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A College student discovers his special class was special indeed
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Title: The Class


Emma Taylor - 23yo Sissification Instructor: Played by: Miki Yamuri

James Johnson - 18 yo student: Played by: Elledan Kenet

Scene: In the crowded Hall of the local college

His first day of college! James was excited to finally be attending Smith University. He'd graduated from high school with honors and had received a full scholarship in a new field of Psychology devoted entirely to feminism and the Social Impact it had.

He was still looking for a place near campus to live, but his biggest issue this morning was being unable to find his class. James was never good with directions. The thin male tried to remember what the secretary had told him, but he wasn't sure which room his Sociology class was in. Frustrated, the bejeaned lad panicked, heading for a class room with no room number. Wearing his favorite red shirt, he stepped into the classroom glowing like a red beacon...

The room was filled with very pretty and very adorably dressed girls. All the girls look up at him and a light twittering of giggles fills the air. A very beautiful and shapely young woman wearing a very short skirt, 6 inch shiny black pumps, and a tight, low cut blouse that showed of her wonderful cleavage and the pretty lace edging of her bra, tapped the desk lightly with a ruler she had in her hand.

She says softly in a very sexy voice, "Class ... now we are all young ladies here, mind your manners until we discover who the new student is."

In a musical unison, all the young voices reply, "Yes, Miss Taylor."

She turns and smiles a wonderful smile at the young man standing in the door and says softly, "Hello, My name's Miss Emma Taylor. What's your name and why are you late to my class?" She turns and looks at the clock behind her which read 10 minutes after 9am.

Blinking, he blushes, looking at the clock. Uh oh, he was in trouble. "I'm sorry.... Miss Taylor. I was looking for my Sociology class."

He took a glance at the other students. he wasn't sure if he was in the right place or not, but he didn't see any guys … of course, that didn't mean he wasn't in Sociology. There is another light twittering of female giggles. Miss Taylor smiles as her eyes sparkle brightly.

She says softly in her sexy musical voice, "We ... are sort of a Sociology class ... aren't we girls?"

There is more soft twittering giggles around the room before the unison replied, "Yes Miss Taylor."

Was that a yes then? The girls were giggling, but he missed the joke that was on him.

"Oh, I'm sorry for being late. it won't happen again, I promise."

Still blushing, he hurried to the only empty seat, located directly in the center of the desks. Miss Taylor uncrosses her legs as she stands up, giving James the most wonderful view of her panties a girl could give. She seems to glide over to his desk.

Her perfume surrounds him like an intoxicating cloud as she whispers softly, "And .... how old are you little girl?" There is more soft twittering giggles all around him.

Little girl? In the middle of unpacking his bag after sitting down, he looked around at his neighbors, before looking back up. "Me? Er.... I'm a guy, Miss Taylor. And I'm 18."

His head begins to buzz like a hive of bees. he can't seem to order his thoughts as that most heavenly perfume fills his mind and soul..

Miss Taylor asks, "Are you ... in pull ups ... or panties?"

This time, there is total silence as he realizes all the girls are looking at him with adorable big eyes.

What? Confused more, he looks around. Realizing the girls are staring at him, he blushes even redder in the cheeks as clears his throat. "No... er.... no ma'am. I... er.... wear boxers."

This time, all the girl laugh in a very cute giggle.

Miss Taylor taps the desktop James was sitting in and says, "Now, girls ... all of you have manners. You all were in this very same spot not long ago ... weren’t you?"

There is a mumbling, "Yes, Miss Taylor." Spreading quietly around the room.

Miss Taylor runs her hands through Jame's long black hair gently, "I think pony tails to start would be just right for a cute little girl like you ... and a soft pink sundress and pullups ... just in case."

Jack feels a small prick on his arm. He looks down with big eyes as he sees Miss Taylor had just given him some kind of injection. The hell? Surprised, he immediately began squirming in his chair even as the teacher patted his head..

"What the … what was that for? This is a bit weird for me, Miss Taylor.." James whined … he was surprised that his voice sounded almost like one of the girls. His throat had this strange tickle in it as well.

