Company Perks by Pinkbowsandteddybears (PG)
Gordon is hand picked to be Miss Price's new secretary. It comes with a pay raise but money isn't everything.
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Company Perks by Pinkbowsandteddybears
Gordon is hand picked to be Miss Price's new secretary. It comes with a pay raise but money isn't everything.
Characters: - Genres: (Feminization) - Rating: PG - Warnings: none - Chapters: 3
Published: 07.11.06 - Updated: 30.12.06 - Completed: No


1. Personal Assistant by Pinkbowsandteddybears (PG) [Reviews - 1]
Genres: (Feminization)
Warnings: none
Summary: Gordon is hand picked to be Miss Price's new secretary. It comes with a pay raise but money isn't everything. (1932 words)

It was another horrible day. He had to be a girl again. It had started as only one Friday, then moved to Tuesday and Friday. The fad slowly progressed until it was now five days a week. However, every time he abided by the dress code his pay was doubled for that day. Given that whoever had bought his apartment complex raised the rent a considerable amount he could not turn down 24 dollars an hour. Everyday was a different theme unless Miss Price told him otherwise. Today was Friday so it was schoolgirl day. He put on the most conservative one possible but that still not conservative enough.
Blue plaid covered a skirt that barely came to mid-thigh. The gingham matched the puffed sleeves while a white top covered fake breasts. A blond wig held up two poofy pigtails with blue plaid bows. Lacy socks and black platforms added even more humiliation to his situation. Instead of a briefcase, Gordon wore a white marabou backpack and carried a big white teddy bear, which made him look small. Needless to say, he was the laughing stock of the office especially since Miss Price sent out a company email that only addressed him and his situation instituting a new dress code. She claimed it was an accident but everyone knew different.

In all honesty he did make a beautiful girl. His body was perfect for it and he was sad to say that his dick was so small it did not even show underneath cotton panties. Make up suited his high cheek bones and outlined sky blue eyes. His lips were pouty and he had been told they would be good for sucking dick. Thankfully he was not gay and did not have to do that. Still, what guy dresses like a woman and is not gay to some extent?
After listening to the jokes, snickers, and false compliments on the elevator it was finally cleared so he could ride to the top floor in peace. He almost tripped still not used to the platform heels even after two months of this. Miss Price stood at her office door watching her sissified secretary walk to his desk. Today, she had some changes made to the young man¢‚¬„¢s desk. She saw his reaction was of horror and she thought she caught a glimpse of happiness.
The once oak desk was now pink. The telephone was plastic but worked just the same. It was also pink. A pink computer took up part of it with a screen saver of teddy bears and hearts. The chair was the same make and model except it had changed to a mixture of pink and white. White teddy bears smothered the desk otherwise almost making it impossible to see his desk calendar. The name plate was the worst part. Pink with the foreign name written in white cursive reading Fluffy Bunnikens, the I dotted with a heart. Gordon wanted to throw up. ¢‚¬“How do you like your new desk Fluffy?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Who in the hell is Fluffy? My name is Gordon, Gordon Martin not¢‚¬¦Fluffy Bunnikens. I mean come on¢‚¬¦even bimbos are not named that. Its something a little girl would name a stuffed animal or something.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Calm down Fluffy. It is all taken care of. It is what everyone here will call you from now on.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“You sent another email didn¢‚¬„¢t you?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Just to the department heads who will then pass it down. It will give the employees something to laugh about at the water cooler.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Why? Why do this to me?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“That will be revealed in time Fluffy. Now please sit down, relax, cuddle with your teddy bear some, giggle like you have a tendency to do sometimes and when you are calm go to work. Until then, relax, smile that adorable smile, and look cute like the little girl you are.¢‚¬
Gordon was steaming. How dare she do this to him. Why was he letting her do this to him? It did not make sense. Every single time he tried to fight her he just ended up giggling like a little girl for no reason. It was like some game to her. Anything she suggested he would do. Not because he wanted to but because he had to. She was much larger than he was anyway and could possibly bench press a Buick.
As the day progressed everyone called him Fluffy. The men mocked him while those who were into cross dressers hit on him. The only bright side was, the secretarial pool had accepted him as their own but still¢‚¬¦young attractive women who had no boyfriends talked to him like he was a girl as well. In other circumstances he would hit on them. Any attempt at that now and they just laughed saying they would never date a girl especially one named Fluffy. Gordon was dead at that place. Fluffy Bunnikens was all that remained there. Around 2 o¢‚¬„¢clock Miss Price came out of her office. She smiled down at her experiment to see how far along he had come. This would tell her whether or not he was close to being full under her power. ¢‚¬“Fluffy¢‚¬¦I think you are loving wearing girls clothes. I think you love the frills and lace and the bows and the teddy bears. Am I right?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Well¢‚¬¦no Miss Price. I hate it. I¢‚¬„¢m miserable.¢‚¬ He protested blatantly fighting the urge to giggle. He wanted to agree though. It was as if she was always right. Gordon was helpless but had yet to admit it. He could only fight so much longer. Even Gordon could feel his will wasting away day after day.
¢‚¬“Well then, it would only make sense that you do this all the time. I know you would love to do that wouldn¢‚¬„¢t you? Dressing like a woman, acting like a woman, and at the same being a little girl¢‚¬¦isn¢‚¬„¢t that something you have wanted for a long time?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Actually, no it isn¢‚¬„¢t. I was very content being a man and working in a cubicle with half the pay of this position.¢‚¬
She sat down on the corner of his desk. It was a gesture he had seen many men do when flirting with an employee of the opposite sex. The woman¢‚¬„¢s smile was devious and Gordon did not trust her at all especially since she had done all of this to him. He suspected that she was the one who bought his apartment complex. That was still not proven. Miss Price was on her way to convincing him to live like this all of the time. She knew it to.
¢‚¬“But you look so cute. I am willing to pay for some changes. Perhaps you would like breasts or real blond hair and not these wigs. I could make that happen for you sweetheart.¢‚¬ Her hand played with one of his pigtails.
¢‚¬“I can¢‚¬„¢t Miss Price. My family and friends will disown me.¢‚¬

