A couple owned by a landlord (X)
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Please note while this story may start off slow, it goes through a twisted transformation, none of these events or people are meant to have any relation to any living person, any relation is accidental

Sasha served as a dominatrix to make a massive amount of money. She catered to both men and women, never under the age of eighteen. Her house was in a slightly popular town and she wanted some company that wasn't just for "certain pleasures". She decided to have a studio apartment made in the upstairs. After 6 months of renovation she placed a wanted add in the paper. She had had many phone calls and met many people, but none that she felt a personality connection with. After the 8th candidate for renting was declined she met a couple.
Samantha and Ron were two 19 year olds who were dating and had steady but online jobs. They operated a website where people would go for stock advice and purchasing etc.... When sasha met them they had an interesting conversation.

"The two of you realize what i do for a living?"

"Yes however I have a few questions," Sam responded, "Are we required to partake in these events to secure our tenant-ship?"

"It's all explained in the lease, in order to stay in this house you do not have to "assist" me in anyway unless you disobey one of the house rules, and then in order to remain in this house you will do what i say."

Ron replied "Thats understandable, now what rules are there?"

"Just a few, no entering the downstairs area while i have clients, and no using my items whatsoever."


After 3 months the rules had not been broken and everything was peachy. However ron and sam decided to endeavor into the attic. In the attic they found some interesting toys. not wanting the landlord to know they hid the items.

One fateful night they decided to play with the items and it ended up like this.
ron was a skateboard built kind of guy not very beefy but lean and sam was similar to a celebrity before anorexia. ron was tied to the bed spread eagle while sam had a vibrator up her clit along with ron's dick in her ass.

Sasha was going to invite ron and sam to dinner when she went up to their door she saw it was open, through the crack she saw her items being used. She knocked on the door and allowed them to hide the items so they would think she wouldnt know. They answered

"Hello Ms. Sasha"

"Would you two like to come to dinner?"


About halfway through dinner Sasha announced what she had seen them doing. Sam burst into tears. Figuring that tears would help them avoid losing their lease or having to assist. In order to pull it off sam, while crying, shoved her foot hard into ron's penis making him cry.

Sasha stared in amazement. then proceeded to start clapping.

"Tears won't save you, i was just going to let you off easy and only have you pleasure each other while i watch, but know i have a new kind of plan. You have two choices continue to live her and adhere to my punishment or leave, but i go to your website and inform your customers what you do in others houses."

still crying they both agreed to stay.

Sasha started "I have never had two giant crying babies in my house before, ive dealt with slaves, sissies, and a whole host of other things. If the two of you cant guess already you will become diapered sex babies, both girls."
Now sit here while i go get some supplies. She returned with 20 fluffy towels 4 garbage bags, and a big roll of duct tape.

"Whats that for?!" ron asked

"Simple really since ive never dealt with big babies before i dont have diapers... so you will each wear ten thick towels diaper folded for a total of three days. You will not be let out of them until the online diapers i ordered come in."

"How long will that take?"

"About three days. Now Sam well start with you."

Strip your clothes and crawl onto the rug. Sam proceeded to the rug and Sasha was glad to see she had no body hair.

"Now lay down on your back and grab your ankles with your hands."

After a lot of duct tape the ten towels were tightly on sam, then 2 holes were poked into the 4 garbage bags for legs and 2 were pulled up sam. after those were taped the same thing happened to ron, and to save time well call him hairless too.

Sasha helped them to stand and neither could walk because of the bulk so they were bade to crawl.

"Now crawl this way"

they were led into a single room with only one thing in it, a large cage.

"You will both be restrained here for 3 days, feeding tubes will be attached to you both and you will ingest laxatives diuretics and massive amounts of estrogen, sam you will develop a curvier ass and bigger tits, ron you will develop some boobs, lose some penis size, and develop a plump ass."

After three days they emerged both with diaper rashes, full and wet diapers, ron had very sensitive nipples from the estrogen and sam's body grew a little. They had to crawl up into a bathroom where they were stripped, wiped and then bathed.

As an added twist Sasha came out with something else.

"For the duration of your punishment you will both look like you are in a comic book. Your sexual features will be flaunted, skimpiness is a must and you will each have an enema before you are diapered. The punishment will last for as many diapers as i have, which is about 300 a piece, they cost me a great bit of money so you will be using them to the max. "
Sasha proceeded to give them each a 2 quart enema but so they wouldnt release early she made them walk downstairs together with their middle finger up the other's ass.

She then powdered and quickly diapered them, neither wanted to release

"If you wont go by choice then fine!"

They were then shocked by small tazers.

"These wont hurt but they will do something just once. "

Once the shock stopped Ron and same looked at each other then everything came out. While the diapers did contain everything sasha had another idea.

She placed them in a scissoring position and forced them to grind against each other spreading their messes everywhere. she then told them to stay like that while she got a camera...

To be continued
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Wow - what a fabulous story - I do hope we will be treated to more tales of the further enslavement of babys ron(ette) and sam(ette) - please do keep up the great work. Hugs Fifi
Hi lensehoody - could you please let us know if/when we might expect the next fabulous instalment opf this super story? Hugs Fifi
That's a brilliant story, thanks! ^.^
Frilly Seamstress of pretty, lacy and often locking things. ^.^
I agree,i do hope there will be more added to this story. Good Job!
awww so sweet, eventually they'll begin to thank there landlord hehe. i know i would ;)

really good story, I wish I could write well
Glas to see I was not the only one who really enjoyed this story. Roll on the second instalment. Hugs Fifi
I am hoping for a second installment. This is a very kinky and hot forced theme, imaginative and sexy presentation..........
very kinky which i like please more
mya lik e tis but wish there more
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