Young boy is lovingly looked after by his adoring mother.
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Baby Danielle

Danielle woke up in that early grey of the morning that comes just before the sunrise. His nappies were soaked to the point that his rubber pants could not hold back the flow, so wet nappies also meant wet bed as well. He reached his hand down under his baby soft nightie and gently caressed the bulk between his legs. He could feel the wet bulk together within the drier folds of his nappy. Danielle laid back and enjoyed the squishy feelings and happily sucked rhythmically on his dummy. He sighed and soaked up the warm wet feeling of his pee-soaked nappy around his bottom and between his legs. He continued to happily suck his dummy as he dozed. A fullness pressed on his bowel. He spread his legs slightly and grunted. He could feel the soft poos ooze out of his anus. Danielle lifted his bottom slightly and poos curved and dropped onto his already soaked nappy. He relaxed and more slithered out to accompany the rest. He dropped his bottom squashing the lump between his damp skin and pee-soaked nappy. Danielle loved having poopy nappies. He pushed again vigorously sucking his dummy and more poop pushed into his wet nappy followed by another gush of warm pee. The soft slithery lump nestled against his bottom and between his legs. Danielle smiled to himself as he drifted off to sleep savouring his full nappy.

Danielle awoke later and stirred. He felt the poop squashed into his damp bottom and soaked nappy. He looked around his room. It was brighter. He wriggled enjoying his babyish condition. He decided not to wake his mother up to change him. She enjoyed sleeping late when his father was on the road. Danielle enjoyed it too, but for a different reason. There would be no scene because his bed was soaked and his nappy was dirty. His mother understood and best of all, she knew her delicate little baby boy couldn’t help it after all that was why she kept him in nappies.

Today could be even better because Danielle could wear one of his lovely dresses or sun-suits. He could suck his dummy all day and have his morning and evening bottle. He could use his nappies to his heart’s content knowing his Mummy would lovingly change him. After all that’s what happened with babies. His father disapproved of his son wearing dresses and being babied, and would huff and threaten but nothing ever came of it, but his mother loved it.....and so did Danielle. As he lay in his bed savouring the rubber teat of his dummy against his tongue and enjoying the soothing sensation which he had come to enjoy, he wondered what they would do together today, mother and 'daughter'. His hair was now long enough to be put in a girl style. His father threatened several times to cut it but again it never happened. His mother loved brushing his beautiful blonde hair until it shone. It ran in soft waves and curls cascading down to his shoulders. A couple of barrettes or a ribbon and Daniel became Danielle, even in public.

Danielle laid back and continued to daydream and savoured his baby feelings as well the baby mess in his nappy.

"Perhaps we'll go to the market or the girls' section of a department store,” he thought. He relished the thought of trying on a new dress or his mother looking through the lovely array of soft panties. She said he wasn’t ready for those yet until he was a big girl, whenever that would be. Maybe they would visit the baby store and buy a new dummy or some lovely new baby pants. His mother did say that he needed some new nappies. Just maybe today would the day.

He loved that! He really didn't care what they did as long as he could be his mother's little toddler girl.

The first streaks of sunlight came through his curtains. He could hear his mother stirring. It wouldn't be long until she would come in with a nice warm bottle and remove his soggy and dirty nappies; clean him up and put fresh ones on him while he blissfully enjoyed the contents of his morning bottle. He loved the warm sensation as the formula settled in his tummy and made him feel safe and cherished. His mother firmly believed that baby formula was better for him than ordinary milk. She insisted on this so he could get the important things a growing baby needed. Danielle loved the sweet taste of the formula and when Mummy burped him the after taste was magical. His father certainly would disapprove of this infantile behaviour and that was why Danielle looked forward to the times when his father was away and his loving mother would treat him as her cute toddler.

Danielle smiled to himself because if only his father really knew what actually went on. Sure he would bluster and fume at his mother but he only knew very little of what he and his mother did. Danielle was never without night nappies. His Mummy made sure of that every night right under his father’s nose.