¢‚¬“Oh sweetheart¢‚¬¦they have already. Didn¢‚¬„¢t you know they have pictures of you dressed like a girl?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“When did you take pictures?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“There are security cameras all over. As acting owner of this corporation of course I have access to them. They have some great video of you cuddling with a teddy bear and primping, checking your flawless make up every fifteen minutes and fixing your hair. By the way, its been twenty minutes since you last checked it.¢‚¬
Gordon stared at her. His hands were shaking. Miss Price smiled at his protest. He finally broke down reaching for the marabou pack and pulling out a compact dabbing his face in places. ¢‚¬“What day was that?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Oh lets see. It was the day you dressed in that pink fairy costume I bought you. You were extra adorable that day and earned that five hundred dollar bonus acting like the little girl you are.¢‚¬ Miss Price finished by actually pinching his cheeks. She smiled watching him. The woman knew the urge he was fighting. Gordon finally gave in and pulled a compact from the marabou pack and fixed what her pinch may have ruined. Miss Price could not hold in her laughter this time. She let a slight snicker escape causing him to blush. He was coming along faster than expected. At this rate, he would be hers within the next two weeks. The redecoration of his apartment would make things move along much much faster. Letting Rachel be his neighbor¢‚¬¦Gordon did not stand a chance.
¢‚¬“I¢‚¬¦I can¢‚¬„¢t believe you did that.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Oh Fluffy¢‚¬¦I just cannot stand the thought of you being with anyone else but me.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“That¢‚¬„¢s what all this is about? Turning me into your bitch? Or is it just a game to you? See how effeminate we can make him before he breaks down and becomes mine. Well, I won¢‚¬„¢t do it. No more dresses, no more bows or teddy bears¢‚¬¦I am going to quit.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Let¢‚¬„¢s think about this before you make any decisions, weigh the pros and cons so to speak.¢‚¬ She raised one eyebrow showing she was becoming annoyed. Gordon looked down pouting. It was so cute she just wanted to eat her soon to be fiancƒ with a spoon. ¢‚¬“You could quit. That would save you the trouble of dressing and acting this way. Save you from the jokes, the laughter, and Fluffi Bunnikens would be no more. On the other hand, if you do quit you have no family, no friends, and no job to pay for rent or food or anything else for that matter. It would also be near impossible for you to get a job anywhere else because anywhere you go, whatever job you apply for, you will not get because I will make sure of it. I do not care if you¢‚¬„¢re applying for School Janitor, you will not make it.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“So live like this or kill myself. Those are pretty much my only two options.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“No sweetie, there is a third.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“And I¢‚¬„¢m sure its so much better than the other two.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“It all depends on how you look at it. I have not been doing this to embarrass you. I have done this to condition you. I am a beautiful woman Fluffy. I work out almost two hours a day as if it doesn¢‚¬„¢t show. I can bench press twice what you weigh. I promise. I know the motive behind this is confusing to you Fluffy but I am looking for a wife, not a secretary.¢‚¬
He began to object, to say something in reply. Gordon was speechless. He could not even fathom what was taking place. Miss Price was turning him into a girl so he could be her wife. It did not make any sense at all. What was her motive or did she even have one? ¢‚¬“Just think on it darling. Let me know your decision on Monday. Ok?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Ummm¢‚¬¦sure¢‚¬¦I mean¢‚¬¦yes Miss Price.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Good. Now, you can take off early today Miss Bunnikens. Think about my proposal during the weekend.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Yes Miss Price. Have a good weekend.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“You to sweetheart. Feel free to call my cell if you make up your mind before Monday. The number is in your phone already.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Will do. Toodles.¢‚¬ Gordon blushed as he actually said toodles. He sounded so gay. It was such a rich, preppy girl thing to say. That is something Gordon could possibly be within the next month.