Miss Taylor smiles as she coos softly, "Why sweetie, this is the advanced Sociology class called Sister's Research. Only specially selected boys are enrolled here ... and that shot is a hormonal injection that starts the irreversible process. In about 3 days, you will look like all the other Sissy boys in the class and fit right in."

There is another round of nervous but delightfully adorable twitters from the rest of the students.

Other boys? Sissies? What in blazes was she talking about? Suddenly nervous, the boy began to sweat a bit, worried where this was going.

"I.... you can't be serious.." He whimpers in his increasingly feminine voice.

The very cute little blond girl sitting behind him leans foreword and whispers softly in a cute female voice, "My name ... used to be John ... last year when I was lost and looking for the Advanced Sociology class. Now ... My names Anna Marie ... and Imma Sissy boy/girl ... I even ... hava boyfriend."

There's cute little giggles all around. The boy blushed even more. The last thing he wanted was to become some kind of sissy girl. He whimpered as Miss Taylor walked away to start class.

Miss Taylor walked up to the large cabinet standing next to the chalk board. She opens it and removes a very short Pink sundress with puffy sleeves and a white lace Peter pan collar. She rummages around in the cabinet for a minute and pulls out a very cute, lacy pink pull ups that matched the dress perfectly.

She turns and holds them out and coos softly, "Now, if the new young lady would take her outfit to the back and change into it for us ... we can get started.”

New young lady? She couldn't be serious! James gasped, slowly falling into his seat in an effort to hide himself. Miss Taylor's smile slowly wilted as her brows slowly came together in a scowl. The other students became very quiet and seemed to shiver in fear.

Miss Taylor says very softly with a tone that sends chills through James, "I said, if the new little girl would take her outfit and got to the dressing room in the back and get properly dressed ..."

The words seemed to hang in the air like a severe thunder clap ... although they had been spoken softly. Shivering, the boy shook his head. He stayed in his seat, not willing to move or leave. He didn't like this class at all.

The other students gasp. It sounds sort of like the wind before a storm. Miss Taylor is suddenly standing beside James. He never even saw her approach. She lifts him from the seat. She is very much stronger than she ever looked. James is very impressed. Miss Taylor has his shirt off and his pants around his knees before they make it to the dressing room.

Whack, whack, whack, whack!!!

James feels the very sharply painful smacks of the large ruler on his bare thighs. Each one sends a very sharp urge to cry all through his spirit. Jack realizes suddenly, Miss Taylor had already threaded his now bare feet into the cute panties and was pulling them up.

The boy looked distraught as his pants and underwear were discarded, his bottom spanked. The boy fussed in the room as she proceeded to remove them. Miss Taylor pats him on his fanny, then suddenly, James feels his hands being threaded through the arm holes of the dress. He can feel the elastic of the puffy sleeves on his arms as his head is covered by the neck opening. He feels it as Miss Taylor pulls it the rest of the way on ... he shivers at the wonderful sensation it makes. He feels it as it softly, but firmly grips his body as Miss Taylor zips it up. The way the dress is made, it even gives him the appearance of having small budding boobies.

Miss Taylor says sternly, "Put those Mary Janes on and return to your desk. Any more disobedience and I will punish you ... understand little girl?"

The boy whimpered and tried to complain, but Miss Taylor was firm. Under her watchful eye, he pulled on the Mary Janes. Miss Taylor leaves James alone with his stinging bottom and his confused thoughts. After a few really humiliating minutes of thought, he followed her out, walking to his seat as he heard the girls and their giggles.

Miss Taylor walked to the front of the class and sat back on the desk and crossed her legs at the ankles. She announces as she makes notation in her grade book, "Now class, I would like you to say hello to our newest girl, Her name is Alicia Johnson .... Allie for short."

The cute voices all said in unison, "Welcome to class Missy Johnson." Followed by cute twitters.

James, or rather Allie, was very embarrassed. Blushing even more with his humiliation burning in his cheeks, he sat back in his desk, wishing the world would just swallow him up. This was so humiliating.

Miss Taylor seemed to appear suddenly beside Allie. She pats her gently on her bare thighs as she coos, "A young lady has to sit with her legs together, or her ankles crossed ... so she doesn't show off her panties." There are soft giggle and smirks from the other students.

