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A disabled young man who thought thinks should be different
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David had been born with a birth defect that prevented him from walking and then he had ashthma and he also had cancer of the kidneys.
both were simply ate up with it.

The doctor how ever said that it was a very slow moving cancer and it would take about ten years before it would kill him.

David was eighteen and hated his life because he was hardly allowed outsideand when he was only on a pretty day usely in the spring.

David did get to go to town and such.

One of his favorite places was ZAPS it was a gaming store it had all kinds of computer games videos and they could build a killer computer.

All David had time for was his books and the computer thats pretty much all he had time for.

Davids computer was a dinosaur and he wanted a new one.

The one he wanted was called the Specter it had all the bells and whistle's and it had a mystery program on it that no one would know about until they got it hooked up and turned on.

David really wanted this computer and call of duty 5 and a few other programes and of course the Green Lantern Movie.

David never really asked for much and he was hopeing he would get what he wanted was the Specter.

Davids mom and dad allways tried to get any thing David needed or wanted but David was not going to keep his sister or brother out of collage because of his wants.

they usely consisted of books and movies and the occasnaly game but nothing real exspensive.

But this time he really wanted this.

He knew that he was not going to ask for it for his birthday because of how much they were spending on him to take care of him in his deterorateing condition.

David had started hurting more in his back than usal but he never complained much he did not want to make them worried and upset more than they already were about him.

His brother and sister did not tease him or be mean to him they treated him nice and any one that did make fun of him well lets just say Ben was not called big ben for nothing.

When Davids mom Cindy walked into Zaps to get David she saw him looking longingly at the computer.

David had a few games in his hads and a movie too when he saw his mom.

"Hi sweety is this all you want this time?"

"Yes mame."

"What do you want for your birthday?"

"I dont know."

Cindy just smiled .

"Well I will think of something."

After payig for the games and stuff they left to go home.

The conversation was lite and funny laughing at the picture on one of his games he had just bought.

They were now going to pick up Kara from Cheerleadeeing practice.

When they got home David went up to his room and installed his new games.

While David was upstairs Kara asked...

"Mom what dose david want for his B-Day?"

"I have an idea as to what he wants but he is not going to ask for it."

"Well we will have to get it for him then."

"It's not that simple dear."

"Why ?"

"Because what he wants is a five thousand dollar computer called the specter."

That super game computer that Zaps has on sale?"

"Thats the one and We simply cant afford it and thats why he is not asking , he knows this."

"Mom I'm tired of David not getting what he really wants."

"He never ask for much and yet when he dose want it we cant get it."

"I know what I'm gonna do!!...."

"Whats that dear?"

"I'm not telling it's a surprise."

Later that night when Ben came home Kara draged him into her room.

"Ben I got to talk to you."

"Whats up?"

David wants the specter at Zaps and he want even ask for it because he knows mom and dad cant afford it but I'm not gonna rest until he gets that computer so I was wondering if you wanted to help."

"You bet count me in!!"

"What now?"

"Well I could dive into my baby sitting money thats three hundred there ."

"I got about the same in the bank plus I got over time At the grocery store."

"So that gives us about seven hundred dollars."

"We're no where near close."

"What we need to do is get some help ask to work overtime for me and find a way to make some money before his birthday."
so what will david's brother and sister come up with to get the computer for david?

Well thats all for now chk my blog for hints as to what may happen.

HUggs and Kiss's

Well Ben took on extra nights at work and Karalooked for any way she coould to make money .

Baby sitting was a great source of income for her.

They also checked every day to see if Zaps had out it on sell he had a lot of unadvertised sales that was real good.

Kara and Ben walked into Zaps just to see if he had listed it on sale.

"Hey you two I was hopeing you would come by I have a question for you."

"Sure Mr. Harris."

"Why are you so concerned with this computer ?"

"Could it be for David's birthday?"

"Yes sir but we barely have half of it and his birthday is in two days."

"So how much do you have?"

"We have four hundered and eithy seven dollers."

"We're not gonna make it."

Both Ben and Kara looked sadly at the ground knowing they could not make the money in time.

"Will you two cheer up."

Look come back the morning of his birth day and I will see what we can do for David.

The two days went by fast and Ben and Kara had worked so hard both of them had fell asleep in class but luckly it was only study hall.