2. A Little Girl's World by Pinkbowsandteddybears (PG) [Reviews - 1]
Genres: (Feminization)
Warnings: none
Summary: Gordon's transformation continues whether he wants it to or not...he isn't sure about it anymore... (784 words)

Gordon found a new neighbor moving in. He had not seen the person but by the possessions he could tell it was a woman. He could have time to talk later. Right now he had to change out of this dress and into something more¢‚¬¦manly. That could not be done. Everything had changed. His respectable apartment was now little girl heaven.
Pink and white was everywhere. No other color was even seen in the decoration of his apartment. Teddy bears and pink bows, a pink Fluffi chair in front of a pink television. An extensive DVD collection now replaced by Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and every Olsen Twin movie ever made. The kitchen was worse with a pink table and chairs, white countertops with pink hearts decorating them. Even the utilities were pink.

His bedroom was no different. It had been expanded with his big the adult version of a princess bed, canopied into a castle. There were so many stuffed animals in the room it was a miracle he could walk. There had to at least be 40 of the same style and size on the bed. More were on a pink vanity sitting beside of make up and hair bows. He was afraid to even open the closet knowing that all of his clothes were gone and they were. What he found was adult sized little girl clothes.
She did not let up in the slightest. But, he did feel like putting on something more comfortable to relax in. Gordon decided on a pink transparent robe with matching marabou outlining the openings of it. He covered himself with pink cotton panties. A bra was not necessary¢‚¬¦yet. The way things were going it would be in a few days. Once he donned the robe Gordon felt compelled to fix his hair accordingly. He let the pigtails fall and quickly pulled his hair back letting it fall loosely past his shoulders with an oversized pink bow on the very top of his head. It was horrible but turned him on at the same time. The doorbell rang. As he was walking to answer it something made him pick up a large white teddy bear from the bed and carry it with him.
Opening the door he saw who must his new neighbor. She introduced herself as Rachel and did not seem put off by his appearance at all. Perhaps she thought he was actually a woman but how could she? His small penus was completely erect in the panties. Perhaps she did notice she just did not care. Oddly, the girl was as muscular as Miss Price if not moreso. She was also as beautiful. Perhaps they knew each other. For some reason beyond him, Gordon introduced himself as Fluffi Bunnikens. Even the name made him horny. ¢‚¬“Do you want to come over for a few minutes while I get settled in?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“I really shouldn¢‚¬„¢t. I¢‚¬„¢m not really dressed for it.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Aww¢‚¬¦Fluffi. It¢‚¬„¢s just across the hall. No one is going to see you. You can even bring your little friend. What is her name?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Miss Missy.¢‚¬ Where in the hell did he pull that from? He did not name teddy bears. It was ridiculous. Yet, Rachel did not laugh she merely introduced herself to the white plushie. Gordon just smiled. ¢‚¬“Oh ok¢‚¬¦I¢‚¬„¢ll come over for a little while.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Good. For a minute I thought I would have to carry you.¢‚¬
They both laughed but he was sure she would have.
Her apartment was quaint with boxes everywhere. She went into the bedroom for a minute. ¢‚¬“Come in here a minute Fluffi. Tell me what you think.¢‚¬
He walked into her bedroom to find her standing there in a black robe. Feathers accentuated the covering hiding large breasts and a black thong. She stood walking towards him. He turned to walk out but she grabbed his shoulders. Rachel walked past him and shut the door. Gordon knew he was in trouble. Rachel took Miss Missy and set her down in a small rocking chair. The muscular woman took Gordon¢‚¬„¢s hands and forced his arms to go over her shoulders like a woman would do while dancing. Her hands went straight to his hips keeping him there firmly. ¢‚¬“Now darling¢‚¬¦we can have some real fun.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“But¢‚¬¦I¢‚¬¦I¢‚¬¦have to¢‚¬¦¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Stay here and be my bitch for the night.¢‚¬ He shook in fear. ¢‚¬“Aww..relax honey. Mama Rachel is gonna take goooood care of you. You may never want to be with a submissive skinny girl ever again. Trust me, you¢‚¬„¢re going to love what I¢‚¬„¢m going to do to you.¢‚¬

3. Chapter 3 Pinkbows and White Teddy Bears by Pinkbowsandteddybears (PG) [Reviews - 1]
Genres: (Feminization)
Warnings: none
Summary: Gordon's transformation goes forward, physically and mentally (1711 words)

