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A Story of Forced Sissification / Babification
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Crossing Lines

How a Young Man Learned to Prioritize


Chapter 1: Lo, the Man Who Built His House on Sand


            Baby, come and look at what I got today!  Erin shouted, her harmonic voice seeming to instantly fill the hallways of the large, open home.  It was summer and a balmy humidity filled the air outside, however the house interior stayed at a constant and cool 72o.   One second babe the lackluster reply, thick with gruff and disinterested overtones answered after a momentary pause.  Whatever she had managed to wrest from the shelves of some trendy, chic Southern California boutique could wait.  After all, it was the 4th quarter and in thirty two seconds, Michael would extend his incredibly Madden record to an impressive, if understated, 43 and 0.  Erin sighed and nodded expectantly, standing in the foyer like a statue¦ suddenly feeling somewhat silly clutching the little bag in her hands.

            Yes!  Thats what I thought you mo-ther-fucker!  Erin almost laughed now, knowing exactly what was happening in the detached living room.  Some poor, hapless soul had just fallen to the Oakland Raiders, another in the endless procession of people that her fiance had beaten at the ever monotonous and tedious Madden Football.  She had laughed, and even paid dutiful attention the first few times that he had subjected her to the overwhelmingly exhaustive video game exhibitions.  However, she had quickly grown tired of keeping up the charade, and now made no attempt to hide her disdain for such an all-encompassing vacuum of free time and energy.  She stood up, erect, and cleared her throat as she waited for the victorious visage of her fiance to appear. 

            Look what I got¦ she attempted, before she was cut off with an overly spirited recounting of how the aforementioned game had played out.  She listened, of course, even offering an occasional nod or shocked expression.  As she had correctly assumed, the Oakland Raiders had thoroughly trounced the unimpressive Atlanta Falcons to a tune of 35 to 14.  As he continued to tell the same story in as many ways as humanly possible, she truly hoped that he would ask about the bag in her hands¦ surely he remembered that not five minutes prior she had entered their home boasting about her amazing find.  Finally, it appeared as if he had grown weary with the sound of his own voice, and leaned in for a hug¦ offering a heartfelt if somewhat secondary How was your day, sexy baby?  It was good, she replied, holding up the bag in a gentle-hearted way of reminding him that she too, had something to brag about.

            Oh, I totally forgot.  Let me see what you got today bab¦ he trailed off, as he noticed the words Beaux Bbs “ Simi Valley, California boldly emblazoned across the front.  Baby¦ he chided softly, his voice lowering more than an bit.  We talked about this he offered gently, as she ignored him and reached into the bag, pulling out a beautifully hand knitted blanket with the words Mommys Little Princess embroidered on the front accompanying a cute embroidered caricature of the childrens story Rapunzel.  Isnt it beautiful?  She asked expectantly, her motions and insistence making no impression on his stony visage.  Baby¦ he repeated softly.

            I know, I know, I just couldnt resist she said softly, laying her head against his shoulder.  There was nothing in life that Erin wanted more than a baby, and for the last few months she and Michael had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully.  While at first, Michael had been patient, understanding and considerate¦ he had quickly become disinterested with the idea of having a baby.  Furthermore, he had on more than one occasion voiced his displeasure with his fiances insistence on buying adornments for a baby girl.  Erin had continually expressed her interest and desires to Michael, only to be routinely shot down when the idea of visiting a fertility specialist came up.  While she could understand Michaels frustration, hell- she was frustrated, she was at a loss with his absolute unflinching refusal to see a fertility doctor.  It is cute, though¦ dont you think? she asked, smiling a little in an attempt to break the uncomfortable air surrounding the start of another conversation about baby conception.  To her surprise, rather than engage her in her attempt at light-hearted humor, Michael came out of the box about his other problem with the purchase. 

Simi, huh? he said, allowing the dissatisfaction to drip from his words as they lingered in the air.  Immediately, Erin keyed in on what he was inferring and stepped out in front of the confrontation.  Shes not that bad Mikey.  If you would just give her a chance, maybe you would¦  Shes a condescending bitch that talks to me like some kind of fucking kid, Michael interjected.  I cant stand your Mother.  I still dont understand why we have to live so close to her. Erins mouth fell open, shocked at the bluntness of her fiances comments.  I already told you, theres no way that I can leave the firm.  Now that Ive made partner, its only a matter of time before my name is on the letterhead!  I cant believe you would ask me to give that up because my M-O-M-M-Y hurt your feelings!  She intentionally began speaking in the sing-song voice that one might use with a child, attempting to drive home to Michael exactly how immature his request was. 

Michael shook his head in frustration, backing away as his face began to grow a deep crimson.  I cant believe you would talk to me like tha¦ he began, before Erin interjected No, you know what, fuck you!  Maybe if you did something besides sit around playing that fucking XBOX and riding your stupid Harley up and down Hollywood Boulevard all day, you could have some say over where we live!  Michael was shocked, and immediately infuriated that she had brought up his inability to find work.  Im a writer Erin¦ its not exactly like paying work is available at every turn¦  Unfazed, Erin simply replied I dont think 4 years without a single paying job is the norm for a writer.  Michael shook his head as he searched for something to combat her accusation with, only to find that nothing came to mind.  Instead, he angrily stomped away toward the kitchen, exiting through the side door and into the garage.  A few moments later, the sound of his Harley could be heard as it departed their home¦ a fitting soundtrack to Erins enraged scream and the subsequent throw of her recently prized baby blanket. 

That fight seemed like ages ago, and as Michael unzipped his jacket and dismounted his Harley, he couldnt help but be astonished at how things had turned out.  They had, of course, resolved the fight and after sharing heartfelt apologies and promises of future improvement¦ they had simply moved on.  Things had once again fallen into a rhythm, and he was now at 103 consecutive wins on Madden.  Erin had managed to get her name on the company letterhead at her firm, which was now entitled Yates, McMillian, and Martin.  That was why the sudden reemergence of the push for a baby had taken Michael by such surprise. 

Two weeks ago, Erin had walked confidently into the den where he was playing his XBOX, and simply turned the machine off.  Fresh from work, Michael knew that it had to be important as she usually required some time to unwind in the evening when she arrived home.  However, there she stood before him¦ her soft caramel skin glistened and her posture was that of the goddess Athena as she stood there in her black pencil skirt and conservative white, sleeveless blouse.  She seemed to command the black stiletto heels which offered the viewer a glimpse of a single pedicured toe, a flashing reminder of her humanity in this otherwise overwhelming transcendent visage.  Wha¦oh come on baby¦ Michael began, before looking up and meeting her gaze.  Michael immediately read that his lover was in no mood to be trifled with.  I want a baby, Michael were her only words, as she settled in on her heels, awaiting some type of response.

