and dresses so she talked to my
mommy and they said that that weekend they would take me shopping for new clothes.
Saturday came and they took me to the mall (I was still in baby clothes and a diaper) and we went to a girls shop
I didn't have the pacifier in this day so I was able to talk and asked my mommy why we were going to a girls shop and she
told me that I had gone so long as a baby girl why stop now she also told me that I would like the clothes and that it
wouldn't matter with me and ashley because well were both already bi anyways so it didn't matter. So my mommy took off my
dress and diapers while ashley picked out some out fits and brought them back to me to try on. After each outfit was on
(usually with incisent help from my mommy) I was taken out of the dressing room and told to model for them and they would
decide if they liked it. They liked the majority of it and ended up buy a whole wardrobe for me which included some short
shorts, lowrider pants, miniskirts and a couple of long ankle length skirts and quite a few shirts (most of which had some
saying like daddies little girl or princess). Then we realized that A: I didn't have any panties and bras and B: yea I was
skinny (I always had been) but i didn't have the curves of a woman. So we went to another shop in the mall to buy bras and
panties then we left. We made 1 more stop that day and it was at a corsetier where they bought a heavily boned corset to
give me the shape of a women. The lady said that if I lived in it day and night for the next 3 weeks I'll have better curves
than either of the 2 ladies I was with. So it was immediately put on me and was only taken off for my baths.
3 weeks rolled around I had beautiful curves and ashley was planning on going to the movies this weekend with some
friends and wanted to know if I was going to come with her. I said yes of course and my mom agreed so that weekend rolled
around ashley came over dressed me up (I was still a baby so I wasn't allowed to dress or change myself) did my make up and
hair and we left. On the way out though my mom told me and ashley to make sure that I asked to go to the restroom like a
good little girl or it would mean spanking for me when I got home. So we went out and since her friends new she was bi she
introduced me as Katie and told them that I was her new girlfriend. So we went out to the movies then miniature golfing and
I guess I looked enough like a girl to fool even girls.
After that she brought me hope put me into my pajamas gave me my bottle (my hands weren't strapped down and to this
day I odn't pleasure myself) and a kiss and went home. It was this way for the next few years I got my GED long before she
eeven graduated and now take online classes in computer programming from the home. Ashley has graduated college with a major
in math and is teaching it at the local school. We have been happily married for 2 1/2 years I am still diapered in the house
and dressed in drag when we go out on dates. I am also still brought to the daycare during the day and am allowed to help
take care of some of the babies but am still given my nap changed when needed and fed when hungry. When Ashley gets home we
have dinner she feeds me while she makes her own dinner then we watch tv together. Then I'm given a bath put into my pj's
given a bottle and put into my crib for the night we rarely have sex and when we do its her idea and it's phenominal.

(This is not a true story but is based on one I am married to a wonderful women named Ashley and I do wear diapers and baby
clothes the rest is all fictional)
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