Daniel would have his evening bath which his loving mother supervised while his father conducted business on his cell-phone. They would listen to his blustering and bullying tone knowing full well they were safe to carry on with their subterfuge. She would help him into his nice soft nightie and Daniel would scurry off to his bedroom with the soft fleecy cloth rubbing over his bare bottom and his little peenie flopping between his legs. His mother would give him a loving cuddle and rub his bottom moving the soft fluffy cloth over his warm naked skin. Daniel would slip into his bed and cover himself snuggling under the soft sheets savouring the movement of the fluffy nightie over his sensitive skin. His mother would switch out his light but always ensured that enough light from the hallway illuminated his room. His father never came in to wish him good night but Daniel didn’t care. Then later after making sure his father was occupied she would slip into her baby boy’s room and carefully pull down his covers. Daniel’s dummy would be slipped into his mouth. He knew what would follow and waited eagerly for it to happen.
Without any words Daniel could see the silhouette of his mother hover over him and soaked up her maternal warmth. He could hear her breathing and feel her tender hands as she lifted his nightie clear up to his waist and loving caressed his warm bottom and thigh.

“Tut, tut,” she would whisper. “Why hasn’t my baby got his nappy on? It’s just as well Mummy has checked.” She did this every night and Daniel loved it. It was all part of the pretence and secret game they were playing.
Daniel sighed as his mother’s warm hands lifted his ankles pushing his bottom clear of the mattress. When his warm soft nappy was slipped under his bottom he swooned in delight. He enjoyed the gentle and sure work of his mother’s fingers as she rubbed and caressed the sweet smelling baby powder over his nappy area.

“Mama,” he gurgled softly as his mother pulled the nappy up between his legs and pinned it snugly yet firmly closed. Next his favourite baby panties were domed in place.

“There my beautiful baby boy,” his mother would whisper softly as she leaned over him pulling his nightie over his baby padding. “All snug as bug for the night. Just how my baby boy should be.” Daniel would throw his arms around her neck and give her a loving cuddle. “Night night baby boy,” she would coo kissing him tenderly before covering him up and tucking him in.

The best part would come later. His mother would slip into his room and replace his dummy with the warm nipple of his bottle. Daniel always marvelled how she managed to sneak it past his father without being detected but she did. Daniel would gradually slip off to sleep suckling the warm formula into his tummy and soaking his nappy in the process.

Often during the night his mother would creep into his room. Danielle would wake to his father’s rumbling voice from the bedroom next door.

“Where are you going now?” he would grumble.

“Our son needs me. Didn’t you hear him call out for me?” she would reply.

“Oh for god sake woman stop babying the boy and leave him,” he would growl.

“Rubbish,” his mother would brush him off. “Stop grumbling and go back to sleep. I notice you’re not getting up to him,” she would scold his father.

Danielle heard another grumbled comment then the hall light would go and through his sleepy eyes the silhouette of his mother would fill the doorway. Danielle would feel the side of his bed sag as his mother sat on it then feel her warm hand snake under his covers and touch his padded bottom. Daniel would sidle closer on his warm mattress as his mother’s sure fingers lifted his nightie and snaked their way between his legs and into his nappy. Danielle would part his legs to allow his mother entry.

Leaning over him she would whisper softly to him.

“My, my what a wet baby. Is that what woke my little one?” Of course it hadn’t but it was all part of the pretence. He would whimper softly and she would carefully lower the covers the cool night air making him shiver. His mother would lift his nightie aside and open his baby pants. When Danielle felt the familiar tug he knew his mother was extracting his nappy pins in readiness to change him. He felt her soft hands on his ankles as his bottom was pushed up so his wet nappy could be removed. He shivered when the cool baby wipes were rubbed over his pee coated bottom. He couldn’t see his mother’s face but he knew there would be a look of maternal softness and desire. He swooned when his bottom hit the dry soft nappy and the intoxicating smell of baby powder would assail his nostrils. The final icing on the cake was to feel the nappy firmly around his bottom and the bulk between his legs then hear the reassuring clicks of the nappy pins closing. Finally his baby pants would be domed in place and his nightie pulled down. Quickly his mother would give him a loving and reassuring cuddle before tucking him in again. “Nightie night little one,” she would coo before leaving the room with his wet nappy in her hand.

A few moments later his father would growl some remark then there would be silence. Danielle would doze off to sleep with a warm wet feeling as his pee soaked into his freshly pinned on nappy.

Even during the day Danielle was subject to accidents, either wet or poopy. Maybe sometimes they weren't accidents. He didn’t care and his loving Mother certainly did not scold or punish him. She was always loving and accepting of his babyish behaviour often saying that little baby boys or girls just can’t help it and, after all, that’s what nappies were for.

