All XXX Daddy Deiter and Dolly
Daddy comes home to relieve some stress on his little dolly
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Dolly was sitting in her littles bedroom that was designed to her to play out her fantasies of being a younger girl rather than the 23 year old she was. Today she was sitting at her schoolroom-style desk coloring in one of her many Lisa Frank coloring books. Her outfit matched the décor – a pink jumper dress over a white babydoll top with puffed sleeves, completed with white ruffled ankle socks and shiny black mary janes. Her long brown hair was done up in twin tails with matching pink bows.

She was fully concentrating on her coloring book when her Daddy-dom, Deiter, entered the room. He smiled at the scene before him but was in no mood to indulge in his submissive’s childhood activities. His day was spent dealing with the stress of work and he had driven home imagining the different ways he could relieve his tension with his little Doll.

Dolly looked up and smiled at Deiter and showed him the coloring page she was working so diligently on – a fairy on a unicorn with a rainbow behind them. “Very pretty, Dolly,” Deiter cooed softly. “You did a very good job staying in the lines.” He picked up the coloring book, examined the picture closer then closed it and set it aside. “Now, Daddy has had a long day and would like very much to play with his Dolly.”

Blushing at what her Daddy surely had in mind, Dolly nodded and stood up. “Should I change clothes first?”
Deiter shook his head, “Oh no, I think this will be just fine.” He took her hand and pulled her over to the white futon. Tossing aside a few pink pillows and a Hello Kitty plushie, he began to position Dolly so that she was bent over. He pushed up her skirt and the ruffled petticoat beneath to reveal white bloomers. Pulling the bloomers down he smiled at the white Hello Kitty thong beneath.

First he pulled the thong tight against her so that it hugged her clit and rode between her ass cheeks. Dolly whimpered lightly in pleasure as her shaved pussy started to dampen. Deiter smiled at the wetness and ran his fingertips over her covered clit and labia slowly before pushing her thong aside to reveal her sex. He unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks quickly and pulled out his hardening cock to press the head against her slit and feel her heat.

Dolly turned and looked at him wide-eyed, her full lips glistening to candy-flavored lip gloss. Deiter smiled at her as he teased her slit with his tip, rubbing it up and down from clit to rim and back. His fingers caressed the crevice of her ass. “Is my little baby ready for me?”

She nodded enthusiastically, “Yes Daddy, please. Please put it in me.”

Deiter grinned and slipped the head of his cock into her tight pussy, barely giving her an inch of it. He moaned softly at how wet she was, at the tightness of her body – even after years of sex with his sweet Dolly he was still surprised at how small she was. Slowly he began to give her inch by inch until he filled her to the hilt. Dolly spasmed around him, her knees shaking as she held herself up against him.

Pulling back out just as slowly as he entered, he reached up to grab a handful of her frilled petticoats, his other hand held her hip and he slammed himself back in mercilessly, eliciting a scream from his little Doll. He did this again and again until her knees buckled and they fell against the futon. Still he was relentless, pounding away into her until her screams grew loud enough to make his ears ring. Then he felt it, her walls spasming and convulsing, her juices flowing until they dampened his balls that bounced against her clit – her orgasm. “Mmm, that’s my girl, cum for Daddy,” he growled into her neck as he pounded again.

Feeling her orgasm had brought him to the edge and he kept going, grinding and pounding until he felt the pressure was too much to handle. Reaching up he took a hold of her hair and jerked her head back, eliciting another scream, and came deep inside her. Pulling out halfway through he came not only in her but on her pussy , her thong, her bloomers and socks at her ankles, even on the edge of her petticoat.

Taking a few deep breaths to finish, Deiter smiled at the scene beneath him. Dolly lay against the futon, on her knees. His cum was all over her backside, dripping from her pussy lips and making a puddle in her bloomers. There were splashes of it on her shiny shoes, drops of it on her pink skirt. It was incredibly naughty to see his Dolly in her little girl clothes with his cum on her. Licking his lips he put his now flaccid cock in his pants and re-zipped and buttoned them. “Take off those dirty clothes and Daddy will get your bath ready.”

Author's Note: This story as well as more about Deiter and Dolly are available on my blog
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