Er¦Erin... babe Michael attempted to talk, to put himself on some kind of equal footing with his lovely fiance, however, he found that he was completely intimidated by this side which he had never encountered before.  Weve talked about this.  I just dont know how to make that happen.  Weve tried baby.  He said, leaning back against the leather couch and staring up directly into her eyes.  Erin was completely unmoved, simply crossing her arms across her chest and shaking her head.  Youre unbelievable.  Why wont you go to the doctor with me?  Maybe we can find out whats wrong and do something to fix it!  Its probably nothing major at all; I dont understand why youre being such a baby about going to the damned doctor, Mikey.  He cringed at the mention of a fertility doctor and felt the heat rising in his neck when she referred to him as Mikey which he had, on more than one occasion, expressed his displeasure for.  I hate doctors, and I think its a waste of money Michael said flatly, sighing and rubbing his face with his hands to demonstrate his exasperation with the topic.  Whatever Erin replied sharply as she turned and exited the room; she refused to fight with him again today.  As Michael reclaimed his controller, he sighed again and shook his head. 

Hey girl Erin spoke into the receiver sighing and sitting down on their bed, What are you doing?  She sat on the edge of their king sized bed and slid her heels off, before standing and unfastening the skirt which she allowed to fall carelessly to the floor.  Anna had been her friend for years, and she often called her to vent her frustrations with Michael.  Yeah, Im just getting home.  I tried talking to Michael again about the baby thing.  No, well¦ no he wasnt too interested in seeing the doctor you suggested.  As a leading pediatrician in Southern California, Anna was in possession of a large network of other medical professionals.  She had recently been using her connections to try and find a fertility doctor for her friend.  However, Michaels refusal to even meet with them was infuriating; not only for Erin but for Anna as well.  Erins laughter was boisterous and genuine as she spoke with her friend no, no I dont think hes interested in coming to see a pediatrician she said, imagining her fiance walking into the brightly colored office.  They continued to talk for around two hours, and when Michael would peek in to see what was keeping her, she would dismissively shoo him away with her hand.  Nothing kept Erin from her phone dates with Anna. 

As she offered condolences and a sympathetic ear to her best friend, Anna was seething inside.  Not only was a baby the one thing her friend wanted more than anything in the world, but they could easily afford it.  Anna had wondered for some time what exactly was keeping Michael so steadfast in his refusal to see a fertility specialist, but had settled on the belief that it was an affront to his masculine pride.  However, as she listened to Erin detail exactly how he had treated the situation, Annas curiosity was piqued.  It was this mixture of curiosity, genuine desire to help, and her investigative nature as a pediatrician that led Anna to do something which she had never done before¦ she looked into Michaels medical history.  As she listened dutifully to Erin on the phone, she was typing away at her computer, reading what was truthfully, a very limited medical history.  He had broken his arms 4 times¦ twice on each side.  He had torn the LCL in his right knee, but she had already known that. Hmm¦ she muttered, half in response to Erins detailed recounting of their last fight about her mother and half in studious observation of Michaels medical records.  Then, like a bolt of lightning on a clear summer day, the problem appeared directly before her eyes.

Hes just such a baby about dealing with my mother, Anna Erin complained.  I mean, I know she is a little controlling, and she does talk down to him sometimes; but for heavens sake he reads into everything she does or says now!  It felt good to have somebody that would just listen, without judging or trying to convince her of some way to handle her situation.  Not to mention, my mother has a point.  He wont find work, and Im starting to think that XBOX controller is attached to his hands!  He never cleans up around here, or even offers to do any of the household chores.  I just dont understand why Im paying for a maid service, while my supposedly loving fiance is sitting around all day playing a stupid fucking football video game!  She sighed and reclaimed control of her breathing, as she stopped.  The last thing that Erin wanted was for Michael to hear her conversation with Anna, and start their old fight anew. 

I just dont know what to do anymore.  Its like, I want a baby and he wont give me one¦ instead he just seems determined to take the role of a baby here at home.  She paused, as her friends laughter could be heard through the phone.  Can you imagine¦ I mean, its not a stretch really.  I already trip on socks, shoes and pants left in the floor anyway.  Not to mention his desk is covered in little football helmets, drinks, and other mess.  She felt good getting these things off her chest and listening to Anna agree with her encouraged her.  It is exactly like dealing with an infant!  God, maybe thats why he wont give me a baby¦ itd be too much competition for him! This mental image elicited a chorus of giggling from both Erin and Anna, as both found it humorous to imagine the extremely masculine and homophobic Michael prancing about like a toddler. 

Anna listened to her friend, and laughed at the idea of Michael competing with a baby for Mommy time.  However, while she was laughing she was warring internally with herself over what to do with the information she had just uncovered.  As Erin continued, though, and Anna listened to the attitude and actions that Michael was bringing into their relationship, her mind was made up.  How could this man keep something so important from his fiance, especially knowing how important having a child was to the woman he professed to love?  She waited patiently for Erin to stop talking before taking a breath and approaching the subject.

Erin, listen to me for a second.  You know that H.I.P.P.A regulations prohibit me from accessing the medical history of a patient that isnt mine and that violating those laws could get me, well, into a lot of trouble.  Erin listened to the sudden change in her friends tone with interest.  Where was she going with this?  Yeah¦ Erin answered.  Of course she knew, she had seen more than one doctor lose their license due to H.I.P.P.A violations. "Well..."Anna continued, hesitantly at first, "I think I might know why Michael is so hesitant about going to see a fertility doctor... with you there anyway."  This, immediately piqued Erin's interest and she sat quietly waiting for the rest of the information.  "It's not because the Princess doesn't like needles".   

 Erin smiled, as she always did when either one of them referred to Michael as "the Princess".  It was a name they had given him secretly during one of their many iconic "phone dates", when Erin had been explaining Michael's behavior.  "God, he's so demanding and neurotic" Anna had keenly observed.  "And he throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way" Erin had chimed in.  The conversation had obviously brought up childhood memories for the two women, because after a momentary pause they had said in synch "JUST LIKE A PRINCESS!" and they had both laughed hysterically.  "A spoiled little princess" had been offered by one of the women, and ever since then they had used that term for him when talking about his childish demeanor, though Erin made sure never to allow Michael to hear them using this term for him.

Erin, he had a vasectomy while he was in the military.  Ive seen it a couple of other times before.  Remember Mongo?  He did it to get out of our FTX back when Johnny was still an E2.  I think it was, like, a month after you made E4.  Erin sat in stunned silence, as she now knew why Anna had preempted this with her fear of getting in trouble.  She had taken a big risk, to inform her friend of Michaels medical history.  I dont believe it was Erins only reply, but after a long pause she added Oh my god¦ that bastard.  Immediately, she knew exactly what had happened.  As a former Army police officer, she was well aware of the ways of the military.  She also knew Michael, and he wouldnt flinch about a life-altering surgery if it meant he could get out of a little hard work.  She felt tears welling up in her eyes as she shook her head and stared at the floor.  She would never have her baby.

Are you okay Erin¦ are you there? Anna asked into the receiver after a moment.  A part of her regretted telling her bestie the news; and while she felt that she had done the right thing, she also knew the damage that such information could cause.  Yeah, Im here Anna, and Im okay.  Thank you so much for telling me, and dont worry¦ I wont drop your name or anything that will get you in trouble.  She offered her attempt at making her friend feel better.  Call it attorney-client privilege she said, forcing a joke and a wry chuckle.  Listen Anna, Ive got to go¦ the Princess will get upset if we dont have a plan for dinner soon.  Text me next week and we can set another phone date.  After they said their goodbyes and hung up, Anna sat there staring at the phone for a long moment.  She was solid in her resolve that she had done the right thing, right now, she only felt sorry for her friend. 

