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“Da poor wittle baby has an empty tummy doesn’t she?” she cooed. “I pwomise the party will start soon and you’ll have a full belly.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“There they are now!” she said.

She picked the basket up and carried Ryan in to the living room. She placed the basket in the middle of a large white blanket laid out on the floor. She departed and Ryan heard her answering the door and the delighted laughs of three other giantesses.

Moments later, Debbie reentered with her three friends. They were all about the same height as Debbie and all dressed in fancy white clothing. One was built rather like Debbie. Her name was Lacy and she had two “babies”, (currently girls) who were dressed in frilly pink dresses that barely covered their large cloth diapers and plastic pants. They also had a double baby harness on that was attached to leash Lacy held on to. The other two giantesses were twins sisters, Rory and Riley. They were slightly thinner than Debbie and Lacy and they each had a “baby” boy on a blue leash.
The ladies deposited the humans in the playpen and suddenly all gathered around Ryan. Lacy tweaked his nose and gave him butterfly kisses on his cheeks while the twins tickled his feet. Ryan could not help but giggle and squirm. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the other humans looking at him sympathetically.
“I hate to bore you girls,” Debbie said, “but my little one has not had a feed yet and I’m sure that little tummy of hers could really use some of Mommy’s milk.”
“Not at all,” they replied.
She slowly removed her top exposing her large breasts and white nursing bra. She squeezed one breast and a drop of dazzling white milk appeared. She picked Ryan up and removed the pacifier. She picked up his control and turned some knobs. His teeth disappeared and he could not speak. She held him up to her breast and he almost instinctively began to nurse. She sat down in a rocking chair with him. The women opened their presents for Debbie and showered them to her as Ryan nursed.
Ryan was surprised. He had felt a wave of embarrassment at first, but suddenly it felt so right. Being cradled in Debbie’s arms as she rocked him forward and back, patting his bottom through the blankets and filling him up with her sweet warm milk. Ryan had never known comfort like this. He soon fell asleep yet again.
Ryan’s opened his eyes some time later to find himself out in the field. He was dressed in the clothes that he had worn the night he met Cassandra and he had full control of his limbs. He sat up quickly and looked around. He found Debbie standing behind him.
“I am giving you the chance to go home,” she said. “Cassandra told you about the portals, right?”
“Yes!” Ryan said enthusiastically, getting to his feet.
“Well, she opened one in the woods just beyond my field.”
She pointed and Ryan squinted. There it was! Just a small black line from this distance but reachable.
“I will give you six hours to reach it. Then I will come and find you.”
Without waiting for another explanation, Ryan took off. He ran for what seemed like hours but the black hole never seemed to get any closer. It felt like he was on a conveyor belt moving backwards. Yet, when he looked back, Debbie’s house seemed further and further away.
Ryan began walking slower and slower, getting more and more discouraged.
Suddenly, his feet were stuck. He looked down to see some old roots growing out of the ground and slowly wrapping themselves around his shoes. Panicking, he bent down and untied them. Then he jumped up so hard that not only did he come out of his shoes, but he fell backwards in to a mud puddle. He was about to sit up when he heard a great sucking noise and fell back in to the puddle. The puddle was like quicksand and had a hold of his shirt and pants. He quickly removed these articles, even removing his underwear as he pulled his pants off. He was now completely naked.
He turned to try to pull the clothing out of the mud, but it was too late. They had been sucked in.
Ryan cursed and began running toward the black hole again. He had no choice now. He didn’t know how much time he had left, but Debbie would soon be on her way.
He took off running again, only this time slower. It seemed as if he were moving in slow motion. Suddenly, the questions began flooding his mind. What am I running back to? My crummy job and OCD and paranoia? Being afraid of everything? Never being satisfied? What if Mommy can offer me something better?
Mommy? a little voice in his head asked. You’ve never thought of any woman that way. And besides didn’t she obtain you without your consent?
Ryan too was scared by the fact that this woman he had hardly known had such an effect on him. She had kidnapped him after all.
Yeah. And given you what you always wanted but could never get. Love. Peace. Rest.
Suddenly, Ryan fell to the ground and began weeping. He lay there for several minutes. He then heard a twig snap behind him. He turned around and looked up and there was Debbie! She was holding his control in one hand and a large baby bottle filled with the pink liquid she had bought at the auction.
“There, there, Rachael,” she said, “it’s OK. Don’t cry, darling. Mommy is here.”
She did some work with the control and Ryan felt his member disappear and a slip reappear in its place. His hair grew to shoulder length and turned blonde and his eyes turned green.
Debbie placed the control down on the ground and looked him straight in the eye.
“I’m giving you a choice, Rachael. You can go back or you can stay here forever. This formula will make you immortal like me. It will also permanently babify you. You will not have grown up thoughts anymore. You will eat baby foods that I will make from the food on the farm. You will drink milk from my breasts. You will wear and use diapers and I will change them. You will have no worries for all eternity.”
Ryan’s eyes filled with tears of joy and he began stumbling toward Debbie. She slowly undressed him and then scooped his naked body up in her arms. She cradled him once more and the nipple of the bottle. The warm, sweet, bubbly pink liquid began flowing in to his mouth and down his throat.
Ryan melted in her arms. A smile came to his face as Debbie turned and began walking back to the house, him still nursing the bottle. His adult mind was slowly melting away. He was entering the world of diapers, plastic panties, bibs, bottles, pacifies, and gentle loving, motherly care.
“Oh Debbie…Debbie…Debbie…..Mommy."

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