The Clinic ~ Revisited ( PG~13 )
The needs of the many sometimes out weigh the needs of the one
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Title: The Clinic - Revisited


Britney White - 21yo female Regression Therapist - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Samuel Devon, 21 male Regression Patient - Played by: Elladan Kenet

Scene: Crossing a dark part of the local park late one night

Samuel yawned as he made his way through the park. His car had broken down and he was miles away from his apartment. Great. Now how was he going to get back? The thin male reasoned he had to go through the park first, and then he could hail a taxi... hopefully. He sighed, continuing walking. He had shoulder length black hair, wore jeans and a green t-shirt.

Samuel had rounded a corner in a particularly dark section of the park. across the fountain area, he could see the glow of a dim street lamp as it flickered randomly. He had the feeling for a long time someone was watching him. He heard nothing as he felt a sharp sting in the back of his neck, and heard a hissing pop. Almost instantly, his knees felt rubbery and his head began to buzz like he had way too much to drink.

He thought he was hallucinating as 4 large women take hold of him and prevent him from falling to the ground. He feels himself lifted to one of the large woman’s breasts and his thumb forced into his mouth. As his hinny was softly patted, he heard a female voice coo in his ear, "It ok baby, Nurse won't hurt you. Just go to sleep like a good girl and when you wake up, things will be a lot clearer to you." He heard the 4 women giggle.

Samuel could do little. Groggy and confused, he wriggled as he was picked up and carried off to a white van. What was going on? Who were these people? He fussed some, trying to remove his thumb from his mouth.

The women carried Sam for what seemed a long time. He tried his best to pay attention to where they took him, but he felt so helpless and strange. He kept forgetting that he was being kidnapped. Finally, they got into a large van. The woman carrying Sam got into the back seat and arranged him comfortably in the crook of her arms.

Sam heard her coo softly, "Be a good girl and drink your bottle." Sam felt something touch his lips. The wonderful taste of Red Berry Hi-C was in his mouth .... he swallowed. It tasted so good. He heard a woman say something about starting the regression formula and gender something or other ... he was way too high to understand.

The boy tried to fuss, but the bottle was pressed into his mouth, forcing him to drink. The van began to drive away as the nurse fed him, before he slowly began to lose consciousness. The drug was just too strong for him.

The van drove for many hours along the interstate before turning off at a very rural exit lit by just one lone street light. They drove again for several hours before turning off onto a dirt road. The ebony darkness ahead of the van was broken only by the stars above and the headlights on the sparsely traveled dirt road. After a while, the van turned again , onto a graveled road. Ahead could be seen lights.

The van came up to a well fenced compound. It stopped in front of a guard shack. A very muscular woman in a police uniform came to the van. She asked for Id as she shown the light in the back. Sam blinked his eyes at the bright light and began whimpering like a baby.

The Muscular woman sneers, "More garbage to recycle ... huh."

The woman in the driver's seat snapped, "Have a little respect. If not for those individuals, all of the earth would parish."

The woman signs a slip and hands it to the driver with another derisive sneer, then turns and returns to the Guard Shack. The large gate opens ponderously with loud squeaking noises. The van proceed into the compound and up to a building that looks the world like Mars base of some kind. Sam finally fell into a deep slumber at this point.

Samuel didn't wake up for another hour. It had to be close to dawn by now. He was in a very bright room, laying down. Squinting, he slowly stood up, realizing he was naked. Or thought he was naked. The room was a huge round and mirrored, and wherever he looked he saw what looked like a baby in a diaper. That's when he realized that person was him! Looking down, he saw himself in a thin, plain white diaper. He frowned. "The hell? What is this? And where am I?" He looked around, confused.

There is a loud click and some minor feed back from a PA system. A very sexy female voice says, "Welcome to the clinic baby. It will be far less traumatic for you if you just accept the fact you are now a baby ... and soon will have your manhood taken from you. You have no choice, no one will ever find you, and ... this is the very last adult conversation you will have for a very long ... long time. If you have anything meaningful or significant to say ... best do it now, because in a very few hours ... it won't matter in the least."