Danielle could have removed his own wet nappies but didn't for three reasons. First of all his mother enjoyed doing it for him and secondly he loved the attention she gave him as she changed his nappies while sucking the contents of his bottle. Finally he couldn’t clean up his poopy bottom anyway. She was always good at doing that. Her gentle touch and warm smile made him feel like a little baby and that was what he looked forward too.

Danielle was much smaller than most twelve-year-old boys. He looked more like a six or seven year old and when dressed as a girl he looked even younger, around four or five. His nappies and rubber panties made him feel even younger, toddler-like.

"Good morning, precious," his mother said as she stood in the doorway holding his recently warmed morning bottle. "It smells like pee-pee and poop in here. Let's get my baby changed and air out the room," she smiled crossing the room shaking the bottle.

She teasingly rubbed the teat over his lips and immediately Danielle would suck the teat into his mouth savouring the first warm mouthfuls of the soothing formula.

“What a good baby,” his Mother cooed. “My little one loves his bottle. You hold it darling while Mummy changes your wet nappies,” she cooed. She sniffed wrinkling her pert nose, her loving eyes widening. “Has my baby boy done poopies for Mummy?” she crooned. “I think he has. Yes I do. I think he has,” she grinned warmly tickling him lightly on his sensitive ribs. Danielle squirmed and giggled around the teat of his bottle making the mess inside his nappy worse.

Danielle grasped the warm bottle and hungrily emptied the contents. His Mother looked lovingly at her little boy.

“Not so fast sweetheart you will get windies,” she chuckled as she reached for his nightie, folding it back over his tummy then carefully undoing the snaps of his rubbers and undoing the nappy pins which held his soggy and smelly nappies in place. Expertly and loving she removed his nappies, gently cleaned him up his poopy bottom and had pinned him into a clean nappy in a jiffy.

"I’ll have to do some laundry; you're out of rubber panties. You'll just have to wear your nappies until I'm done," she cooed softly.

At the same time his mother reached for his nightie.

“I’ll have to take this off precious it’s a bit wet,” his mother said gently.
While Danielle lay on the bed his mother gathered the nightie up and eased it up his soft baby-like body and taking one arm she eased it out of the sleeve. This was followed by the other. Gently she eased the bottle teat from his mouth and he began to whimper.

“It’s alright darling Mummy wants to slip your nightie over your head sweetheart then you can have your bottle back,” she said soothingly smiling adoringly at her little toddler. With a small nod of understanding Danielle allowed his mother to do just that and soon the teat was back in his mouth and was again enjoying the smooth taste of formula and the rhythmic caress of his tongue on the rubber nipple.

His father always left for work early long before Danielle woke. Sometimes the small boy wouldn’t wait for his mother to get him up. He would roll out of bed and toddle out to the kitchen. His wet nappy would pull at his nappy pins as it drooped between his legs. He could feel the slap of the soaked cloth over his bottom. His mother would always be bustling around the bench and when he entered the kitchen drop whatever she was doing and envelope him in a warm affectionate cuddle her hand slipping under his nightie and probing his wet nappy.

“Come on baby,” she would bustle with concern. “My baby needs some dry nap-naps.” Then lifting him in her arms she would retrieve his morning bottle from the bench and carry him into the lounge and lay him of the changing rug spread out on the floor already for use. Danielle would see the soft white nappy with its rich red edging neatly folded waiting for him. Even on school days his mother would change him into a dry nappy just in case his had a little accident. Danielle would lie before his mother enjoying his morning bottle of warm formula while his mother loving changed him. His nightie would be changed for a shorter fleecy top and he would toddle around the kitchen dressed in only his nappy and top happily sucking on his bottle while she made his breakfast and school lunch.

After his breakfast she would lovingly dress him for school leaving his nappies on to very last minute. Danielle liked that because he would able to soak them while his mother fussed around with his shirt and jersey. She always smiled loving at her baby when she saw the big wet patch appear in the front of his nappy. Sometimes as he stood before her waiting for his shirt to be buttoned he would spread his legs slightly and stare fixedly at his mother while he filled his nappy with warm poop. She would sigh at him then patiently wait for him to finish. She was never angry. When she thought he was finished she envelope him in a loving reassuring cuddle and gently knead the bottom of his full nappy. Danielle would lay his head on her shoulder and savour the gently kneading motion as the poop was rubbed over his bottom.