Squeaking, he looks up at his teacher. realizing he had been showing off his panties, he blushes, folding his legs and smoothing his skirt back out.

He whimpers in a very female voice, "Sorry..."

Miss Taylor smiles as she runs her hands thorough his hair once again.

She turns and says softly, "Amanda, why don't you come and put Allie's hair in ponytails for her ... you do that rather well."

A very cute little girl in a Snoopy romper bounces eagerly over to Allie's desk. She takes a stiff bristled brush and brushes his hair briskly until lit shines and becomes very soft.

Amanda giggles, “The gel I'm putting in your hair will make it the envy of every girl in school."

Amanda then gathers a hand full of hair and ties a long, soft pink ribbon in it. She repeats the process on the other side. When she is done, she bends and kisses Allie on the cheek.

She whispers in his ear, "No one can tell you're a boy now ... and by the time summer break comes .. you will feel so much like a girl."

She giggles softly as she bounces back to her seat.

Miss Taylor says brightly, "Thank you Amanda. That job deserves an A for the day."

She picks up her grade book and makes a notation as the other students cheer and giggle.

Miss Taylor says, "Now, Lacy ... how about you come and show our newest little girl how to put on the required amount of makeup for our class before we go on our daily outing?"

A very cute little redhead with adorable freckles dressed in a very short dress, quickly rose and skipped over to Allie's desk. She knelt down and brought out a small bag from the pocket on the front of her cute little dress. She patted his cheeks with a pad from the compact. The sweet smell of baby powder was everywhere.

She then applied a lip gloss to his lips ... it tasted wonderfully of Raspberry. The last thing she did, was bring out a small tube and twist the top off. There was a small twisty brush at the end of the stalk that protruded into the tube. She the applied it to his eyelashes, making them appear long and lush.

As lacy skipped back to her desk, Miss Taylor commented, "Very good. Another A for the day for a job well done. Now, Miss Johnson, I expect you to conduct yourself like a proper young lady while we are out. If you don't, I will punish you ... is that understood?"

There is a soft collective gasp at the punishment threat. All the other students seemed to tremble slightly.

Before he could even complain, James was already being dolled up by a girl he didn't recognize. When she left and the teacher gave her threat of punishment, he could only pale and nod. He was dreading stepping outside, looking the way he did. More, he still had to worry about finding a place to live, not even aware that Miss Taylor knew, and was prepared to ask if one of the girls would like to have him as a roommate.

Miss Taylor says softly, "Miss Johnson ... I know you need a place to stay." She looks down at her book for a second before she says, "Miss Blake? Would you like to have a roommate? It would be your responsibility to make sure she took all her meds and had her transformation shots and hormone shots regularly same as you."

A pretty shapely blond giggles and says in a really cute voice, "Sure ... longs I get to make her into my babydoll."

There are many giggle as Miss Taylor replies, "That's perfectly all right. that''s just what this class needs to keep all you girls happy ... is a babydoll to care for."

There is a round of cheers as the blond comes up beside Allie and say, Hi ... my names Lisa. From now on ... you belong to me .. your mine."

Blinking in shock, he turned around, seeing the tall pretty blonde.

Allie whispers in her adorable voice, "What? I didn't even.... how does she know I need a place to stay?" Blushing, he avoided her eyes. "I.... wasn't expecting this..."

Lisa takes Allie by the hand and pulls. Allie is super amazed at the strength of this person.

Lisa says with a giggle, "Here's the first thing sweetie."

Allie feels a super sharp sting in his neck as he hears a hissing pop. His body immediately feels really strange as warm and cold flashes spread through him.

Lisa whispers into Allie's ear, "relax babydoll ... that shot will make you feel so wonderful and happy. It also makes all your boy stuff suck up inside and hide. By the time we get back to class, you should feel really nice down there."

Lisa then leads Allie by the hand into a line all the giggling students were making. Allie received many pats on her hinny from them. Squeaking, the boy was helpless as she gave him the shot, receiving many pats on his bottom as they left the classroom. He knew she was taking him to his new home, before going to lunch, and then back to class.