Erin too, sat for a long moment staring at the receiver in her hand before sighing.  What would she do?  How could she handle this situation?  It came as some shock then, to Erin, when she suddenly realized that she wasnt crying anymore.  She wasnt sad, she was¦ furious.  She stood, fully intent on storming down the stairs and confronting her lazy, lying, pathetic excuse for a fiance.  Thats what she would do, right before she smashed his XBOX into a million pieces.  She strode over to the door, but as she opened it, she stopped abruptly.  She couldnt confront him openly like that.  Erin knew Michaels personality, and like a spoiled child he would no doubt go running and file a H.I.P.P.A suit against her longtime friend, which he would win.  Still, something else tugged at Erin as she stood in the cracked doorway¦ she still loved Michael.  She turned and threw the phone down aggressively on the bed, stifling a scream by biting her lower lip.  She was effectively, and in every sense of the word, stuck.

Downstairs, the sound of Michael playing Madden traveled up to Erin, who was sitting on the bed contemplating her situation.  Alright!  Thats how we do it!  Beat that bitch! he screamed.  Every word made Erin madder and madder, and now...

Angry, frustrated, and stuck, Erin did the most sensible thing that she could think of at the moment,

She called her mother.

Chapter 2: Welcome Home, Mr. Connor


                It had been a month since the conversation about having a baby, and to Michaels surprise it hadnt been brought up again.  He had expected a big fight, or at the very least several small altercations relating to his unwillingness to visit a fertility doctor¦ but nothing of the sort had occurred.  In fact, it had been quite the opposite around their home over the last four weeks.  Erin had breezed in from work each and every night with an energy that he hadnt seen in years, and on numerous occasions he actually caught her humming or singing as she moved throughout their home.  She had begun calling him from work to check on him, something that had died off in recent years as her status within the firm had risen.  Indeed, his fiance seemed genuinely happy.

            However, the biggest change hadnt been with his wife at all, but rather had come from a place Michael least expected¦ her mother.  Every night, the assertive and controlling Lucia Martin was in their home for dinner, coffee, or just to visit.  Standing at just 52 and weighing somewhere around 130 pounds, the petite black woman exuded her position as the matriarch of one of Southern Californias wealthier families.  A former professor at the University of Southern California, she had never missed an opportunity to belittle Michael in the past.  However, now she seemed happy to see him and was a genuine joy to be around.  Michael had even started to warm to her, despite her comments like are you sure coffee is okay for Michael, or Eat your veggies, sweetie¦ Which Michael wrote off as a part of her controlling personality that she simply could not contain.

            Erins father was a no-show.  As the three of them sat at the table, enjoying a meal of wheat spaghetti, green beans, and garlic bread, he couldnt help but understand why.  Tonight, Lucia had prepared dinner, and had gone to great lengths to do so.  However, as she and Erin sat at the ends of the table, Michael had been relegated to the middle seat.  Furthermore, she had made the mistake of only bringing two wine glasses with her, which had gone to her and Erin.  However, luckily she had remembered that she had a box of things belonging to Erins niece in her trunk, which she had intended to donate to charity today. 

Alyssa, Erins niece, had recently turned 8 and rejoined her parents in Iowa¦ the event causing Lucia to realize two things, that she still had a myriad of baby things in her home that were no longer needed, and that she was now without a grandchild to baby.  Michael had never really gotten along with Alyssa, due in no small part to the fact that she had been ultra-feminine and girly.  In the early days of their relationship, Alyssa had been around a lot, as her parents had pretty much left her with Lucia to raise while they disappeared from the family altogether.  Michael had gotten into trouble on more than one occasion for teasing the girl about her prissy demeanor, and one Christmas incident had almost ended his relationship with Erin completely.

Alyssa had been four years old at the time, and as was tradition, spent the few days leading up to Christmas with her auntie Erin.  Erin had needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping at the Thousand Oaks mall, and had asked Michael to babysit for her while she was out¦ a chore which Michael faced with dread.  They had been alone for about an hour, when the little girl wanted to play with her uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike she began, lets play magic kingdom.  Ill be the princess, and you can be the prince.  Michael, involved in playing a video game and relaxing brushed the girl off.  Alyssa, however, was not accustomed to being ignored, and continued with the game as if he had willingly agreed.  Im the princess, and Im magic¦ she walked around the house chanting, touching things with her wand and changing them into other things.  This was fine, until she twirled by the television in an attempt to turn it into a magic tree. 

The pink flash caused Michael to lose focus, and lose his game.  Furthermore, when he stood up angrily, he collided with the coffee table in front of him and spilled his drink all over his lunch and the floor.  Dammit! he had shouted, causing the little girl to stop suddenly.  Im sorry Uncle Mike she began, before he interrupted.  Just go play Princess somewhere else, Princess Potty Pants.  The name was meant to be mean, as the young girl had experienced a terrible time with her night time wetness and had earned the nickname at her nursery school.  She had shared that story with Erin in confidence, and hearing the name of course, caused her to run off crying to her Auntie Erins room.

When Erin had returned home to this scene, she was appalled.  Not only had Michael broken her trust by using the hurtful name, but over a video game and a mess he had intentionally hurt the little girls feelings.  Angry after being berated by Erin for over an hour, Michael had taken a permanent marker and written Princess Potty Pants on Alyssas most cherished item, her princess crown.  This had been the final straw, and Erin had thrown Michael out of the house for a month.  They had eventually reconciled, but Michael had been forced to endure many more instances of babysitting with little Princess Alyssa, who no matter how old she got, never lost her love for pink, frilly things.

Indeed, the mere mention of using something of hers filled Michael with dread.  However, his objections were expertly parried by both Lucia and Erin¦ both stating that it would be perfect, and Lucia adding that Michael should be grateful for having his own special cup.  It was because of this stroke of luck that Michael found himself staring at his plate of food and a pink plastic cup with the Disney princesses painted across it which held his wine.  Getting the glass had been no easy experience either, as Lucia had made a grand gesture of going through all of the things in her trunk, and commenting on how each would perfectly compliment the cup¦ much to Erins amusement and Michaels embarrassment. 

Thankfully, Erin had not given in to her mothers suggestion that he also use the matching plate and silverware, which Michael had incredible difficulty identifying as either a joke or a serious suggestion.  She had, however, playfully paused when Lucia had held up the bib to Michaels neck which had the words Im a Pretty Princess embroidered on the front, eventually telling her mother to stop between giggling fits.  Obviously vexed by this situation, Michael sat glumly at the table, in all effect pouting during the meal while Erin and her mother made small talk.  After about an hour, Erin cleared her throat and smiled at Michael, preparing to speak.

            I just want to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful and wonderful fianc Michael.  He has given me more than I could ever ask for, and has made me just so happy.  The future looks so bright.  At this point, Lucia clapped and smiled at Michael warmly.  Under the maternal smiles and gazes of the two women, Michael felt incredibly nervous.  However he smiled back and said softly thank you baby, I love you too.  At this point, Erin reached into her purse and pulled out a manila envelope, which she laid before Michael.  For you¦ just to say I love you.  As Michael opened the package nervously, he realized that the womens eyes never left him.  He reached inside, and slowly removed a piece of paper, turning it and gasping at what was before him.