Gordon woke up in the castle full of teddy bears that had become his bed. He was startled at first not knowing where he was until everything came rushing back to him. Miss Price, Rachel, the proposal, and this horrible new lifestyle. Then he remembered what Rachel had done to him and smiled. She said that Miss Price was much better than her and what was wrong with a woman who can lift a bus full of school kids pampering you with your only job being to look cute all the time. Gordon shook his head at such thoughts. It wasn¢‚¬„¢t natural for a guy to dress like a girl. Even now he was wearing pink cotton panties and cuddling with a teddy bear. It was almost impossible not to. They formed a small army on the canopied bed. It was now Saturday, two more days until she wanted an answer.
He was fighting himself inside. This wasn¢‚¬„¢t natural. Men did not dress like women but women¢‚¬„¢s clothes felt so much better, smoother, more comfortable, and turned him on so much. Rachel had not helped things any but she was not sent to make him want to keep his old life. She did her job and did it well. Gordon let out a long sigh before rising out of bed. Several teddy bears fell off as he did.
Blond hair cascaded down to the middle of his back. He had forgotten he had the wig on. He pulled on it but it hurt him. Gordon pulled harder only to let out a small whine. The wig felt like it was his real hair. Come to think of it, the wig didn¢‚¬„¢t feel like a wig. It felt like real and soft hair. Now he was scared. Things were changing as if by magic and he did not like it. Even though, it was another step towards something he thought he wanted. A month ago he would be running around having a nervous breakdown but this morning he accepted it believing that lots of guys have long hair and it didn¢‚¬„¢t mean anything.
Gordon took several steps but something didn¢‚¬„¢t feel right. He picked a teddy bear up off of the bed putting it under his left forearm. That was better. The young man approached the adorable vanity to find a note waiting on him. It was written in a most elegant cursive, a handwriting he recognized as Miss Price¢‚¬„¢s.
Dear Fluffi,
I know you had a wonderful night last night. Rachel has told me that you are starting to like wearing women¢‚¬„¢s clothes and was even carrying a teddy bear when she first saw you. Don¢‚¬„¢t be embarrassed darling. I think it is cute and adorable. You will be completely adorable very soon. Today is another step in that direction my little girl. Frederick¢‚¬„¢s Salon is waiting for you to arrive and Hannah¢‚¬„¢s has instructions to open only to you today. They are holding some precious outfits for you to wear, one of which you will be wearing tonight when you accompany me to a party. Be ready by 7 pm or I am going to be very disappointed.
Gordon sighed loudly. He was going to a salon, most likely to get his hair done, among other things. And Hannah¢‚¬„¢s¢‚¬¦he had passed by there on several occasions and from the window displays he had seen he had no desire to get anything from there. As there had been more and more often, a small cute girl voice sits in the back of his mind smiling and clapping about the day trip. And, Gordon was still ¢‚¬“excited¢‚¬ about the whole situation.

