My Decision (PG)
I finally embraced being a sissy, and found love
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BY Satin Missy

I had been into wearing ladies panties and slips and the like for year.
It all started when I was around 13 or 14 and became aware of magazines
like Penthouse and Playboy. I would sneak into my big brother's room
and look at his magazines and get this feeling that I really didn't
understand, but liked. I always seemed to linger on the pages that had
a model in some sort of lingerie, the silkier and lacier, the better!
After a while, I noticed that Mom had some pretty lacy, silky things of
her own! I was in the basement, tossing a handball around and it landed
in the dirty clothes' basket by the washer. When I reached in to get
it, I felt like I had gotten an electric shock! I pulled out a long,
white slip that was so smooth and silky, that it was almost liquid! It
had an edging of pale blue lace around the bottom and I was in heaven!
I rubbed that slip all over my face, dropped it and went looking for
more treasure.
After graduating from rubbing a slip on my face, to wearing Mom's
panties, slips and nighties, I got a little bolder and grew up at the
same time. I had heard my brother grunting in his room one evening and
peeked in his door, to see him stoking his cock while looking at a
magazine. So THAT'S how it's done! After a little experimentation, I
learned to stroke myself to a climax and learned that the more of Mom's
things I was wearing, the better it felt!
Fast-forward to years after college. I had just graduated from a very
prestigious college, with multiple degrees in math and engineering and
companies were actually fighting over who would get to hire me! I
landed a great job with a huge starting salary and happily packed up
and left home. I bought a very cozy little house, with two downstairs
bedrooms and a little attic room that had been converted by the
previous owner into a third bedroom fro his son. Here I was, 25 years
old, a homeowner, great job and missing something!
Almost as though drawn by a magnet, I would spend a great deal of time
on the Internet looking at lingerie and could not pass by a ladies
clothing shop without a discreet, but longing glance in the window. I
knew what I had to do! I drove to New York for a vacation and hit about
8 boutiques that specialized in cross dressing. I went hog wild! I
bought 2 corsets, one white and one pink, nightgowns, 3 wigs and 4
little sissy-type dresses, which if smaller, would be perfect for an 8
year old at a beauty pageant! While in the last store, I stumbled on a
mode of attire that I had never considered, but seemed to be fun, so I
dropped a large load off my credit card in that department too! Panties
and bras of almost every color, baby-doll nighties and the rest of my
stash almost filled the back of my little SUV, as I headed back home,
happy and full of anticipation.
Over the next several months, I slowly and quietly converted the
upstairs bedroom into a little girl's fantasy room. Some nice pieces of
white, French provincial furniture with makeup table, a white canopy
bed, pink satin sheets and comforter and a sheer pink and white canopy.
And of course, the closets were jammed with dresses and shoes. I had
little girl Mary Janes and impossibly tall 5" heeled pumps. You could
just about name the sissy fantasy and I could live it! But still, there
was something missing. I was getting bored...
About 6 months ago, I started reading sissy stories on this great site
called Fictionmania and I knew what was missing. I needed someone to
play with! BUT... after a very unsatisfying encounter with an overpaid
dominatrix and many failed attempts in the personal ads, I was stumped.
In desperation and I must say, great curiosity, I set off for the local
adult bookstore. I wore my loosest, heaviest pullover and a pair of
jeans. That was for the world at large. Under it all, I wore a pair of
pink satin panties with little bows at the sides and ruffly lace at the
leg openings, a matching bra and garter belt and white thigh high
stockings. Those were for me!
After browsing the magazines, the toys, the video racks and the
personal ads on the wall, I was drawn to the movie booths. Ten buck
bout my way in for an hour and I entered a new world. The room was H
shaped, with 40 private video booths lining the walls. I noticed that
while some of the doors were closed, a great many had men lounging on
the door frames, while they watched both the video in the booth and the
other men in the room. I was very conscious of my longish hair, shaved
body and lingerie as I made my way to a booth. At 5'5", I wasn't the
smallest man I could see, but I was nowhere near the largest. I stopped
at the 5th booth and looked inside. There was a video playing with the
sound down low. On the video were two women stripping. I pushed a red
button over the screen and it changed to a video of a man getting a
blowjob from a very cute Asian girl. A few more pushes got a few more
videos, until I hit it the 5th or 6th time. Now, it had my full
attention! On the screen was a man in a red teddy, stockings and high
heels, with his cock hanging out. His hands were tied behind his back
and he was on his knees, with another man's cock in his mouth. What
really had my attention was the look of sheer bliss on his face. I was
A moment or two later, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Jumping a little,
I turned and looked into the face of a man, who looking at the screen
and then at me. He was about 6'2" tall, light brown hair, soft brown
eyes and sort of elegant looking. While the other men looked like truck
drivers, this one was wearing tan slacks, a dress shirt and a sweater
vest, in some soft expensive looking wool. He was shaved and now I
noticed, wearing some very nice cologne or after-shave. He finally
looked me in the eyes and asked me if this movie interested me. I
gulped and nodded my head. He sort of moved me into the booth, followed
and closed and bolted the door. I was breathing very fast now and my
mouth was as dry as a bone. He put both hands on my upper arms and
started rubbing me, caressing me! He ran one hand over my back and when
he felt the bra strap, he smiled and told me his name was Mike. I
stammered out my name was Ray. "No," he smiled, "What is your name when you wear your finery?"
