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looks up wide eyed and nods in exitementt
tickles kimmys nose and waches her giggle with her eyes closed
eyes closed
smelling something has brewed in kimmys diaper i pick her up and walk upstairs to her room
lays her head on your shoulder
opening the white oak door i see the walls of a pail pink and a varnish stained cot and a changing table full of diapers and pvc pants and the whole room littered with teadys and flowetrs
drawing back the curtains laced with care bears i lay kimmy on the changing mat
lays there trying to put her foot in her mouth
unbuttoning here sleeper suit i take her legs out and sit her up to remove her arms
laying down and tickling her belly
tickle tickle tickle
giggle and kicks her legs
tickles her neck
tickle tickle tickle
giggles herder and wrapsher tiny arm round your neck giggling
placing a little rattle inftront of kimmy i shake gentily
" oh kimmy" i say
"what has mommy got fotr you"
eyes widen and she screams exitidley
placing the rattle in to your hands and waching you shaking all exitedly i prosead to un tape the tabs of your diaper and remove
wipeing down you with a wet wipe
a nice big cloud of talkum powder lifts into the air as i rub you down
unfolding a diaper i place under your bum and folds over to then fix the sticky tabs in to position
begins to play with the tapes
reaching for a pink sleeper i fit you all snug and buttoned up ready for beddy bies
picking you up .... iwalk over to the cot and lay you down next to tenderheart bear ...pulling over the blankies and winding up the fisher price lula by
eyes grow heavy
resting the bottle on tenderheart you start to drift away
eyes slowly closing ...then wide again
drifting away
until your eyes stay closed and the bubbles allowd to creep into the bottle again
closing the door on the way out for w well earned cup of tea
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Mina Silverwind
A very well written story, keep up the fabulous work, and thanks for sharing all of your work with us.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
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