            Oh my god¦ baby he said in a hushed tone.  I know, I know.  Dont you absolutely love it? was Erins reply to her fiances stunned reaction.  The paper listed a 10 day itinerary for Michael in Northern California.  He would be able to see the Oakland Coliseum where the Raiders play, take a tour of the facility and even see a game.  He was also going to Stanford to visit the college and watch them take on Michaels home team, the Oklahoma Sooners.  There were some tours of the wine country, which Michael probably wouldnt take¦ and a deep-sea fishing expedition.  Baby, this is amazing¦ are you coming with me? 

Erin shook her head with a smile you know I have the Tingstrom trial, which wont wrap up until the 12th.  Youre coming back on the 14th, so¦ she shrugged.  Anyway, I thought you might like to take your Harley up there¦ and then when you come back, it will have so many miles on it, we just may need to do something about that she said, a playful tone to her voice.  Erin knew she had him with that comment.  He had been angling for a new Harley as a Christmas present all year, and with him set to return from this vacation on the 14th of December, Michaels mind immediately went to Harley dream-paradise.  The rest of the evening was a blur as the women talked and Michael studied all of the material he had been given.  He wanted to rush off to sleep now, so the morning could come and he could leave on his journey.

Michael feigned interest at the conversation which now turned to Alyssa, Erins brother, and how nobody had heard from them since Alyssa had left.  Michael was focused on his trip, and barely heard Lucia ask if Erin wanted any of Alyssas things.  Yeah right Michael thought to himself, though he would never say anything along those lines.  Eventually, Lucia stood to leave and was escorted to the door.  As she left she hugged Michael and said, Ill see you when you get back from your little trip.  Michael smiled and turned back into the house, hugging his fiance tightly once the door was closed.  Baby, you didnt have to do all that he said softly.  I know baby, but I wanted you to be happy and enjoy yourself.  She smiled at him and placed a soft kiss on his lips.  Go take a shower, and Ill clean up in here.  Unsurprisingly, Michael nodded and scampered off up the stairs, not hesitating at letting her clean up the mess.

Erin was cleaning washing the dishes when she heard the shower come on.  She smiled and shook her head, trying not to laugh.  Ten day vacation for him, ten days of hard work for me she said happily.  As she finished cleaning up the kitchen, she went to her briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers, laying them on the kitchen island.  Moments later, Michael appeared, wrapped only in a towel and dripping water all over the house.  Baby, I need you to sign those papers on the island.  Its the new insurance paperwork.  Just sign where the blue post-it notes are.  Michael, in his haze, flipped through the paperwork and signed unconsciously where he had been instructed to.  All good Michael said, walking over and kissing her lightly on the lips.  I love you so much.  I love you too Michael she said, and she meant it.  No matter what happened or what she had to do¦ she did love Michael.  Thats why she was doing all this, and thats why in the end, they would both have happier lives.

Erin quickly put the papers into her satchel and smiled, turning off the downstairs lights before checking to make sure the doors were locked once again.  As they proceeded upstairs, she laid down in the bed, followed closely by her fiance and lover.  Goodnight baby she said, leaning over and kissing him before lying on her back.  Goodnight Michael replied, laying his head on her chest and snuggling up against her.  Erin smiled again, and noticed how much she had been doing that lately as she ran her hands through Michaels hair.  Soon, the sounds of Bea Arthur and the rest of the Golden Girls were the only noise in the room, as both Michael and Erin fell into a deeply peaceful sleep.

And this is the Owners box, where Mr. Davis rarely stays the tour guide stated, bringing forth a chorus of laughter from Michael and the rest of the tour group.  His Northern California vacation had gone perfectly, despite getting off to a somewhat rocky start.  The morning he had been slated to leave, his Harley had broken down on Interstate 5 just outside Santa Clarita.  Despite his best sales pitches Erin had refused to buy him a new bike, opting instead to postpone the trip a few days until his bike was up and running again.  The new schedule had him arriving home on December 23rd, which was a little close but at least he still got his vacation and Christmas with his fiance.  Truthfully, he was glad to be able to miss out on the extra time with Lucia, and had thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Because of the Harley, everything had to be restructured, and his trip actually ended with this tour of the Oakland Coliseum.  Thank god for that Raiders three game home stretch. 

The Tingstrom trial had gone smashingly, and had garnered Erin quite a bit of national acclaim. In truth, the delay had played into her hands because as a bonus for her work, she was granted a months paid vacation.  She was grateful for the time off, because during the trial she had been so busy, she would have not had time to implement everything that she wanted to¦ and this thing with Michael was something she wanted to be perfect, not half assed.  Once the trial was done, however, Erin had settled in on her next big project. 

Dealing with carpenters, painters, and inquisitive workers was easy, and the finished product had come out far better than Erin had dared to hope.  The most difficult thing for Erin had been, oddly enough, the same as it was for Lucia¦ not shopping.  Part of their plan included minimalizing everything, and so showing restraint was difficult but necessary.  Erin took a breath as she stood in the doorway of the guest room, which Michael had so many times lobbied for turning into his man-cave.  The idea had mortified Erin for a number of reasons, but mainly because she, too, wanted to use this beautifully designed room. 

The room was large, and had a beautiful large window that faced the back of the property.  However, because of how it was placed in the home, it was directly across the hall from their master bedroom and had no bathroom of its own.  By comparison, their other guest room which was often used by Lucia or Anna when they came to stay, faced the front of the house and had its own full bathroom.  Michaels insistence that this room was of no use, constantly infuriated Erin¦ as she had intended for this room to be a nursery.  Now, of course, she knew why Michael had so often called that idea silly, and remarked that the room should be his since nobody else was using it.  She smiled at this, realizing that the room had indeed become Michaels after all.  What was it that the psychologists were always saying?  Erin smiled, Compromise is the cornerstone of any successful relationship.  She turned out the light and slowly closed the door as she turned and entered her master bedroom.  She glanced at the clock.  7:23 she said, absentmindedly.  He should be home soon.

The ride back down The 5 was beautiful.  The weather hadnt started to really turn yet, and the cool feel of the breeze against his face filled Michael with complete and utter happiness.  While he hadnt been regular about calling, he had constantly updated his Facebook page with different photos of himself enjoying everything that Northern California had to offer.  Erin hadnt missed a single post, always commenting and seemingly glad that he was enjoying himself.  She had even logged on to his Facebook page a few times (something that infuriated Michael as a breach of privacy) to send dirty messages to herself.  He had not been angry at this, instead, treating it as a welcome surprise.  As he pulled his Harley into the garage and shut it off, he took a deep breath before entering through the garage door that led to the kitchen.

She heard his Harley pulling up and smiled to herself, quickly preparing for his arrival.  Once the back door opened and Michael came through, she shouted from the living room did you enjoy yourself honey?  Oh my god, you have no idea! came his response.  As he carelessly laid his jacket and boots on the kitchen table and floor, he walked deeper into the house.  Where are you baby? he shouted inquisitively.  However, his question was soon answered as he entered the living room and found his wife lying on the couch in a sheer neglige.  The soft black lines against the white background clung to her curves and Michael could immediately tell that she was not wearing panties.  Ba¦ he started, but she was already up, and leading him by the hand toward the stairs.

