Deceived, by Sissy Jodie (R)
A young man has an affair with an older married woman and the results forever change his life.
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Hi everyone! I'm reposting this from popular request. Its a lovely story, Sissy Jodie made some wonderful stories here. So without further ado (because I'm not sure what ado is) the story:



Chapter 1: The Deception Begins

She was in control. She always was. Thats just the way it was in our relationship. Relationship. I guess you can call our illicit affair a relationship.

We met at the country club where I worked as a pool boy. Her husband and she were regular members and I saw them frequently. I had even helped them on several occasions-getting towels for them, running their drinks from the bar, bringing their bags out to their stretch limo¦things like that.

She always tipped better than he did. She seemed younger than him. He had to be in his late 50s. She appeared to be in her late 30s but had a killer body and put most of the spoiled 18 year olds who tagged along with their rich mommies and daddies to shame. She was a tall, powerful woman with raven hair and piercing eyes. I was smitten from the first time I had seen her.

Our affair began on a day when her husband did not accompany her to the club. He was out of town for several days and she was going to have a little fun. When she answered the door to her cabana naked, I knew I was in for an adventure. I had no idea things would turn out the way they did.

It started as flirting, then escalated into clumsy make out sessions and finally she took my cherry. I was 19 and still a virgin and Mrs. Femmaker had taken me to her bed and taken my cherry. It took all of 45 seconds. I wasnt exactly a master with the ladies in the bedroom. I had the equipment of a ten year old and my height and weight didnt help matters. I looked like I was 14 and most women dont find that sexy. Mrs. Femmaker didnt seem to mind-in fact, she seemed almost turned on by the fact. She towered over me and dominated our sexual sessions-which of course, I found sexy. I was having sex-on a regular basis!-why should I care if the woman I was with wanted to be in charge?

We met once or twice a week in her cabana-mostly on my days off-sometimes while I was working.

She would let me fumble with her naked body and then enter her. I would usually climax within a few seconds. The rest of time was spent pleasing her with my mouth. Mrs. Femmaker said she was going to turn me into quite the little oral artist. Gently and patiently she taught me the ways of pleasing a woman with my lips and tongue and teeth. I was a quick learner and was able to bring her to orgasm several times each of our times together.

Two months had gone by. Mrs. Femmaker and I had become quite an item. I was in love. Im sure she just enjoyed having a young man in her control and between her legs, but I still hoped anyway. Maybe love could find its way into our hot and sweaty equation.

One day Mrs. Femmaker told me that she was tired of meeting at the club. She wanted to see me on more of a regular basis. She wanted me closer to her. When I reminded her that she was married, she laughed and said that she hadnt forgotten.

Then she said she had a plan.

After a few drinks, she told me that she had come up with a plan that would allow me to live in her house with her, right under husbands nose.

It was my turn to laugh.

Then she told me about her idea. It came to her, she told me, when she had attended a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of hers. Sitting in the livingroom, watching all those 12 year old girls playing and having fun in their pretty party dresses, gave her a wonderful idea.

I had no idea where she was going with this.

My huband, she explained, would never suspect if I were to bring home a pretty young girl to live with us. I could say I was taking one of my nieces in because my sister was in terrible financial trouble.

She couldnt mean that I¦

You have a small slender build, Brian. You have soft, almost feminine features, like those beautiful blue eyes of yours. She kissed me on the mouth. You could pass for 13, maybe even younger than that if you were dressed properly. Nobody would expect that you were my lover. No one. We can do this. You can pull this off.

Are you saying that you want me to dress like a little girl and move into your house?

Not a little girl, Brian. A girl of 12. Let me show you.

She turned my body so that I woas facing the mirror over the dresser and grabbed my hair in two bunches, creating two thick pigtails in her hands.

Look. Just doing this makes you look like a girl.

It was true. I did look like a girl with her hair in pigtails.

Just imagine what you would look like with a proper hair cut, some styling, some makeup and some very pretty clothes¦

I could, but I couldnt.

No. No. No. This is insane! No one would ever believe I was a 12 year old girl. No one! Especially your husband!

Well, you of course, would have to sell it. You would have to live 24 hours a day as a girl of 12. Dress like one. Talk like one. Act like one. You would have to become one, to pull off the charade successfully. But it is the only way we can be together. I think my husband suspects I am having an affair. And that is very dangerous.

Brian, my husband is a good man. But his jealousy knows no limits. If he were to discover that we were having an affair it would be a very bad thing. Especially for you. I wont say that he would have you killed-but you would probably wish you were dead when he was through with you.

Why cant I live as a young boy in your house? You could say I was your nephew¦

He doesnt trust any men-or boys-around his wife. I dont have one single male servant in my house. Hes fired them all. Doesnt trust any man, especially ones who are going to be alone in his big house with his wife alone. No, Brian. We either break up and never see each other again or we set my plan into motion¦

¦and turn me into a little girl¦ I interrupted.

No, silly, masquerade you as a young girl so that you can live in my house and we can be together for all times.

I took a few more swallows of my scotch and looked deep into her eyes.

This is insane, my brain was telling me. As I stared at her naked body my crotch began to stir.

Im guessing you already know who won that argument.

Ok. Ok. What do I need to do?

First I want your face between my legs and I want you to drive me crazy and make me cum like the master I know you are. Then I am going to write down an address and I want you to meet me there tomorrow at 1 Oclock. Sharp. Dont bring. Leave everything else in a suitcase in this room. Dont leave any traces of who you are-if my husband gets one sniff-were through. Do you understand that?


Leave everything in this room then meet me at the address I give you.

I will.

Good boy. Or should I say, ˜Good girl.

Thats not funny, I said pouting.

Dont be so sensitive. Just think about all the incredible sex you are going to be having.

She noticed my smile and laughed. Then she guided me between her legs and pushed my face into her swollen lips.

Im going to be a 12 year old girl, I thought.

Yeah, but one who gets a lot of pussy, my aching cock whispered to me.

Chapter 2: The Transformation Begins

I was instructed to meet Mrs. Femmaker at The Regency, the fanciest hotel in town. I was to go the penthouse suite on the 45th floor. The Regency is a huge hotel so slipping in unnoticed wasnt really that hard. I still wore my dark sunglasses and kept my head down. Mrs. Femmaker had told me a few more stories about the men her husband suspected of having affairs with her and I did not want to suffer as they had. I was in a tangled web and I didnt want the spider eating my head.

As I rode the elevator up to the 45th floor, I thought about what I was about to do. I didnt sleep a wink the night before-my mind was racing and my dreams were just too weird. I even dreamed I was dressed as a pretty little girl and I was attending the birthday party of another little girl. I was wearing a pretty pink dress and ruffled pink panties and shiny black shoes and little lacy socks and there was a large bow in my hair. At some point during the dream an older man came over and sat me on his lap. He kissed my cheeks and told me how pretty I looked. Then he had me stand in front of him. When I was standing in front of him, between his thick muscular legs, he had me lift my dress and lower my pretty panties. He laughed when he saw my tiny male member and said, Why youre not a pretty little girl at all are you. Youre just a little sissy boy dressed up in little girl clothes! Well come over here little sissy boy and suck my cock.

That was when I woke up in a pool of sweat.

The elevator doors opened and I realized that I had a choice. I could press the button, close the doors and run for my life. Or I could walk to the penthouse suite and allow the woman of my every sexual fantasy transform me into a 12 year old girl so that I could live in the same house as her psychopathically jealous husband.

When Mrs. Femmaker opened the door to the suite she smiled and pulled me inside. She was wearing a see-through negligee and I could smell her sex. She told me to take off all my clothes and follow her to the bedroom. I did as I was instructed. She handed me a glass of champagne and I swallowed all of it in one nervous gulp. She grabbed me by my small erect member and threw me on the bed. She was so powerful and I always felt so submissive in her presence.

She lay on her back and instructed me to suck on her nipples. I did-like a hungry baby. She ran her fingers through my hair and told me I had very pretty hair. I thanked her as I sucked one hard nipple into my mouth. Her hand traveled down to the small of my back and then to my butt. She told me I had an adorable butt and that she liked to touch it. I kissed her neck and her shoulder.

She slipped a finger in between my butt cheeks and down towards my sensitive little button, I surprised myself by squealing like a little girl. She laughed and told me to relax. She then inserted just the tip of her finger inside my virgin opening and I short my load all over her chest. This was something new and she had taken me by surprise. I tried to stammer an apology-an excuse-but she told me to hush.

Mrs. Femmaker then proceeded to push my head down towards her molten sex. I knew what she wanted and I turned my body around so that I could pleasure her with my well-trained mouth.

As I teased and nibbled on the molten folds of her swollen sex, she rubbed her fingers into the sticky mess I had left on her chest. She then proceeded to slide her index finger back down into the musky cleft between my tender ass cheeks towards my tight little button.

She told me to relax and let her inside. I tried.

She told me to push out-like I was trying to poop and it would be easier.

I did and it was. She slipped inside me all the way to her second knuckle. I breathed in a sharp breath as she worked another finger inside me.

Dont stop what you were doing, Baby. Mama likes. Baby is doing a great job-but Baby has to keep working his tongue and lips like Mama has shown him.

The Baby and the Mama thing was new, but then again so was the fact that Mrs. Femmaker was finger-******* my virgin ass. It did feel really good and I worried about what that meant.

I ate Mrs. Femmakers pussy for what seemed like hours and she had several thunderous orgasms. We finally collapsed into a sweaty sticky bundle on the bed and fell asleep.

When I awoke I heard the sound of bath water running.

Then I heard Mrs. Femmakers voice, Brian. Its time to get ready, Baby. I need you in the bathroom. Now, Missy.

Missy? I see that she was already getting into character.

I looked for my clothes but they were nowhere to be seen. So I walked across the large suite naked. When I entered the spacious bathroom I saw that Mrs. Femmaker had one what appeared to be a white nurses uniform and a plastic smock and plastic gloves.

Into the tub, please, Precious. We have lots to do and we need to get started.

She took my hand and helped me into the tub as if I was a child. The water was hot and bubbly and smelled like roses. She told me to sit in the water and soak for a few minutes. She proceeded to put my hair in a bathing cap. The rubber cap was tight and a little more than uncomfortable.

Mrs. Femmaker swiveled a mirror around so that it was directly in front of my face. She told me to use the shaving cream on the shelf and to give myself the closest shave I had ever done. That wouldnt be too hard. My beard was certainly not thick and the most I could ever manage was a few scraggly hairs on my chin. Nonetheless I shaved myself clean.

After 15 minutes of soaking in the hot water I was told to stand. My body was almost red but my skin felt soft and smooth. Mrs. Femmaker then began applying a pink cream to my entire body. It was like a thick paste and she put it everywhere! On my face and all over my body, paying particular attention to my underarms, legs, my crotch, and even between my ass cheeks.

I was instructed not to touch the cream, not to get any into my eyes or mouth and to stand perfectly still-no matter how uncomfortable it got.

I knew what she meant by after in around ten minutes when the tingly cream began to burn. I looked at the large woman standing alongside the tub with her arms folded across her ample bosom and tried to tell her that my skin was on fire but she told me to hush and stop being such a baby.

Finally, when it felt as if all my skin had been burned off, Mrs. Femmaker told me to rinse under the large shower head. Ah sweet relief!

As I lowered my head and let the cool water run over my enflamed body, I saw hairs floating towards the drain. When I looked at Mrs. Femmaker she told me that the cream had been a very powerful hair remover and I was now as smooth as the day I was born. My skin had a slight pinkish glow to it and the cool air felt very strange on my now hairless body

I caught my reflection in the large vanity mirrors and saw that I was indeed devoid of any body hair save my eyebrows and the hair on the top of my head.

Mrs. Femmaker removed my bathing cap and brushed my hair into a pony tail.

There. You look 10 years younger. That slender build of yours is perfect for our little plan, Brian. You still think we cant pull this off?

I didnt answer.

Its ok. We still have some work to do. Cmon. Lets get you dressed. Rosario will be here in about half an hour.

Whos Rosario? I asked.

A good friend and the best hairstylist I know. She is going to give you a makeover and turn you into the prettiest little 12 year old girl in the world. Youre going to get the complete package. Shes going to treat you like a princess and when shes done, youll like one.

I couldnt wait.

But first we need to get you dressed.

I was led back into the bedroom. I saw a pile of boxes that hadnt been there before. They were beautifully wrapped and appeared to be from some boutique.

Mrs. Femmaker opened one and removed a pair of very pretty panties. They were white satin and had little pink, yellow, and pastel blue roses on them. She held them out for me and I stepped into them.

I had to admit that they did feel wonderful as she slid them up my bare legs. She pulled them up and fit them on me, smoothing her hand across my butt as she did. Feeling the satiny material on my hairless butt made me shiver. She noticed.

I think someone likes his panties. Well, I can tell you, Precious, they look marvelous on you! How do they feel?


Just nice? She seemed disappointed.

Um¦Very nice.

Well they did.

Goodie. And they make that already adorable little bottom of yours even more scrumptious! Ok. Now for the rest of your outfit! She was as giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. And I was her new doll and she was having the time of her life dressing me up.

Two small breast forms were glued to my chest. She explained that most 12 year old girls were starting to bud and I needed to have a little something to sell the illusion we were planning.

The breast forms were very realistic. They even had two little button-like nipples. The glue held them in place and Mrs. Femmaker encouraged me to touch them. I did. It was very strange. I was standing there in panties and I was playing with my two little boobies.

I bra which matched the panties was slipped over my arms and hooked in back. With the bra on, the illusion that I had two budding pubescent breasts was complete. I did have a barely noticeable cleavage. I couldnt believe it!

Shall I continue? Mrs. Femmaker asked.


Please what?

Please Stella.

Aunty Stella. Proper little girls call their aunts, Auntie.

Auntie Stella. Please Aunty Stella continue.

Continue what, Precious?

Dressing me.

Dressing you in what, Precious?

My pretty little girl clothes.

Say pretty please with sugar on top and I just might do that very thing, Precious.

Pretty please with¦ I gulped, feeling my manhood slowly slipping away, with sugar on top, Aunty Marion.

Better. But not quite what I was hoping for¦.Lets try it again. But first¦she reached for a spray bottle on the dresser that I at first thought was perfume. When she told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue I realized that the bottle was actually one of those old-fashioned spray bottles.

I did as I was told, standing there in my pretty satin panties, feeling 1000 new sensations all over my new hairless body.

Mrs. Femmaker, Aunty Stella, then spray several shots directly into my mouth. I could feel the spray trickling down my throat, coating it completely. It tingled at first, then burned a little, then actually felt cold. It had a mediciny taste to it and I must have made a face because she said laughed and said that the bad taste would go away in a minute or two.

My throat seemed dry and I coughed twice.

Now lets try that again, Brianna. What were you asking me, Precious?

