XXX What defines a hero Chapter 4
What happens when a young sissy meets a magical trap. Starts out PG but will become XXX later I promise *giggles*
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This is my first attempt at a story pwease let me know what you think im open to all criticism I hope you like what I wrote so far.


*pat pat pat* Went the rain as it bounced off the paved ground of the city streets. It was past midnight as lightning struck off in the distance lighting the dark sky every few seconds. Underneath the flickering street lights a lone figure could be seen running, the lone figure was dressed in a black over coat with a hood drawn over this persons face. I have to keep running I can't stop. The person thought as they kept running. As soon as the next bolt of lightning struck the sound of a explosion could be herd. When this person herd this explosion they picked up their pace. I hope I can out run them. This mysterious figure thought as they continued to run down the dark street.

*bing* Welcome to our store nice to see you again sir said the sales associate. Th-thank you replied Alex blushing red due to being noticed by the staff. Though he shouldn't be to surprised he came here at least once a month if not more often. He also shouldn't be to surprised they remembered him do to the appearance of his body. Alex stood at 5'4 not much taller then a middle schooler even though he was 18. Now a senior in high school he was a quot grown man end quot. He spent most of his time alone since he viewed others as potential bullies and wanted to minimize the amount he would be picked on. Since his height wasn't bad enough he also weighed about 100bls with a body most super models would be jealous of. He had long white hair that reached the bottom of his neck, crystal clear blue eyes, and soft pale blue skin. Needles to say their many guys who had had their hearts broken when they found out the their current crush had an intruder in his pants. Alex began to walk down the aisles of pharmaceutical items looking for his usual purchase. He was happy that they had not sold out of his favorite item, he smiled as he picked up a XL pack of girls pull-ups. He smiled as he walked down to the checkout line not caring if he was spotted by any of his classmates. Alex did not have any medical issues to require diapers he just enjoyed the feel of them. He just felt all the pain sadness he felt in his life melt away whenever he put on a diaper. Alex continued to smile as he reached the checkout line. Same purchase as usual sir? The sales associate asked. Y-yes mam Alex said nervously. You always have such good manners hun. The women said. She was beautiful standing at almost 6'4 with her dark brown hair in a long pony tail, and her shirt straining over D size breasts. Her name tag said Erica on it. Well your total is twelve dollars hun thanks for coming back. she leaned in closer so he would be the only one to hear her whisper. I put a little something extra in your bag as a treat for being such a good baby. Alex blushed as he felt the wind caused by her whisper brushed against his ear. T-thank you. he said pointing his eyes down. Aww so cute your mommy must be so proud. All Alex could do was stare at the ground. H-have a n-nice day. he said as he turned around and left . As he walked out the store he heard the sound of giggling.

A few minutes later as he was walking down the street he looked in his bag to see what the sales associate meant by reward. What he say was a pink pacifier in the shape of a butterfly with a ring on the front. He smiled as he picked up the pacifier and put it in his mouth. The feeling that fallowed was utter joy as he sucked on the pacifier. He suddenly started to feel the rain hit the top of his head interrupting hip pleasure. He ran for cover under a nearby awning. uggghhh its sooo wate I needs to gets ome he said while continuing to suck on the pacifier. Suddenly he heard a huge explosion in the distance. Alex ran out from under the awning to get a better look at what happened. He ran in the direction of the explosion wanting to find out what happened. As he turned a round a corner he bumped into a cloaked figure losing his balance and falling down on his rear while biting down on his pacifier. He looked up at the now uncloaked figure which appeared to be a girl around 5'7 with bright pink cherry blossom colored hair. Please help me she said Alex didn't want to leave the girl alone after begging for help. Alex spit out his pacifier and put it in his bag and grabbed the girl's hand Follow me! he yelled pulling her along with him. As he ran he kept wondering what was going to happen next.     

