XXX Cinderella
The fairy tale in a version only for real grown up Sissies
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Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Why so unhappy? Her mother had died and her father had married a widow with two sons. And Cinderella's stepmother didn't like her at all: everything she did was for her son's easy comfort. The two brothers were clothed in finest dresses, which made them look only ridiculous, yet for this poor unhappy girl nothing to wear, but those ragged hand-me-downs when her ugly stepbrothers tired of them. Each evening in her rags, she would brood by the fire, near the cinders. Thus she earned the name Cinderella. But even in those old rags, she was such a pretty girl, betraying a beauty despite her tears that her ugly stepbrothers could never emulate.
Two silken dresses were delivered today, for the ball tonight at the palace. The stepbrothers donned their pink and yellow pvc costumes looking never a shade as attractive as Cinderella, and gloating over the poor girl, taunting her that they would win the heart of the Prince that great evening.
As Cinderella was sitting all alone by the fire, a light shone and a golden fairy materialised, "Don't be alarmed, Cinderella," she smiled. "You shall go to the ball"
"But, dressed in rags, how can I get in?" Cinderella replied.
But with a touch of her magic wand, the fairy clothed Cinderella in just the most beautiful velvet dress she had ever dreamed of. Glass clogs and silken stockings completed her beauty. "You shall go to the ball Cinderella. But remember! Leave at midnight when my spell ends. For after this, your rags must return."

The magic wand waved and lo, she was in the great palace hall, where the handsome Prince was dancing. Cinderella noticed that he was just being whisked a little reluctantly away from the guests and into a sideroom by her two stepbrothers in their flowing dresses. She followed on to see them both blow out all the candles and force the Prince lie on his own four poster bed and the pair had too much strength for the Prince to resist. They ripped off his handsome waistcoat. They half pulled down his trousers. She could not see that they gripped.his penis to try to make it hard. Indignant, Cinderella stepped in and though the brothers saw her, they heeded not. But she seemed endued with strength enough for two and threw them to the floor to the gasped thanks of the Prince and pulled up his trousers. He kicked the wicked brothers out the door and she slipped happily into the Prince’s arms and without another thought they kissed. And kissed.
Cinderella thrilled to such a wonderful experience as they fell into embrace after embrace in the velvet blackness of that bedroom, her velvet dress smarting under his loving attention, for she felt his penis grow firmly inside his trousers and began to long for him to stroke her. He gently lifted her on the downy bed and fondled her arms and lips as she undid the buttons she had only just done up. What joy as she felt what was inside, throbbing with anticipation, wet already with the thrill! The hardened penis was gently led to her soft and loving dreamy entrance. It felt so majestic waiting there for her heaven!
But oh dear, Cinderella could surely hear the first stroke of the clock. Would that it were ringing only eleven. She counted. Nine. Ten. Eleven. No, it was definitely midnight! She could not even utter any farewell, for she had to urgently brush his penis aside, which was lingering over her, ready to fire, and quickly and so sadly skipped out the palace side door.
The Prince, naturally now madly in love with her, became as limp as his thwarted penis. Where could this delectable creature have flown to? The order went forth that every fair maiden be ready and waiting for him as he toured the kingdom in search of his true love.
The first grand mansion he visited had one young blonde lass. She was lain on her bed and the Prince was left alone with her. Though she was very beautiful, when the Prince placed his penis to her he experienced no soft and loving dreaming feeling. Sadly he had to break the bad news to her. So he tried the next grand house, where a lovely girl in fresh pigtails waited expectantly for the Prince to claim her. Her mother eagerly led the Prince into the girl's chambers. Here she is, and the pair lay together, he carefully removing her panties to reveal a red and eager clit. He nearly gave way, but knew that as he felt her with his penis, the entrance was not really soft and loving and dreamy.

So the process continued, every keen young lady hoping against hope to win the Prince's approval. Even the ugly stepbrothers had their go. The elder donned his pink pvc and lay awaiting the Prince's attention. The Prince lifted up the rustling pvc and as he looked in, he angrily cast the elder stepbrother away. "Off with his head for this deception," was someone's cry. Fearing the worst now, the younger stepbrother in his yellow pvc, trembled as his skirt was lifted, but this time the Prince only laughed. "Whoever saw such a miserable thing," he joked. The stepbrother slunk away in shame.
"Is there anyone else living here?" The Prince inquired. "Only Cinderella is in this poor home and that raggy girl simply wasn't at the ball, you can't want to see her" snapped the stepmother. "I'm so sorry you were bothered. May you soon find your true love."

But her words came true ever so much sooner than she or anyone expected.
The fairy light shone, the magic wand flashed, Cinderella, shining with beauty was again clothed in her gorgeous velvet dress. Stepmother and stepbrothers gaped at her attractiveness in amazement, and the Prince was certain he didn't even need to carry out any test on the lovely Cinderella. Well not before they were married, because on their sumptuous wedding night the Prince and Cinderella enjoyed a lovely night of passion when he finally proved to his hardened penis that hers was that very soft and loving dreamy entrance with ever so much more promise inside, in which they would live happily ever after.

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