Pretty please¦ My voice! I couldnt believe it! My voice sounded higher¦and squeaky! Like a girls! A young girls voice! But how?!

Please continue Brianna. You were saying?

Pretty please with sugar on top, Was that really me talking and sounding like that? May I please try on the rest of my clothes, Aunty Stella?

Well, as soon as we work out some kinks, Precious. Lets see if this helps. Stick out your tongue please, Baby.

I did as I was told and Aunty Stella jabbed the tip of my tongue with a needle of sorts. I cried out and she told me to stop being such a baby.

Honestly, you are such a baby. Maybe I should switch those pretty big girl panties for some nice soft diapers and plastic panties. Would you like that, Precious?

Afraid of hearing that high-pitched little girl voice, I shook my head no. I also noticed a funny numbing sensation in my mouth, on the very tip of my tongue where I had been poked with the hypodermic needle.

Now, lets try this again and see how you sound. Repeat your question, Precious.

I opened my mouth and spoke and my heart fell when I heard my voice.

Pweathe, Aunty Mawion. May I pweathe twy on the west of my pwetty cwothes?

I had a lisp! A lisp! I sounded like a 5 year old girl!

My voith! What have you-

What I have done is given you an absolutely adorable voice, Precious. A voice to match the person you are going to become. You could never have pulled off the voice of a 12 year old girl. Not on your own. You would have slipped at some point and Richard would have discovered the truth and neither of us would have lived to regret our deception. This is the only way to ensure that he doesnt know youre secret. The only way.


Theres no buts, Missy, except the cute little one youve got covered in those adorable panties. Dont worry, Silly, its reversible. When then time is right, you will get your manly voice back. But for now, you will sound like a 12 year old girl. Get used to it. Theres really nothing else to do. Understand?


Yes what?

Yeth Aunty Marion.

Good girl, And with that she kissed me on my cheek and ran her hand across my butt. The sensations of the satin on my bare skin made me shiver.

Theres just two more things we need to work on before I finish dressing you and before Rosario gets here. And that is the way you are standing and the way you walk. You walk like a boy.

But I am a boy! I shouted.

Oh really. Because you dont sound like one, Precious, and you are wearing panties, may I remind you?

But Im thtill a boy.

Its that attitude that is going to get us caught and you in a lot of very bad trouble. Now lets try this again. What is your name?


Good girl. And hold are you Sweetie?


And are you a boy?

No, I closed my eyes and heard myself say, Im a girl and I have always been a girl.

Perfect. And what are you wearing there?

Pantieth. My pantieth. My pwetty pantieth.

Excellent. Now lets work on that walk of yours. And as you walk, Brianna, I want you to think of yourself as a pretty girl. A pretty girl with a sexy little butt. I want you to swish that sexy little bottom of yours from side to side. Feel it move. Concentrate. Take small slow steps. Feel the panties youre wearing. Feel how good they feel. Feel how girly they make you feel. Go with those feelings. Back straight. Shoulders back. And stick out your adorable little boobies. Youre 12 and you are wearing your first bra-show it off to the world-show off your sweet little boobies to everyone. Now walk for your aunty.

And that is just what I did. For the next hour and a half. I walked up and down the length of that large suite wearing only my pretty little panties. And as time went on and I relaxed more and got in touch with my inner pubescent female, I actually began to walk like a girl. Aunty Marion said I was doing wonderfully. That I was walking very convincingly and that I looked cute as Hell in my pretty little panties shaking my little bootie.

She also had me talk to her about the made up life of 12 year old Brianna. I talked in my lisping little girl voice about my kitty cat and my stuffed animals and my dolls and my clothes and about all sorts of silly things.

When I practiced enough, Aunty Marion told me that we had to get ready for Rosario. She also added that Rosario was going to make me look like an angel. Like a princess.

I couldnt wait.

Aunty Marion asked me if I wanted her to finish dressing me, and I said Yeth, pweathe.

And she answered, Of course, Precious.

A girls t-shirt was pulled down over my head. It was pink and had a unicorn on it. It fit like it was made for me. I noticed that my chest swelled a little underneath it. Mrs. Femmaker handed me a pair of girls shorts. They were white and appeared to be too small for me.

But once again, the clothes that had been chosen for me fit like they were made for me.

I pulled the shorts up my legs and button the snap. They were tight and hugged my butt perfectly.

I kinda liked the way they felt. And looked! They made my butt seem rounder and more feminine. I actually had to reach around and pull them out of my crack a little just as I had seen girls do all my life.

Mrs. Femmaker then proceeded to brush my hair down the middle and to the sides.

You really do have gorgeous hair, Brianna. Most girls your age would kill to have such lovely hair.

All I could really say was, Thank you Aunty Mawion.

My hair was fashioned into two loose pigtails and held with two pink barets.

Finally, Mrs. Femmaker walked me to the large mirror in the corner of the room. She had told me to close my eyes and when I was told to open them, I was amazed to see a 12 year old standing where I should have been.

It was amazing!

I really did look like a girl! A cute little girl! I could only imagine what I would look like after having my hair and makeup done.

That was when the doorbell rang.

My heart was racing, pounding in my ears, really. I watched as Aunty Marion opened the door and greeted a large Spanish woman who was pushing a cart of beauty supplies. There was some general chit-chat at the door and then the two women, who seemed so much larger than me at that moment, turned their attentions to me.

This is what. I was about to meet a complete stranger while dressed like a 12 year old girl. I smiled a shy little smile as Rosario smiled at me.

Well, who is this pretty little angel, now?

I whispered, Brianna. My name ith Brianna.

Oh! And shes a shy little baby, isnt she? Dont need to be shy or scare of Rosario now, BabyGirl. Im not gonna hurt cha. Im here to make you pretty. Although, it wont take much. Youre the prettiest little girl Rosario has ever seen.

Aunty Marion told me to thank Rosario for her compliment and so I did.

Now, what are we going to be doing today, BabyGirl?

I tried to stammer a reply but Aunty Marion interrupted.

Shes getting the works today. She just turned 12 and I want her to feel and look as pretty as a princess when you are done. Hair, manicure and pedicure, makeup if you would please, Rosario.

My goodness! Someone sure does love her little girl to pamper her so much! Well, come along BabyGirl, weve got some work to do. But I promise you, when I am done, youll be ready for a beauty pageant!

And with that the large woman took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom as if I was a small child. I was dressed in a plastic smock and then Rosario began to work her magic.

True to her word, when she was done with my hair and makeup, Rosario had transformed me into a very pretty little girl who most certainly could have competed in a junior miss beauty pageant. I was amazed when my new self was revealed to me. Standing in front of that large mirror in the master bedroom of the suite, I felt butterflies the size of eagles flying in my belly. I couldnt wait! I was about to burst!

Finally Aunty Marion told me to open my eyes and when I did I almost fainted.

All the tweezing and pulling and brushing and poking at been well-worth it-for there, standing between my Aunty Marion and Rosario was the prettiest little girl I had ever seen!

She looked to be about 12. Her hair, a stunning and very natural-looking blonde, was cut in a bob style. Her bangs were straight across and the ends curled in ever so slightly about 3 inches above her soft shoulders. She had a fair complexion with beautiful skin. There was a touch of blush on her cheeks and her lips had the faint shine of frosted bubblegum pink. Her eyebrows had been plucked and shaped until they framed her beautiful blue eyes perfectly. Her lashes, thick and luxuriant, batted coyly, flirting with her own reflection.

The named Brianna wore a tight t-shirt and her budding breasts made two small rises in the material. She wore little white shorts that showcased her little round bottom.

And finally the cherry on top, two little gold teddy bear earrings shone from her newly pierced lobes.

Brianna was a dream! A perfect little angel! She would have taken first place in any pageant.

It really was amazing!

My mouth must have been hanging open because I heard Aunty Marion say, I think she likes the way she looks.

The two women laughed as I posed in front of the mirror, trying to capture every angle of my amazing transformation into a pretty little girl.

Is that true, BabyGirl? Do you approve of what Rosario has done to you?

I answered her by hugging her tight and saying, Oh yeth, Rothario! Thank you tho much for making me wook tho pwetty!

Youre welcome, BabyGirl. But you need to thank your Mommy.

Oh, Im sure she will find a way to say thank you, no need to worry. Shes a good little girl. And a very pretty one too. Thank you Rosario. Ill call you. When were ready to do those pageants.

You do that Maam. Ill make her a star.

After she was paid and tipped quite well, Rosario left me and Aunty Marion alone in the large suite.

It really is amazing. Nobody would guess that you were really a 18 year old boy¦or my lover.

Weawy? Do I weawy wook wike a wittle girl?

A Very pretty little girl. Richard will never suspect a thing. Hes going to eat you up with a spoon. But I get you first!

Aunty Marion told me to strip down to just my panties and wait for her in the bedroom. I did as I was told. I dont know if it was the way I was dressed or the way I had been talked to all day or both, but I was finding myself being more submissive to her than I usually was.

I waited in the bedroom and noticed that it was getting late.

Aunty Marion came in and told me that she had ordered us a nice dinner through room service. Then she poured me a drink and sat next to me on the bed.

I want you all to myself tonight. Tomorrow night I will take you out and show you off to the world, but tonight you are all mine, Brianna. And we are going to have us one incredible night! First things first.

I would like you to wear something I bought you.

Aunty Marion walked over to that pile of prettily wrapped boxes, opened one and pulled out something that was pink and white. She told me to stand and when I did she slowly my pretty satin panties down. She told me to step out of them and when I did I saw my freshly painted toenails.

She then stood and lowered something down over my head.

It was a girls babydoll pajama top. It was pink and white and had little bows on it. It was very puerile and very short. It barely covered my little member which by then was straining to its maximum 3 inches.

I think someone likes their new look and new clothes.

And with that Aunty Marion took me into her mouth and gave me one serious blowjob. It was incredible! And I came in about 50 seconds! I tried to apologize and she told me that it was okay. There were other ways for me to please her and for her to please me.

With that she had me step into the bottoms of the babydoll pjs. They matched the top. They looked kind of like short little bloomer-style panties and there were 4 rows of ruffles across the seat. She pulled them up and the electric charges that went through my body when the satin brushed against my bare skin-my bare balls and spent cock-I had to bite my lip.

Taking me by the hand, Aunty Marion led me to large king-sized bed. She removed her top and panties and had me lay at her side. When I was up against her, she picked up a remote and turned the tv on.

I thought we might like to watch a movie. A hot little number I found on-line. Ill think youll like it, my Pet.

I turned my attention to the tv set as Aunty Marion played with hair and circled a fingertip along the contour of my small faux breast.

It was an adult movie. A young girl with blonde, in pigtails of course, was dressed in a school uniform and sitting beside the desk of an older man. The man looked familiar, although, as the moment I couldnt place his face.

The girl had been naughty and had to stay after school for a spanking. As the movie went on, she was sat across the teachers lap. He pulled back her little plaid skirt and revealed her white cotton panties. The panties had little pink and blue kittens on them and a little pink banding on the waistband and leg openings.

After admitting she had been a bad girl, the teacher gave her a sound spanking. It was very hot! He smacked each of the girls round cheeks soundly and she whimpered like a little girl. He ran his hands over her sumptuous bottom, feeling the heat from his stinging blows, and then proceeded to spank her again.

As I watched, Aunty Marion told me lay on top of her with my face towards her molten pussy and my bottom towards her face. I could smell her boiling sex as I laid there in my little baby doll pajamas.

After her spanking, the red-bottomed school girl was told to get on her knees in front of the teacher. She was instructed to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. As the school girl began to pull the teachers long thick cock from his pants, Aunty Marion pulled my little girl panties down and off, leaving me in just the short top.

When the school girl takes the teachers cock in her mouth, Brianna, I want you to put your thumb in yours and suck on it.

Why? I asked.

Because I told you to, was all I needed to hear.

So when the girl slid that hard monster cock past her soft pink lips, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and began to suck on it. I tried to match the sucking action I was seeing on the screen. It was weird, but it did make me feel like I was in the movie. I just wasnt sure who I was supposed to be, the schoolgirl or the teacher?

After several minutes, I felt something press itself down between the musky cleft of my butt.

I wasnt sure when exactly Aunty Marion had discovered this fact about herself, but her obsession with my ass seemed to be escalating. I didnt really mind. If it was her thing, that was good enough for me. Besides, it felt kind good and it wasnt like she was guy! I was gay, I told myself. This was what my female lover wanted to do and I was happy to oblige.

This time though the thing pressing itself against my tight little ring wasnt a finger. It felt different, larger than her finger. I turned my head to see her holding a small plug. It was pink and had three large ripples in it. The top of the plug was narrower than the bottom which had a round base.

The plug was also covered in K-Y.

Aunty Marion told me to spread my legs a little and I did, still sucking my thumb, although now the action on the screen had the schoolgirl bent over the desk, skirt flipped up onto her back, and the teacher behind her, large hard wet cock aimed at her bottom.

The plug slipped its way towards my little pink and brown ring and then with a push, slipped inside me up to the first ripple.

The teachers cock entered the schoolgirls pussy and she screamed out.

So did I.

Push out for me, Baby. Push out like youre taking a poo.

I did and with another gentle push. Aunty Marion pushed the little pink plug all the way inside me.

I squealed like a little girl. Soon, in a slow and steady pace that matched the action on the screen, Aunty Marion ****** my virgin ass. In and out in a rhythm that was slowly driving me insane!

I sucked my thumb harder now and in between sharp breaths, cried and whimpered and moaned with pleasure. It did feel great. It felt so good. Harder and faster she pumped the plug inside me, and I actually found myself pushing back to meet her thrusts.

On the screen before me, the teacher pulled out of the petite little schoolgirl and rolled her over onto her back. Her pigtails lay over the edge of the desk and her chest was heaving.

And that was when I saw it! Her cock! I mean, his cock! That hot little school girl with the slammin body was really a guy! A guy with a cock no bigger than mine! I couldnt believe it! He looked so much like a girl! I had never seen a she-boy before, but here was one right in front of me in a movie getting ****** by a guy with a huge cock. And he/she seemed to be having a great time!

The teacher put the girl-boys ankles up onto his broad shoulders and slid forward until once again the red hot poker that was the tip of his huge cock slid inside his/her already well-****** bottom.

He started pounding into that perfectly round ass and the girl-boy stuck his/her thumb into her mouth. She was moaning and groaning and writhing under the weight of the mans body with its well-defined chest and strong arms.

Finally the teacher exploded inside the schoolgirl and I collapsed onto Aunty Marions body, my own pathetic little puddle on her belly.

Aunty Marion pulled the little plug from my own well-used bottom and I felt a rush of cold air hit my fiery hole.

Now Brianna. Its my turn. Get to work on my pussy. Eat me like you have never eaten me before. I want to cum at least 4 times! Do you understand me, Missy. 4 times. Youve had your fun-now its my turn. But first, clean this mess up you left on my belly.


