Crystal's Summer Vacation (PG~PG~13) Ch.2 now added!
Crystal head cheerleader in her school takes a life changing vacation.
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It was the week before school let out for the summer, many of the students were growing restless as the week was dragging by. But there was one girl that was growing even more excited about school coming to an end for summer break. Her name was Crystal, she was head cheerleader of the school, had an overall perfect body, baby blue eyes, hair was her natural golden blonde. However she was still quite small for her age at 4'7'' tall, even still she was possibly one of the most popular kids in her school.

As the last week of school came closer to an end she grew more an more excited about spending the summer out on east coast with a few of her friends. But little did she know they all had a plan of their own for her. Crystal had plans on spending most of her time laying out on the beaches, swimming, an partying for most of the summer before they all had to return home for the next school year.

Finally with one more day of school left for the year, she had immediatly returned home an since no one was home at the present time she walked up the stairs to her room. Her room was most like any other teenage girls room, with everything in its place, bed made, a vanity with every kind of makeup that a girl could ask for. Howerver in many ways her room was more girly than most, her room was painted a very, very light pink that of which you might have seen in a nursery, blankets along with the rest of the bedding were also in that same color of pink.

Alone in her room she grabbed her suitcase from the back of her closet an began filling it with her summer clothing, shorts, baby T's, swim suits, her tooth brush, hair brush, makeup, ect. Before long she had everything packed and ready to go as soon as she came home from school tomorrow. Not long after finishing packing an laying down on her bed for a few minuets she heard her mom calling her down.

"Crystal, dear, dinner is almost ready won't you come down and help set the table your father should be home any second" her mother called up to her

Shortly after her mother called her down she went in her bathroom that was off to her bedroom an began to wash up an head down the stairs to join her mother in the kitchen an began help setting the table for the three of them.

Dinner was like most other family dinners, very quiet. But with Crystal going away for the summer tomorrow she figured that this one wouldn't have been everything but quiet. Eventually she couldn't stand it being quiet any longer and spoke up.

"So I'll be leaving tomorrow as soon as i arrive home and grab my suitcase and won't see you again till the fall when school starts back up again." She said while glancing back and forth between her parents.

"Thats nice baby, we both hope you have a wonderful time." her mother said.
"We'll miss you this summer." Her father spoke up.

After dinner was over her mother asked her to help her clean up, Crystal nodded quietly gathering up the dishes bringing them to the sink and began washing them and putting them away.

The rest of the night was all to eventful for Crystal so she decided to call it an early night and headed off to bed around 9:30pm, done her normal routine using the bathroom, brushing her teeth an changing into her night gown before climbing into bed.

Slowly drifting off to sleep smiling thinking of the events to come...

Ch.2 Last Day of School

Crystal had slept blissfully during the whole night, soon waking up to the sound of her alarm going off. Stretching in bed and laying there for just a few moments after turing her alarm off. Finally deciding to climb out of bed, tidying up her bed before moving onto her everyday routine.

Slowly making her way over to her closet to lay out her outfit for the day, deciding on a short denim skirt along with her baby blue T an her sandels to go with it. Also selecting a pair of her more childish panties for the day as she enjoyed the soft feel of them on her, even if they were a little tight on her.

Laying her outfit on her nicely made bed, and stepping into the bathroom right off from her bedroom, to take her morning shower. Inside her bathroom locking the door behind her she begins to slip out of her night gown, catching a glimps of herself in her mirror. Turning to catch a better glimps and admiring her body that she's always been so proud of.

Smiling to herself slowly stepping out of her panties and begins stepping into her shower. Quickly shampooing and conditioning her hair and washing the rest of her body, turning the water off and carefully steps out on the tile floor so she doesn't slip an fall.

Making her way back to her room, patting herself down, drying her body and begins to slide her childish panties up over her rounded bottom, smiling to herself feeling the tight, snug fit encasing her bottom, slowly grabs the skirt and begins pulling it up around her waist, buttoning it into place, Slips her baby blue t over top her head thats still wrapped in a towel. Smiling at her look, slips her sandels on and begins to unwrap her hair shaking her hair around in the towel drying it of before grabbing the blow dryer to finish drying her hair.

Sitting down at her vanity begins brushing her hair out until it shines. Pulling it back into a single ponytail and begins applying a light blush to her cheeks to make her skin appear to be softer than it is, an applies a light pink lipgloss to her soft lips, smiling as she looks in her vanity mirror deciding that she was finished getting ready for the day ahead of her.

"Crystal breakfast is ready, better come eat its about time for you to head off to school" her mother calls up the stair
"okay mom be down in just a moment" she calls back

Few moments later arriving in the kitchen where her mother was, as her father had already headed off to work by this time. Sitting in her normal place at the kitchen table was a plate with scrambled eggs and toast all ready and waiting for her. Slowly sitting down and begins eating the eggs and watches the time. Little after she was finished eating it was time for her to head to school.

Hugging her mom tightly "I love you mom see you next fall"
Smiling and kisses her forehead "Love you too baby, have a wonderful time"

Making her way out to her car, begins opening the door to her car when a few of her friend pull up offering to drive her to and from school since they were all going on the same trip anyway after school Crystal decided why not and got int the car with them

Along the ride to school one of her closest friends asked her if she was thirsty an she insisted on having a bottle of this drink she and her other friends had came up with last night. She said "Okay, what is it?" she asked. "It's just like flavored water but tastes a lot better than normal flavored water" she said smiling, knowing well aware what would happen to her friend 15-30 mins after she finished the bottle off.

The bottle had contained a high does of sleeping medication which would put her to sleep in a few minutes after drinking the bottle of spiked water. Also contained high does of diuretics and purgatives, which would have her wetting and messing herself uncontrollably. Finally Crystal had finished off the bottle of water and was soon fighting sleep, but her fighting only lasted a few more minuets before she was out like a light.

Thats when they took this opportunity to set their "plans" for their trip in motion a little earlier. Smiling to herself and pulled off to the side of the road out of sight from other cars. Slowly she begins to push her friends denim skirt up out the way revealing her chilish panties and giggles to herself as she slides them down and off of her friend making a comment to herself "You won't be needing these for quite awhile"

Pulls out a plain white diaper and slips it under her friend so she doens't have an "accident" in her car, an tapes it up snug around her waist and pulls out and slides a pair of locking plastic pants to go up over her friends diaper to prevent her from removing it herself.

Soon they were back on schedual and heading to school, arriving right on time. Crystal awakes soon after they pull into the parking lot still groggily unaway of anything at the current time only feels herself being led by her closest friend Rachel into the school.

The last day of this school year Crystal should remember for a long, long time...
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GREAT start. Look forward to seeing more chapters.
Dis is a nwices stwarts toos a torie. Moors pwease...


    (giggles...)  Hi...
Baby Butch
Nice start to your story and I look forward to you posting some more of it.
yes please continue im interested to see were the story goes
Baby Butch
Now the story is getting interesting, I thought Crystal would be humiliated on her vacation. I see now that she is in for an unusual last day of school.

Please keep usuing very discriptive writing it makes a good story.

 Now the story is getting interesting, I thought Crystal would be humiliated on her vacation. I see now that she is in for an unusual last day of school.

Please keep usuing very descriptive writing it makes a good story.  

Will do, Thanks, had a few distractions while writing today but i'll keep it very descriptive.

Also want to thank those of you who encouraged me to continue on with the story :)
please continue.
Crystal is so lucky to have such nice friends  P
Thanks good story
Nice story so far, not much to grade it on yet or ever by the way it's looking but it would nice to see more.
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