Miss Taylor took the girls on a long, round about trip all through the school. The boys would stop and stare at them as they passed. Many would make cat calls and whistles the girls could hear softly. Allie even heard one boy as he breathlessly ask the sissy girl directly in front of them for a date to the movies. She blushes adorably as she told him it was up to the house mother ... It was the rules of the sorority house. Finally, they arrived at the lunch room. Of course ... the group of sissy girls ... were the cutest and most attractive ones in the place.

Allie rolled his eyes back in his head and said to himself, "Of course we are .. it just had to be." His humiliation knew no bounds by this time.

All the boys more than noticed the many adorably dressed girls that had just arrived in the lunch room. The noise level rose tremendously. Allie could her snatches of the chatter ... it was all about them.

Miss Taylor came up behind Allie and whispers in her ear, "Remember ... you are a girl and a girl has to watch her figure … and her manners."

Allie followed after the rest of the girls. Hearing Taylor's whisper, he nodded. Though he didn't want to, he grabbed a salad and some pasta instead of pizza, and then followed the others to the table, where he sat down and began eating, prim and proper of course.

The boys buzzed around like flys as the girls ate. Of course, Miss Taylor was on guard and kept them in line and insured they were gentlemen as they talked with her girls. Allie was always introduced as Babydoll or Babydoll Allie. He had begun to feel ... really strange ... and nice at the same time too.

Between his legs felt the most strange as he realized his panties had begun to fit properly., Which meant of course that his privates had receded, and he was a proper sissy. Somehow, as embarrassed as he was, it felt.... right. James, or Allie, tried his best to focus on eating lunch, as he watched the girls and boys interact.

Without warning, a boy was suddenly there. He said politely, "Hi Babydoll. I've never met a living Babydoll before. my names Jerry."

Allie looks up at the handsome smiling boy as Lisa says defensively, "She's mine ... I own her. You have to talk to me first and ask permission."

The boy looks at Lisa in surprise as he says, "You can't own her ... that's ... slavery."

Lisa snaps back, "It's not when she's a Babydoll. Every girl has one ... and this one belong to me. Ask Miss Taylor."

Lisa sticks her tongue out at the boy who reacts with greater surprise.

Miss Taylor quickly arrives, "And just what do you think your doing young man?"

He looks around and trembles slightly, "I ... I ... was just wanten ta go toa movie with Babydoll ... is I could."

Miss Taylor looks at Lisa and asks, "Do you want your Babydoll off with a boy all alone?"

Lisa shakes her head and says sharply, "Never ... she's my property. I just haven't had her to my room yet and collared her."

They boy yelps and says quickly before running off, "I ... I'm sorry Miss Taylor ... I didn't know"

Well, this was a shock. James wasn't sure he liked the idea of going to a movie, and he was glad Lisa spoke up. But the prospect of effectively being her slave and collared wasn't quite what he had in mind.

"Thank yous Miss Taylor... Lisa..." he said in his very cute female voice.

Lisa bends over and softly kisses Allie on her cheek. She coos softly, "No one will molest my Babydoll if I can help it. I promise to take very good care of you sweet heart."

She bends closer and whispers in Allies surprised ear, "I think you should know why Miss Taylor chose me for you to room with ... you see .. I'm a real girl and you were chosen to be a Babydoll when you registered for school. A Babydoll has to belong to a little girl … and I was chosen to be your little girl."

Lisa sits back and giggles at the expression on Allie's face.

Shocked, he can only sit there, wide eyed and surprised as she kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. He was totally mind blown by this revelation. It meant that he'd been destined to be her Babydoll all along.

Lisa daintily ate her lunch, all the while insuring Allie ate hers daintily as well. When Lunch had finished, and Allie had stood to go ... Lisa quickly reached under Allie's dress and felt her between the legs before she could protest.

Lisa whispered softly in Allie's ear, " Until you get used to being ... a Sissy Girl," she giggles, "I will have to keep you in pullups so you don't have any ... embarrassing accidents. It feels ... lots different now ... and you will have to be retrained how."

Lisa pats Allie softly on her hinny as she takes her hand and walks her out of the lunch room.

Yelping, the sissy boy wriggled with discomfort, the pressure of her grabbing his crotch causing him to lose focus and urinate himself, right there in the cafeteria. She was right, he would need retraining, because his thing had seemingly disappeared..

"But Lisa!..." whimpered Allie adorably.