NOW! Clean up your sticky little mess! And no hands! Use that pretty little mouth of yours. And dont miss one drop or else!

And so, I turned my body around on the bed and stared at the glazed puddle of my own cum on Aunty Marions belly. I closed my eyes and like a kitten lapping milk from a bowl, cleaned up my salty discharge. It wasnt terrible and I didnt die and when I was done I crawled between her legs and dove into her sopping wet pussy. And as instructed, I didnt stop until she had cum 4 times!

When we were spent and near exhaustion, Aunty Marion pulled my little baby doll bottoms up my smooth legs and tucked me under the covers. I dont even remember falling asleep.

In the morning I awoke to an empty bed. I crawled out from under the silken covers and still in my little girl baby doll pajamas patted out to the living room area. Aunty Marion was there talking to a young man who had delivered our breakfast tray. They both turned around and saw me. They both smiled. It was then that I realized how I was dressed and I squealed and ran back into the bedroom and dove under the covers.

Breakfast was light. Aunty Marion told me that I needed to lose a few pounds and also that her husband was very health conscious. No more fast food for me. Only healthy foods. And vitamins!

The first of which I took that morning. All 5 of them!

After breakfast I was given a bath and my hair and makeup were once again done to perfection. We were going shopping and I had to look my cutest, Aunty Marion told me.

I did notice something strange. The two tiny breast forms she had glued to my chest the day before no longer felt cold and clammy against my skin. In fact, they felt warm, if thats the right word, and the seam between my skin and the latex material seemed tighter. It was strange but I didnt dwell on it because I had to get dressed.

My panties were cotton this time. Yellow with little bumblebees on them. The small bra matched. I wore white denim short-alls, white knee socks, and pink sneakers with white and pink glitter laces. A large bow was placed on the top of my head. I did, as Aunty Marion pointed out several times, look very cute.

We walked out into the world with Aunty Marion holding my hand. I was petrified that my secret would be revealed, but no one stopped and screamed, OH MY GOD! That little girl is really a boy!! In fact, just the opposite happened. People reacted to the two of us as if we were mother and daughter. People get complimenting Aunty Marion for having such a well-behaved and pretty little girl. Women told me I had lovely hair and beautiful lashes. I was given a free balloon by a street vendor because he said, I was the prettiest little girl he had seen that day!

I got to tell you! A guy could get used to such things!

We ate lunch at a fancy restaurant ( I had the childs special-which came with crayons and a coloring page and free sundae-which my waiter put extra sprinkles on because I was such a cutie) and I only had to be reminded to sit like a proper young lady (knees together and back straight!) three times.

I really was trying very hard to act the part I was dressed as. I concentrated without making it obvious on my walk and mannerisms. The way I talked was really out of my control-my voice was still a squeaky octave or two above my normal voice and I still had my adorable lisp.

When I had to tinkle-and that was how I was supposed to let Aunty Marion know that I needed to take a piss-I was taken to the ladies room, where per my instructions, I was to sit to pee and then wipe myself afterwards. It wouldnt do, Aunty Marion had reminded me, for such a pretty little girl to have a pee stain on the front of her pretty panties.

And that was how my four days were spent with Aunty Marion in my crash course on how to be the most perfect little 12 year old girl.

During the day we shopped at fancy boutiques for pretty dresses and shoes. In fact, by the time we were ready to check out of The Regency, I had several new dresses, play outfits, about 20 new pairs of panties, some satin-some cotton (very juvenile and very cute) “all which looked especially adorable on my great little tushie. Or so Aunty Marion kept reminding me. I also had some new socks and tights, a new pair of MaryJanes, sneakers, ballet slippers, and a pair of shoes with a slight heel. There was a little case of makeup and some new hair bows and hair clips. I dont know how much money Aunty Marion spent on my, Briannas new wardrobe, but it was probably more than I earned in a year.

At night we dressed up in fancy dresses and ate in the restaurant at the hotel. By all appearances, we were an attractive woman and her very pretty little daughter or niece.

At night we undressed to just our panties and watched Aunty Marions schoolgirl she/boy movie. The more I watched it the more I became fascinated by the nymphets amazing little body with its perfectly round and girly bottom and small but firm breasts with their hard little pink nipples and of course by her/his little cockette and her little two little pearls in the pink bag between her legs.

As I watched the she/boy be ****** by the skillful older man, I sucked my thumb (something I was beginning to enjoy) and Aunty Marion ****** my little bottom with my new pink toy, which she still referred to as Babys Pacifier. On the third night of our bedroom adventures, she introduced a new toy. It was larger than the first, a little longer and thicker and still very pink and shaped like a penis! When I told Aunty Marion that that was just a little weird for me she asked, Did you like the first toy I bought you?

Yeth, I answered.

Did you like it when I slid it inside your adorable little ass?

Yeth, I answered again.

Did you like it when I ****** you with it?

Yeth Aunty Mawion, but¦

Then whats the problem, Precious? This toy is just like that one. Its a pretty pink. Its is a little longer and just a tad bit thicker but its just like the first one.

But itth thaped wike a¦

Like a what?

Wike a cock?

So. Its not a real cock, Sillyhead. Its just a toy and the person ******* you with it is your lover, your female lover, not some man. If you worried about whether or not this makes you gay, the answer is ˜no. A lot of men enjoy anal stimulation. A lot. You have nothing to worry about.

So I let her **** me with my pink penis-shaped pacifier, and. when she pushed it inside me I felt completely filled up. I cant explain it. It felt really good. I didnt even think about the implications of that. I mean, I wasnt gay so why did her ******* my ass feel so **** good? I mean, after four days, I was quite the little ass-slut and actually begged her to put my new bigger pacifier inside me and **** me good.

Aunty Marion would do just that and I began to really crave her dominance over me. She could have done anything she had wanted to do and I would have let her.

I was always made to cum first. It didnt take long and Aunty Marion wanted to make sure I was done before I pleasured her with my mouth. Although I was very good, as good as any lesbian lover she had ever had Aunty Marion told me on more than one occasion, there was still more for me to learn from her.

None-the-less, I was quite the eager student and would spend hours between her legs making her writhe and moan as my tongue explored her depths.

I was either made to jerk myself off while still wearing my satiny panties or **** myself with my little pink pacifier while I pumped my little member with my other hand. She would tell me how hot I looked ******* myself like that and I would shoot my little load into my hand. Then she would make me suck my cum-covered thumb into my mouth and lick it clean.

Sometimes Aunty Marion would suck me off and I would cum in her mouth. Then, holding my small load in her mouth, she would kiss me on the lips and then feed me my own cum.

That was another thing I began to notice. I wasnt really minding that either. It was mine after-all, not anothers man, I told myself. The salty bitter taste I noticed at first became a sweet tangy one I didnt mind feel running down my throat.

Something strange happened on the day before we checked out.

The morning started as the others had. That is to say, I ate a very light breakfast, took my four vitamins, and dressed in the outfit that was laid out for me.

The outfit Aunty Marion chose for me that day was a little different than the others. This one was not as cute or little girly. This one was a little more grown-up- a little naughtier and that was because, Aunty Marion explained, that she wanted me to experience the power that females have, even at very young ages.

So I put on my sexy panties. They were white bikini style and had little cherries on them. I did not wear a bra. My little faux boobies were actually standing up quite well on their own, and I didnt fear them dropping off at some point in the day. Did I mention that I thought I actually felt a cool breeze on one of the nipples? Strange, huh?

Anyway, I wore a tight little top which accentuated my nipples and my flat belly. Then I slipped on my little plaid skirt. And when I say little, I mean little. It was really short! I could almost see my cherry panties from underneath the hem and if I didnt walk just right, that is to say, with small careful steps, everyone else would too!

I wore lacy little white anklets and black Maryjanes with a 2 inch heel.

Aunty Marion brushed my hair into two little sassy pigtails and amped my makeup just a little.

When I saw my reflection in the mirror, cute little puerile Brianna had been replaced by sexy, naughty, school girl Brianna whose plump little bottom seemed to be aching from a good spanking from her male teacher. With the exception of a pink and blue butterfly tattoo on my left butt cheek, I looked just like the little school girl she boy I had been watching getting ****** for 4 days.

I looked hot! I gotta say it. School girll Brianna was a little hottie!

We spent the day walking around the city and I know that I was personally responsible for several boners. We walked by construction sites and were whistled at by the big hunky men. They called me a naughty little brat and told me I needed to be spanked by my daddy for dressing like that and for teasing them. I rode down escalators and actually saw men trying to peek up under the hem of my little plaid skirt. Other (did I just say ˜other?) girls and older men looked at me with distain. They were shocked to see me dressed like that. We just laughed.

Imagine, Aunty Marion said, what they would say if they could see you hard little cock hiding under your school girl skirt!

Yeah. Imagine.

That night, we ate a quick dinner and prepared for a marathon session of *******.

I was told to lie across Aunty Marions lap. I was to be given a spanking, she explained, for dressing like such a shameless little slut. All bad girls get their bottoms paddled when they are naughty, she added, and I needed a good spanking to remind me to be a good little girl.

I was game! So I laid across her powerful legs and felt her flip my skirt up onto my back. Then she ran her hand across my little satin panties, the front of which were stained from my constant leaking all day.

Then she spanked one cheek. Then the other. It stung, but I liked it. She made me tell her that I pwomithed I would be good. Then she pulled my panties all the way down and off and spanked me for the next five minutes.

I was almost in tears but before I could pout and whimper about my sore little tushie, Aunty Marion ordered me up onto the bed on all fours. I did as I was told. She told me to beg her to **** me in my well-spanked ass. And I did. I wanted it. Badly. I really did. I was so hot.

So she pulled out my pink, cock-shaped dildo and made me suck on it until it was wet and slippery. Then she slipped it into my tight little ring and began a slow steady *******. I automatically stuck my thumb in my mouth.

With her free hand, Aunty Marion turned on the television with the remote and I watched as the little school girl she-boy, now in the same position as I was, was getting ****** by the teacher with the big hard cock. Her pigtails bobbed as did mine as we writhed in ecstasy.

I saw her little plaid skirt flipped up onto her ass like mine was. And she cried out just like me when we both shot our loads.

Of course, Aunty Marion scooped as much of mine up that she could and fed me my salty sweet load. After I regained some strength, she grabbed my pigtails and guided my face to her molten hot pussy where I lapped like a thirsty kitten for the next hour. She came four times that night before we collapsed into a sweaty sticky mess.

I had very strange dreams that night. One of them involved me dressed as a naughty little school girl with my head between the legs of one of those big hunky construction workers. I was sucking his cock head like it was a lollipop and enjoying every bit of it. As I licked and sucked that big velvety head, I felt hands running across my plump and very girlish bottom.

Needless to say, I woke up with very wet panties that morning.

And that was my week at The Hotel Regency.

As we sat in the limousine riding heading my new home, I wondered what else would happen to me. What was to become of me and Marion? What was to become of me? Where would this deception end?

Chapter III: Brianna comes home

It was a quiet ride to the Femmaker mansion in the mountains. Needless to say I was very nervous.

I did look absolutely darling though. Aunty Marion made sure of that.

First impressions, she said, were everything, especially with her husband. But there was nothing to worry about. I was the perfect picture of a pretty little girl. As soon as he saw me, she continued, looking like such a little princess, there would be no suspicions in his mind whatsoever.

It was true. There was nothing about me that said Hi. Im the 18 year old guy boinking your wife. There wasnt even anything about my appearance, or the way I talked, or walked, or sat, or wanted to be ******, that said I had a penis.

After my bath that morning, a light breakfast, and of course, my vitamins, I was dressed in my pretty new outfit.

The first items were my pink satin panties with a white ruffled waistband and leg openings and a small matching bra. It was strange. Any other time I was naked in front of Aunty Marion, I always managed to get an erection. That morning, though, not even a twitch!

I just wrote it off as nerves. I didnt even let myself entertain the though that my penis even looked smaller than usual.

A starched petticoat which lay almost straight out was next. Then a pair of pink and white anklets was slipped onto my feet. My dress was powder blue. Very pretty, and it reminded me of the one you always see on Alice when she goes to Wonderland. Although this dress was a little shorter than that one due to my petticoats. It was as short, I thought, as my sassy little plaid skirt, which really wasnt a bad thing. If I was discovering anything about my 12 year female self it was this: aside from being totally adorable, Brianna was a little tease.

Aunty Marion encouraged me to twirl and I did, giggling as my petticoats rose and fell, flashing my pink panties. The cool air sent shivers up my girlish legs.

A pink hair bow was next. The cherry on top said Aunty Marion.

My makeup was very subdued, but the result was startling, as always. It didnt take much to transform me into a very pretty young lady. I also noticed that after almost 5 days, I didnt have one trace of facial hair. Not even a shadow of facial hair! My skin was a soft as a childs!

And another thing I noticed was that the seams between my bare chest and the two small faux boobies Aunty Marion had applied to me were as strong as the first day. That was some adhesive In fact, upon closer examination, it appeared to me as if the seam between silicone and skin was actually tightening. I laughed it off and told myself that that was impossible.

When she was done dressing me, Aunty Marion said I was as pretty as a birthday cake. I thanked her in my lisping little girl voice.

Our car ride to the Femmaker Mansion was filled with last minute prep. Aunty Marion drilled me on how to act and what to say and what not to say. She rambled off a list of names of members of the staff but I couldnt concentrate. I sat there, sucking my thumb, something I was doing more of now, as a reflex in stressful times because it did seem to have a calming effect on me.

The only person I could think of right there and then was her husband, the man of the house, a very rich and very powerful individual who could probably have broken me in two with his bare hands without breaking a sweat.

Could I pull this off? Did I really look like a young girl? Would he see through the deception and do horrible things to me? My mind raced. The butterflies in my tummy grew bigger.

When we pulled up to mansion, I saw the entire staff waiting there on the main steps.

Then I saw Uncle Richard. He seemed so much bigger than when I saw him at the club.

It was now or ever. If I didnt pull this off, he would have some guys kidnap me and kill me, and when they found my body, I would be dressed like a little girl.

The chauffeur opened the door for me and took my hand. I remembered not try and keep my legs together and exit the car as lady-like as I could, which really wasnt easy because my little blue dress was so short. I know somebody got a good view of my pink panties!

I walked slowly up the long stairs holding Aunty Marions hand tightly.

I saw the all-female staff smiling at me and curtseying as I passed by.

Then I found myself standing right in front of Uncle Richard. He seemed as tall as a giant. He looked down at me and said, Welcome home, Brianna, and handed me a very soft teddy bear.

I grabbed it to my chest and he pulled me into him and hugged me tight.

He pulled me off of my feet a little and the back of my little blue dress lifted. I felt cool air on the backs of my legs and right under the leg opening of my panties. I knew my panties were in out in plain sight, but there was nothing I could do.

