R David and the mage of mystery
david meets a mage who grants him his hearts desire
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  David and the mage of mystery


David-27 year old boy 

Anna-David as a baby girl of 20

Andrew- a mage who grants david his hearts desire

     Chapter 1

   David was walking down the road to town when all of a sudden he saw a blinding light. when David could see he looked around and saw that there was a man in the road about to get hit by a car.  so when david saw this he runs into the street and pulls the man out of the street just in time as the car just missed them by a foot.  when David caught his breath he said to the strange man "Hi my name is david. you should be careful because there are a lot of cars around here."  "why hello my name is Andrew and i am a mage and so as a thank you for savig me i will grant you your hearts desire." says Andrew with a smile on his face as her reveals a staff that is very old and very powerful.
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hello :)
Baby Butch
Nice start to another story. I did a google search to find out a mage is a magician. Story sounds interesting so far!
nice start would love to read more if you got it. 
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