Say what? Some voice was telling him he was a baby now? Well, that was balls. Frowning, he stood up, looking for the source of the voice. 'I don't know about you, ma'am, but I'm no baby. I demand you release me at once. I've been kidnapped, and if you don't let me go, I'll sue."

The voice replies with a bit of mirth in it, "And how ... would a baby go about suing someone? You aren't old enough to sign the required legal documents. Just relax and accept who and what you are .... it will be a lot better for you. One of our nurses are coming in to give baby an enema to clean out all that bad stuff and remove your potty training."

Sam heard a loud hissing noise. Very quickly, a light bluish mist that had a very sickly sweet odor rose up in the chamber in a big cloud. Sam found his knees getting weak and wobbly. Before he knew it, he plopped on his butt, unable to stand any more.

What was this? He couldn't move his leg muscles. Confused, he squirmed, straining to stand. He barely could, before falling back down again. "Oopmh! What the hell are you doing to me?! I'm not a baby! Let me out now!"

One of the mirrored panels opens. A very cute young woman dressed in a very short and sexy nurse's outfit came in the room pushing some kind of table with a rack attached to it. On the rack, was a very large enema bag, and the tube coiled neatly around it. She pushes the table up next to Sam and bends over.

She smiles as she coos softly, "Aww, is baby faww down go boom?" She kisses him on his nose.

She lifts Sam onto the table, and removes his diaper. He is turned onto his tummy. He feels her spread his hinny cheeks and the cold tip of the enema begin to be inserted into his bottom. It pinches and hurts as he feels himself being penetrated deeply.

Oh my god! The boy fussed, eyes wide as he felt the enema penetrate him. The boy wriggling surprised on the table. Within moments, he could feel the soapy liquid. Forcibly entering his bottom "Nooo..."

The nurse coos softly as she opens the valve wide. Sam feels the full impact of it as he feels himself fill. His tummy begins to get very poofy. He squeaks adorably as this is done.

The nurse coos, "It will feel so good for you when you have your first pooie or pee pee in your diaper sweet heart. You will be a baby in no time. Don't fight it ... it only makes it hard on you .... it will make no other difference."

Sam feels the tip as it is removed from his bottom. He also feels the involuntary evacuation as all the liquid rushes out of him, making a huge mess on the table and floor.

The nurse pats his hinny reassuring as she coos, "That's a good baby. Now to damage all those nasty nerves that keep you for enjoying being a baby."

Sam feels the tip again as it is inserted and the sensation as he is filled as full s he can get once again.
Once the evacuation was completed the second time, Sam feels the nurse push 3 objects deeply in his bottom. He can feel them getting warm and melting as he is turned onto his back, and powdered well and re-diapered. While this was going on, Sam noticed a weird machine had entered the room, and cleaned every thing sparkling clean.

It was so humiliating, having his bowels cleaned and flushed, suppositories being inserted and then diapered. Now the baby training could begin in earnest. Blushing and fussing, the boy squirmed as she set him back down on the floor.

E screeches in a very infantile manner, "I don't need diapers! I'm an adult!"

As the nurse laves she coos softly, "Not any more you're not. From now on, you're a very cute little baby girl named Samantha. Toodles." She waves as she exits the mirrored panel and it closes with a soft click.

Sam was alone again. Now his training would start, beginning with what babies should not do: stand. Feeling stronger in his legs, the boy slowly got up to his feet, wobbling and unused to the diaper.

Sam whimpered to himself, "I need to find a way out of this place..."

As Sam toddled around and tested the many mirrored panels, he began to hear a very soft hissing sound. Shortly, he began to smell a familiar sickly sweet odor, except this time, it was very faint and almost not noticeable. As he checked the next panel, his legs began to feel very funny and he began to have serious trouble keeping his balance. The boy struggled, fighting to stand up. He even resorted to leaning against the glass walls for support, keeping himself up as long as possible.

He screeches out in his rapidly changing voice, "Hey, let me out! You can't do this to me!"

There is a loud click. A sweet female voice coos softly, "Don't fight it sweet heart. Just be a good little baby girl and plop on your bottom. Your Nanny will come in and make it all better."