Michael could barely contain his excitement as she kissed him fully before entering the bedroom, keeping his back to the doorway containing his biggest surprise.  She pulled him by his hands into the bedroom and slung him to the bed, immediately closing the door behind them.  Get naked, now¦ her breathy tone indicating that she was ready, willing, and able.  As Michael pulled off his pants, and boxers, he expertly removed his shirt and laid back on the bed.  Erin lowered herself to him, and began kissing down his chest and stomach.  She ran her hands down his thighs and gripped them tightly as she kissed and licked at his chest, pausing and flicking at his nipple with her tongue.  Oh baby, youre so hot¦ he muttered as she quickly shushed him. 

As she began kissing his stomach and trailing little soft kisses down to his manhood, she stopped¦ realizing that he was no longer hard.  She looked up at him, her eyebrow quirked in a state of shock.  Her hand moved to his groin and found the gooey mess that indicated Michael had already gotten his enjoyment from the experience.  He smiled and breathed deeply before realizing what had happened.  Baby, I¦ but he was cut off by a sharp slap to the thigh.  He looked up, wide eyed, but was quickly rolled over onto his stomach.  Shh baby, its okay¦Ill take care of it Erin whispered as she pulled his butt cheeks apart and laid her pussy against his exposed taint.  She began to grind against him, kneading the skin of his bottom and thighs until she came with a hard and violent eruption.  Exhausted, she rolled over beside him on the bed and cuddled up to him.

What was that? Michael asked, shocked at the events that had just transpired.  I just missed you baby¦ wanted to go out with a bang.  Michael pondered the meaning of this cryptic message for a moment before feeling Erin stand up from the bed abruptly.  He turned and watched her as she entered their master bathroom and began to fill up the bathtub.  Once it was full, she turned off the water and returned to the bedroom.  Come on baby, lets take a bath. She said seductively.  Michael, still naked, stood and walked into the bathroom obediently, climbing in and lowering himself into the sudsy water.  It became clear, however, that Erin would not be joining him.

Arent you getting in too baby? Michael asked, dejectedly.  No, not this time.  Im gonna bathe you baby. She replied deftly as she sat on the toilet and stared at her fiance for a moment.  Was he really this aloof?  Here he sat in a tub full of lavender bubble bath while she watched him and smiled.  As she had him stand and began rubbing a pink liquid into his skin, Michael moaned softly.  That feels good, kind of warm he said, his eyes closed.  Mmhmm was her only reply as she continued working the liquid into his skin.  Slowly, the heat intensified and Michael felt as if millions of fire ants were biting him.  Hey! he shouted¦ that shit burns! he said, gyrating around in the tub now.  Oh, sorry baby.  I must have dazed off there.  Go ahead and sit down again. 

As Michael sat down in the tub, wincing from the liquid, he didnt notice that his body hair joined the pinkish liquid in the water surrounding him.  When Erin had him stand again, she had to consciously stifle a giggle.  He was now completely hairless, and his skin was soft and pink.  She stared at his little penis in amazement.  How many times had he commented that Its a grower, not a shower?  Looking at it now, it seemed to complete the picture that Erin wanted.  It was¦fitting.  As she helped him out of the tub and dried him off, Erin knew that she could do this.  Any doubts were now gone and she felt resolute in her desire to fix their lives.  As she laid down next to him in the bed, she felt his hairless skin press against her and she smiled. 

Get some sleep baby, we have a big day tomorrow she whispered into his ear and kissed him softly on the shoulder.  Its Christmas Eve Michael replied sleepily to her.  She smiled again and laid her head against the pillow.  It certainly is.

Chapter 3: Michael Connor¦This Is Your Life!


                As the first rays of early morning sunlight penetrated their window, Michael rolled over in the bed.  A night filled with dream memories of his vacation to Northern California and his welcome home party sent him into a deep and blissful sleep.  He was sleeping now, in that grey area between asleep and awake when he felt his fiances hand on his shoulders, gently nudging him awake.  Come on baby, its time to get up and get our day started.

            Erin had woken early that morning, anxious with gleeful and giddy anticipation about what the day would hold.  Any lingering doubts or fears were washed away by his performance last night and the image of him standing naked and hairless in the bathtub.  He needed this, and he needed her¦ and she was intent on giving her baby everything that they both needed.  She dressed plainly that morning, in jeans and a simple top.  She even ditched the heels in lieu of a pair of simple white Skechers.  Her hair was fixed and she needed nothing else, as she gently nudged Michael awake.

            Oooh what time is it?  he asked groggily, rolling over onto his back and looking up at her through sleepy eyes.  Its 6:45 baby she said sweetly, and its time to get up.  He sat up in the bed, and realized that she was already dressed.  Wow, you got up early he remarked, only to have the covers ripped off of him abruptly.  Come on, I have a surprise for you she said, grasping his hands and lifting him to a sitting position.  Instantly, he acknowledged her strength.  Okay¦okay¦ he said with a smile, standing up naked.  The cool breeze in the house against his now hairless skin made him tingle as his bare feet touched the hardwood floor.

            She immediately grasped his hand in her own and led him from the room.  Dont I get to put on clothes? he asked playfully.  You will was her only reply as they stepped out into the hall.  He looked at the door to the previously vacant guest room.  It was now painted a pale pink.  Whats going on? he asked gingerly, suddenly feeling nervous.  I got you something¦ she said, stifling a giggle as she opened the door and ushered him inside.  As they stepped in, he immediately noted the difference between the hardwood floor and the pink plush carpet he was now standing on.  Wha¦ was all he could manage as he looked around the brightly decorated room.

            In the far left corner of the room was what appeared to be an oversized babys playpen, done in white and pink wood and filled with countless stuffed animals and toys.  His eyes went next to the left wall, which had a pink and white crib positioned against it.  On the table beside the crib, there was a little pink and white lamp with fuzzy pink trim¦ and a baby monitor.  He shook his head, as if he were still dreaming.  On the wall above the crib, there were white wooden letters arranged against the pink-painted walls.  They were arranged to spell Princess Michelle.  Against the right wall was a white dresser, which had the pink drawers labeled Socks Accessories and Supplies. 

As his knees went weak, his focus fell on the huge window, which was standing open, and the changing table positioned directly in front of it.  He cringed as he noted that it was also pink and white wood.  Worse, he saw a small stack of pink and white diapers underneath.  Erin released his hand as he instinctively approached the changing table.  Laid on top was a solitary diaper, pink with crown and scepter decorations and the words Diaper Princess written on the front.  Taking the humiliating garment in his hand, he turned it over to find that on the butt it read Mommys Lil Booty and had all of the Disney princesses posing beneath the script.  He noticed that the other 10 or so diapers on the shelves were identical to this one.  He also noticed that there was a lot of room for diapers, and not many there.  Turning, he saw the closet, which was also empty. 