“Has my baby boy got a parcel in his nap-nap for Mummy,” she would coo. Danielle would mumbled a soft reply as the poos was smeared over his bottom.

He would be lovingly cleaned up before his training panties were pulled up his legs and over his pert little bottom. There were no big boy undies for him. His Mummy said that he didn’t need them and she said he wasn’t ready for panties either. Danielle loved his training panties. They were either soft pastel colours – yellows, pinks, light blue or lavender. His favourite one’s were pink and white with a Tinkerbell motif on the front. He loved the thick cloth between his legs. While it wasn’t the same as wearing his beloved nappies they were still comfortable. His mother worried that her little boy might have a wee accident at school so he needed to be prepared. Danielle didn’t have wee accidents but his trainers were always damp when he arrived home. His mother would gentle and loving when he arrived home saying that her little boy really did need his nappies. Danielle would have loved to wear his nappies to school but was frightened at what would happen.

When his father was home his mother reluctantly dressed her adorable little in the cutest shorts and T-shirts in soft pastel shades always with thick training panties underneath. His father would frown and scowl usually with rough comments about him being treated like a baby but his mother ignored him. She always made sure she carried several spare pairs of training panties in her voluminous handbag when they went out anywhere. His father would refuse to escort the boy to the toilet leaving his mother to guide him into the ladies. Danielle’s trainers were always damp so would be changed once he had ‘tinkled’ on the toilet. But Danielle didn’t care after all he was his mother’s toddler.

This morning was different though. It was the weekend so his mother always changed him before lifting him for the day. Danielle's mother lifted him from the bed still with the bottle in his mouth took him by the hand and led him to the kitchen clad only in his freshly pinned nappy no fleecy top just his bare baby soft torso on full view. Danielle enjoyed the sensation of the soft fluffy nappy moving over his sensitive bottom and rubbing over his inner thighs. Danielle knew he looked like a real baby. He had seen his image in one of the many mirrors dotted over the house. It was the cute adorable image of a lovely nappy dependent toddler enjoying his bottle or dressed in his cute baby girl clothes. It was an image he loved and his mother adored. An image he couldn’t get enough of.

In the kitchen she fixed his breakfast then slipped him into his high chair and tie his bib around his neck. Danielle would eat his breakfast while she had a cup of coffee and then went about the morning business of starting the laundry. Sometimes she would help spooning the remnants of his baby porridge into his waiting mouth. When Danielle finished his breakfast and his bottle he asked if he could get out of his high chair, dressed and go out in the yard.

"I think you’d better wait until I have some rubber panties for you to wear sweetheart. If you have an accident you might get your pretty dress all wet. On second thoughts your pretty pink sundress is short enough not to get wet from your nappies darling. You will be adorable like that. Won’t you sweetheart?" his mother said gently.

That's all that he wanted to hear. She was going to let him wear one of his dresses today. Danielle was ecstatic.

"Where are we going today?" he asked, just to add to the thrill as she lifted him from his high chair.

"We've got to get some groceries in Baby as well more formula and then maybe we can go to the park for a little while," was her adoring reply.

His mother knew this made him happy for there he got to meet other children who all thought he was a little toddler girl. No one ever teased him about his nappies. They just thought he was a cute toddler still not potty trained.
Dressed in his pink sundress, white sun bonnet with its wide brim surrounding his face and big lacy bow tied under his chin and white bib covering his chest

Danielle went out into his back yard with his soft, fluffy, white nappies quite visible underneath. His mother was very careful that he didn’t get sunburnt. The last thing she wanted was a factious child. His mother watched with love and adoration as her sweet child toddled outside with his nappies gently rubbing across his pert little bottom. She loved the way they curved around the back of his legs and folded into a soft bulk between his soft baby-like legs.

The kite fold was perfect for him she mused. It always allowed for a lot of nappy to show below the leg-line of his snap-on over-naps and gorgeous soft frilly panties. Even when she dressed him in tights they showed snug against his legs. She also knew from experience that there was plenty of nappy between his legs and up his back to cope with those baby accidents which invariably happened to her little one.