The hissing sound increased in volume slightly as did the sickly sweet smell in the room. He couldn't resist. Fussing and whining, he collapsed to his butt. Standing was impossible, at least in this room. Glowering, he simpered, trying to figure out another way he could get out. Maybe one of the mirrors could open up?

Right beside him, he hears a soft click and a whirring noise. The mirrored panel slides softly back, and in walks the very pretty young woman in the sexy nurses out fit.

She bends over and places her hands on her knees as she coos in a cute voice, "Aww, did baby faww down go boom? Let nursie helps baby."

To Sam's amazement, the girl was a whole lot stronger than he thought she should be ... or ... he was a whole lot smaller than he used to be ... he couldn't tell. His mind was foggy and he was having trouble thinking. The nurse carried Sam on her shoulder to another panel. He saw her put her palm on the glass right in the middle ... which was too high for him to reach is he couldn't stand. The panel slid back revealing a padded rocking chair and what looked like a refrigerator unit. The nurse took a large baby bottle of white liquid from the unit and sat in the chair ... arranging Sam comfortably in the crook of her arm.

She coos softly, "Here sweet heart, something to make baby feel aww betters n stop worrying."

Sam tried to keep his lips squeezed closed, but somehow, the nurse expertly put it in his mouth and gave the bottle a squeeze. He tasted the warm, wonderfully flavored fluid as it entered his mouth. He instinctively swallowed the first mouthful before stopping himself. Too late, he felt the warmth in his tummy as it began to spread through his body.

The poor boy fought it, not wanting to be babied, but he was helpless. Fussing, he nursed the bottle as the woman held him in her lap, rocking and feeding him like the baby they wanted him to be. Sam barely realized the bottle was empty. His eyes popped open just as he felt the nurse patting him gently on his back. His tummy gurgled a bit as a large burp came from him, accompanied by a little spit up that went into the towel she had draped across her shoulder.

The nurse coos, "That has to make baby feel lots better."

She takes him from her shoulder and cleans his face with the cloth before putting him back to her shoulder and began rocking him and patting his hinny softly. Sam could feel something happening inside his head. It was growing in intensity.

The nurse coos softly as she rocks and pats Sam's bottom, "Now, sweetie. You can fight it all you want. But you have to understand the only thing it will accomplish is to make you more miserable. Just relax and be Missy Stephany. You have no choice. After this bottle, your body will begin to make .... changes. It's really pleasant if you just let it happen."

The nurse pulls Sam away from her shoulder just enough to give him a wonderful kiss on his lips.

She says as she places him back and pats his hinny more, "The life you knew is over. No one will ever find you. As far as they are concerned ... you dropped off the face of the planet."

He blushed, fussing as she burped, kissed, and set him back down. "But I don't want to be a baby!" he insisted in a squeaking infantile voice, "This is kidnapping!"

The nurse giggles, "It's legal though sweetheart. We have been observing you for a long time. You have the .... gift. Only little girls like you posses it ... and the world demands we take you." She pats Sam's bottom reassuringly as she rocks him gently.

He only pouted more, sitting on his butt as she pats and rocks him. Sam was beginning to realize resistance was futile.

The nurse gathered Sam into her arms and places him gently on his bottom on the floor. As the panel opens in front of her, she turns and smiles, "Now, be a good little baby girl and just accept what's happening to you. It will regardless, and don't worry your pretty little head ... no one will come looking for you or cause any problems with you being the best baby you can be."

With this, the nurse turns and gracefully glides through the open portal. Sam watches with big eyes as it quickly slides shut behind her locking him into this mirrored place once again. He couldn't believe it. He was really stuck here, being turned into a baby against his will, and no one would help him. The stress of what was happening caught up to him and he began to sob as the training voice recommenced.

Sam's head began to buzz softly with the sweet, undulating Mind Entrainment tones that pleasantly drifted through the chamber. Sam realized a very cute female voice was whispering something in the far background .... he just couldn't quite catch what she was saying. He began to concentrate on the voice, trying to hear the words. Sam realizes with a start as the warm wetness creeps around his bottom, that he had wet his diaper and hadn't even known it. The next shock .... he was sucking his thumb.