"Melissa," I stammered, "or Missy." He smiled again and lifted my pullover up to my chin. He smiled again
and began to unfasten my jeans. I felt like a doll, with no muscles to
As my pants fell around my ankles, he smiled again and looked me in the
eyes, "Missy, you are a very beautiful boy-girl and I would like to get
to know you, very well." I didn't know what to say and he went on, "I can see you are very
nervous, so I think this might be your first time. Is it?" I nodded again.

"Excellent!" he whispered in my ear and then as though it was the most
natural thing in the world, he kissed me.
I couldn't help it! I was standing there with my man clothes darn near
off and my lingerie bared for him to see and felt so alive that I
kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck, allowing his tongue
to explore my mouth, his hands to roam over my body. After a few minutes that felt like a few hours, he pulled away from me
and asked me to pull of my pants and to come with him. He told me to
walk out of the bookstore and turn to my left and walk around to the
side. I would see a silver car. He would wait a moment and join me. I
found a silver Lincoln and waited. A minute later, my new friend joined
me. Without a word, he opened my door and held it for me like a lady.
He closed my door and got in the car himself. We drove about 5 minutes
to a very nice coffee shop, where we talked for about an hour about my
"other self" and how it might fulfill two fantasies, his and mine. I
finally invited him back to my little house to show him where Missy
After we got to my house, I asked him to give me a moment and then come
up. I got to the room, lit a couple of candles and took off my boy
clothes. I put on a pair of pink satin pumps with 4-inch heels and a
cute little ankle strap. I also pulled on a sheer pink robe, brushed my
hair out a bit and spritzed on a little perfume. When I called
downstairs, I found Mike was at the bottom of the stairs, waiting like
a kid at Christmas! He bounded up the stairs and when he got into
Missy's room, he stopped dead. He just stood there, like a zombie. He
turned all the way around, just looking. Then, he looked at me and I
stepped towards him and this time, I started the kiss. He held me tight
for the longest time, then his hands began to roam all over me,
tweaking my nipples under the 34 B bra, caressing my ass cheeks through
my silky panties, touching my hair and generally turning me on like I
had never been before!
I slowly reached down and found his manhood and stroked it though his
slacks. Ever so slowly I unbuckled his belt and undid his zipper and
slid his pants to his knees. His cock was straining to get out of a
pair of black cotton bikini underpants, so I slid to my knees and
obliged. I couldn't believe how beautiful that cock was, or how
wonderful it smelled. I kissed the tip and ran my tongue up and down
the shaft. I kissed and licked the length of that cock and his balls.
It was only then that I really noticed he had shaved his cock and
balls! Finally, I took that gorgeous piece of flesh in my mouth and
sucked as much of it in as I could. He wrapped his hands behind me head
and began to gently fuck my mouth, each time forcing his cock a little
deeper into my throat, until the full 7 inches or so, was in my mouth.
I really felt like I was going to throw up and my jaws had a violent
cramp. He saw my trouble, pulled thick cock out of my mouth and gently
helped me to my feet. "It's okay, Missy darling," He cooed, "We have all the time we need to
learn how to love each other!"
He laid me on the bed and reached into a gym bag he had carried up with
him. He reached in and brought out a pair of cloth strips with Velcro
closures, hooked to lengths of rope. Suddenly I knew these were
restraints. He gently wrapped one around each of my writs and tied them
to the headboard. Then, he did the same with my ankles. I was in
lingerie, in a little girl's room, tied spread eagle to the bed! Then,
as a final touch, he reached in and came up with small, thick, rubber
cock, hooked to straps. He pushed the cock into my mouth, filling it
completely and hooked the straps behind my head. Bound and gagged in
lingerie! I just didn't get any better! He turned the radio on to a soft jazz station and began to look in my
drawers and the closet. He had completely taken his clothes off now and
I admired his slim, toned body as we went through my most intimate and
secret, things. Finally, he took out a black slip and draped it over my
face so I couldn't see. Then I felt the bed move a he got on with me.
He kissed and caressed me and finally started kissing my cock though
the silky pink panties. He pulled the material aside and began sucking
me, sending wave after wave of pleasure running through my body! He
moistened a finger in his mouth and began to probe my virgin ass hose
with it. It felt huge, but I relaxed as much as I could and he finally
got a finger in me. He rhythmically finger fucked my ass while he
sucked my cock and in a few short moment, I came violently in his
mouth! He slid up the bed, removed the slip and removed my gag. He bent
down and kissed me, releasing my own cum into my mouth. I almost passed
out with pleasure!
Then he released me and held and kissed me, telling me that I was a
dream come true for him. He asked me if I wanted to continue the
relationship and I about melted in his arms. He told me that he had a
few fantasies that he had held for many years, just waiting for the
right playmate to come along. He then asked me dress up in my little
girl clothes for him. He laid out a my black patent Mary Janes, a pair
of lacy ankle socks, a pair of pink rhumba panties with 4 rows of lace
across the back. He then took my pink satin sissy dress down, along
with the sparkly satin pinafore and my crinolines. "Would you please wear these for me?" he begged.