Finally he set me down, took my hand, and asked if I wanted to go inside and see my new bedroom.

I looked up at him and answered, Yeth, pweathe, Uncle Richard. I would wike that vewy much.

The Filmmaker Mansion was huge and elegantly decorated. I was shown room after room and wondered if there was an end to the place. There was an indoor and outdoor pool. There was a gaming room, a parlor, a huge dining room, a huge kitchen, and that was only the first floor.

On the second floor, I was taken down a long hallway to a room with a pink bow on it.

There was a little bronze placard on the door which read NURSERY.

When the door was opened I was led into a massive room as large as the suite at The Regency.

It was beautifully decorated. A little girls dream bedroom, created by fairies for a pretty little princess! It was a canvas of pastel yellows, blues, lavenders, and of course, pinks.

There was a large bed, and when I say large, I mean twice the size of a king-sized, in the center of the room. It had a princess canopy and was covered with stuffed animals. The bed was tall and I would have to step up a little to climb into it. If I hadnt felt small before, standing next to the Femamkers and being inside their huge mansion, I certainly felt as small as a child now.

There was a large armoire in the corner of the room as well as a walk-in closet that seemed to go on forever. Brianna would certainly not be wanting for clothes.

There was a little area where there was a small white table and chairs. There were stuffed animals and dolls sitting at the table and a pink teapot ready to be poured into little cups with roses on them.

There was a very large rocking horse of pink and purple near the window seat. It was the biggest rocking horse I had ever seen and I was sure that when I sat on it, I would fit just fine.

There was a giant teddy bear in the far corner and for a second I thought that it was almost as tall as Uncle Richard.

There was a full bath off the right with a very large tub that I could have swum laps in.

And then there was the baby stuff. Aunty Marion explained that the room had originally been designed as a nursery and they hadnt had time to remove the furniture. She asked me it that was okay, and I said it was.

There was a beautiful crib that was decorated with pink teddy bears. There was a changing table with all the supplies underneath. I saw powders and lotions and the diapers, there were a lot of them, folded neatly and stacked tightly on two shelves. There was even a small dresser filled with adorable baby clothes like rompers and onesies with snap crotches and pretty little toddler style ruffled panties and diaper covers. In the armoire near the crib were little baby dresses and baby shoes.

There was even a highchair. And like the crib, the rocking horse, and the changing table, they all seemed larger than baby furniture I had seen before. But I disregarded it as a figment of my imagination. I was dressed like a child, standing in a large mansion where everything seemed bigger than life, and in the presence of two people who seemed larger than life.

It was just my imagination. That was it. I was sure of it.

Aunty Marion sensed my unease at seeing all the baby paraphernalia and said, Dont worry, Precious. Those things are not for you. Those are baby things and youre a big girl. But, maybe, you can play mommy with your dollies and diaper them and feed them and¦

Her words faded as I scanned the stacks of diapers, both cloth and plastic style, and baby panties under the changing table. They were bigger than any diapers I had ever seen. They looked big enough for an adult. Well, at least an adult my size.

¦looks as if some little girl has drifted away. Maybe somebody needs a nap? Richard, lets finish the tour of the house, and then I will put Brianna down for a nap.

Uncle Richard agreed and he once again led us, taking me by the hand, through his mansion.

After the tour of the house, Aunt Marion took me by the hand and led me back to The Nursery.

Before he excused himself to tend to some business, Uncle Richard bent down in front of me and asked for a kiss.

I leaned up and gave him a gentle kiss on his rough manly cheek. I breathed in his aftershave and felt a little lightheaded.

Once in The Nursery, Aunty Marion undressed me completely and pulled back the covers on my gigantic bed.

Standing there naked in front of her I began to tremble. She said she knew just what to do to calm my nerves.

She walked to one of my suitcases and pulled out my pacifier. Then she told me to close my eyes and suck my thumb. Of course I did as I was instructed.

Then she took my satin panties which were lying at my feet and pressed the cool material against my small member. She told me to spread my legs a little and when I did, she slid my pacifier into my bottom. The sensations were too much! I was sucking my thumb and she was ******* my bottom and masturbating me all at the same time. I dont even remember getting that hard. I just remember my violent ejaculation which soaked my panties.

Afterwards Aunty Marion cleaned me up and helped me onto the bed. When I was tucked in, she handed me my bear and told me to suck my thumb and take a nap. She would come get me for dinner.

An hour went by very quickly. I didnt even remember falling asleep.

But it was 4 Oclock when Aunty Marion woke me. She pulled me from the bed and told me that we were going to take a walk around the grounds, then I was to change for dinner. After dinner we would watch a movie, either Little Mermaid or a Care Bears DVD, then I would have a bath, and then it was bedtime.

Aunty Marion selected a cute little play dress for me to wear for the next hour or so.

Boy! Girls sure do change their clothes a lot!

The dress she selected was light blue and very short.

I began to wonder why all of my clothes, especially my dresses and skirts were so short. Little girl, of maybe 4 or 5, wore short little dresses which showed their adorable little ruffled or cute little print panties. Did girls of 12? I didnt know. I didnt have any sisters or cousins and had never been a girl of 12 before¦before now, that is.

I did like the dress though, no matter how short it was. It had little straps and showed my budding cleavage.

The fresh panties I changed into were cotton-blue with little sheep on them. I wore sandals and my hair was brushed into pigtails.

I was given a tour of the grounds and introduced to the staff. Everyone seemed so happy to meet me. I really did feel like a princess in her palace.

For dinner I was dressed in a very short lavender colored dress. My panties were white satin with a banding of lavender around the waist and leg openings. There was also one row of ruffles across the seat. I also wore white tights which I found myself pulling out of my crack every time I bent over or sat down. My hair was adorned with lavender headband. My light touches of makeup were, of course, perfection.

I carried my teddy bear with me to dinner. Aunty Marion suggested that. I was told to sit up straight and not put my elbows on the table. A bib was tied around my neck so that my pretty dress wouldnt be ruined. I felt like such a baby.

I ate a very light meal and I wondered how much weight I was going to lose on the Brianna Diet. I already felt weaker and my arms looked a little thinner, especially when I wore my dresses with little puff sleeves.

Afterwards, I was given a bath in the large tub in the nursery. I felt so small sitting there as Aunty Marion bathed me like a child. She washed my hair and hummed some song which sounded like a nursery song and I became very relaxed. At one point I even stuck my thumb in my mouth, hooked my finger over my nose, and allowed myself to drift off to a semi-hypnotic state.

After my wonderful bath, Aunty Marion toweled me dried and then powdered me with a babyish smelling talc. She used a large pink puff to do this.

My pajamas were baby doll style. The bottoms were bloomer style, but did not go down to my knees. They were short and sort of ballooned out a little. When I turned to look in the mirror, it looked as though I was wearing diapers underneath them. They were satiny and the material felt marvelous against my bare skin. The top matched the bottoms and was very short. Big pink bunny slippers completed my outfit.

After I was dressed, I grabbed my teddy bear, Aunty Marion grabbed my hand, and we both walked to the tv room where Uncle Richard was waiting for us.

Uncle Richard was wearing silken pajamas and a long robe. He looked very handsome.

He patted the seat next to him and I walked over and sat down on the large couch.

Gretchen, one of the very beautiful maids who worked for the Femmakers brought us a tray with popcorn and drinks. We watched the movie Little Mermaid. At one point Uncle Richard let me lay my head down on his strong muscular thigh. I did, thumb in mouth, as he stroked my blonde hair.

After movie, I was told it was bedtime. It was 9:00 P.M. I kissed Uncle Richard on the cheek and he kissed me on the mouth. I smelled his aftershave and became a little lightheaded.

Aunty Marion told me, as we walked down the long hallways to my room that she had told Uncle Richard that I was scared because I was in a new place and that she would spend the night with me. He said he understood and wished us both sweet dreams.

When we arrived at my room, Aunty Marion told me to get up on my bed as she locked the door.

I watched as she removed her robe and walked seductively towards me in her negligee. I felt a stirring in my panties and reached my hand towards my twitching cock.

She told me to play with myself, my hand in my panties and my thumb in my mouth and I did as I was told. I rubbed my small member, which was not nearly as hard as it used to be, or so I thought, it was really hard to concentrate, and sucked my thumb with my eye closed.

Her voice told me to play with my nipples and I did. And to my amazement, and again it may have been just my imagination, but I swear I could feel my fingers touching the hardened nipples of my faux breasts. I swore I could feel the cool night air on my little budding breasts.

But THAT was crazy! Right?

The sensations I was feeling were driving me insane. Aunty Marion knew this and she smiled devilishly. She knew I was under her power. Completely.

She walked over to a dresser and pulled something out from the middle drawer. She turned her back to me and seemed to be putting on a belt of sorts. When she turned back around I saw that she was wearing a dlido and a large one at that! It was at least 8 inches long, black and very realistically veined. It had a big mushroom head. The leather straps which held it to Aunty Marion were black leather and had little studs on them.

She walked over to me and I became mesmerized by the swinging pendulum between her legs. She walked to the beds edge and aimed the large cock towards my face. She told me to take it into my mouth and to make it good and wet. And I did. I took that large black monster of a cock into my mouth and nursed it like a baby nurses a bottle.

Finally, when Aunty Marion deemed that it was good and slippery, I was told to slide my panties down, NOT ALL THE WAY OFF, and turn around. Knowing what was about to happen I got into position. That is to say, I got on all fours, lowered my head onto the mattress, stuck my thumb in my mouth, and raised my bottom in the air.

After a minute or two, Aunty Marion slid the entirety of that huge cock inside me.

I was squealing like a little girl, but my screams of pain and then ecstasy were muffled by the mattress.

She ****** me for what seemed like hours, pounding my tushie with everything she got. As the fake cock stroked my insides, I erupted onto my bed. Aunty Marion told me not to let that wonderful cum go to waste so I dragged my thumb through the small puddle below my belly and sucked my glazed finger into my mouth.

Finally she withdrew from me and told me to get between her legs and eat her pussy. She grabbed my head and pushed me down into those molten folds and she told me what a good little cocksucker I was and how precious I looked having my ass ****** by a big black cock.

She asked me if I enjoyed it and I said Yeth.

She asked me if I was her little cocksucker and I said Yeth.

She asked me if I thought about having a big cock in my little sissy ass all the time now and I whimpered, Yeth.

Aunty Marion came three times that night.

Exhausted she pulled my little bloomer panties up my trembling legs and tucked me under my princess sheets. She kissed my forehead and handed me teddy bear.

I stuck my thumb into my mouth and hugged my bear tightly.

The lights were turned out and I noticed a nightlight in the corner of the room. It was a little fairy sitting on a toadstool. She had pink wings and a little pink wand.

I dont know when I drifted off but I did eventually and dreamed.

I had perhaps the weirdest dream I had ever had.

In my dream, I awoke in The Nursery of the Femmaker Mansion. I wasnt in my bed, though. I was in the large crib across from my bed.

I was lying in on my back staring up the bars which surrounded me and which also seemed to be 150 feet tall. I also noticed that I was wearing several thick diapers. The diapers were so thick in fact that I could hardly close my legs. I was also wearing pink plastic panties with little white bunnies on them.

I saw the Cow Jumping Over The Moon mobile over my head.

Then I heard a womans voice. It was Ingrid, the large maid who looked as though she could have been an Olympic Gold Medal winner in the shot put category.

I saw her big red face peer over the top rail of the crib.

She was smiling and asked if the little Princess was up.

When I tried to speak I heard the babbling of a baby. No matter how hard I tried to form my words, the baby-talk of a toddler came out. I became frustrated and started to sob.

Ingrid picked me up effortlessly and carried me on her large hip, rubbing my wet bottom as she did, towards the changing table.

She told me that was going t have me out of my wet diapers and into some clean ones and that everything was going to be okay. And I believed her.

When I was lying on my back on the soft pad of the changing table, Ingrid grabbed the supplies she would need.

I saw powder and wipes, my wipes and powder, and of course the unmistakable hour glass contoured shape of a fresh diaper. My fresh diaper.

She removed my plastic panties and wet diapers and then I felt the coolness of the sweet smelling baby wipes. She cleaned me thoroughly and let me air dry for a minute of two before powdering me in a soft cloud of baby powder.

I became mesmerized as she rubbed the soft, sweet-smelling talc onto my crotch and bottom. I drifted off to that happy land where babies go when they are powdered. I stuck my thumb in my mouth and close my eyes as Ingrids strong hands gently powdered me.

Finally she grabbed my ankles and lifted my bottom off of the changing pad. I felt her slide the thick diaper under me and then lower me gently down.

She pulled the thick cotton diaper up between my legs and adjusted it so that the fit was just right, all the while she baby-talked me. I could only coo and gurgle my responses.

The diaper was secured at my hips with safety pins. It felt like heaven between my legs.

A pair of plastic panties was then slid up my chubby legs and up and over my belly button. Ingrid even blew a kiss on my belly as she fluffed them out.

I was sat up and a pink t-shirt with a little baby girl teddy bear on the front was pulled down over my head. Ingrid pushed me back down and pulled the tail of the t-shirt up between my legs. I recognized it as a babys onesie as Ingrid closed the snaps on the crotch.

Little pink and white socks were pulled onto my feet and I was picked up and lowered to the thickly carpeted floor.

It took a few seconds for me to get my balance because of the thick diaper between my legs.

Ingrid went to one of the nurserys two armoires and pulled out a little corduroy jumper. It was pink and had a little ruffled hem. She pulled the jumper down over my head and smoothed it out with her hands. The jumper was very short and did nothing to hide my diapered condition.

Ingrid pulled my soggy thumb out of my mouth, wiped my chin, and pushed a pacifier between my lips. I began to suck on it immediately. She clipped the pacifiers ribbon to a little pocket on the bib front of my jumper.

Ingrid then turned me so that I was facing the large floor mirror.

I was amazed to see a little toddler girl staring back at me. Although the baby in front of me was taller than most babies, there was no mistaking that she was a toddler. The two stubbly little pigtails, the baby jumper, the pacifiers, and the bow-legged stance caused by thick diapers.

As I was staring at myself in the mirror, I heard Aunty Marions voice.

Is BABY ready to start her new life?

Ingrid responded, Yes Maam. Shes all ready and if I must say, she is the prettiest little baby I have ever seen.

She certainly is, replied Aunty Marion. ¦and shes mine forever¦

And that was when I woke up.

When I awoke I discovered that it had only been a dream. I was in my bed, under my princess covers, hugging my teddy bear.

In the next instant though, when I cleared the fog of sleep from my head, I realized that there was something not right about my situation.

I was wet. Soaked, actually, my entire crotch area and bottom, the bed sheet, and the mattress under me, were soaking wet and the strong smell of urine filled the air.