It hadn't taken long, and already he was starting to think and act like a toddler. Sam couldn't believe it. How was this even possible? Mere hours ago, he was a grown man, and now he was wetting himself! He just couldn't believe it. And yet he was helpless, and soon he was crawling around, all control of his body gone.

The panel slides open and the cute nurse walks in. She bends over and puts her hands on her knees as she says in a cute airy voice, "There she is ... my cute little baby girl. Nursie brought you something. I know it will feel awfully strange ... but when it's all over .. you will be so cute."

Sam sees her quickly come to him and push a large cigar sized thing to his bare skin. Since he was in just a diaper and panties ... there was a lot of it to choose from. Sam had no clue what this was nor had he the ability to inquire. babbling like a baby, he crawled over and sat before the nurse as she pushed the thing against him. He hears a hissing pop at the same time he feels a very sharp sting. He gasps loudly. He can't help himself ... his eyes fill with tears and he begins to cry. The nurse picks him up once again and pats his hinny.

She coos, "It's ok sweetheart. I'm thinking of a cute name for you ... I was thinking of Samantha. What do you think?" She pulls open the back of his panties and diaper and checks him, "I see you've been a good baby and wet your diaper. Nurse will have you changed in no time."

Sam realized with a shock, that the diaper and panties he was wearing were very much larger on him than before he got the shot. The nurse presses on one of the mirrored panels, it slides open to reveal the changing area once again. The Nurse lays Sam on his back, then pulls down his panties ... she blows a wonderfully intense raspberry in his tummy.

He of course giggled, his body delighting in the attention she was giving him. The shot was working quickly, shrinking his body very fast. It was a special serum that affected the entire body at once. He was soon the size of a five year old, though still proportioned like his old self, the old diaper now far too large for him. He was a true baby now and his body continued to rapidly shrink. The nurse removed Sam's panties and pulled the tapes loose.

As she pulled the wet and soggy diaper from between his legs she says in a delighted gasping voice, "Oh baby! Lookie here." She takes a soft and sweet smelling baby wipe and begins to clean his privates. "They have already shrunk to almost nothing. Only a few more minutes and the nasty birth defect will be all gone."

Sam feels the strange, cool, tingling sensation as he is cleaned there. It felt a whole lot different now than a few hours ago. The boy wriggled a bit, squirming and cooing as his crotch was rubbed and cleaned. It seemed like she was spending a little too long there, but the constant rubbing was increasing the rate of the change. Within moments, he had a cute, babyish womanhood, just perfect for a baby girl.

The nurse giggles softly, "Now ... all done. You will feel kinda of weird in your tummy and places for a while. But that's to be expected as your genes change and are modified."

The nurse lifts Sam by his ankles and places a very thick diaper beneath him. He feels it as his hinny is lowered into the soft caressing embrace. The nurse powders him well, the sweet smell of baby powder fills the air. She pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on.

The nurse coos to baby, "This diaper will get to be too big on you soon. Don't be scared ... it's all part of becoming the cute little girl you are destined to be."

Sam watches with big eyes as she threads his feet through another cute pair of plastic lined panties. These were a soft pink and had lots of cute baby characters on them. She lifts him by his feet once more as she pulls them up and makes sure they are on properly before setting him back on his well diapered bottom on the floor.

She pushes on the mirrored panel ... the changing room panel slides closed. She pushes on another panel, it slides open to reveal a play room, complete with a playpen and a crib for sleeping. The nurse picks Sam up, and carefully deposits him in the playpen where lots of soft plushy dolls and other toys awaited him.

The nurse coos, "From now on sweetheart, your name is Samantha." She kisses him softly on his cheek before turning and leaving through yet another mirrored panel he watches quickly close.

Samantha, huh? Well, that was his name he supposed Or her? It was getting hard to think, and concepts like gender didn't seem too important. Babbling, the baby boy-girl crawled over to a stuffed animal and began playing with it. It was only a few short moments before he had shrunken to the size of an infant, the serum having done it's work. his organs and DNA had even altered. He was 100% baby girl.

