Daemon (R)
young super assassin finds out he's to be in an unusual experiment...Plz note there is strong language and Violence...
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I know there isn't much info in this chapter soz, i'm jus seeing if there's any interest... :-)

Chapter One:
My name is John Hurt…at least it used to be, at the age of four my parents were killed by an un-known hitter, I was left an orphan, I spent two months in a care home, scared and alone, before my uncle came and took me under his wing, from the age of twelve, he trained me in basic weapons and hand to hand combat, I was also trained in mechanics and computers, by the age of seventeen I was known as the Daemon, I was the ultimate hitter, I didn’t exist and therefore I was untouchable…that was until that night…

The rain lashed my face as the wind howled menacingly between the building I was perched on and the one I was targeting, I watched calmly as the man left the building via the side door, I steadied my breathing and gazed through my scope as he left the narrow alleyway onto the main street, he stopped to light a cigarette before continuing towards a nearby bus stop, I followed him carefully, then…as the wind died…I fired, the rifle round whistled from the barrel and through the air, it ploughed into the mans chest, spraying the window behind him with blood, I swung my rifle down and slid the barrel off, unclipping the ammo chamber I undid the speed scope and slid the equipment into a small case and locked it, I swung the case onto my back, before turning and leaving the rooftop...

“John Hurt…” a voice echoed, I turned, and saw nothing, I strolled towards the stairs and was about to push through the door onto the stair-well, when I caught sight of something in the corner of my eye, “what the ****…” I grunted turning to see three men all clad heavily in black combat gear “Martin Henders!” I spat as one of the men removed his helmet, I frowned “I told you before, I won’t help you…” I snarled angrily, to which the man smiled vaguely “we have much to talk about my friend…” I grinned coldly “you are no friend of mine…” I swung my hand to my belt and launched a knife at one of the men to the side of Henders, the blade lodged itself into the mans jugular vein spraying everyone with blood “hm…as accurate as ever I see…” the giant black man grunted, with an air of amusement as the other man launched himself at me, I stepped into the mans attack and slid past him with almost no movement, a second later his head rolled from his shoulders, his body then dropped as his blood dripped from the wire in my hand, I heard a clunking sound and turned, eight men had just piled in from the staircase “hm…even you cant take eight on at once Daemon…” Henders grinned churlishly “we can settle our accounts later, but for now let us fight together…” Henders murmured calmly as the men moved into a circle around us “You’ve nowhere to run…lay all of your weapons on the ground…” snapped one of the men, I pulled my handgun from its holster as Henders removed the machine gun from his shoulder “who said anything about running…” I snapped before spinning to attack, I swung out and slammed the butt of my gun into the face of the nearest man, I then turned and shot the man running up behind Henders, spinning round I booted the next man in the face knocking him out, I turned to the next man who already had his weapon prone “you’re going down mother-******…” he grinned smugly, he was about to speak again when a screaming soldier, thrown by Henders, flew into him, I turned and nodded my thanks before turning back to the fight “hey Daemon…” a voice echoed, I turned and was shot in the chest with a tranquilizer dart “hm…” I grunted angrily as I pulled the dart out, I ran at the man and jumped into the air, I slammed my feet into his chest throwing him through the wall behind him, I rolled as I hit the floor, then clambering to my feet I swung my gun on Henders “hm…so this is how it is?” he muttered calmly as he felled his last opponent “I don’t want to do it this way…” the giant growled calmly “well you’re going to have to…” I snapped shooting at the man, he narrowly dodged the bullet before pulling a small contraption from his belt, he jammed the small device into my ribs sending volts of electricity through my body “you may be immune to tranquilizers, but this’ll work just as well…” I felt giddy as my legs gave from under me “son of a b….” I muttered before collapsing into the mans arms…

Chapter Two:
I opened my eyes and stared up at a cold grey ceiling, I looked around the room I was in and found I was strapped to an operating table, I pulled at the straps holding me down, but they just cut into my wrists, as I looked around the room again several men and women came into the room “you are John Hurt…is that correct?” one of the men grumbled holding up a clipboard “who the **** is John Hurt?” I barked pulling at the straps again “hm…of course…” the man replied turning away from me “you are well known here Mr Hurt…” a young woman smiled as she pulled a large syringe from a case beside the table “I told you I don’t know this John Hurt…” I snapped angrily “it doesn’t matter…” sneered one of the men “either way your D.N.A proves to be what we were looking for…” he pulled out a large bottle of blood red liquid, from which the woman filled her syringe “What the hell is going on around here?” I growled, anxiously, I have to admit, I wasn’t scared, five years of intense training banished any shreds of