As he turned, feeling nauseous, he rested his back against the changing table and, still clutching the diaper, looked at Erin.  W¦what is all this?  A... are you pregnant? he asked shakily.  He watched as she entered the room and shut the door, revealing a large wooden chair in the right corner.  It was the only mature piece of furniture in the room.  Of course not silly, Ive got my hands full with the little diaper princess that I already have. She said playfully as she approached him.  What¦do you mean? he asked, as his worst fears were realized.  Why, YOU silly!  Do you see any other prissy little diaper booty princesses here? 

Michael shook his head, as the color drained from his face.  Thats not what I am¦ he said, as if trying to convince her.  Im a man, Im your fiance.  She stared at him a moment and then just laughed.  Really?  Is that what you are? She asked condescendingly.  After laughing a long moment, she sighed and smiled.  Okay, enough joking baby¦ lay up on the changing table and lets get your diapee on before you have an accident on your pretty floor.  Michael felt his knees going weak again, and suddenly felt like he was in an earthquake.  However, when she instructed him to get on the changing table, he regained his composure.  No¦no fuck you.  He said quickly, backing up until he bumped into the humiliating diaper station.  Im a man, and this is crazy!  Im getting out of here, you can do whatever you want! he shouted, hoping to escape this humiliating prison.

Erin watched him in amusement, trying hard not to simply start laughing uncontrollably.  He was clutching a diaper that proclaimed its wearer to be a Diaper Princess, and was naked and hairless, attempting to assert himself as a man.  As he tried to push past her, however, she deftly grabbed his arm and sat down in the big chair, pulling him across her lap.  I didnt want to do this baby, not this early anyway she began.  For a moment, Michael was unsure what she meant, but as the first swat came down across his bare backside with a thunderous SLAP!, he knew what was coming.  He yelled out, but the spankings didnt stop¦ in fact, they continued and intensified with each swat.  Soon, and in no short order, he was across her lap, kicking his feet and bawling like the infant he would soon be.  After 15 spanks, she stopped and waited a moment, holding him firmly in her lap. 

Now she began, very matter-of-factly, I know this is a shock for you Michelle, I do.  I also know that every fiber of your being is telling you to rebel right now.  But¦ how does your booty feel right now?  she asked, awaiting a response.  When she didnt get one, she swatted the bright red backside again sharply.  How¦ does¦ your¦ booty¦ feel¦ right¦ now?  she asked again, listening to him whimper.  Bad, it feels bad, okay?  He said gruffly, trying to stop himself from crying again.  What feels bad baby?  she asked condescendingly.  My ass he replied, only to be greeted with another sharp slap.  Your what? she asked again¦ this time lilting her voice expectantly.  My¦ my booty feels bad.  He said, his own admission bringing a fresh crimson to his cheeks and adding humiliation to his already horrible predicament.

Now, weve spent enough time up here playing around. Erin said sweetly.  Lets get my little princess all ready for our big day.  Michaels mind was reeling as she stood him up and once again grasped his hand tightly.  He was in a state of shock as she led him over to the changing table, and helped him up onto it.  Tears blurred Michaels vision, as he looked up to see a mobile hanging over his head, decorated with fairy princesses spinning slowly.  Now, lets get my little girl all bundled up, huh? Erin said playfully.

As Michael felt his legs being lifted, and his butt come up off of the mat on the changing table, he noticed that he could see his own limp, now hairless penis.  Now he knew what was in the soap from the night before, as he realized that he was completely hairless.  He next felt something plastic touching the small of his back, and as his legs were lowered and spread, he felt the unmistakable material of the diaper against his booty.  Theres my big girl Erin chimed as she began rubbing powdery-smelling lotion into his diaper area.  The next thing he felt was the diaper being pulled up between his legs and taped across his stomach. 

They fit¦yay! she said in mock celebration.  As she helped him sit up, he looked down and wanted to die from embarrassment.  His crotch, the symbol of his masculinity, was now pink and pale violet and proclaimed to the world that he was a Diaper Princess.  As Erin stepped back and admired her handiwork, she smiled and clapped.  Now we dont have to worry about any little accidents, do we baby girl?  She asked rhetorically before proceeding over to the closet.  Attempting to close his legs and hide the embarrassing slogan, Michael now saw how thick the diapers were and found, to his dismay, that their message was extremely prominent.

Now, I know how jealous you were of Alyssa and all of her stuff¦ otherwise, why would you have teased her all the time?  The mention of Alyssa made him cringe, as he realized he was quickly becoming the new princess of the family.  So, I got this made in Camarillo by a lovely lady.  Alyssas wouldnt have fit, so Mommy got you your own¦ now you two can match! She said proudly before producing the only piece of clothing that was hanging in the closet.  Michaels heart immediately sank when he looked up and saw the garment.

Erin was holding a soft pink and violet dress up for him to see.  It had puffy princess sleeves, and glittery diamond patterns around the midsection.  The skirt portion was short and flared out, something like a very subdued tutu.  He immediately recognized the dress as the one he had made fun of Alyssa for wearing so much, that what had once been the girls favorite garment had become her most hated. 

We did have one little addition made¦ Erin said, exposing the chest.  Since you loved putting yourself in my phone as My Dashing Darling, we did this¦ Michael looked up again and a little squeak escaped his lips when he saw that on the chest in bedazzled rhinestones the dress read Mommys Diaper Darling.  Isnt it everything you ever wanted? Erin said sarcastically as she walked over to him, brandishing the garment like a blade.  No¦no Erin it isnt.  Please, please dont make me wear that dress.  Im sorry for teasing Alyssa, I promise Ill never do it again. 

Erin smiled and rubbed his cheek softly, listening to his pleading.  I know honey, I know.  But its not your fault, at all.  I can see how you felt trapped in that yucky boy stuff, and wanted to have Alyssas princess stuff so bad¦ you couldnt help but tease her!  Besides, I know you wont tease Alyssa anymore, shes your big cousin now.  You dont have to compete anymore, because shes a big girl, and youre the one and only baby princess!  Erin said happily as she expertly slid the dress over Michaels head and pulled his arms through. 

Awww, just precious. She commented as she helped him down from the changing table and stepped back to look at him.  The skirt was just short enough, that you could see the diaper below it.  As Michael looked down at himself in horror, he lifted the skirt some to see how much of the diaper was visible, only to be greeted with a bright flash.  He looked up in horror, to see Erin standing there with her cell phone out.  Erin! he instinctively shouted how could you?  She paused and looked at the humiliating picture on her cell phone.  Oh, youre right.  Sorry baby. She said, and for a moment he believed that she would stop.  However, as she walked over to the dresser and came back, she showed Michael what she had retrieved.  He should have seen it coming.

In the hands of his beautiful fiance was an exact replica of Alyssas princess crown, only larger.  On the front, it had pink stones spelling out Princess Potty Pants, identical to what he had written on Alyssas so long ago.  She affixed the crown on his head and stepped back, snapping another cell phone picture with a giggle.  Sorry baby, shoulda known my little Princess would want her crown before taking pictures.  Michael felt tears welling up in his eyes again as he stood there.  The next few moments flew by, and he barely noticed when Erin knelt down before him and encased his feet in frilly ankle socks and pink Mary Jane shoes.  Finally, the dressing was done.  He felt silly, exposed, and embarrassed.  He looked up at Erin and shook his head¦ please¦ Erin.