Her husband just did not understand the important needs of a loving mother and little toddler. It was just as well he had to travel a lot anyway she knew how to handle him. Her little boy-girl needed his Mummy just like any other baby. Her only regret was that Danielle no longer nursed. She missed his rhythmic suckle on her nipples and the euphoric feelings it gave her. Maybe, she thought with a smile, I might try again soon. I know Danielle would love being that close to his Mummy, she mused gently caressing her fulsome mammaries. Maybe today might just be the day she thought as she watched her toddler play intently.

Meanwhile as Danielle toddled into the garden with each step he savoured the soft bulk of his nappy between his smooth infantile legs and the way it caressed his smooth little bottom. They added to his baby-like behaviour. His dummy bobbled in and out of his mouth as his tongue worked on the rubber nipple. He had done this many times before and he gave no thought to the fact that he was now a twelve year old boy, yet was still dressed in nappies like a toddler. He enjoyed the freedom of his nappies. After all he considered himself to be a toddler. The warm air felt good on his soft hairless and babyish skin and a slight breeze made him tingle. He climbed up onto his swing and began rocking back and forth building up a little speed, but not too much as he did not like heights.

The boy's mother looked out the window at her babyish son. She felt no guilt about letting him be her baby.....or her little girl for that matter. She loved him very much and hoped he would never grow up. It gave her a warm tingle to treat her little boy this way. To her it was the most natural thing for a mother to do. After all Danielle needed her. He needed her to change his nappies when he was wet or when had filled them. He needed to have his morning and evening bottle. Often he needed cuddles and reassurance that any baby demanded. She always made sure she was there. He needed his nap during the day often wanting a bottle to let himself fall asleep. He loved it when his Mummy bathed him at night, gently powdered him all over and pinned him snugly into his night nappy then fitting his nightie over his head or gently guiding his hands and feet into one of his one-piece sleepers. He loved the close contact with his Mummy when she cradled him in her arms and held his evening bottle for him while he steadily suckled on the warm smooth formula. The softness of her body and warm closeness made him feel loved and secure. He was her baby and would always be that.

Danielle was thinking about the same things; enjoying his youthful freedom and hoping it would never end.

Just before noon Danielle watched as his mother came out of the house carrying her little box camera. He was somewhat camera shy and put his head down as she approached. She took the picture anyway.

"Are you about ready to go to town darling?" she asked.

"Yes Mummy; but I'm a little hungry too."

"Okay, you can have a drink first then we'll have a burger in town if we hurry."

As Danielle stood up his mother could see his nappy droop. His nappies were wet and a little pee had begun to run down his legs. She smiled assuring him that all was well.

“Come on darling,” she said softly extending her hand. “Mummy get her baby cleaned up.” Danielle took her hand and was led into the cool interior of the house. He was guided into the lounge where his changing blanket was spread out on the floor waiting for him. He sighed and looked at his mother as she laid him on his back. He rolled his hips back and forth opening and closing his legs savouring his squishy nappy. His arms were eased out of his sun dress and his sun bonnet and bib removed.

His mother removed the nappy pins and pulled his wet nappy away. While he was lying naked on the floor Danielle’s mother carefully and thoroughly washed his bottom, groin and torso. Danielle gurgled with delight throughout the process bringing delight to his mother. A dry soft nappy was slipped under his rump, a generous amount of baby powder was sprinkled and rubbed over him before the clean nappy was snugly pinned in place. Danielle looked at his mother as he gurgled with happiness. Suddenly she slipped her hands under his armpits and lifted him into her arms before depositing herself of the large comfortable couch and settling him on her lap. Danielle snuggled into his mother’s warm breast as her hand caressed the soft baby-like skin on his back. Danielle looked up into his mother’s deep brown eyes. He adored her. Her eyes and mouth smiled at him, then she winked and started to undo the buttons down the front of her blue cotton dress. Danielle was spellbound. He saw her lacy bra and her creamy pink breasts straining within their cups. He wondered why she was doing this until she unclips the cup over one of her breasts revealing a large brown succulent nipple surrounded by a large brown
areola. Danielle had never seen his mother’s breasts up close. He was taken by them.

“Come on angel,” she cooed. “Lie in Mummy’s arms and let Mummy cuddle her baby.”

Danielle complied and allowed his mother to cradle him close to her chest with her soft breast so close to his face he could see the maze of blue veins and blood vessel wending their over her skin. She smiled affectionately at him and turned his small body until he faced her breast. He watched with wide eyes as her fingers lifted and manipulated her nipple pinching it until it was erect.