I had wet my bed. Like some baby or little kid! I couldnt believe it! I hadnt even woken up!

Oh God! What is happening to me?!

Chapter IV: Diapered, Dominated, & Deceived

So there I was, lying in my over-sized king-sized bed, feeling very small and very vulnerable in my bedroom which looked more like a nursery for a giant baby than a bedroom for a 12 year old girl.

What was happening to me? Why did I wet my bed? Why didnt I even wake up? What had I gotten myself into?

I lay for a few minutes, trying to put the pieces together when Aunty Marion walked in.

I couldnt let her know what I had done! What would she think? What would she say?

What would she do?

I was about to find out because she was nearing my bedside.

Well, good morning little sleepyhead, did you sleep¦? And then she stopped. Then she sniffed the air.

My goodness, if I didnt know better I would guess that someone has wet their bed, and with that she pulled back the covers of my bed and saw the tell-tale stain of my pee.

Brianna? What is the meaning of this? Why did you wet your bed? Tell me.

I started crying even before I tried to explain why I had wet my bed like a baby. Seeing my distress, Aunty Marion changed her tone and brushed my straight bangs from my face.

Its all right, Precious. Its all okay. I know it was an accident. I cant imagine that you wanted to wet your bed and lie in damp panties and bed sheets all night long. Come along, Sweetie. Lets get you cleaned up and into some fresh clothes.

I took her hand and let her walk me to the bathroom where she began to fill the tub with sweet smelling rose-scented water. She stripped off my soaked bloomer-panties and as I stood there naked, waiting to be put in my tub for my bath, stuck my thumb in my mouth and drifted off to my happy place.

Aunty Marion was very gentle as she bathed me. When I was clean, she dried and powdered me and led me back to my room.

She chose a pair of double thick toddler-style training panties. They had a faint teddy bear print on them in pastel pink and blue. I felt like such a baby as she had me step into them and then pulled them up my waist, but I said nothing and just continued to soothe my nerves by sucking my thumb.

The toddler panties felt strange, but they were soft.

Aunty Marion told me that she wasnt going to risk another accident. The last thing we needed was for me to wet myself in front of her husband. No. We would take precautions. It was to be toddler panties during the day and diapers and plastic panties at night. She didnt want the maids to notice anything they felt they had to report to the master of the house. We would hide my little secret from everyone.

When I told her that I wouldnt wet myself while I was awake, she laughed and said that she would believe that when she saw it.

I told her she wath oveh-weacting and that I wathnt a baby and that I didnt need baby diaperth and pwathtic pantieth. I told her I was a big boy and she laughed again. So I corrected myself and said that I wath a big girl and couyld be truthted to wear big girl pantieth.

She laughed again and swatted my bottom. I really didnt feel it because of the thickness of the training panties, but I got the message. And when she walked over to the changing table, picked up a pacifier and stuck it between my lips, and said, Keep that in there, like a good baby, and hush. Momma knows best, I did just that.

Babies always do what Momma says and I hushed, sucked on my CareBear pacifier, and let Momma finish dressing me.

I was then dressed in a white vest style t-shirt. It had the same faint teddy bear design on it as my training panties. As she tucked the undershirt into my panties, I noticed something strange.

The line between my faux budding breasts and my real skin had vanished! I would have sworn to it! There was no longer any seam of any kind between me and the two perky little breasts. It was as is they were real. It was as if I had two small pubescent breasts.

When I mentioned this to Aunty Marion, she commented that she thought they were adorable and flattered my figure perfectly.

Was she insane?

Then a horrible thought crossed my mind.

What if they wouldnt come off? Was I going to have to live with the breasts of a 12 year old girl for the rest of my life?

As I stood there, sucking my pacifier and pondering my fate, Aunty Marion came over with my outfit for the day.

If I had thought that the training panties with the teddy bear design were too babyish to wear, imagine my dismay when I saw the toddler bubble outfit Aunty Marion presented me with.

It was pink and white, of course. Aunty Marion explained as she held the very babyish garment in front of me, that the front pant was smocked. The back was not gathered but the back bodice had a pleat at the shoulder and the bottom to allow for extra fullness.

Extra fullness? Like for double-thick training panties? Or even a diaper?

It had little puff sleeves, a wide white Peter Pan collar and of course the elastic gathers at the leg openings of the little pants. When I stepped into my baby outfit, Aunty Marion turned me so that I was facing the mirror. I looked at my reflection as she buttoned the row of buttons in the back. Then she adjusted the gathers around the tops of my thighs and around my bottom to ensure that the fit was perfect.

A pair of little pink and white bobby socks and a pair of shiny black Maryjanes were put on my feet.

The cherry on top was an over-sized pink bow on the top of my head.

I removed my pacifier and said, I wook wike a baby. A thithy diaper baby.

Nonsense, Aunty Marion replied, You look absolutely adorable! Scrumptious even!

Im dwessed too young. I thuppothed to be 12. Wemember?

I remember all too well, Miss Pissy Panties. I remember that you are posing as a 12 year old girl to hide our affair from my husband. I remember that if he discovers your-our-deception, things will go badly for the two of us. I remember that you wet your bed last night and that if one of the maids discovers that, my husband will demand to know what is going on and probably demand that you see a doctor. And you know what that means?!

I also remember that I am in control here, not you. And what I say goes? Is that understood, Missy? And if I wanted to dress you in diapers and frilly panties and a big bonnet, like some, I believe the words you used were ˜sissy diaper baby, and take you for a stroll in a baby carriage around the grounds, then that is what would happen¦Or am I wrong about that?

All I could do was suck my pacifier and shake my head ˜no.

Excuse me?

No maam. You are not mithtaken.

Who is in charge here?

You, I gulped, knowing I was heading down a dangerous slope, You are in charge.

And what I say goes¦.Correct?


Yes what?

Yeth Momma.

So there I was, dressed like an over-sized two year old with a pacifier in my mouth. As I walked on the wooden floor, I heard the little metal taps on the soles of my shiny little buckle shoes.

My heart was racing as we walked out of the nursery and down the long hallway towards the dining room for breakfast.

I wondered if Aunty Marion would make me sit in a highchair and feed me like a baby. Nothing surprised me any more. She probably would. Would that be so bad I thought to myself?

None of the staff seemed to notice my infantile outfit. All the maids just smiled and bowed slightly as I walked by them, bowlegged from the double thick training panties I was wearing.

Thats strange, I thought to myself. Wouldnt women think my outfit was a way too young for a 12 year old girl? The answer was apparently ˜no because no one even blinked or gave me a second look.

Breakfast was my usual light fare, followed by a large glass of juice and my 5 vitamins.

I gave Uncle Richard a kiss on the cheek and was told to go back to the nursery to play.

Again, I thought all the activities that had been planned for me were a little too babyish for a 12 year old, but I chalked that up to the Femmakers never having children and just not knowing.

Playtime for Brianna that morning included a tea party with her dollies and stuffed animals, coloring in a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book, and riding on my rocking horse.

My rocking horse was kind of fun actually. I climbed up onto the large pink, lavender and gold seat and set my feet in the stirrups. I noticed that there was a little bump, directly in the middle of the seat. I didnt know why it was there, but I discovered that if I scooted over top of it, it would sit directly under my butt.

And if I spread my legs wider, than I could feel it actually pressing against my little puckered hole through the cotton training panties. It felt good. Like so many of the things that were changing about me, I was discovering that I really enjoyed anal stimulation. Aunty Marion, whether she has intended it or not, had turned me into a little ass slut.

So, as I rocked on my rocking horse, I pressed my little bottom against that little hard knob in the middle of the saddle. If it feels this good, I thought to myself, while wearing double thick training panties, what would it feel like wearing regular panties¦or nothing at all?

I rocked hard and ground my tender little hole into the cotton material of my training panties and that hard little bump. I close my eyes and stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked it. I wrapped my finger over my nose and for a second imagined my thumb was a hard cock...Uncle Richards cock¦

Why did I do that?

My brain didnt have time to answer because it was going to very happy place. I rocked hard and faster and before I knew it, I had ejaculated into my training panties. I didnt even remember getting an erection. I just felt the terrific shuddering, the sensation that I was wetting my pants and the warm glow of hot sex come over.

I slowed my rocking and waited for my heart to catch up.

Then I had an idea.

Maybe I should wet my pants? I thought. Maybe I should flood them. Several times! That would teach Aunty Marion a lesson! Shes gonna get awful sick of changing my wet diapers. Then shell let me wear my big girl panties (did I really say ˜big girl panties?) Yep! That was the ticket. Ill tell her that as long as she is going to treat me like a baby, then I was going to act like one.

And there was no time like present. So I climbed down from my rocking horse and squatted down a little. It was weird. Sitting there fully clothed, waiting to pee my pants like a little kid. I wasnt sure I could go through with it, but then my body caught up with my head. Having just cum, my bladder was more than ready to let go. So, as I sat there in my little toddler bubble playsuit, I squatted and peed into my training panties. And boy did I flood them! I peed until the warmth flowed down my legs and onto the pink shag rug under my feet. I peed until the crotch of my training panties felt like they would burst from the weight.

I peed and then I peed some more. When there was a noticeable scent in the air, and a fairly large puddle under me, I sat down. Right in the puddle! Then I stuck my thumb in my mouth and waited.

I didnt have to wait long.

Aunty Marion came into the nursery and as she was about to speak, stopped dead in her tracks. I guess a woman just knows when a baby has wet their diaper. She walked over to me, standing right at me splayed feet, and said, My, my my. It seems some little girl has had another accident in her panties. And from the looks of it, it was quite an accident. What have you go to say for yourself, Miss PissyPanties?

Oopthie! was all I said, thumb still in mouth.

Oopsie? OOPSIE?!! You wet your pants, ruin your adorable little outfit, pee on the carpet, and all you can do is sit there and say ˜oopsie?

Yeth! OOPTHIE! I retorted like a brat.

Aunty Marions answer was quicker. She pulled me up by my left arm and dragged me to the big rocking chair in the corner. She ripped off my play outfit and peeled off my soaked training pants which she quickly slapped me in the face with. Then she sat down, pulled me across her knees and began a blistering spanking that lasted for what seemed like hours.

The pain was excruciating! She spanked each of my wet cheeks until I was sure I would blister.

PWEATHE!!! PWEATHE THTOP!! I screamed, but she only spanked me harder.

Finally Aunty Marion stopped her barrage on my bottom. She stood me up, grabbed my hand, then led me to the changing table. She picked me up and threw me down on it. When I tried to say something she shoved a large penis-shaped pacifier into my mouth. It was like a gag and I couldnt say anything.

If you know what it is good for you, you will keep that in there and not say one word.

All I could do was nod that I understood.

Aunty Marion grabbed a package of baby wipes and began to clean my bottom and crotch. She roughly peeled back my foreskin and cleaned my penis. She grabbed each one of my small balls and squeezing them tightly, cleaned then thoroughly. She wiped my bottom with the sweet smelling wipes and my belly as well.

I felt the cool air on my freshly cleaned skin.

Aunty Marion then grabbed a container of baby powder and dusted me with a thick layer of the sweet smelling talc. It was intoxicating!

Finally I saw her reach for something. It was training pants this time, though, it was 5 very thick cloth diapers! 5!

When I tried to speak, she lifted my bottom off of the changing table with one hand and spanked me hard three times. I remained silent after that.

While I was still hovering in mid air, she slid the diapers under me. Then she lowered me down onto the ultra-soft diapers and pulled them up roughly between my legs. My little member was crushed between my groin and the diapers.

Aunty Marion deftly pinned the diapers closed with large safety pins that had little teddy bears on the heads. After I was pinned tight, and the diapers were fitted and adjusted, Aunty Marion slid a pair of thick vinyl panties up my legs. The pink panties had white lace ruffles across the seat.

She pulled them up and over my diapers and tucked them inside.

When I was securely diapered, Aunty Marion pulled me to my feet and stood me on the floor. I could hardly stand. I was still sore from my severe spanking and the diapers were so thick I had to stand very bow-legged.

Aunty Marion grabbed something from a dresser and I saw that it was a pair of pink pajamas. Pink footed pajamas. She had me step into them and then pulled them up and on as I slid my arms inside. There were stiff mittens on the end of the sleeves and I would be unable to use my hands.

Aunty Marion zipped up the back of the baby pajamas and locked them securely. I wasnt getting out of them or my diapers until she let me out!

Diapered and wearing footie pajamas, Aunty Marion told me to get down on all fours and crawl to the crib. I did, feeling my over-padded bottom swaying from left to right as I did.

When I got to the crib, Aunty Marion opened one side like a gate and told me to get in. It took some doing, but I managed to get inside and lay down on my back.

Aunty Marion closed the side and I found myself surrounded by tall bars.

Aunty Marion then threw a baby blanket over me, gave me my teddy bear and told me to go to sleep.

Not one sound, she said. Not one peep. And not one attempt to get out of your crib during the night. Understood?

I did. I couldnt have climbed out anyway. I had no balance whatsoever.

Aunty Marion disappeared for a minute and then returned. She stuck the nipple of a baby bottle in my mouth and told me drink all of it.

It took several attempts, but soon old habits kicked in and I was drinking down the sweet tasting milk from my baby bottle.

Aunty Marion turned on the mobile over my head and I watched it as I nursed my bottle.

I will see you in the morning, Miss PissyPanties. Have sweet baby dreams.

She disappeared from view and then the lights went out.

It was 4 Oclock in the afternoon and I had been put to be in a crib and wearing diapers. My mind was racing, but soon, as half of the bottle filled my belly, I began to just stared at the little farm animals rotating overhead. I listened to the song the mobile played, and I felt my mind go blank.

I dont know when I fell asleep, but when I did, I had sweet baby dreams.

Chapter 5: BabyLand

I dont know how long I had been asleep. It might have been hours, but from the way my head was buzzing, I feared long. And I felt hung-over! And weak!

The last thing I remembered was drinking milk from my baby bottle and staring at the mobile overhead. And hearing that lullaby as the little farm animals dangled over my head and slowly turned in a lazy circle.

Then there were my dreams.

I dreamed I was being bathed like a child¦no¦like a baby. I was talked to as if I was just a toddler and immersed into a sweet smelling bath filled with bubbles. I was cleaned and scrubbed and then picked up and out and wrapped into a baby-soft bath towel which enveloped me like a quilt. I was dried and then placed on someones hip and carried back to the Nursery. My bottom was patted as I was carried towards the large changing table.

I sucked my thumb and allowed the large woman to lay me down on my back. Before powdering me with that sweet smelling baby powder, a cream was gently rubbed onto my nipples and all over my penis and scrotum.

After air-drying for a minute or two, I was powdered. My legs were lifted easily off of the padded mattress and my bottom was powdered liberally with baby powder. It smelled wonderful and I loved being covered in the white magic powder which seemed to transport me to a place somewhere between the real world where I was an adult and the magical land called BabyLand.