They got to Zaps right as it opend up and there stood Mr. Harris.

He was all smiles.

"Come on dear come on in I have some great news for you two."

"What is it!?"

"Well as you know I cant just give away my best stuff but I put this jar here and people filled it to the brim so I had to put out another jar just for him again."

"So this means if you have your money its yours with the money I collected so I added a few movies and games I thought he might like .

so I went to the card store bought a gift box and card and got every one who donanted for his gift
and signed it.

so here you go.

Ben and Kara's mouth opened wide in disbelife.

"THANK YOU Mr. Harris!!!!"

Mr. Harris helped put the many thinks and the computer in to Ben's car.

"Mr. Harris do you have a box big enough to hold it all and make it look like something else?"

"Yes I may just have that ."

Mr Harris went to the back and found the over sized box that woould hold it all.

The whole system was in the box plus the games and movies also , then the box was taped shut and off they went home to put the birghtly wraped gift on the table.

As Ben and Kara where carrying in the huge heavy box and then the small box with the card and money.

"BEN, KARA !!!"

"What do you two have there?"

"It's Davids B-Day gift from us and every body else."


"Everybody else???"

"you will see ."

"Look you two I exspect you two to be home tonight for Davd's birthday, no working over or finding extra baby sitting jobs."

"We plan on it Mom ,we have one heck of a b-day gift for David."

It was almost six when Davids Mom heard a comation outside it looked like they were getting ready for a block party.

Davids Mom went outside to see what was going on.

She saw Mr. Belk setting up a table in front of her house that said gifts and donnation's.

She also saw all kinds of food and drinks and a grill had been started up and burgers and hotdogs were cooking.

"Mr. Belk what is going on?"

"Well Cindy it's a birthday party for David."

We know you always plan something for him and its normly cake and ice cream but Ben and Kara came into Zaps hopeing that computer David wanted so bad .

was on sell but it never got put on sell insted Mr. Harris put out a donnation jar while Ben and Kara worked there tales off to make the money .

so on today they came in and well between the money they had made and the donations wellsince some of us had given others got the idea of throwing him a heck of a party."

Tears stremed down her checks as she was so happy some one not to mention every one she knew had went out of there way to do this for David.

"Where is David ?"

His Dad has him out while I wanted to do something different but not much but now thanks to all of you it will be nice who the heck am i kidding this is gonna be awesome!!"

"Are there any gifts inside that need to be brought out."

"Yes Ben and Kara brought in a huge gift I'm assumeing thats the computer?"

and then there is the gift from me and Jack my husband.

When Jack and David arrived the party was in full swing and every thing was in place including Ben and Kara who were all smiles for the first time in a long time.

"Whats all this ?"

"Well dear its your birthday party I will explane every thing later."

David wheeled himself to the punch bowel where he got some rainbow punch that Ms Gibby made and it was Davids favorite.

Kara And Ben gave David a Hug

"Your gonna freak out when you open your gift."

David looked over at the gift table and it was full of gifts.

"WOW!!! I'm already freaked out by the amount of them."

Finely after they ate cut the cake and they had almost made it to the computer.

David tore open the paper and there it was the Specter and a lot of games to go with it.


"Thank you all I dont know what to say."

"Wait there is one more thing .

we collected money to help pay some of David's medical bills and make it easyer on ya'll.

Later that night after his Dad hooked the specter up David wanted to see what the mystery program is.

David hit the power buttion and the screen came alive and up to the desktop.

On the desktop was a icon that said Mystery program.

David clicked the icon and then a bright light filled the room.
Well sorry it took so long to get back to it but you know the drill mothers day and all there shall be more in a day or two so check back here and my blog there may be hints there as to whats next

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's

As the bright light subsided David noticed he was standing insted of a chair the feeling was great and he did not want it to end.

As David looked around he saw bright lines traveling fast and then he looked up and saw a huge window then he looked out and saw his room.

"I'm in the computer how is this possable?"

Just then a beep beep sound came form nowhare and then right there stood a fairy.

"Well hello there David ."

"Who Who ,Who are you?"

"Well I'm your Missy god mother and I'm here to help you."

"Help me how the doctors cant do any thing more than what they have and all I have to look forward to is death."