Chapter 1

Alex ran as fast as he could holding the girls hand, *almost there* he thought to himself. He continued to run as fast as his legs could take him till he finally reached the front door or an apartment complex. Lets get inside and dry off. he said as he reached for his keys. He pulled out a keyring with his apartment key on it and a key chain in the shape of Cloud's Buster blade from Final Fantasy VII. Alex unlocked the door and led the girl inside. The two story apartment complex belonged to Alex alone, it had a kitchen, living room, bathroom on the first floor; and on the second it had his bedroom with a walk in closet and master bath, a guest room with bathroom attached, and a bonus room which was locked with a number coded padlock so no one could open it but him. He led the girl into the living room, Would you like something to drink? he asked trying to be a good host. Just water please was the girls response. Alex nodded his head in reply grabbing a glass from his cabinet and feeling it with water from the sink. Awww these are so cute! Alex herd from behind, he quickly turned a 180 to see his guest hold up his package of girls pull-ups. Alex blushed as he yelled Hey that's private! His face had gone complete red as he say the girl pull out one of the pull-ups and looked at it. It was a standard girls pull-up it was pink decorated with flowers and had a picture of Cinderella on it in her trade mark blue ballgown. Why are they private these are for a sister or something right? The girl asked as she inspected the pull-up some more. Alex breathed a sigh of relief that the girl had come to that conclusion. The last thing he wanted this late at night or early in the morning was to get made fun of for his choice of fashion. Y-yeah that's ... before he could finish his sentence the girl got off the couch and stood in front of Alex face to face. Objection I call bull crap she said as he was about to make up a story about the pull-ups. Wha- Alex was stopped before he could even begin to counter the objection by the pacifier he was enjoying only a few hours earlier. As soon as the pacifier was in Alex began to suck on it like it was pure instinct. I knew I saw you with that in you mouth earlier. the girl said while giggling. I thought that when you knocked me down I was imagining things but I guess I was wrong. She said as her giggling turned into full on laughter. Alex started to suck harder on his paci, thinking of all the people who had made fun of him his whole life. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as his legs refused to support him any more. He landed on his knees crying like a toddler, tears running down his face and mouth open sobbing audibly as his paci fell to the floor. He felt more and more tears steam down his face until he felt a warmth envelop him. He opened his eyes, visioned blurred by water, to see the girl who just seconds ago had been laughing at him embrace him and rub his back saying Shhhhh it's okay calm down I'm sorry for make you cry baby girl. Alex felt like a deer caught in the head lights. No one had ever recognized him as the baby girl he felt he was like on the inside. The girl then picked up his paci and placed it in his mouth. Well hunny how about you tell me your name. she asked in a calm voice. Alex was about to reply when he paused to think. Did he want to be Alex, did he like being Alex the weak boy who was always bullied and afraid? No he decided, so with the paci still in his mouth he repliedMy names isth Alice.

Chapter 2

Alice that's such a cute name. said the girl as she picked up Alice and balanced her on her hip. He was surprised that a person only a few inches taller then him and just a slender as he was could pick him up. He watched the girl grabbed the bag full of pull-ups with her free hand and carried him upstairs. Now which room is yours hun? She asked. Alice pointed to the door at the far end of the hallway. She carried him to the door and opened it. When she opened the door to what appeared to be the room of a teenage girl infatuated with anime and Japaneses RPGs. There was a king size bed covered in stuffed animals, most of them bunnies. There were also posters of various video game characters as well as anime characters as well all over the white walls. Wow not bad. said the girl as she carried him to the bed and laid him down handing him one of the many stuffed animals. Wait right here I'm gonna borrow some cloths. The girl said as she walked into his walk in closet and shut the door. Alex or Alice right now was deciding wither he should put on one of the pull-ups. He decided that since this girl had already seen him cry in front of her as well as sucking on a paci. Alice got off the bed laying the stuffed bunny on the bed. He unbuttoned his pants and slide them down exposing the cotton white panties. After checking over his shoulder to make sure he was alone he pulled down his panties exposing his genitalia to the empty room. Even if the girl came out it was more then likely that she wouldn't see anything. Even when he had an erection it was only about 3 ½ inches long. He reached over and grabbed the already opened pull up. He slid it up his natural smooth legs till the pull-up fit into place over hips. Once the pull-up was in place he felt waves of pleasure and joy flow over him.

