PG 13 My Day at the Mall as a Girl
A boy becomes the girl his mother wanted him to be and learns about being a young girl.
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I awoke from a most startling dream in which I, eighteen-year-old Alan, became a four-year-old girl, Alice. What I realized upon the second that I opened my eyes was that my dream had come almost completely true; I was still eighteen years old, but I had large breasts and a newly formed vagina, evidently concluding that I looked like a young girl, only sexier and older! Once I got out of bed, I noticed that I was stark naked and I found that my room, formerly all blue with fancy decorations, was all pink and girly, and now I had a closet of dresses, diapers, panties and bras that Mom had bought for me. Fortunately, nobody was looking outside or into my room. I looked in the mirror, and to my surprise, I saw that I was the same girl with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair that I had dreamt of being instead of the brown-haired mop-top I normally was, but one thing remained unchanged: that I still had brown eyes, although prettier and sexier, because Alice's eyes in my dream were brown like mine in real life. I was entirely a girl, and I felt certain that I would permanently remain a girl. My dad died before I was born, so my mother must have done all this while I was fast asleep. She always wanted a daughter, so she tried dressing me up like a girl during the summer (I had just graduated from high-school), and finally she got what she wanted: a girl who behaved like a baby.
I put on a new pair of pink panties, a matching pink bra and a fancy turquoise tutu with frills and white lace in front to make it look like the dress Alice wore in Alice in Wonderland. "Alice!" Mom shouted from downstairs. "Come down here and get ready!" "Okay, Mommy!" I responded, suddenly noticing that my voice had changed from a manly baritone to a soothing soprano. With this, I got excited and suddenly wet my new pair of panties. When I came downstairs, Mom noticed what had happened. "Oh, dear! You've wet your new panties! You need a diaper, darling?" Mom asked. "Yes, Mommy," I replied. "Let's see if we have any," she thought. "Oh, I guess we don't!" she said later. I was old enough to do my normal daily tasks – combing my hair, brushing my teeth, etc. – but Mom did three new tasks for me – inserting a tampon into my new vagina, applying a pad to my panties and powdering my bottom. Since my hair was longer, I put it into a pair of cute pigtails by the sides of my head like those I had envisioned in my dream, and we were off. The mall we went to was different from what you would typically see; it did not resemble a typical mall at all. Every store had something either about being feminine or being an adult baby.
The first store we arrived at was Victoria's Secret. There, Mom got me to try on lovely bras and sexy panties, especially in pink and blue, and when we left, she bought me fourteen different pairs, one each in both colors for every day of the week. Next, we came to the ear piercing station at Claire's, where Mom asked the clerk, a girl named Helen, to pierce my earlobes. I had endured pain from needles before, and I did not scream at all during the process. "Your daughter seems very brave for a young girl," noticed Helen, whose ears, nose, mouth and belly button were pierced almost everywhere. "I had to pierce myself, and believe me, it hurt a lot." She then asked which pair of earrings I'd like to wear, and I pointed to a pair made from gold and aquamarine. "Alice loves the Mario games," Mom explained, "and she especially loves Princess Peach." "That's a good choice for a cute girl like her," Helen replied, and she slipped them into my ears with no problems at all. With fancy new earrings, we left for another store. That store was the Baby Center, where I got to try on new diapers, dresses and other baby paraphernalia, but Mom was dissatisfied and we left.
Next came Adult Baby Girl's Dress Central, a large dress store full of baby-style dresses for girls of older ages. My eyes immediately saw a fancy Alice in Wonderland dress, so mom bought me that, a flowing Cinderella dress, a Princess Peach dress, a Sailor Moon outfit, four fancy pairs of white gloves – one each in silk, lace, satin and velvet – and three tutus in pink, turquoise and golden yellow. After that, we arrived at Adult Baby Girl Supplies, a store for everything associated with adults who enjoy being baby girls but also encompassing feminine hygiene. Mom bought a pack of diapers, a box of tampons, a pack of maxi-pads with wings, a feeding bottle, a pacifier and a box of baby formula. Following this, we arrived at Baby Toy World, a store full of dolls, teddy bears and other baby toys. As we entered, I saw a Barbie doll that looked just like me. "Mommy, I want that dollie!" I shouted, so she bought that doll, several more Barbie dolls and a few pink teddy bears. That was just the beginning, however, and the best of it was very soon to follow.
Finally, we came to the beauty salon, where the owner, Janet, asked my mom what she wanted. "I don't want anything at all, Janet," she answered, "but my daughter Alice would like to have her hair permed, shampooed and set." "I can do that," Janet replied. "Hooray, Mommy! I've always wanted to get my hair done at the salon!" I shouted. "She seems excited," Janet said. "Yes, she is," Mom replied. "She should also have her nails polished and straightened." I had seen Mom get her hair permed and set when I was a boy, and finally I got to have the chance to do that. My hair was cut first and then it was wound on small rods and permed, a process that took about forty-five minutes, followed by half an hour under the dryer. After that, it was shampooed and set on small curlers. This process also took about forty-five minutes with yet another half hour under the dryer. Next, my hair was rinsed and pin-curled for a further half hour. When my hair had dried, Janet teased it and put it all up in a fancy Cinderella updo and asked what color she should paint my toes. "Turquoise," I told her, and my nails were filed and painted within fifteen minutes. With all of these processes, Mom took photos of me because I had always wanted to see how cute I looked as a girl. Soon after she finished photographing, the updo was taken down and Janet asked Mom how it should be styled. "Alice enjoys wearing little more than a pair of pigtails," she said, "so you can style her hair like that." "I want pigtails with cute curly ringlets, Mommy!" I giggled. "I can do that, Alice!" Janet replied, so she styled my hair in ringlets like I had asked for using the curling iron and she put them into a pair of cute pigtails, and before we left, she applied makeup and lipstick to my face as well. "What a wonderful day I had, Mommy!" I shouted as we entered the car. "It's not quite over yet, Alice," she replied. "When we get home, you are going to play with your cute teddy bears and dolls." When we got home, I changed my tampon and Mom put on a new diaper for me. I then went up to my room to play with my new dolls and teddy bears. It felt so good to be a baby girl that I wet my diaper and became more and more babyish and girly over the summer, even though I was still at my normal age of eighteen. I'll always remember that day, my first true day as a full-time girl.
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