She smiled at him and clapped.  Oh!  Sorry baby, Mommy almost forgot.  I bet babys hungry.  Lets go have some breakfast.  He was again taken by the hand and led like a toddler from the room.  As Erin closed the door behind them, she let him walk down the hallway first, unable to contain her humor and giggling at the way that the thickness of the diaper forced him to waddle a little bit.  Oh¦ baby stop.  Michael immediately stopped, hoping she had made him endure enough.  He turned around, hopeful and bright eyed, but as she took his hand again she said these stairs are dangerous for babies.  You need to hold Mommys hand when we go on stairs.  Also, since you seem to be having so much trouble walking, why dont we crawl when we get downstairs, okay sweety? 

Michael wanted to die, and as they arrived at the foot of the stairs, she released his hand and crossed her arms across her chest, watching him expectantly.  At this point, Michael assumed that she wanted to pay him back for refusing to see a fertility doctor, and that if he just let her have her fun, it would stop soon.  With a sigh, he dropped to his hands and knees and started crawling toward the dining room.  Again, Erin laughed when she saw his diapered butt and the words Mommys Lil Booty so adorably written on it.  When they entered the dining room, Michael came to an immediate stop¦ sitting there in place of the middle chair at their table was a pink and white high chair.

Upsies baby girl. Erin said playfully as once again she helped him into an oversized infant apparatus.  As his tray was clicked into place, he realized that his arms were pinned beside him.  Erin¦ Im stuck.  He said softly, almost too humiliated to even speak.  You dont need your hands baby, thats what Mommy is for.  Now here, why dont you do some reading while I get breakfast ready? she asked before laying papers down before him.  Fresh tears formed in the corners of his eyes as he began to read.

The first document he read was signed by him, and was a total power of attorney agreement, where he had apparently granted Erin complete power over himself.  The second was another legal form, which took a minute for him to decipher, but when he did it sent a chill through his body.  It was a legal change of name or alias form, which had effectively changed his name to Michelle Stephanie Martin.  Trembling, he investigated the next form and suddenly the picture became clear.  It was a copy of his medical release from the Army¦detailing his willing and optional vasectomy procedure. 

As Erin prepared their breakfast, she watched him study the documents.  She knew Michael, very well, and she knew that these documents would go a long way toward enforcing his new situation.  When the food was ready, she reemerged from the kitchen with their plates and sat them down on the table before scooping up the documents and replacing them in her satchel.  Now, whos a hungry little baby? Erin asked as she placed his plate on the high chair tray.  Michael decided that now was the time to go for broke, and attempt to talk himself out of this situation.  Listen, Erin I know that youre upset.  I should have told you a long time ago about the vasectomy and everything, but I just figured that you wanting a baby would pass.  You know that sometimes you get on a kick, and I just thought that this was another one.  Im so sorry for lying to you, but its not a big deal¦ certainly not big enough to warrant all of this!  He watched as she sat still, staring at him coldly.  He didnt know if she would say ok and stop all this, or punch him in the face.  Luckily for him, neither happened as after a moment she started speaking.

I know what was different about your morning this morning, Michael¦ but do you know what was different about mine?  I got you up, and got you clean and dressed.  I made your breakfast and I have helped you do basically everything that you needed.  I have tried to reassure you, even when you are scared and feel helpless.  Tell me whats new with this routine.  After a moment, and after going through the obviously smart ass answers of Im wearing a diaper, duh! Michael sat silent, as he understood her point.  Finally, she spoke again. 

Nothing is different or new Michael.  This is my life each and every day, but I love you so I do it.  I tolerate your selfishness, your dirtiness, your lack of concern or effort¦ and I try to help you because I love you.  Until I found that medical paper, I thought you loved and respected me.  I know you love me, but you dont respect me¦ and honestly, I dont respect you.  So, in this new situation, I have created a life where I dont need to respect you, and where you will have no choice but to respect me.

 Michael nodded, knowing that she was right.  She picked up his fork, which he had just noticed was part of a Disney princess dining set¦ it was also small, plastic, and for a baby.  He had expected baby food or something silly like that, but instead he found a plate of fresh fruit cut up for him.  As she fed him a piece of strawberry, she continued speaking.  You will respect me Michael, because if I decide that you are going to poop in your diapers¦ guess what, youre going to.  If I decide to send you to nursery school, youre going.  If I get a wild hair up my ass and want to enter you in a toddler beauty pageant¦ well, you know what Im going to say my little pageant princess, dont you?  Michael had no choice but to chew his food and nod.

As she continued feeding him, she kept talking¦ never breaking stride.  Now, I want us to be happy and for this to go smoothly.  If youre a good little girl, and a sweet princess, then Mommy will be sweet and nice.  But if you rebel Michael, if you refuse to accept your new station in life, then Mommy will punish her little Diaper Princess.  Do you understand?  Michael nodded softly, still staring down into the pink and blue Cinderella bowl.  The rest of the meal was eaten in silence, and when they were done, she finally spoke again.  Now, Im going to tell you the new rules of the house, and as you could see by our custody agreement, you are really in no position to argue.  Michael cringed and blush anew as he listened to her lay out the new rules for his new life.

First, your name is not Michael Connor anymore; it is now Michelle Stephanie Martin¦ both legally and in practice.  She stared at him, allowing a moment for this to sink in.  You will learn a great many things about being an authentic and believable baby girl over the next few months, but most importantly is knowing your name.  While were on the subject of names, there have been some other changes you should know about.  First, my name is Mommy or Mama¦ NOT Erin.  Not to you anymore.  My mothers name is not Lucia¦ its Na-Na.  Any other names can be added or changed later, but for right now¦ if you break this rule, you will get a severe spanking young lady.  Do you understand?  Erin asked him, testing his willingness to conform.  yes came his only answer, which elicited a raised eyebrow from her.  What did you say little potty pants princess? she asked loudly.  Yes Mommy, I understand. Michael said, unable to look up.

Secondly she continued, I am now very responsible for you¦ legally.  This means that you will always be supervised.  I have a month off, so for now I will be with you all the time.  However, when I return to work this means you will have a sitter.  Michael did look up now, his eyes meeting hers and his fear was evident.  She smiled now and nodded.  Thats right, Michelle.  Na-Na is very, very used to babysitting little pampers princesses like you¦ and with Alyssa gone now, shes bored.  Erin let this soak in for a moment before continuing.  If I get a bad report, that spanking you got earlier is going to seem like a blowjob by comparison.  She looked into Michaels eyes and waited expectantly.  Understanding, Michael nodded.  Yes Mommy. 

Finally, you need to fully understand that you are no longer a grown man.  You are a little prissy, pissy, silly, diaper booty, doll cuddling, pampered princess, swishy missy girl now.  Do you understand?  Michael cringed at every word, his face a burning bright red with shame.  Yes Mommy, I get it.  Erin smiled and shook her head.  No, I want to hear you say it¦ all. She said softly.  Michael gasped, and searched her face¦ finding only seriousness.  Im a little prissy, pissy, silly, diaper booty, doll cuddling, pampered princess, swishy missy girl.  Erin could not contain her laughter as she nodded.  Thats right.  That means that any attempt by you to act in any way different from that¦ will be punished.  Michael nodded solemnly yes Mommy.  Okie dokie then.  While I wash up, like I do every day, I want you to memorize this card.  From the corner of the room, she produced a large piece of poster card and laid it before him.  As she collected the dishes, she said cryptically there will be a test.