After a while, Allie began to feel drowsy. She had had a long day. As if on Que, a panel opened and in walked the cute nurse with a large bottle. Samantha's tummy growled slightly as she realized she was hungry.

The nurse picks Allie from the playpen and coos softly, "There we go sweetie .. you're a girl now. Told you not to fight it .... was going to happen regardless."

She carries Allie to a panel and presses on it. It slides open to reveal a large padded rocking recliner.
The nurse sits in it and arranges Sam comfortably in the crook of her arm.

She rubs noses with Samantha as she coos softly, "I don't have much milk ... and it sort of a breach of protocol ... but it feels so good for me and is so comforting for baby."

The nurse places the bottle on the table by the chair and unfastens the top of her uniform. She opens a panel in her bra, revealing a very pretty areola and nipple. She squeezes it and causes a large drop of white liquid to form on it. She places the nipple to Sam's lips. The sweet taste of warm breast milk fills her mouth as she nurses eagerly. Then nurse gasps softly as she closes her eyes. It felt so wonderful to breast feed a baby. Sam slowly closes her eyes as she nurses eagerly and her tummy warms.

He, or rather she was lost. Samantha couldn't even think, except for the most primal of urges. She sat there, happily in the nurses arms, nursing the breast, murmuring as she slowly drained it. After a few minutes, the adorable baby began to drift to sleep. Without even realizing it, Sam was dreaming. She dreamed of flying with her Teddy Bear to far off and magical places filled with many places to play and lots of toys. The nurse smiles down at Samantha as she falls asleep. She knows yet another of those with the wonderful mind powers had been rescued to aid in the salvation of earth.


~~ The End ~~

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Mina Silverwind
I am enjoying your stories thus far, you make my day at all times, and please keep up the good work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Jessica Loordes
Truly a wonderful story. I love this clinic...I can see there is much to be continued here as this unfolds more...Smiles...Please more....

This story you did was amazing Miki.
wonderful story miki
That was a fun story, Queen Miki and Elladan!

I liked the different drinks that Baby got -- the Berry Hi-C, the liquid in the bottle, and the breast feeding. Baby seemed to like each one a whole lot, even though she sure tried not to!

I really loved the suppository sequence. When Samantha is in her diapers and feeling the suppositories melting, it really turns me on.

I also like how Baby keeps on shrinking, so that her diapers keep being too big. That's certainly a fantasy of mine -- to be super tiny and wear a big, big diaper!

I certainly hope the new Baby has lots of fun in her new life. And I can't wait to see another story by you. Thank you very much! 
Baby talk rocks!
baby loves it
it was wonderful story baby like it a lot lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for great story i love it a lot
i want that to happen to me so bad
This is a wonderful story. Please continue.

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

OK, Miki. I am resuming my Herculean task of reading and commenting on all of your SK stories.

And I'll be the sole naysayer here re: the current version of "The Clinic." This one just did not work for me. Yes, the fantasy of being forcibly turned into a baby is a fun one...but:

a) Why must it always be an innocent man being turned into a baby girl? I sense that you are writing to a popular fetish here..but try some variety. Perhaps the man is infantlized by hypnosis, for example, but he remains an adult-sized, diaper-clad male (see the story "Therapy for Little Charlotte" as an example).

b) Please use spell-check and review some of your capitalizations if at all possible. "Muscular woman," for example, stood out....and the early paragraphs seemed a bit rushed and riddled with some mis-spelled words and grammatical errors.

c) What the heck was up with that last sentence? Sam was "saved" (and not forcibly kidnapped?) because he is a psychic child that will save the world? What the #%&$#@???? You are mashing up too many genres here...just choose: a simple "clinic that transforms" tale...or a science-fiction/fantasy story? Which will it be? To be more effective, keep it simple.

I am always reluctant to post any critical comments on your stories as a) you are a friend and b) I'm afraid that your more rabid fans will start the hate mail. However, as a potential editor, I will say this: go back and revisit "The Clinic" - again. You can polish this one up. You can do better. I have seen your other work. This one is obviously an early piece and a bit amateurish for you.

Oh well, on to the next story....
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