After being powdered, I was placed on top of four thick cloth diapers. They were pulled up between my legs and secured with pins that had little pink teddy bears on the heads.

After my diapers were secured, pink plastic baby panties were pulled up my legs and pulled up and over my thick diapers.

I was sat up and a pink t-shirt was pulled down over my head. Then I was laid back down and the tail of the shirt-which actually turned out to be a babys onsie, was pulled up between my legs and snapped to the buttons on the front. White bobby socks with pink banding were next.

My hair was adorned with an over-sized pink bow.

All the time, I sucked my thumb contently.

After I was dressed, I placed into a large stroller, given a teddy bear, and pushed out into the bright daylight.

In my dream (dreams?) I was taken to a park where women fussed over me. They said I was the most adorable little baby girl they had ever seen! They fed me bottles of milk and changed me when I was wet. They played peek-a-boo with me and when I got sleepy, they put me down for a nap on a soft blanket in the sun.

In my dream (dreams?) I was taken to a salon where my hair was curled into a tiny little ringlets. I was shown my reflection and saw that I was a dead ringer for Shirley Temple.

Again, the women in the salon, who looked like the women from the park, fussed over me like I was one of those little girls in those beauty pageants-the toddler category. They dressed me in a very short pageant dress that was held aloft by rows and rows of white and pink crinolines. I wore anklets and shiny black MaryJane shoes on my feet.

In my dream (dreams?) my makeup was done to perfection. Collagen was injected into my lips and the result was a permanent and most perfect, and most adorable, Cupids Bow shape. My lashes looked thick and luxurious and made my eyes even prettier. I looked like a China doll. I looked like the most perfect little baby girl.

In my dream (dreams?) I was fed all of my meals while seated in a babys highchair. Sometimes I wore just a diaper. Sometimes I wore little playoutfits. Sometimes I wore pretty dresses and a large bib so nothing would spill on them. Sometimes I wore nothing at all and my nanny would squeeze my little doodle and tell me what a pretty sissy baby I was.

In my dream (dreams?) I crawled on the Nursery floor and played in my playpen¦just like a baby. I didnt have words to tell the people who were dressing and feeding me-I just babbled baby-talk like a baby. I cried when I was wet, dirty, or hungry or afraid or lonely or cranky.

In my dream (dreams?) I was put to bed at night with a warm bottle of milk and I drank it happily as I listened to my mobile play that song I liked hearing as I drifted off to sleep.

But this morning was different.

I just couldnt tell how long I had been out.

Then I heard a voice say, Well, it looks like someone is finally up and ready to start the day. Good morning, Little Sleepyhead. Do you have a wet or dirty nappy for Nanny this morning?

I did. The diaper I wore was very heavy between my legs. And I wanted to be out of it.

Well, lets get you out of that crib, out of that diaper, and into a nice bubble bath. Sound good, Precious?

I saw the large womens face peer over the top rail of the crib and she was smiling. She seemed familiar and very friendly.

Five weeks is too long to be asleep, isnt it, Pumpkin?

Oh my God! Five weeks?

Soon you will be feeling all better¦

She picked me up effortlessly and when she put me on her hip to carry me to the bathroom, I stuck my thumb in my mouth, hooked my finger over my nose, and felt her large hand patting my well-padded bottom.

As we passed by a large mirror on the wall, I saw my hair. It was a mass of sausage curls. And my Cupids Bow mouth was sucking happily on my thumb.

What was happening to me?

Chapter 6: Sissy Brianna Has ˜Herself A Very Busy Day

I wasnt given a bubble bath that strange morning in which I felt so disorientated. Instead I was stood under a large showerhead and scrubbed cleaned. The rough scrubbing actually stirred me from my dazed state and I became painfully aware of how my body had changed in the five weeks I had been in BABYLAND.

I ran my hands over my smooth legs and noticed that they seemed even shapelier now-like a girls. They were smooth and there was not one blemish on them.

As I soaped between my legs I noticed-much to my dismay-that my cock and balls looked even smaller than they had before. I looked as though I had the genitals of a young boy of 7 or 8. My little cock looked like a pinky now¦ a pinky with a pink head. My balls looked like two dainty little pearls in a silken bag.

My ass had changed too. It seemed fuller some how-more rounded-and upon seeing my reflection through the shower door in the large mirror over the vanity, I saw that it was indeed quite girlish. I had a girls butt! With my shoulder-length hair in that mass of tight sausage curls and my narrow slender waist, my ass looked as though it belong to a girl of 14. Its a cute butt, some part of my brain told me, and it would look cute-adorable-sexy-down right hot!-in a pair of panties or a big thick diaper and ruffled baby pants or maybe in nothing at I laid on my stomach...on my bed...coloring in a coloring book-kicking my legs and flexing my chubby cheeks.

My perky little breasts-and they were my breasts now, I realized-were about the size of apples. They turned slightly upwards and my pink little nipples were as hard as erasers. I dont know how it had happened, but those two fake breasts that had been attached to me with that strange glowing adhesive had actually become flesh and blood. It felt wonderful squeezing them and rubbing them and I closed my eyes and massaged them slowly while my other hand traveled to my little throbbing member. I came quickly. In fact, it wasnt so much an ejaculation as a wetting. I had cum like a girl while rubbing my two cute little boobies.

The large woman, who had instructed me to call her NANNY, told me that it was time to get ready. That there was a lot to do today and that there would be plenty of time to play with my baby doodle later.

She held out a large towel for me, and with shaky legs I walked towards her and allowed her to wrap it around me, covering my breasts as she did.

She took my hand and led me to the nursery.

Suck your thumb, Pumpkin, while Nanny picks out an adorable outfit for the day.

I did as I was told and stuck my thumb in my mouth.

I watched as the large woman, who must have stood 67 gathered clothes from the armoire the dresser.

The first thing she did was remove my towel.

Then she powdered me with baby powder and I closed my eyes and let the intoxicating smell envelope me.

A pair of panties was held out for me to step into. They were white bloomer style panties and looked like something Little Bo Peep might wear. They were short though, and did not go to my knees in fact they looked sort of like those boy-short panties I had seen some models wear.

I saw that they made my girlish bottom, which filled them perfectly, look quite adorable.

I loved my little ruffle panties, but part of my brain wished to be in my thick soft diapers. It longed to feel the soft cotton being pulled up between my legs, pressing my little doodle against my tummy. That part of my brain missed the sound of my crinkling baby panties as I shifted my legs and the security of knowing that if I tinkled, I wouldnt ruin any of my pretty clothes or furniture.

I missed my diapers! But the panties felt sooooo good!

A small white lace bra was next. My two little teen-girl boobies filled the cups and Nanny hooked the back. The weight on my chest felt strange, but good.

A pair of thigh high white stockings was next. They felt incredible as they were pulled up my smooth girlish legs.

A small white baby tee was pulled down over my wet hair. It did nothing to cover my flat belly or disguise the fact that my nipples were hard.

The final pieces to the days outfit were a short-and I mean SHORT-plaid skirt and a pair of saddle shoes.

When I was turned to face the mirror, I saw an incredibly sexy little school girl staring back at me. I liked the way I looked! I looked like one of those girls on the websites I had been visiting. My little doodle stirred. I was making myself horny!

Nanny sat me down at the dressing table and did my hair and makeup.

My hair was put into two bunches-two large bunches of curls on either side of my head and held with white bows.

My makeup was different for me this time. My eye makeup was put on thick and made my eyes really stand out. I looked like a China doll that blinked when you rocked her. My lipstick was bright red and made my Cupids Bow mouth really stand out. Rouge was put on my cheeks.

I looked slutty-like a slutty little school girl. And I liked it!

Nanny handed me some books and told me to go the library. She also handed me a teddy bear back pack and told me to open it only in an emergency.

I took my time walking with my books held against my chest.

I swished my round bottom back and forth and really tried to walk as well as I was dressed.

When I got the to library, I saw a desk in the middle of the room. There was a blackboard in front of it and large wooden desk.

There was a note on the blackboard. It said,

Good morning School Girl Brianna. Today is the first day of Sissy School. Sit at your desk. Make sure to hook your ankles underneath. But keep your knees far apart. I want to be able to see those sexy little white panties I bought for you for your first day of school. Sit up straight and push out those incredible little boobies of yours. I want to be able to see your nipples pushed against the material.

Open your HELLO KITTY notebook and write this sentence 500 times. And as you write this sentence, I want you to dot your Is with little hearts and I want you to think about sucking a big hard cock into that hot little mouth of yours or sitting on a long hard cock and bouncing up and down on it until you wet your panties.

Here is the sentence you are to write:

˜My name is Brianna. I am a slutty little sissy school girl and I love to suck big cocks and slide them into my sissy-pussy until I wet my panties.

TEACHER will be here shortly. Get to work. Or I will put you over my knee and paddle your bottom until you cry like a little sissy baby.


I swallowed hard and took out my notebook and started writing as fast as I could.

I also started thinking about that video Marion and I had watched so many times that first week we stayed at The Regency.

I thought about that school-girl she-boy and how he took that mans huge cock into his little tender hole and how he squealed with delight as the man..the teacher pounded into him. I thought of him sucking that big hard cock into his pretty little mouth and swallowed every drop of cum and then licked the big wet head like a little kid licks the batter off of a spoon when their mommy makes a cake.

Then I realized! I was a sexy little school-girl she-boy now! I thought about being on all fours and taking a mans cock into my tender hole¦.feeling his strong hands on my bottom-pulling back against his thrusts.

I thought about sitting on the mans lap, facing him, and bouncing on his slick cock as he sucked my hard little nipples into his mouth.

I thought about that man spanking me¦and ******* me..and telling me what a naughty little sissy school girl I was¦.and as I wrote my sentence and entertained hot thoughts, the crotch of my white bloomer style panties became soaked.

I felt a twitching between my ass cheeks and realized that all the thinking I was doing about hard cocks in tight little holes was getting my bottom hungry for a good *******.

I remember what Nanny had told me and opened my little teddy bear backpack. There inside was a small bottle of lube and a fat, pink butt plug. I grabbed it quickly and sliding out of my desk, pulled down my panties just enough to be able to lube my little hole and slide in my pink pacifier.

I slid two fingers into my hungry hole and greased myself and then quickly slid the fat little plug inside me. It felt wonderful. It filled me. It was long but it was thick and stretched me and stayed inside ¦it was a perfect fit!

I quickly pulled my panties up, smoothed my skirt, and sat back down, jamming the plug in even deeper.

I squirmed around in my seat, tried to compose myself, and continued my writing assignment.

I also ****** myself gloriously. Moaning and biting my lip. I rocked back and forth on the plug and slid back and forth in my seat, feeling it move inside me. I wet my panties again and began to think that maybe I should have worn a diaper instead of big girl panties.

That was when the door opened and teacher walked in.

And I discovered that TEACHER was really Uncle Richard!!

Well, what do we have here? A naughty little school girl not doing the assignment she was given¦but instead¦it appears she is ******* herself on some sort of fake little cock¦

Uncle Wichard¦ I squealed, but he silenced me.

Silence, Naughty Girl. I think I made myself quite clear, but it appears you chose to ignore my very explicit instructions. Now you must pay for that insolence. Come here.

I walked over to him, slowly, keeping my butt cheeks together so as to not lose my plug. I stood in front of the tall man who at the minute was sizing me up for a good sound spanking. Uncle Richard told me to lift up the front of my short skirt and I obeyed. He studied the large wet and sticky spot in the front of my bloomers and told me to take off my panties. I slid them down and he told me to do it slowly.

I felt the plug begin to slip out and clenched my cheeks together.

You want something up that cute little butt of yours, do you? DONT ANSWER THAT! It was a rhetorical question. Of course you want a big hard cock up that ass of yours. All school girls do. Its all they think about as they suck on the tips of their pencils and keep their legs open so that the teacher can see their white cotton panties.

First things first, though.

You disobeyed me, and that needs to be addressed.

Uncle Richard took my soaked panties, balled them in his strong hands, and then told me to open my pretty little sissy mouth.

I did and he shoved the panties inside. The wetness filled my mouth and I tasted my own ejaculation. I tried to breathe, but all I could do was smell my own sex and the scent of real man sex inches from me.

Uncle Richard/TEACHER sat down in his chair and told me to lie across his lap. I did. He held me firm with one strong arm. I was helpless to do anything about what was to happen.

Uncle Richard pulled the hem of my skirt and flipped it up onto my back. I felt cool air on my quivering cheeks.

I felt him push the plug as deep as it would go, and I breathed in sharply.

Then he started to spank me.

He spanked the plug and it felt like it would shoot right through me.

He spanked my tender cheeks. HARD!

It was unbelievable how hard he spanked me. It hurt so badly! I began to sob like a little girl.

But he didnt stop.

He told me what a naughty school girl I was.

After what seemed like forever, Uncle Richard told me to stand.

I could hardly walk.

He led me to the front of the desk and told me to lie on my back.

He lifted my ankles up onto his broad shoulders and said, "So you want to be ****** like a girl, do you? Well I think I can grant you that wish!" and with that final word, shoved his still wet cock back inside me. All the way! He pulled my butt back towards me and I felt his shorthairs grinding against my bottom. It felt wonderful!

I was totally at his mercy. Even the largest dildo Aunt Marion had used on me wasnt this big. But I was slowly getting used to the monster inside me-stretching to fit my new "pacifier."

Finally Uncle Richard began to **** me long and slow. I could feel his pendulous balls slapping against my ass. He reached down and squeezed my little breasts, pinching my nipples and I bit my lip.

He told me to suck my thumb like it was his cock and I slid my thumb into my mouth and ****** it with my two pink lips.

I dont know how long Uncle Richard ****** me. It seemed like forever. It was wonderful and I didnt want it to stop. But eventually he exploded inside me and withdrew.

He told me to clean him and I got on my knees and grabbed his cock with my two hands (there was even room for one more hand!) and cleaned him off. I licked and sucked his cock clean even as his cum dribbled from my well ****** bottom.

Uncle Richard then handed me a folder and told me it was my homework. He told me it was time for recess and told me to go back to the Nursery. Without my panties!

I felt his eyes watching me leave the library and his cock, which I could smell from where I was standing, was already getting hard again as he stared at my plump little ass.

I liked knowing that I had that power over him.

Would it be like with all men?

Weak-kneed, I walked back to the Nursery.

When I walked in, Nanny smiled and said that it looked as though I had enjoyed SISSYSCHOOL.

I told her I had.

She asked if I had learned anything.

I told her that I had indeed.

She then began to undress me and lead me towards the shower.

She said it was snack time. She removed all of my clothes and slipped a girl's nightshirt over my head. It came down to just above my knees. It was white with a pink bunny on the front.

Nanny then scooped me up like I was a doll and sat me in my highchair. She placed the tray in front of me and secured it.