You look like your having fun. Alice turned around to see where the voice was coming from. In front of him was the the girl dressed in a black tank top and a pair of pink panties. Awww you look so cute She squealed as she embraced him in a bear hug. As she hugged him Alice could not help but feel something on his leg. Alice looked down to see what was touching him. What he saw surprised him so much he fell down onto his padded bum. What he saw was a penis in those panties. It also appeared to be larger then his to boot. Ohh I forgot to tell you my name it's Jake.

Chapter 3

Alex sat there shocked, he just found out what he thought was a cute girl turned out to be a boy that was not only cute but stronger the him. Whats wrong baby girl? Jake said as he walked toward Alex. He just giggled as he watched Alex scoot away as he got on all fours and crawled closer to him. Let me guess you thought I was a girl didn't you hun. he giggled brushing a few strands of pink hair out of his face. He continued to crawl forward till they were less then an inch from each others lips. I think I should reward you for helping me. He said as he crawled even closer, their lips almost close enough to touch. I know what type of reward that will be perfect for you. Alex was panicking a little, he never had another boy this close to him except to try and make fun of him. He watched as Jake's red colored lips inched closer and closer every second. Suddenly he felt pressure on his lips as Jake's lips made contact with his. Suddenly a bright light coming from Jake's lips filled his eyes. He heard a voice in the back of his head, Do you have a wish? He heard the voice ask, it sounded like Jake's but it had a slight echo to it. He opened his eyes to see a white alter on top of what looked like a lake with an unfathomable depth. He was also was standing on the water as well. He looked down at the water and saw his reflection. Somehow his cloths had changed completely, He was wearing a sleeveless black leather hoody, which exposed his slender arms till they reached his wrists, the front of the leather hoody had a zipper down the front as well as two horizontal zippers perpendicular to the vertical zipper, so it looked like a cross. His hands were covered in black finger less gloves which had a pink ribbon tied around where the glove reached his wrist. The outfit also had black short shorts with a pink ribbon on both sides of the shorts. It also had black knee high combat boots with laces that went up all the way. He did feel a little bit of thickness under his shorts so he could tell he was at least in a pull-up.

His hair was pulled pack into a low hanging ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. Do you have a wish? He herd the voice once again, he turned around trying to locate it but didn't see a single person. He did however see something glistening on the alter. He started to walk forward to the alter feeling like he was in ocarina of time walking towards the master sword in the temple of time. He walked up to the alter and saw what appeared to be a floating katana, the size of Sepheroth's blade. The blade was pink with a black handle, and a white guard. He touched the blade and herd Jake's voice again. So do you have a wish or is it going to be for a new diaper once you wet the one you have on? Alex jumped back in fear from the voice. S-sorry I'll decide. he had to think what did he want to wish for. He had money so he didn't need wealth, even though he liked diapers and acting like a baby but he didn't want to be a baby. He narrowed down all his options till he came to one. This was a wish he had had since he was young and started to notice the differences in boys and girls. So he took a deep breath and said his wish. I-I want to become a girl

Jake watched through the blade at the young sissy. He laughed to himself about this situation. *I cant believe this I'm trying to run for my life and the person who saves me is this diaper wearing sissy.* He was hoping to run into either a hot macho man that would carry him to safety, or a girl with huge tits that could help him relive stress. But no what he got was a feminine boy with a pacifier in his mouth carrying a pack of girls pull-ups. He was impressed that the kid actually tried to help him. Though it was somewhat embarrassing to be saved by a boy who appeared to be a twelve year old girl when he himself was twenty. He wasn't really disgusted by the kid he seemed to be a good kid and he admired how feminine the kid looked, and the diaper stuff was cute him any way. Well any way the only reason he brought the kid into his inner world was to reward him, even though the kid looked weak he had potential. That's when he herd the wish I want to become a girl. Jake giggled when he herd this, I figured as much. Okay then I will grant your wish.