fear, but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable “you’re to be part of an government experiment…this liquid is called Nymph-Modernizer, it is designed to convert your D.N.A…though it is still believed to be unstable, we’ve found a strain of your D.N.A that may be able to stabilize the formula…” I frowned “who the hell are you people?” I snapped “maybe I should answer that question…” a familiar voice grunted from the doorway, I turned to face my uncle “what the…” I gasped anger building up inside me “hm…hello John…” the man grimaced “so that’s how they know who I am…” the man nodded “I am the head of a government facility known as Division forty-seven…we specialize in biochemical weaponry…” I felt the needle being pushed into my neck “I was saving this for your father but…unfortunately he died…” the smile on his face irritated me for some reason “you had them assassinated?” I snarled, the man grinned evilly “the guy was supposed to detain your father and terminate your mother, but your father being the idiot he was tried to protect her…” “how’s that being an idiot…” I roared angrily “women are a lesser species boy, you would do well to learn that…” the man received angry looks from all of the scientists in the room for his comment, I felt a sudden searing pain in my head “it is starting…keep him under observation…” my uncle growled before leaving the room, I felt the searing spread through my body until it was unbearable to the point where I screamed in pain, I felt my hips contort themselves as they widened, my hair grew steadily from my head as my chest expanded to a decent c-cup, I felt nauseous as my guts reformed themselves to suit the female body, I felt my groin contort to a more elegant ’V’ shape as my manhood slid into my body becoming my vagina, most of the hair on my body disappeared inside my skin apart from the hair on my head, which continued to grow until it was about two feet in length and rested most of the way down my back, I felt my rib cage contort and become smaller as did my muscular arms and legs, my shoulders also became smaller and less squared, I gasped as my conversion was completed “how do you feel?” the young woman that had injected asked timidly, I looked up at her angrily before grabbing her round the throat, the ties that had held me before were now loose enough for me to slip out of “what the **** did you do to me?” I snarled squeezing the woman’s throat so that she gasped for breath “let her go…” a voice commanded as the other scientists made to step forward, I turned to face a woman in her forties, glaring at me sternly, my aunt Anna “make me…” I growled defiantly as I squeezed harder, the older woman stormed at me and slapped me back-handed round the face, a slap that shook me to my core, I released the young woman though not through choice, I turned back to the older woman with a clear red print on my right cheek “you’ll do as your told young lady…or receive such a hiding you’ve never had…” I took a step back as the woman spoke again “all of you leave us…” Anna barked at the scientists “but Mr Luxberg said to observe the experiment ma’am…” one of the men stuttered as he stepped up behind me “hm…his daughter is not going to be one of his pet projects…as you can see the experiment worked…so leave her be…” the man made to reply but the woman gave him a look as though she was daring him to respond “yes ma’am…” the man grumbled before leaving, the other scientists made to follow “you girl…” Anna indicated the girl I had grabbed earlier “yes ma’am?” the girl muttered watching me warily “what’s your name?” “uh Elizabeth, Elizabeth Arnolds ma’am…” the girl responded “you know who I am?” the older woman growled “yes ma’am you’re Anna Luxberg…the wife of professor David Luxberg…” she attempted a slight curtsy, Anna smiled slightly “let’s go you two…” I frowned “I ent going nowhere…until you start explaining things to me…” I growled, Anna sneered “what exactly do you want to know missy?” I frowned “don’t call me that…” I snarled going beet red “do you prefer girly or honey, sweetie?” the woman smiled playfully as she grabbed my arm “just accept the fact you’re a girl now…” I grimaced “that guy said that there was something in my D.N.A that they needed to stabilize that formula, why didn’t they just take some blood or something?” I demanded pulling away from the woman “because, they needed to be sure that the formula actually worked with your D.N.A…” my Aunt replied grabbing my arm again “but I…” “STOP!” the woman snapped, I froze, I have to admit, before my aunt never really scared me but now…I felt bare in front of her, the way she was talking as though to a disobedient three year old “face facts, you’re a young woman now…there is no way of going back, no cure or antidote…so get used to it…” the woman dragged me from the room and down the hall, closely followed by Elizabeth, I was dragged into a small changing room, I saw a small backpack laying on a bench just inside the door “Lizzie, could you wait outside please?” Anna asked the woman “Hm sure…” the woman muttered as my aunt closed the door, I heard a click and a light popped into life “get dressed…” the woman grunted throwing the backpack into my arms, I unzipped it with trembling hands “I…cant I just stay in these…” I asked as the bag slipped from my grip, I saw a pair of floral panties and a matching bra, folded neatly with a pair of tight jeans and a fitted black blouse “no get changed…” my aunt commanded, I fumbled with the bag before getting angry “I don’t think so…” I growled