“Here darling,” she whispered to him. “Open up for Mummy and have a wee suck,” she encouraged. Danielle was mesmerized by the sight of his mother’s nipple. It looked so enticing. He felt her other hand on the back of his head manoeuvre his head until his lips were pressed on her nipple. Danielle opened his mouth and took the succulent morsel and started sucking. Although there was nothing in her breasts his mother gasped at his strong suck and the euphoric affect was having on her body. The more Danielle sucked the larger her nipple grew and more of her breast filled his mouth. He thought sucking his dummy was wonderful this was better. His mother let him suckle for quite a while until she managed to extract the wet teat with promise of more suckling later.

Danielle quickly had his nappy checked. He was wet again she his mother lovingly cleaned him up and pinned him into fresh nappies and a pair of rubber panties. Danielle could still feel the sensation of her nipple on his mouth as his mother slipped his favourite pair of blue ruffled baby panties over the top. She loved the way they showed below the hem of his dress. She also made sure that a small amount of white fluffy nappy peeped out below of both sets of panties. As far as she was concerned, that just added beautifully to his baby innocence. His mother helped him into his baby blue dress and buttoned it up the back primping the hem and ruffling his panties. She combed his bangs and then placed two lovely flowered barrettes in his hair to keep it out of his eyes. She put on his white sandals and was ready to go. Mother and daughter stood in front of the large mirror both noting how much alike they looked. Danielle looked exactly the way she did when she was a very small girl.

The two left the house hand-in-hand; both feeling that very special closeness that only mothers and daughters can know.

"When will Daddy be back?" asked Danielle as he waddled down the path.

"Not for a couple days," his mother replied. “Plenty of time for Mummy and baby to enjoy each other.”

Danielle smiled. That meant he had a couple more days of baby girl freedom, a couple more days of baby bliss, a couple more days of cuddling and sucking from his mother, and a couple more days of nappy euphoria.

There would be other times and Danielle and his Mother would treasure them all. His babyhood and girlhood would stay with him for the rest of his life.

Danielle looked at the picture of himself at age twelve; remembering his long hair and the wonderful feel of his clean soft nappies.

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A beautiful story. I hope it continues......
Great story I loved it. The detail was amazing, but I have to wonder, is this a story or a memory?

Either way I would love to see chapter 2
Anybody want to chat about anything just ask and i'll be there. Hugs and Kisses to all and to all a good night.
Thank you for your wonderful comments. Unfortunately it is only a 'one-off', a memory. I wrote it to get some members off my back because I have expressed views about abusive stories which are posted here.
It was a story a enjoyed writing to show some people that I can write.

 Thank you for your wonderful comments. Unfortunately it is only a 'one-off', a memory. I wrote it to get some members off my back because I have expressed views about abusive stories which are posted here.
It was a story a enjoyed writing to show some people that I can write.  

Well thank you for the wonderful expierience. You actually are a very talented writer and I woukd love to see more storys in the future. I agree about the abusive stories, I really dislike stories about forced fem/sissy.
Anybody want to chat about anything just ask and i'll be there. Hugs and Kisses to all and to all a good night.
Good to see you over here and working on a new project.
dis bees a goodies tories.. tanks yous furs witting dis...


    (giggles...)  Hi...

 Thank you for your wonderful comments. Unfortunately it is only a 'one-off', a memory. I wrote it to get some members off my back because I have expressed views about abusive stories which are posted here.
It was a story a enjoyed writing to show some people that I can write.  

Woah, I never said you can't write. I just stated that if you don't like a particular story, then don't read it or to go write your own. Also that aside you've tended to be less then constructive with your criticism on occasion, some times even insulting the readers. That is very offensive to both the writes and readers here. I was not trying to offend you or be mean in that respect, I just stated that you were being rude and disrespectful. The point is if you want a story to go a certain way, then you're going to have to write the story your self.

Please remember that a lot of the people here are extremely sensitive, and take bad critiques very hard. Slamming someone for writing or reading a story you don't like isn't appreciated here. It can even cause an author to stop writing. Remember that we who post our stories here (including you) do it as a personal labor of love. We write for our own gratification, with plots and situations that we like as writers. So once again it's never good to discourage or insult an author, just because they wrote something you don't personally like.