I let my feet dangle off the footrest as she removed a plastic toddler plate from a serving cart. Nanny placed the plate, with its little teddy bear design, in front of me and I saw a cut up hotdog and maccaroni and cheese.

Then she placed a sippy cup in front of me and tied a bib around my neck. I picked up my baby spoon and began to feed myself.

Nanny said she couldn't resist and took over feeding me. She even played the airplane in the hanger game and wiped my chin with the spoon as she said 'yum yum yum!"

When I was done with my snack, Nanny picked me up and stood me on the floor. She removed my nightshirt and took my hand, leading me to the bathroom.

A hot shower was readied for me and Nanny placed me under the hot water and cleaned me thoroughly.

As before, when I stepped out of the shower, she wrapped me in a large towel and led me back to my Nursery. And it was mine! I knew THAt now.

After I was powdered, I was dressed in a pair of white satin panties with rows and rows of lace ruffles on the seat.

A short, stiff petticoat was next as were little delicate anklets.

A blue and white toddler-style sailor dress, with a large red bow was pulled down over my head.

It was very short. It had a high waist and made me very aware of my budding breasts. The hem of the dress came to just at crotch level.

Nanny secured a very large red bow on the top of my head.

When I saw my reflection, I smiled. I looked like Shirley Temple. And that wasn't a bad thing. I looked cute. I spun around and saw my ruffled panties. I liked that so I spun around again.

Nanny laughed and told me to sit so she could do my makeup.

When I was all done and made up, I looked like a little doll. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make me look so young and feminine!

Nanny handed me a doll that was dressed just as I was, took my hand, and led me to the large parlor on the first floor.

When I stepped into the parlor I saw four women sitting with Aunty Marion. They looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place where I knew them from.

I overheard their conversation as I took small girlish steps towards them.

"I was thinking a ballerina would be perfect. A pink tutu with little pink slippers....precious!"

Another one said, "...I was also thinking about a tutu and tights and maybe fairy wings....and a wand!"

"Oh that would be adorable. Imagine what we could do with his hair! I saw a cowgirl costume-a short denim skirt and a little gingham top-a hat and cowgirl boots!"

They were obviously talking about someone's Halloween costume. They all sounded wonderful! I wonder who the lucky child was...

"I think you all are missing the obvious!" Aunty Marion said as she directed the women in my direction.

They all stopped talking and stared at me...from the top of my ribboned, curly hair to my lacy anklets and shiny black MaryJanes.

"Ladies, I give you Shirley Temple incarnate."

The ladies all applauded.

"Come here Precious," Aunty Marion instructed.

I walked over to her, slowly, taking careful feminine steps, hearing the clicks of my little girl shoes on the wood floor.

I stepped to her side and she hugged me to her.

"Is this not the most adorable, sweetest little sissy, you have seen ladies?"

The ladies all fussed over me, ooing and aahing as they did.

They told me they could just eat me up with a spoon.

They inspected my sailor dress, lifting it up so they could see my cute little panties.

They asked me if I liked the way I was dressed, and I lisped that I did inded.

They made me twirl for them and the big fat lady with the large bosom said that she would have to get me some videos of Shirley Temple so that I could learn some dance steps.

One of the ladies said, "I can't wait for Little Brianna to meet my Little Polly-Anna. They are going to get along so well."

"They'll be just like sisters after a while," another said.

"SISSY-sisters," someone corrected.

"I can see them now in the bathtub taking their baths together or snuggled together in Brianna's crib."

"Too adorable! Too adorable!"

"Is Polly-Anna ready for an outing, Margaret?"

"Well, he is resisting. Silly little thing still thinks he's a boy and should wear boy clothes. and that's 18."

The women all laughed.

"I'm not worried. I have doubled his hormone intake and the audio tapes at night are starting to take hold. Another two or three weeks in ruffles and satin and he'll be the sissy I want him to be. He has come so a long way, Sweet Little Thing."

"How has un-potty training gone?"

"Very well. Like the others. He's in diapers 24/7 now. Maybe I'll keep him in them a while longer. Really makes an impression on the stubborn ones, you know. Then it'll be training panties and maybe, one day soon big girl panties."

Who were they talking about? Was there really someone else like me? Another sissy?Would Imeet them? Bathe with them? Share my crib with them? PLAY with them?

The other big woman commented that they should start with the basics and concentrate on getting me to curtsy properly.

Aunty Marion ended the debate by saying that there was time for all of that. It was my recess time now and I should play a little.

She stood, took my hand, and led me over to the large rocking horse from my Nursery. It looked different and upon closer examination, I saw that in the saddle there was a five inch purple and pink candy cane striped dildo.

Aunty Marion reached under my little dress and pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them and I felt the cool air of the parlor on my bare privates and bottom.

"Doris, would you lend a hand please."

Doris, the large women who looked like a Soviet weight lifter walked towards us. She had thick arms and looked very stern.

As I stared into her eyes, Aunty Marion stuck two well-lubricated fingers into my tender hole.

I squealed and all the ladies laughed.

Aunty Marion worked the lube all around my insides until I was good and ready...

Good and ready for what?

Doris reached down and picked me up effortlessly. She lifted me like I was a doll, and then sat me down on the rocking horse. The dildo slid into me easily and continued to do so until I was sitting on its entirety on the saddle.

It filled me up-but not like Uncle Richard's cock. It felt good though.

"Go ahead, Pumpkin, start rocking," Aunty Marion instructed.

I slid my MaryJanes into the stirrups and began to rock the large rocking horse. As I did I noticed that the dildo inside me began to push in and out. The faster I rocked-the faster I ****** my little bottom.

One of the ladies came over and stuck a large pink and white pacifier into my mouth.

I sucked it happily as I rocked back and forth on my horsie.

"Ride that horsie, Little Sissy!" someone shouted, "Ride that big hard cock!"

"Look at her go!" someone else cheered, "She's really enjoying herself now!"

"She's a natural! Richard must be thrilled!"

"Richard's already had that little sissy's ass, right Marion? He's already ****** her hard and flipped that sissy switch? I could see it in Brianna's eyes! We're never gonna get her off that thing!"

"Speaking of 'getting off'...I thought I heard someone say. But I wasn't really hearing them. Or paying any attention to the fact that they kept referring to me as "she." I just rocked and ******. ****** and rocked. And sucked my pacifier and squealed like a little girl on an amusement park ride.

Finally, after several minutes, I wet the saddle with my female ejaculation. I didn't even feel my little doodle get hard. I just felt all warm down there and then wetness.

"Looks like she's cum," someone said.

"Yes. She's spent, bless her heart."

Doris walked over and lifted me up and off the dildo and the rocking horse (my new best friend!)

She carried me over to a large couch and laid me down.

"The diaper bag please," I heard Aunty Marion say.

"I get to clean her," someone said.

I'll powder!"

"I get to diaper!"

"I'll put the plastic panties!"

Before I knew it, I had been undressed completely. I lay there naked as the day I was born on a couch before these five women and there was nothing I could do about it.

I felt their eyes all over me staring at me half female/half male body.

I felt cool, sweet smelling baby wipes on my crotch. Fingers pulled my foreskin back and cleaned me thorughly.

"Just like a baby's. The drugs are working perfectly."

I felt fresh wipes on my bottom and between my cheeks. The fingers cleaned my now-twice ****** bottom and cool air rushed over me.

Someone squeezed my small girlish breasts and nipples and commented, "Like he was born with them. It's amazing."

Fianlly I felt my ankles being grabbed and my bottom being lifted off of the couch. Something wonderfully soft and thick and was placed under me and I was set back back down.

I smelled baby powder and gentle hands began to rub in into my skin. I closed my eyes and automatically sucked my thumb into my mouth.

I was beginning my journey into BABYLAND.

The diapers were pulled up my legs and adjusted and then secured with two saftey pins.

They were thick and my legs were forced apart. I thought that it was going to be very hard to walk like maybe I should crawl.

A pair of plastic panties was next. They were white and had rows of yellow ruffled across the seat.

I was dressed in nothing else. Just my wonderful diapers and plastic panties.

Someone lifted me up (Doris is that you?)and set me on the floor. I sat there for a second, my legs splayed before me, just like a toddler sits.

I stuck my thumb in my mouth.

I saw the larger of the two heavy breasted women smiling at me and she motioned for me to come to her. I got on all fours and began to crawl towards her. I felt my heavy bottom swaying to and fro as I did.

"All this activity on an empty stomach. You must be starving, Angle."

The women unsnapped the front of her blouse and revealed a nursing bra. She undid the front and I saw her cherry sized nipple. It was hard and leaking milk.

Strong hands laid me back onto her lap and she cradled my head like I was a baby

(You are a BABY) my mind told me.

I removed my thumb and replaced it was her sweet tasting nipple. I tasted sweet milk and began to nurse as she gently patted my diapered bottom.

I drank happily until I felt my belly swell with warm breast milk. I began to get drowsy (I had been through a lot that morning!)

"Looks like she's dozing off on you, Betty."

"Better put her down for her nap. She still has a big day ahead of her..."

I was carried to the Nursery. Doris held me with my face over her broad shoulders and rubbed my back she carried me effortlessly. I even managed a burp.

Once in the Nursery, I was laid into my crib and covered with a baby blanket. I was given my teddy bear and another bottle of warmed breast milk.

I sucked on the nipple but soon fell asleep.

My trip was to BABYLAND was a magical one and I didn't want it to end.

At some point, as my mobile was turned on and I watched the swaying farm animals over my head, I wet my diaper.

I didn't care though.

Someone would change me when I woke up.


When I awoke, it was no surprise to me that I was wet. Very wet! My diaper was thick and heavy and hot between my legs.

I closed my eyes and breathed in that wonderful aroma of baby powder and pee. I love that smell! Don't you?

I reached my hand down and pressed my hot diapers against my little doodle and began to rub gently. The wet cotton felt like heaven and within a minute or two, I wet my diapers just a little more.

I heard Nanny's voice and i knew that my day's adventure was about to continue. I stood and braced myself on the top rail of my crib.

Nanny kissed as the top of my head and each cheek and then unlocked the front gate of the crib.

I crawled down and out and immediately towards my changing table.

I knew the routine!

Nanny scooped me up,laid me down on the padded mattress decorated with little baby teddy bears in diapers, and changed me quickly. I was not re-diapered though.

I pouted a little.

What would I wear?

Then she picked me up, placed me on her hip, and walked to the closet, where she began to gather the peices of my next outfit. We went to my closet and to my armoire.

I finally saw what she was gathering and assembling and my heart raced.

It was a French maid's uniform, but a strange variation of one. It was as if someone had designed a French maid's outfit for a little girl. ME!

Much like the classic French Maid costume, the dress was short and clingy and made of silk. It felt devine. It wasn't the classic black though. It was pink! Because, as you know, little girls look so pretty in pink!

The short dress was trimmed with white lace.

Much like everything that was designed for me to wear, the maid's dress was short and my panties, delicious white satin panties covered completely in pink ruffles, would be seen easily.

THAT was okay with me, though, because I was turning into quite the little sissy flirt.

Pink and white garters would be worn, and hooked to scrumptious pink fishnet stockings. My shoes were pink patent leather heels. To complete my sexy, peurile ensemble? A tiny white apron attached to the dress, white fringes on the hems, a feather duster, and a tiny white lace cap.

The dress's neckline would most certainly reveal my budding boobies and the small white lace bra I was to wear would even create a cleavage. The lace corset that Nanny showed me would pull in my waist and accentuate both my budding chest and round girlish bottom!

THAT would drive Uncle Richard crazy I thought and my crotch moistened just a did Nanny's hand.

"I think someone approves of her little SissyMaid costume? Yah? Well, let's get you dressed, Pumpkin, because you have some cleaning to do."

The first thing Nanny dressed me in was a satin, underwire bra which pushed my small, but firm breasts together and up-creating a delicious cleavage.

I couldn't resist running my fingers across the satiny material...and my breasts.

Next was a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings. There was a pink seam along the back, and Nanny told me to keep that seam straight.

The stockings really accentuated just how smooth and feminine my legs had become. And they felt wonderful.

A pink and white lace garter belt was next and this was snapped to my stockings. The result was quite sexy.

A corset was next and I thought I would pass out as Nanny buttoned the pearl buttons in the back. But I was quite pleased with her effort. My waist narrowed and my hips appeared to widen. My ass looked even rounded and more girlish than ever! And my boobies seem to grow at least two inches!

I looked like a little hottie and once again my little doodle became moist with anticipation.

Nanny thought for a minute-trying to decide if I was to go without panties or in panties.

Either way, she explained, I would be quite the delicious little cookie...and cock-tease.

I giggled when she said "cock-tease."

Nanny finally decided that I would wear the white satin panties. The panties were covered completely in pink ruffles. My ass would look like a little girl's birthday cupcake. Pretty and good enough to eat!

Nanny pulled the panties up my legs and over the garter belt-for easy removal she noted. Easy removal? Oh goody!!

Finally I stepped into my little ruffled petticoats. They were very short (oh goody again!) and would show off my panties.

My little pink and white maid's dress was next. It was tight and clung to my now feminine body. My petticoats held it almost straight out and my flirty little panties were quite visible.

My maid's cap and 5 inch pink high heeled shoes completed my transformation into the most perfect and peurile sissy-maid.

Nanny then began to work on my makeup. She was so good at that! When she was done I looked like quite the little Lolita! Big thick lashes accentuated my big blue eyes. I batted them coyly, imagining that I was flirting with an older man...with a big hard cock.

My lipstick was bright pink and tasted sweet. Rouge was applied to my cheekbones and a small black mole was put on my left cheek.

I looked like a China Doll. I looked like a turn-of-the-century hooker. I looked good enough to bend over a desk and ****!

Nanny handed me my pink feather duster and proceeded to instruct me in the fine art of the curtsey.

She said, "Now, Precious, take the hem or lower part of your skirt or dress in your hands, using only your fingertips to hold it in a delicate, ladylike way. You may have to gather the fabric in your arms somewhat if the garment you are wearing has much fabric.

Next, raise your skirt so that it can clearly be seen that you are doing so. If you are curtsying to a grownup lady, she will indicate how high you are to lift your skirt. It is important that you do this in a ladylike, graceful way, not like some ill-mannered barbarian or unchaste hussy. The original reason for doing this was that, in olden days, skirts usually went right to the feet and ladies did not want them to touch the floor or ground.

Now...move one foot behind the other (about 18").

Bend at the knees so that you dip. About half way down, bend forward a bit at the waist towards the other person

At the bottom of your curtsy, pause for a moment, remaining bowed towards the other person

You may now rise. After you have risen back to where your forward leg is straight, and your back leg is still bent slightly at the knee behind you, you may stand straight.

You may now release your skirt.