=======================================================================Once Alex herd this a bright light field the landscape and everything faded to black.

 Chapter 4

Alex woke to see light creeping through his window. Alex felt the rays of the sun touch his face as he started to wake up. As his senses slowly returned he felt something in his mouth, he realized it was the pacifier that the sales associate had given him. He had been going there for over a year now and noticed the looks that the sales associate had given him. At first he thought she was just making fun of him when he turned his back, but about after his sixth month being there he decided to purchase an actual adult diaper. So when he purchased a pack of depends he blushed the entire time he was in line. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, but in actuality was like five minutes. Once he got to the end he gave them to the associate to be rung out. She had rung them out and was placing them in the bagging area when she asked. Do you need a change hun? Alex blushed bright red and immediately replied, No I don't! he almost yelled trying not to let on that they were for him. However the sales associate just smiled and said I know these were for you I so called it. What they are not for me. Alex lied. Ohh come on baby no need to lie, a real big kid would have said they wear big kid underpants not that they didn't need a change. She said while giggling. Now dose baby want a change? She asked with a smile, a smile saying I was right and you should just surrender. Alex just admitted defeat and nodded his head. Aww so cute whats your name hun? She asked staring in straight into Alex's eyes. It's A-Alex he said stuttering do to his shyness. She turned off the light above her check out line, Hey I'm going on break I will be right back! she yelled to her coworker as she grabbed Alex's hand and dragged him into the family sized bathroom. She closed the door behind them and locked it, she walked over to the changing table and pulled it down. Alex felt his heart beating faster and faster, he couldn't believe that this girl was going to diaper him. He watched as she reached for the wipes and powder that were in his grocery bag as well as one of the new diapers he had just bought. Come over here baby. said while waving Alex over to the table, once Alex walked over she picked him up lifting him from under his arms and placing his back on the table. She then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down exposing his white and pink cotton hello kitty panties. He blushed as looked down and giggled. Here I was thinking you were a baby boy but it turns out your a sweet little baby girl. She continued to giggle as she pulled down his panties showing his erect penis. Aww looks like someone is excited. she said grabbing his dick and started to rub his shaft with her index finger and thumb. Alex began to moan as she rubbed him up and down. He began to thrust his hips up and down as she increased the tempo. He could feel that he was close to climaxing, when she suddenly let go. He looked up his face filled with color. She looked down and smiled I'm sorry hun but babies are to little to make cummies maybe if you keep coming back I can make you feel good. she said the last part as she leaned down and whispered in his ear. She then proceeded to finish diapering him. Once done she pulled up his pants and but him back on his feet. Now what dose baby girl say? Alex looked down at his feet T-thank you. Erica looked at him and said Thank you...? Thank you mommy. Alex said.  

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Cuuute mowe pwease *giggles*
A boy HAS to like sports, HAS to hate cute things, and CAN'T cry.
A man HAS to be strong,  HAS to hate weakness, and CAN'T be scared.
She DOESN'T have to like sports, She CAN love cute things, She CAN cry.
She DOESN'T have to be strong, She CAN be weak and frail, She CAN be scared.
A Sissy is what I am, I DON'T like most sports, I DO love cute things, I CAN cry.
I am NOT strong, I AM weak and frail, I CAN be scared.
 And anyone who tries to tell me differently, CAN KISS MY DIAPERED BUTT.

oh nice i love the way your story has started please keep going i would love to see where it goes from here
  Too bad; I thought that the 6'4 Erica was going to be Alex's New Mommy since she was more than big enough to handle him as if he was a newborn
well something like that may happen *wink* *wink*
No better way to relax then to snuggle up in a chair with a glass of chocolate milk and a diaper under your skirt and a stuffed animal in your arm.  
please add more, I love this story :)
hay can you write one were Jake and Alex xxx
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
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 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
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