Now with that out of the way. Your story is very well written, and quite detailed. It's just for some reason I can't fallow it. It's not bad, not at all but it's not really my flavor. I'll have to give it another go to see if I can actually finish reading it because it is very interesting. I want to read it all through because it is done very well and is practically a fantasy come true. I just get distracted trying to read it, loose my place, and then have to start over. I hope to see you writing more, because you look to be a very talented writer.
This story is quite beautiful; it's refreshing to see a story with no sex and no forced regression or feminization in it. This is a rare thing, a positive portrayal of infantilism that is fully accepted by at least one family member. The relationship between Danielle and his mother is certainly not what most would call normal, but it doesn't seem to be unhealthy, because they're both completely willing to live this way. The only unhealthy thing is the fact that the father is unaware, and it's clear that he doesn't approve even of the occasional glimpses that he is aware of.

There is a lot of repetition, but I'd consider that to be an indication of Danielle or his mother reveling in the emotional satisfaction or sensual (not sexual) pleasure of their mommy/babygirl relationship. I wouldn't call that necessarily bad. The point of view shifts frequently between Danielle's and his mother's, but that's made clear enough.

The one negative thing I can point to is the lack of a plot; it is almost entirely expository, almost a biographical essay rather than a story. That may, however, be the intent; it almost reads like a documentary. We are given more information with time -- for example, we learn how Daniel manages to go to school while maintaining this lifestyle at home, and how his mother manages to keep his father from finding out -- and in a way that provides some progression. Still, it does have a stagnant, drifty feeling to it that doesn't really pull the reader along. I was expecting for the father to suddenly find out about this and react in some antagonistic way, then for Danielle and his mother to have to deal with that reaction, whatever it would have been, but that never happened. It would have brought about progression, though.

Don't get me wrong. I think this is well done in many ways; the only suggestion I can think of that would have made it better is to add some kind of momentum or progression. I really liked this.
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
Thanks PrincessKira and LilJennie for your kind words and encouragement. The story is not intented to have a plot. It intended as a reflective memory of a boy as he gazes at a photography bringing back wonderful emotional memories of his bond with his mother. The father's place is purely to indicate the depths both main characters went to cover up their bond for want of a better word. I suppose if you were looking for a theme it is about the important bond a son can have with his mother and that what happens is mutually agreeable and acceptable to both. There is no sequel. I feel if there was it would be forced and ruin the moment in time which was protrayed.
little baby kristie
It was such a good story i weally weally liked it i wish it coulde be comtinued  
Danii&Kristie forever
I thought it was good as a "scene". Well written and detailed, and giving a good view of the thought process of the main character. However, as was already stated, there is no plot. I think that may be why one reader said she gets distracted while reading it. The author says this was intended, so that's fine.

I rather like when a story goes a way I did not want it to go, or did not realize it would go. If a story is always predictable, a lot of the fun goes out of it. Frankly, I am NOT going to list any stories or names here, but a LOT of AB and/or sissy stories are like that. I'd go so far as to say I have written stories like that myself.

TBH, I'm a bit concerned about someone writing a story seemingly out of spite. It seems you wanted to say to people, "Na na na na boo boo, I can write a story without humiliation, and people liked it just fine!" That's all good and well, but some people also like stories with a lot of humiliation, and that is fine too - just as long as they aren't acting on those desires outside of stories. There was a study done once that indicated the possibility that reading stories about rape helped those so inclined to keep their desires under control better - then again there are other studies indicating that reading such stories created a desire that was not there or was latent before, leading to the crime.

Here it seems critique is downplayed. I critiqued a story once, my first week here, and got in all kinds of hot water for it. They've been relatively KIND to you. lol I've seen some stories here that would get torn to shreds on my ABDLStoryForum, which was created mainly for critique, but since that is not the view here, I don't say anything. Well, at least I don't post anything. Here. lol (I am critiquing this piece because you seem to appreciate it, and because I wanted to address the root.)

As to the story that you mention, I read it now and then. It is very harsh. That type of story really wasn't welcome over on ABDLStoryForum. I'm satisfied that BJ has found an appreciative audience for her stories, and that being the case, along with the rules about critique as laid out here, she should not be constantly hounded that her stories are too much about humiliation. You said it once, everyone knows your opinion about it - now let it go. Don't keep on about it in that thread (even if you think you have found a kindred spirit who also says it is too harsh for her tastes), and don't spill it over into new threads.

As for YOUR writing, I hope you write again. We need more good writers posting things.


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