"This may be true but there is hope all you have to do is agree to becomeing a young girl so some one else can b happy you see there is a little girl who has died because of a accident but they dont know it yet she is in a coma but you can leave your body and become six year old Kayla."

"What about my folks and what about my brother and sister?"

"David they are going to exsperince your demise real soon any way I am giveing you the chance to live."

"Not to mention the money burden will be lifted from your family and your brother and sister will be able to go to collage."

"So what is your anwser dear?"

"Will you become Kayla or linger around for another week and die any way or make a differance for two familes."

"So which is it?"

"Can I think on it for the night?"

"Yes you may but at the same time friday night you must have made a desion dureing that time you can come to computer space any time you wish all you have to do is click the mystery program icon and you will be here."

"I will have a anwser that friday."

"Good I hope you make the right one.
sorry so slow on the story but im sick with a nasty case a sinus cold a real yucky one too so im going to bed and may be back on tommorow.

HUggs and sneezes cough cough hack and Kiss's


David ast in his chair faceing the computer compleatly dumbfounded after what happened.

David was sitting there when his mom came in .

"David it's time for bed."

David nearly jumped out of his skin when his mom had spoke.

"David ?you ok?"

"Uh yeah I was just zoned out for a minute."

"you just scared me a bit thats all."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm sure."

David could not stop thinking about what happened in computer space.

He kept thinking if he became Kayla he couold walk again not to mention it would end his suffering and all the pain he endured from his cancer.

The thought of all the money problems his treatment cost was go away not instantly but none the less it would be over.

His mom could finely stop crying over him ,he knew his mom would cry worse as well as the rest of his family for a while but that to would end and they all would breath a sigh of relief knowing he would be in a better place.

The next day David got up and did his morning routine then wwent back to his computer he was real happy with it but he had a dession to make.

David installed one of his new games and begain to play it, as he did he could not help but think about computer space.

He minamized his game and clicked the icon for the mystery program.

And then the bright light returned and David was in computer space again .

He decided he wante to see the familes computer of the little girl he was thinking about taking the pace of.

In a flash of light there stood Missy .

"I see you came back."

"Yup I did."

"So what do you wish to see."

"I know what you wish ."

"She then put both of them in his game he had on the computer he was palying it happened to be call of duty 5 .

David then asked her to take him to Kayla's computer.

They went to her computer and saw her in a hospital bed with a bandage on her head.

"It's your choice David I do wish you would make up your mind now for they have made the dession to unplug life support."

"Ok i will do it."
well I know this story is becomeing boreing to a lot of you but things are gonna get interesting soon please bare with me.

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's


A bright light formed around David and then a swooshing sound.

David opened his eyes and saw he was in Kayla's body she was only six but she was ok.

no one had noticed Kayla had opened her eyes until she sat up .

"Kayla's awake!!!!"

Kayla or you ok?!"

Her dad nick brushed her long golden locks from her face as she spoke.

"I'm ok Daddy really I am ."

How ever David was the one that was doing the speaking .

David remembered his former life and had thought it was for the best.

He felt very strange , after all he was no longer in his own body but in a six year olds body.

David learned that Kayla the real Kayla had died the night of the accident.

A few weeks later David was still getting use to his new body.

During those weeks Davids family was in morning for his loss but they did give thanks for him going just at the snap of a fingure.

David now Kayla was enjoying her grape koolaide after playing in the pool out side he was learning Kayla was learning how to be a girl .

David was starting to forget his former life and he was starting to lose his identy as David and kayla was becoming into control.

David could walk run and play even though he was playing with dolls she did not care she was now happy.


Iam so sorry as to how crappy this story turned out but dont worry I'm working on one I think you will love.

All for now

HUggs and Kiss's

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interesting start a few grammatical errors but I'm looking forward to seeing what tis turns into
thx for the nice words
 HUggs and Kiss's
great start but you might want to add a little more to it so people can see which way out of the several ways it could take the story goes. It's great start though.... I hope you continue
me loves it anna357 so far that is i am sure it will be a big hit
well im sorry about the story so far the history of whats going to happen has gotten way to long and i know its my worst story but please bare with me things are getting better now.
 HUggs and Kiss's
me loves it like lot lot lot
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