I told him to put on my robe and go downstairs for a few minutes and I
would be happy to oblige. He put on my white satin robe and quietly
left the room. Madly I pulled off my "big girl" lingerie and began to
get dressed. I pulled on the ruffly socks and shoes and then I went to
my mirror. I quickly began to braid my hair into two pigtails, with
little pink bows. I put on a little pink lipstick and then put on my
panties. As they slid up my smooth legs, I shivered in anticipation of
what was to come. Slowly I slid the crinolines over my head and then
came the dress. The smooth satin felt sooo good! I could feel the stiff
crinolines as then brushed the tops of my thighs and the smooth satin
of my dress and panties. I looked in the mirror and saw that every time
I bent, just a bit, my panties would show under my finery. I was ready
and called out to Mike.
"Don't call for Mike," he called softly up the stairs, "Call for
Daddy." "Daddy Dear," I called down, "I'm ready to go to the party now!"
He almost started crying when he saw me. Not that I make the most
beautiful girl, or anything, I was just what he wanted. He turned me
around and looked at me and touched me all over. He held my face in his
soft hands and told me that if the game got out of hand, or if he was
going too fast, just say STOP, or snap my fingers twice. I assured him
that I never wanted to have him stop! All of a sudden, he made like he had just seen my lipstick for the
first time! "Young lady," he sternly admonished, "How many times have I told you
that 7 year olds do not wear lipstick. You will have to be punished!" He grabbed me by the arm and sat on the edge of the bed. He draped me
over his lap and a marveled at how strong he really was! He then
proceeded to give me the first spanking I had received since I really
was 7 or8! It wasn't all that hard, but it was hard enough to make me
cry for real! He kept raining blows against my bottom until I was sure
it was as red as a beet! When he finally stood me up, all I could do
was stand there and cry. I was humiliated and turned on and confused
and happy. He then handed me wrist restraints and told me to put
them on. He did the same with the ankle restraints. This time, he had
me stand at the foot of the bed and tied my ankles to the bed legs. He
took a pillow of the bed, laid it across the footboard and told be to
bend over. He then clipped the wrist restraints together and ran the
ropes to the headboard. He tied them off, tightly! Finally, he inserted the gag back into my mouth. Again, spread eagle,
bound and this time, dressed like a little girl. Slowly, he began to
rub my ass and then he pulled my dress and crinolines over my back and
my panties down off my ass. Another dip into his bag and cold slippery
lube was being applied to my ass! This was going far too fast, but I
was very confused and very, very, turned on! I looked to my left and
could see the whole thing in my mirror! "Daddy" was standing behind me,
still in his satin robe and I was a little girl, bound and gagged,
waiting to be deflowered!
His robe slipped to the floor, as his cock found my virgin ass, Slowly
he pushed into me, my whole body crying out in pain. Farther and
farther he pushed, until it felt like 7 feet of cock was in me, not
just 7 inches! He stopped and waited until I calmed down and accepted
the invasion of my ass. Then, he started to fuck me, his balls slapping
my ass, my own cock grinding into the satin pillow. With a loud groan,
he finally came, filling my ass with his cum and within a second or
two, I came into the pillow. Slowly, "Daddy" pulled out of me and what
was once pain, became lonely and empty. He stood back and looked at me, cum
dripping out of my ass, trussed up a little girl. "God," He sighed, "You are just so **** beautiful! I don't ever want to
turn you loose, or leave you!"
Before he untied my restraints, or removed my gag, he walked to my large white dresser, and pulled out the bottom drawer. This was full of some things that I bought on my trip to New York, but thought to be just a bit too kinky to wear. Daddy pulled out
the thick, soft, cloth diaper, the powder, oversized pink pins and the pink plastic
panties. Out too came the lilac colored satin panties that were made to go over the plastic panties, and the large NUK pacifier with the lilac ribbon tied to the guard. Finally he found the one thing that I was almost afraid he would find. A pair of lilac satin mittens, with little locks on the wrists that would keep me from using my hands.
He slowly pulled these mittens onto my hands, and I have to tell you that I didnt fight very much. After they were on, and the little locks were clicked shut, he untied my wrists and helped my stand up. He then left my legs spread against the bed, and left me slobbering and trying to speak through the huge ball gag still in my mouth. Slowly and lovingly, he removed my dress, then untied my legs, and led me to the bed. There he pulled off my panties, and gently powdered and diapered me. He pulled the plastic panties up and snugged them into place, and followed them with the satin cover. Finally he removed the gag from my mouth, after telling me not to talk. As soon as I had worked me mouth to get rid of the stiffness, he kissed me, and held me, never taking his mouth from mine. As he pulled back, he placed the pacifier between my lips, and as I sucked it in, he tied the ribbons behind my head. Now, helpless, diapered, and gagged, he held out a little nylon Barbie nightie for me to wear. I put it on, and we climbed into bed together and had a wondeful nap, me and my loving Daddy.
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wow, is this story for real? it's very exciting
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