It took several attemts but soon was curtseying as if the Queen of England was standing before me.

Nanny said I was her best student ever!

(How many had there been? How many other boy's had she ushed into the world of sissy-maids and sissy-babies?)

Then it came time to teach me how to walk in heels. Nanny said there would be plenty of practise and that my ankles would strengthen in time.

She was very patient with me, holding my hands as I stumbled and fumbled like a baby taking its first cautious steps.

Finally I was able to make it around the nursery several times without falling or bracing myself against something.

Nanny reminded me to keep my back straight and push out my chest and stick out my scrumptious little bottom.

She even showed me how to bend at the waist without bending at the knee.

"This is very sexy, she said, "And a very good way to get a man's attention."

As I bent over, imagining I was dusting the very bottom shelf of a bookcase, I felt the back of my short little maid's dress rise up and fully expose my ruffled panties.

Nanny reached down and straightened the seam on my right leg.

She said I was a naturak little sissy-flirt and I giggled.

After my lessons in how to be an obediant if not flirty little sissy maid, I was instructed to go the large study at the end of the grand hall on the first floor.

Uncle Richard's study.

I thought of that hard cock sliding in and out of me.

('For easy removal' Nanny had said.)

I'd like to think for 'easy access' too!

I knocked on the study door.

I heard Uncle Richard's voice," Who is it?"

"It'th Bwianna. I've come to cwean and dutht the thtudy, Uncle Wichard,, thir."

"Oh, yes. Brianna. The new little sissy-maid Marion told me about. Well, come in dearie. Time is money, as they say."

I opened the door and saw that Uncle Richard was not alone. There were three other men inside the very masucline room with its buffalo heads and stuffed bears and lions.

There was a fireplace and every wall was covered with bbokshelves.

The men were sitting in highback chairs sipping cognac and smoking cigars.

I could feel their eyes on me as I sashayed into the room.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that the men only wore red velvet smoking jackets.

They sat, legs wide open, facing a large screen tv.

The movie they were watching appeared to the be the one Aunty Marion and I had enjoyed so much at the Regency Hotel.

It was the movie with the she-boy school girl getting ****** by the older man. There was something different about the movie this time. As I dusted I caught glimpses of it from the corner of my eye.

Then I realized to my horror!

It was me!!

I was the sexy, slutty, little she-boy school girl getting ****** by Uncle Richard! It was bizarre seeing myself like that! Being ****** by a man! On my back, my ankles on his broad shoulders, his huge cock sliding in and out of me...and the smile on my face as I sucked my thumb and allowed my insides to be plowed like some little tart!

The men were obviously enjoying the show. Each of them had their cocks in hand and were pumping them slowly.

Uncle Richard spoke, "Brianna. Wold you please get these books....right over here....on the bottom shelf?"

He was pointing to a bookcase in front of all the men.

I said with a most proper little curtsey, "Of courth, Thir."

I walked slowly, rocking my bottom from side to side, to the bookcase that needed dusting.

I stood in front of it and bent over at the waist, sticking my ass out as I did.

I heard sighs and moans of approval.

I heard the pumping of cocks and the stiffness of excited breathing.

It turned me on to know that I was having that effect on them.

I dusted that shelf fro ten minutes.

Then Uncle Richard said, "Brianna, dear, the shelf looks fine. Would you mind polishing THIS?"

I stood saying, "Of courth, Thir" and saw that Uncle Richard was holding his massive cock in his hands and pointing it right at me.

"That is to say, would you mind polishing it with that sexy little sissy mouth of yours?"

"YETH THIR," I answered as I walked over to him and got down on my knees between his thick thighs.

I smelt his man-sex and closed my eyes as I took the head of his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.

I gripped the shaft tightly-it felt like steel.

I licked the slit and tasted his pre-cum which was beginning to ooze out.

I began to pump with both my hands and my mouth and I knew I was doing a GREAT JOB because Uncle Richard exploded into my mouth and down my throat.

After he was drained and I had swallowed my bitter-sweet reward, I felt hands on my ass.

I turned around and began to rise slowly.

One of the strange men removed my panties easily.

(Thank YOU Nanny!)

Another lifted my dress over my head and tossed it aside.

I felt hands on my legs and on my ass.

I bent over slightly and let someone's fingers slide along the crack of my ass. I spread my legs and widened my stance allowing full access to wherever those hands and fingers wanted to enter.

My corset was removed and then my bra.

Someone kissed my nipples and sucked them into their mouth.

Another man stuck his face in between my quivering cheeks and licked my tender little ring.

The third man kneeled in front of me and took my throbbing, and very wet little doodle into his mouth. He licked and sucked on it as if it were a woman's clit.

Trembling fingers caressed my silken bag and tiny pearls.

I was in heaven. I felt naughty and slutty and desired. I was a sissy-a cock-sucking, please **** my ass little sissy. And I knew that now!

Finally the three men sat back down in their chairs and I serviced them each.

One cock was long and skinny.

One was medium sized and thick.

One was short and fat.

None of them was a long or as thick or as yummy's as Uncle Richard's.

When I was done my belly swelled with its four loads of cum.

Uncle Richard instructed me to dress-slowly-and then go to the laundry room.

I slowly dressed, sensing that all four men were watching my every move. I put on quite the show for them. when I was done, I curtseyed and left the room.

As I closed the door, I heard the three men congratulating Uncle Richard on his 'fine, little cock-sucking sissy.'

Uncle Richard said that they should get their own little sissies, but until they did, I would be happy to come over and clean their houses.

When I arrived at the mansion's large laundry area, I was met by Babette and Suzette, two statuesque beauties who looked absolutely perfect in their traditional black and white maid's outfits.

Babette and Suzette told me that they were going to instruct me in how to properly do laundry.

I was told that I would be hand-washing the "delicates" of all the maids, as well as my own lingerie and baby clothes.

As listened to their instructions, the two of them removed their panties to be washed. They suggested I do the same with mine because they seemed a little soiled and worse for wear.

As I bent over to pick up my panties, which I had slid down my legs and casually stepped out of, I glanced up to see Babbette's skinny cock peeking out at me from the underneath the layers of sheer petticoats under her black dress.

Her shaved pink balls hung below her cock and seemed to swell as I stared them.

I glanced over at Suzette who was also sporting quite the erection!

I couldn't believe it! Those two gorgeous women were really men., sexy, sissy-maids.

They told me that they had once been like me-18 years old with no future and absolutely no idea about who I really idea about the naughty little sissy who was inside of me just begging to be let out.

They told me that I was absolutely adorable and they told me that they would treat me as if I was there little sissy-sister.

They even told me that during the five weeks I had been in BABYLAND,, ALL of the Femmaker's maids had taken turns babysitting me.

They said I seemed to be such a happy little sissy-baby and they had enjoyed playing with me, feeding me, taking me for strolls in the park in my carriage, and even changing my wet and dirty diapers.

I was embarrassed and they laughed saying that all babies wet and pooed their diapers. There was nothing to be ashamed of...that I was a cute baby and they were actually a little jealous.

They'd never been to BABYLAND.

I was the first of all the sissies of Femmaker Mansion to be babied.

Most sissies who arrived at the mansion, usually under the care of Marion Femmaker, it was explained, are started off in sissy basic training.

That is to say, they are dressed and treated like 5 year old girls during the first part of their sissy training. Then after drug therapy began, the sissies would be allowed to dress and act a little older.

And of course, they are introduced to penile and anal stimulation to speed things along. The Femmakers always seemed to know just what buttons to push to transform rough and tumble boys into limp-wristed, panty-wearing sissies.

Finally, Suzette continued, once the sissy switch had been flipped on, it was full-time sissy heaven. There were always men visiting the mansion who loved to have sissy-boys sitting on their laps. They loved the parties where sissy dates would meet them at the door and then proceed to treat them like the prom kings they had never been.

And of course, there was a lot of sex! A lot of hot, wet, incredible, sissy-sex!

And sissies just love sex! (I was finding that out!)¦especially with older men with big hard cocks and the money to buy their favorite sissies jewelry and clothing. Babbette told me that Uncle Richards friends loved to spoil the pretty sissies who fawned on them!

I listened intently as I hand washed pair after pair of scrumptious lingerie.

Finally, after I hung the last see-through bra on the clothesline, Babbette and Suzette told me that I had done a remarkable job and that it was time for me to go back to the nursery and get ready for dinner.

I kissed them both and actually skipped happily as I made my way back to nursery where I knew Nanny was waiting for me to get me ready for dinner.

When I entered the Nursery, I didnt see Nanny. Instead I saw Aunty Marion sitting on the edge of my king-sized princess bed with its lacy and ruffled canopy.

She was smiling at me, obviously pleased with my days performances. Obviously, she had received reports from everyone, and the reports were glowing! I had been the most-behaved, most adorable, most precious little sissy anyone had ever seen!

Hello Precious. Did Mommys little sissy have a busy day?

Yeth, Maam, Aunty Mawion, I answered.



Mommy. You are to call me ˜Mommy. Is that understood?

Yeth. Mommy, I answered.

Good. I have run a wonderful hot bath for you, so please remove your clothes and come into the bathroom.

Yeth Mommy.

I did as I was told and undressed. Naked, I padded to the bathroom and climbed into my sweet-smelling bubble bath.

Mommy kneeled down by the side of the tub and began to gently bathe me.

Did you have a wonderful day, Brianna?

Yeth Mommy.

Did you enjoy sissy-school?

Yeth Mommy.

Did you learn anything fun?

Yeth Mommy. I learned that Teacher hath a big doodle and it feelth wonderful when he thtickth it inthide me.

Yes he does, Pumpkin. Anything else?

I wearned that my wocking horthie ith weally fun to wide!

It looked like you were enjoying yourself. And?

I wearned that I wike it when I am being babied and when women futh over me and tell me how cute and adowable I am¦

Whats the most important thing you learned today, Brianna? Mommy stopped soaping my back and turned my face to meet hers.

That I am a thithy. And that I weally wove being a thithy.

Thats right. You are Mommys little sissy. You are mommys little sissy-baby¦Mommys little sissy-maid¦.And Mommys and Daddys little sissy school girl.

And you always will be.

Mommy finished bathing me and dried me with a large towel. She powdered my body and dressed me in a pair of light yellow cotton panties. The panties were brief style and came up to my belly button. They looked like granny-panties but the cute little yellow bumblebee on the seat reminded me that they were made for a young girl.

My cotton night gown was very short. It matched the panties.

Mommy took my hand and led me to the highchair. I climbed up into it and she placed the tray in front of me.

I think some dinner, maybe a bed time story, and then beddie-byes, for you Little Sissy. Your bath finished you off and you look like youre having a hard time keeping your eyes open.

Mommy sat a baby bottle in front of me and I grabbed it in both hands and sucked from the nipple. Warm milk began to fill my belly.

Dinner was light, consisting of mashed potatoes and a few fish sticks. I fed myself as Mommy occasionally wiped my mouth and chin.

After dinner she helped me out of my highchair and halfway towards my the big comfy bed which awaited me, asked, Do you have to go potty, Pumpkin? Youre wearing big girl panties tonight and wouldnt want to have tinkles or make poopies in those. Does Mommy have to take you for a potty?

I thought about it for a second. During the past few weeks I had gone to the bathroom while sleeping every night¦.without even batting a pretty little eyelash. This was different though. Peeing my panties wouldnt be so bad (would it?) but making poopies would be kinda yucky.

I have to go potty, Mommy, I said in my lisping little girl voice. And even upon just saying the words seemed to increase my urge to relieve myself. I put my hand between my legs and squeezed my legs together as Mommy walked me to the potty.

She lifted my nightshirt, slid down my panties and watched as I climbed up onto the toilet seat. I tinkled and then I made my poopies. Mommy said I was a good girl and wiped me clean. Then she pulled my panties up-almost to my belly button-and lowered my nightshirt.

She helped me up onto my bed, slid me under the silky covers and tucked me in tight, handing me one of the many stuffed animals which decorated my bed. I hugged my white kitty cat and stuck my thumb into my mouth.

Mommy asked if I wanted to hear story and I said, Yeth, Mommy, pweathe.

Mommy began¦

There was once a rough and tumble, dirty ill-mannered boy named Brian. Brian was very unhappy living the life he was living and secretly wished someone would come into his life and make everything all better¦

I hugged my kitty and closed my eyes.

One day Brians fairy godmother appeared and told Brian that she would grant him one wish. It didnt take long for Brian to think about it, and after a wave of her wand-and a generous sprinkling of fairy dust and some secret fairy godmother magical words, Brian was soon covered in sparkles and rainbow twinkles. The cloud of fairy dust began to swirl around his body and his head began to spin.

When the fairy dust and magic sprinkles cleared, Brian was amazed to see that he had been transformed into the prettiest little girl he had ever seen! She had golden curls and big beautiful lashes. She was wearing a precious little party dress with a delicate lace pinafore, white tights, ruffled panties, and shiny black shoes with little buckles.

Little Brianna squealed with delight and hugged the FairyGodMother who had granted her her secret wish and¦ 

I didnt hear the rest of the story because I drifted off to sleep and had the most scrumptious sissy dreams. THAT was okay though, because I knew how the rest of the story would go.
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A long story.....
i love your story.
l love that kind of story. i wish that some lady like marion would make me become a little sissy baby girl like brianna

With thousand kisses for my furure Mum or Dad

Your little Princess in progress

This is a long and well-written story, though more adult than I usually prefer. But tastes very of course. There is a lot of the grownup-male-to-baby-girl transformation stuff that I like, though, as well as hypnosis (probably), which I also like. Sissy Jodie writes very well, though I'm not sure this one fits within an R rating!
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Lovely job.
Courtney Kay
Oh this story gets me every time.  
i read it before but still loves reading over and over
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
Oh, my goodness, this story was just SO Wonderful !!!
in diapers FOREVER !
 Wow. I'm stunned. 

This is the perfect sissification/sex story! It has everything!

Plus, I love the style and the tone of the story. 

How wonderful.  
Baby talk rocks!
This is...breathtaking
Always open for roleplay~

~Please send a message for roleplay~
I'm gonna have wet dreams all night now ^^ *giggles

That was one of the bestest sissification stories I've ever read!
I would love to have been in Brianna's situation!
My panties are all sticky, just from reading it!

XO, Barbi
This was one of the best stories I have read here yet! The story blend was and is perfect. You are a true artist.
I've read a great Deal of story around and me just have to say this well well written. The sex in the story did not over step the Feeling of the Toon's in the story. It help the flow of the story as it come together very well done. I hope to see more really good work from you in the future.
Sweet Dream
Sissy Breeanna
Reading some of the stories out of the archives and this one is just wonderful. I am not much into the baby thing, but an excellent story indeed!!
anonymous user namme
no boy
no man
no guy
yes girl
yes woman
yes gals

female is the best gender than being a male or u can become a sissy
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