throwing the bag at the woman’s feet “excuse me?” she muttered going red in the cheeks “I won’t wear these…” I snarled angrily, I felt the woman’s hand before I even saw it move “you’ll do as you’re told, is that clear?” I stared at the floor, my ear ringing from the slap “I can’t…” I muttered as tears stung the corners of my eyes, I had never known my aunt to be like this, she was always so patient and friendly, I looked up suddenly “I’m sorry…” the woman cried seeing tears in my eyes “I’ve never…” I muttered as she stepped forward and pulled me into a hug “I’m so sorry…” she whispered in my ear as she carefully undid the shirt I was wearing, I felt the material slide from my shoulders as I cried silently into her shoulder “as you know, I’ve never been able to have children…your uncle saw to that years ago…” I heard the woman sob as she pulled the bra from the bag and slid it over my shoulders, making sure I was fully covered she did it up before pulling the blouse over my shoulders, she did it up with precise hands “I got over excited when he told me about the experiment…” I felt her slide my jeans and boxers down in one sweep, I stepped out of them as she looked me in the eyes “I could have said no, but I was being selfish…” she slid the panties up my legs, they felt soft and caressed my body comfortably, next she slid the jeans up my legs and did them up “This is my fault…” Anna mumbled as she slid the ankle socks onto my feet followed by a pair of pink trainers “it’s not your fault…” I gasped as Anna piled my old clothes into the backpack “this is Dave’s fault…” I snarled feeling anger rise in me again, Anna opened the door and led me into the hall where Elizabeth was still waiting “um, I would like you to keep an eye on Amy for me…” I frowned, although Amy was a nice name, I didn’t feel to comfortable being referred to by it “do you mean like a baby sitter?” the young woman asked curiously “oh heavens no…” Anna replied “just as a friend, or a sister figure you could say…” I followed the two women down the hall into a large foyer “I’m not as young as I used to be and she’ll need someone she can rely on for…certain things…” the woman stalled as three men entered the foyer carrying shotguns “oh ****…” growled a security guard as he was pumped in the chest with one of the shotguns, Anna pushed me and Lizzie back into the hall “they haven’t seen you yet, go and get help…” she commanded closing the door firmly “come on…” Lizzie cried grabbing my hand “No…” I snapped pulling free “but Anna…” I shook my head “I’m still the same person inside…” I frowned turning round “you go get help…” I commanded, before turning back to the door, I slid it open slightly and looked around, one of the gunmen was by the door, the second was behind the desk talking to the secretary, the third was standing by the window beside the door I was behind, I slid the door open a little further, Anna saw me and tried to indicate for me to go back but I ignored her and slid through the door, closing it silently I watched as the man by the window walked behind a large column, I ran up behind him silently and swung his head one way then the other snapping his neck twice, I then let his body slide silently to the floor, taking the handgun from his belt I leant around the column to see what was going on “damn…” I hissed as another five men entered the building, I was well hidden but it made my job harder, I was now against seven guns not two, I watched as three of the men joined the one behind the counter “hey where is Antony?” one of the men barked looking over “Brian…check it out over there…” I saw one of the men head towards Anna, I swung out from behind the column and open fired at the men dropping four of them, the other three dropped behind cover “what the ****…” one of them roared as I ducked back behind the column “some kid…” one of the others called out, I heard bullets whistle past me, I then heard footsteps, I swung round the column and pulled the trigger, nothing “ah **** it…” I gasped as one of the men flew into me “heh you’re pretty cute…” he laughed as he threw me to the floor, I gasped as I was winded “hey guys, we got a hottie here…” he called to the others…” the man jumped on top of me and pinned me to the floor, he wrestled with my arms as I lashed out at him, I swung the empty gun up and slammed him in the side of the head as one of the other men came round the pillar “damn…” I grunted trying to climb to my feet, I felt the mans fist connect with my jaw and went sprawling back to the floor “hm we could have some fun here…” the man I hit grunted as he dragged me to my feet by my hair, I tried to pull free but the mans grip was like iron as he pulled me from behind the column “let go of me…” I growled, anger coursing through me veins “shut it *****…” the other man snapped slapping me round the face, I felt my blood reach boiling point as I swung round, I slammed my elbow into the mans ribs causing him to release me, I then turned and slammed my palm into his throat smashing his windpipe, he hit the floor gasping for breath, I felt the other man grab me from behind and throw me to the floor, he put his hand around my throat as he fumbled with the buttons on my blouse “I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry…” I heard a bullet whistle through the hall, a body dropped then the man on top of me suddenly was lifted several feet into the air and thrown across the room, the man slammed into the wall and hit the floor dead…
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