As Michael read the card, he immediately felt shamed.  Surely, she did not expect him to recite this.  Michael shook his head, but the burning in his bottom had only just subsided, and he was in no hurry for another trip across Erins knee.  So, he did study the card¦ memorizing it quite easily.  The problem now, was not the card.  He had been ushered into babydom immediately after waking¦ and his bladder was screaming at him.  He didnt know what to do about it, but trapped in the high chair, his options were limited.  He decided to try the sweet route, and ask Erin for help. 

Um, Mommy he said nervously.  Yes sweety came the reply from the kitchen.  I¦ um¦ he focused, trying not to say piss or any other grown up euphemisms.  need to go.  Erin smiled to herself in the kitchen, trying not to laugh.  Knowing exactly what was bugging him, she came into the dining room.  Well Michelle, I told you already¦ we have a big day ahead.  You cant go anywhere right now.  No, I need to go Mommy he tried again.  Go where?  Michael cringed and closed his eyes.  I need to go to the bathroom.  This time Michelle did snicker a bit.  Thats not what I remember babies saying she chided.  Do you mean you need to go pee-pee?  Or do you mean that you need to go poo-poo?  She was dangling him on a string.  I need to go pee-pee Mommy.  Erin nodded and patted his back, leaning down to kiss his cheek.  Well, youre wearing your potty baby, have fun.  She said, before returning to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

Michael gasped, and tried his best to not use the diaper.  However, as he sat there and the thickness of the diaper forced his legs apart, he found it impossible to stop himself.  Suddenly, and without warning, a steady stream of urine flooded the diaper¦ causing it to fill and get even thicker as he sat there in the high chair.  Just as he finished using the diaper, Erin came back in and released him from the seat.  However, when she saw how bright he was blushing, and noticed how shy he seemed, she knew exactly what had happened.  She poked the diaper playfully, feeling the warmth through the material.  Oh wow¦ baby must really love her little princess pampers.  She said playfully.

Michael assumed that he would be led toward the stairs again, but instead found himself led into the living room.  Okay baby, now recite the card you studied for Mommy.  Michael gasped again, barely able to stand now due to the thick and heavy diaper he was trapped in.  She intended to make him recite the card, after just using his diaper¦ which would make it all the worse.  Seeing her sit back on the couch and cross her legs, he knew he would not be going anywhere or doing anything until he did it¦ and so he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  He didnt see her touch the button on the remote, as he prepared to give his little speech.

My name used to be Michael Connor he began, and stuck out his tongue making a yucky face, as the card had indicated he was to do.  Now, its Princess Michelle Stephanie Martin.  Im a pamper princess who loves my diapees.  Im so lucky to have such a sweet Mommy to change me and feed me and just let me be the baby girl that I really am.  My Mommy wanted me to be a man, but when I told her I wanted to be a baby girl princess potty pants thiiiissss much he said, holding out his arms wide like a baby, which caused his dress to ride up and reveal his darkened, obviously soaked diaper she said ˜okay baby and is letting me live my little princess dreams. 

His face was burning red as he finished his speech.  However, his performance wasnt done yet.  Erin spoke up now.  Whats wrong with your diapee Michelle?  she asked, rather loudly.  I, um¦ he tried to remember how to say things correctly went pee-pee in my diapees Mommy.  Already princess?  Youre the real Princess Potty Pants arent you?  she asked, genuinely this time, and without laughing.  yes Mommy came Michaels response.  This time she made no attempt to hide the remote as she hit stop.  Good job little Michelle.  Now EVERYBODY can see how you feel about your lovely diapers. Michael watched in horror as she stood and pointed out the small camera now mounted in the living room.  She then grasped his hand and went to the computer, where she was logged into his Facebook.  He watched, unable to look away, as she pulled up his wall and showed him the picture she had taken earlier that morning was now his profile picture.

Just in case they thought it was a joke, or a costume she said as she uploaded his new little performance video.  No¦no¦ he muttered, as his over 350 friends would now see his shame¦ many of which were old girlfriends that he kept on his Facebook to make Erin jealous.  Now, even if he managed to escape nobody would come near him.  He was truly and utterly trapped.  How much worse can this get he asked himself.  Just then, Erin stood up and grasped his hand once again.  As she led him through the living room and toward the front door, she grabbed her purse and keys.  Okie Dokie little princess¦

our big day is about to begin!

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   Just amazing story, I loved how you began and transitioned between chapters and things that Erin did to Michael well.....Michelle *giggle* I heavily anticipate the next chapter and can't wait for it :)
This story has a whole lot of potential I wonder whats in store for 'Mommy's Diaper Booty Princess' ?Will Michael be spoon fed enough Gerber to lose enough weight for Erin to lift him up? Carry him on her hip? Or maybe even a bouncy bronco game of 'dirty-diaper Rodeo'?

By the way I do enjoy the plot twist of his future 'Nana in law's ethnicity, she's Afro-American, right? Just making sure I read correctly; and Because Erin has Caramel Skin, that means she's mixed right?Which means she's even more domineering over puny little 'Whitey-Mikey', right?

Anyway, please keep it going, I love to read about the special disposable diapers that Erin forced Michael into, don't make those go away, even if he loses weight enough to fit into a real Pampers Baby diaper, the 'Disney Diaper' is thick, cushy, and the plastic backing is enough, I can't wait to read more, please!

This is a terrific start. I cannot wait to hear where they are going on Xmas morning. To Nana's? or shopping? What will princess get for Xmas? What will er training be like. Will Nana be is only babysitter or will Alyssa have a shot at taking care of her baby cousin? So many questions remain to be answered. Please post again soon.
        Alyssa Dee ... Once upon a time, an evil witch turned an ugly prince into a frog. Then came a Good Mommy Witch who kissed the frog and turned him into her Beautiful Baby Princess, and they lived Happily Ever After. 
Amazing story! It's perfect so far, you have to continue!!

Can't wait to see Michelle face her first dirty diaper ;)
Who wants a kiss? ^.^  
Hi, just commenting again to ask when the next chapter will be out? This is already my favourite diaper story on the whole site, it has everything I love in it :3 Thanks!
Who wants a kiss? ^.^  
   C'mon, you can't leave us hanging!
Dear These-Evil-Ways,

   You really need to let us know if there is more of this story coming or not. The girls are getting antsy in the pantsies..... and I'm one of them. We need to know one way or the other if more is coming, or if it is finished.. Do you want for us to write our own endings to this story? I am not going to change my diaper until I hear from you .... and I already have a real bad rash, so just post with either DONE or MORE SOON and we can then get a change. Personally I hope there is more to come, but if it is done, I will accept that like a big girl *sniffles*.

Hugs and Snugs,

        Alyssa Dee ... Once upon a time, an evil witch turned an ugly prince into a frog. Then came a Good Mommy Witch who kissed the frog and turned him into her Beautiful Baby Princess, and they lived Happily Ever After. 
great stowy pweasa  whight 
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

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