Stares. Lots and lots of stares. It was so humiliating. Even though it wasn¢‚¬„¢t blatantly obvious that he was a man today. Gordon had opted for a cowgirl outfit. It was pink gingham with swishing petticoats underneath a skirt that came to mid thigh. Strangely all of his body hair was gone so there had been no need to shave his legs. The skirt ran into a small pink corset with a pink bow on the chest. An oversized white collar lay flat against the outfit accentuating the size of his fake breasts but not revealing them. His hair was French braided with oversized pink bows at the ends. A pink cowboy hat, covered in glitter with a big shiny star on the front of it, made the outfit complete, that and the marabou backpack he wore along with the big white teddy bear he was carrying. He didn¢‚¬„¢t want to. Gordon tried to throw it down several times but every time he just laid it down making sure it was not going to get dirty. Several steps later he felt he had to pick it back up again. That added an extra thirty minutes to his leaving.
Gordon walked into the store, oddly enough with a ditzy grin on his face. He was starting to become what Miss Price wanted and knew it. He could not fight it though. Something had been done to him, done to his mind. He would never have enjoyed this before he started working there. Blue was his favorite color before, now it was pink. Ribbons and bows in his hair was preferred and an insistent need to carry a teddy bear was another sign that he was changing or was being changed. Several sales associates waited on him to enter. Someone locked the door behind him with a key. ¢‚¬ËThere goes leaving.¢‚¬„¢ He thought to himself.
A pretty blond woman approached him. She wore loose black pants with a low cut white blouse. Her hair was down and curled to perfection. Her make up was also perfect. It would help with her credibility in this profession to look nice. ¢‚¬“You must be Fluffi.¢‚¬ She said continuing to smile. ¢‚¬“Miss Price said you would be in this afternoon.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“How¢‚¬¦did you know I am Fluffi?¢‚¬ his eyes widened to find his voice several octaves higher than it had been the day before. He did not have to altar his voice to keep up appearances. It concerned him. Being a man with this voice would be very difficult.
¢‚¬“We were told you would be wearing pink, hair most likely in pigtails and carrying a teddy bear.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“I see.¢‚¬ He dwelled for a moment and she allowed.
¢‚¬“Well,¢‚¬ she started, breaking him from his thoughts, ¢‚¬“, I am Trish. I will be helping you with everything you need today.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“And what is it I need exactly?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Miss Price has picked out several adorable outfits for your party tonight. She said that you were to pick out which one to wear. If you¢‚¬„¢ll come this way, you can sit down and our store models will demonstrate them for you.¢‚¬
Gordon was escorted to a sitting room. He was told to sit on a white leather couch in a small room. Trish clapped her hands and the three models walked in one after the other. Seeing the outfits, costumes was more like it, he wanted to throw up and put one on at the same time. Conflicted feelings were such a pain.
¢‚¬“As you can see, Tierra is wearing a pink fairy outfit. It comes in two pieces.¢‚¬ She walked up and illustrated each thing she was talking about. ¢‚¬“There is the ruffled Petticoat Mini Dress and the Sparkle Wings. It is complimented with over the knee stockings and pink 6 inch platform heels. An adorable ensemble that any little girl would love.¢‚¬