Lisa says softly, "Now, now Babydoll," Right there in front of everyone, Lisa pulls down his wet panties and makes a huge deal out of the fact the Babydoll had wet her panties. All the girls began to giggle and make cute comments ... the boys strained as hard as the could to get a good look. Lisa was very professional about it however and had a fresh, very thick pullup on Allie before anyone saw anything ... except that Babydoll had done what Babydolls do ... wet her panties.

Now in pull ups and having gone through the very public embarrassment and humiliation of a public change, James was beside himself. Mortified, he shyly hid behind Lisa, too embarrassed to show himself in front of the rest of the students. He just wanted to vanish.

Lisa takes him by the hand after patting his hinny reassuringly, "That's a good Babydoll. Now, you know what to expect. You will be in potty training ... for as long as you are a Babydoll."

She giggles and doesn't say anything else as she leads Allie by the hand along with the rest of the class on the long, circuitous path though the crowded halls, back to class.

He blushes, nodding and shyly holding her hand as they head back, knowing that now that lunch was over, now that he'd been sissified, dressed and treated like a girl, he once again had to attend

The Class.


~~ End Pt 1 ~~


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love this story please write more ♥
Sissybaby Thuthy
Great story!  

Love the idea of being a pet babydoll. A little sissy pet thing the owner can play with!

Baby Butch
I was looking for a good story to read and found one. More story please!
wonderful story it was very good i like it
Dis iseth a wondeful story Miki, your talents are beyond wonder, your characters too, all amazing. Hope to chat wifs ooo in my IM my afternoon, mes will fre den for a while befoer mes get back to my story work, mes hab ideas coming to me left, right and center, mes habing to kep dem al in order and not to let dem swamp me.

Mes dealing wifs ach idea one at a time, but happy to have so many and able to retain dem. Not even sure how dat iseth even possible, anyay, keep up a good work, and mes also cuds hab not asked fwo a more better bed time story too.

Just wonderful, awesome. Just wike you.
Mes will say night night, now.



'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

I loved this story. So wonderful. I can't wait to hear more. The story is well done and so much fun to read : P
I just reread this and it's still amazing. Still excited for part 2!
Baby Butch
I remember this story and liked it. Still waiting for part 2 to appear.
A sweet and surprisingly innocent story, Miki. Although I picture the "headmistress", Miss Emma, looking more like this (aka Jessie Nigri, in cosplay as Emma Frost):

I still am wrestling with the whole "babydoll"/"not-quite-a-slave" focus of some of the characters...the boy asks a good question: "But...isn't that slavery?" Yes, this is a fantasy, but it is an interesting issue to explore in your stories. And some of your readers (yours truly being one) are still virgins when it comes to that type of relationship...thankfully, you are an "expert" on the subject and I am glad you are able to share your own stories - buried in the "fiction" - with this community.

In another "but I digress" moment: I was unable to accomplish the Herculean task of trying to read and comment on all of your SK stories in just two months (by July 31st), so I have scaled back to the far more realistic project of one story per day over the next year. Only about 520 to go...

And Baby Butch: Something tells me that we will not have a chapter 2 anytime soon...
Mmmm very nice, please continue.  :

 Mmmm very nice, please continue.  :  

Dear BBB: This comment was meant for Miki, right? Because I have nothing to add...at this story thread at least.

(But if it was meant for me, thanks for the hiney pat and the wink!)  
Aw sweets, it was meant for Miki, I thought it was a new story...silly me. However, you brought it back from the grave...back to the top of the list...so  : Thankie!

 Dear BBB: This comment was meant for Miki, right? Because I have nothing to add...at this story thread at least.

(But if it was meant for me, thanks for the hiney pat and the wink!)    


 Aw sweets, it was meant for Miki, I thought it was a new story...silly me. However, you brought it back from the grave...back to the top of the list...so  : Thankie!  

No need to apologize. I made a promise to Miki that I have had to amend...but the Herculean task is to read all 600+ of her SK stories and comment on them over the next year. So I expect you will see quite a few more tales resurrected in the days to come. You know, perhaps this is a sign of the coming Mayan apocalypse...

Happy to serve, BBB...and thanks again for the pat and the wink.
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