¢‚¬ËLittle girl? She thinks I¢‚¬„¢m a little girl? What has Miss Price been telling people?¢‚¬„¢
¢‚¬“The next outfit you have to choose from,¢‚¬, she took a step in front of Tierra, ¢‚¬“, is a Bo Peep costume modeled by Ginger. As you can see it is pink as opposed to the traditional blue. It has a pull on skirt with thick attached petticoats. It has a corset top with a big bow between the breasts. A football sized bow in the hair and a staff with an even bigger bow at the top of it makes it even cuter.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“Next is my personal favorite, a pink bunny costume modeled by Melanie. It is a corseted camisole and matching skirt, both with marabou trim. It comes with huge marabou bunny ears with a proportional marabou tail. The costume also has marabou cuffs for your wrists. The best shoes to match it are pink marabou slippers. This is by far the most adorable.¢‚¬ Gordon could swear he heard her say ¢‚¬“And most humiliating.¢‚¬ Under her breathe but he couldn¢‚¬„¢t be sure. ¢‚¬“So which one will you be wearing tonight?¢‚¬
He looked down sighing. The sight of pink gingham gave him no more comfort, neither did the teddy bear sitting beside of him. His world was crashing fast. Soon, it would not be ¢‚¬“his¢‚¬ world it would become ¢‚¬“her¢‚¬ world and Fluffi Bunnikens would take over. He looked up at Trish. ¢‚¬“Isn¢‚¬„¢t it supposed to cold tonight?¢‚¬
¢‚¬“You are right Miss Bunnikens. That is why we have this lovely fur coat for you.¢‚¬ The coat came down to his waist. It was pink, like everything else was in his life. The coat was cute but kind of slutty at the same time. ¢‚¬“So, which one will it be?¢‚¬
They were all bad. It was trying to pick out how you were going to die. It didn¢‚¬„¢t matter, the result was the same so he might as well go with the cutest one. ¢‚¬“The bunny outfit. You were right in saying it is the most humiliating but I love cute and it is the most adorable outfit I¢‚¬„¢ve ever seen.¢‚¬ It sickened him that he was excited about wearing this.
¢‚¬“Miss Price said you would choose that one. Well, I will run to package it. We have a toy store next door if you would like to go in and look at their extensive collection of teddy bears. Miss Price also has a running tab there now. So both places are free for you to stop in at anytime, just like all the shops in the big city.¢‚¬
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I'm so jealous of gordon. Wearing that plaid school girl uniform.

 i would too!!! im not sure that would happen at a school though...  

Its not a school. It was a major corporation. That would never happen in any school. Another Chapter will be added soon but in the meantime if anyone could help me out with uploading pictures I would really appreciate it.
ooh wow, fantastic story, would really like to read more, very creative
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In future chapters please have Rachel as a wonderful main character
This story was really great, and many members here, like me, entertain ourselves by seeking stories about FEMIINIZATION, but the idea that the Boss Lady, Miss Tiffany Price, wants Fluffi Bunnikens to marry Her and to be Her wife... that is most novel for your approach
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 What happened to this Story, Is it ever going to continue? I loved reading it and would love to see more...  
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All we want in life is someone to cuddle, a skirt, and a clean diaper. (oh wait that's just me *giggles*)
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