PG 13 Cinderella Feminisation
I wrote this a few years ago but never finished it. It's very sweet. I wrote this long before I knew what a fairytale sissy was so it helps me realise I was born like this rather than have learned it ^^ I really hope you enjoy!
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  Cinderella discovers a new lady.
I stepped outside and filled my lungs with the fresh air of the morning. I was standing with my back to the black and white house and looking out to the medieval street. There were people in raggy clothing working hard, toiling and bartering. I am dressed somewhat like a huntsman, wearing knee high boots, a brown leather tunic belted around my waist and a coat over my shoulders with a furry neck collar. I looked down the street towards the village well. In my periphery vision behind the white cloud from my breath I see in the distance the castle. Fumbling in my pocket I withdrew a coin and saw the regal portrait of Cinderella on it. I need not look, every last feature of her fair face is ingrained in my mind however I have never shaken the habit of always keeping a shekel in my pocket and gazing upon her. She has always given me comfort in a way that I have never understood.

I breathed one last breath outside, a heavy sigh of tension left my lips and I started to turn to go about to go about my day. As I turned though, I heard a soft whimpering and saw from the corner of my eye a spec of white against the sodden straw path. I spun back around and by my feet I saw a small white animal. The animal was a sorts. I have never seen a dog quite like her before. She is more glamorous and elegant than I could ever think a dog would be! and nothing like the big strong working dogs that I had normally seen. She has pure white fur, deep blue eyes with long eyelashes, a blue collar with white gold studs and a blue bow tied where its tail begins.

I recognised this dog as a regal one. I had often read any literature from the palace quite happily and my suspicion was confirmed by her solid silver medal hanging from the collar. It had the emblem of the glass slipper on it. A legend in its own life time of how his royal highness had identified the now Princess and a regal crest that was one of the many used to announce royal property. I even knew the beasts name: Pumpkin.

I could tell that poor Pumpkin was distressed and my mind wondered why she was here of all places, and why she approached me rather than any other of the citizens. She seemed frightened but more at ease with me rather than the environment and gently rubbed herself against my shins never breaking her glance at me with big blue sad eyes. I bent down to gently comfort and pet her with my gloved hands and she rubbed against my palm and stared deeply into my eyes. I noticed that her fine fur isn't wiry like a dogs but is more reminiscent of mink. She sat down on my boot without breaking the eye contact. I started to realise that she must be lost. I decided that the right thing to do would be to return this sweet dog to her owner. Feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety inside me, I slowly bent down and gently lifted Pumpkin up who gladly lied in my arms. I started the journey towards the castle.

After some walk I approached the castle and saw that the exterior gates are open. This warmed my heart ever so gladly as it was of Cinderella's command that the commoners such as myself be admitted to the castle's courtyard. I had heard the rumours about Princess Cinderella's dissatisfaction of Lady Prudence’s management of the castle and to be allowed in the presence of such a magnificent building from so close is a sensational moment and one I will hold in my heart for all time. The courtyard is beautiful, a heavy floral scent drifted into my nostrils and I saw doves and swans. Pumpkin's tail started beating against my chest as I carried her, she must have sensed that she was home. The phenomenal towers of her castle stretch up to almost the sky, I kept walking until I was at the gates of the central keep, and before me were the step to the castle entrance.

Legendary as they are, the stories of the glass slipper is one that I have never known if I should believe, but seeing where the red carpet once lay I found it hard deep in my heart to deny it. In front were the 2 black metal gates with their flowery pattern closed, stretching as high as 12 men, and beyond I saw the 2 lines of spear holding beefeaters standing to attention. Their spears with golden tips catching the light so brilliantly with the yellow flags atop them stood upon the glamorous shining blue tiles. The light pink columns supporting the roof behind them each holding a white candle holder with many burning candles.

As I approached the gate descending from an alcove a gentleman approached me. As my eyes focus on him I recognised him from another coin in our mint, he is the grand duke. He approached me in a very matter of fact way and cleaned his monocle against his blue cloak.
"Yeeesssss....." he began, and as saying that he placed the monocle against his eye and stops short in his speech seeing Pumpkin in my arms.
"My goodness! Her Majesty will be most pleased, thank you for returning her." He said with a smile. But as he walked towards me with his arms held out to take her from my arms, Pumpkin growled at him and buried her face deeper into my chest.

Looking slightly taken aback he withdrew his arms."Oh well..." he says "I think that maybe you had better bring her with you, her Majesty will be most gracious I am sure" He then nodded to the 2 beefeaters closest to the gates to drag them open. "Follow me please."

My heart skipped a beat. Was I really to enter this castle? A castle I have dreamed about every moment since a child and...would I see her? Would I see princess Cinderella in the flesh? It takes all my effort to follow him up the corridor. I past the beefeaters for what felt like a mile, my heart mixed up in a torrent. As I walked I heard the metallic creaking of the 2 gates being shut behind me.

Eventually I was lead into a room on the left hand side that the grand duke held open for me. He invited me to come in and sit down.

I sat on a large pink sofa and looked around the room. It has an extremely high ceiling and is lit by more candles than I would hope to use in a month. There is seating for many people in the form of sofas and chairs, all heavily pillowed each embroidered with silk thread in a regal design, however I was the only person there. Next to the sofas and chairs are small tables of rich mahogany each of which holding a vase with an exquisite colourful flower in each, not one I could identify. On a shelf there are many leather bound books and one of two identical crystal chandelier above my head. The carpet underneath my feet feels more plush and exotic than any material I have ever felt and there is a white shag rug in the centre of the room. I gently lowered Pumpkin to the floor who immediately sat on my boot and pushed her back into my leg. I smiled and reach down to pet her gently. She looked up at me and started gently panting her mouth in a happy grin.

I had to wait about 20 minutes but this time went quickly. Pumpkin had taken a real liking to me and before long I found myself kneeling on the floor tickling her tummy. Soon I found myself completely seduced by her sweet nature and started talking baby talk to her as we played. I didn't even realise that Cinderella herself had opened the door and was stood to my side beaming down on us.

Pumpkin saw her first and with a happy little bark jumped up from her side and ran over to the princess jumping up at her. I turned my head rather embarrassed and introduce myself shyly.
Cinderella was wearing a simple blue dress with long sleeves that comes down to her bare knees. Her hair is long and golden tied with a blue bow. She is without makeup save a very subtle red lipstick and foundation. Her glamorous beauty is stunning. Her crystal blue eyes twinkle as they looked down on me, her long dark eye lashes framed her already perfect features. She moves so elegantly and gracefully. Around her neck is a beautifully regal and elegant yet simple necklace
"Welcome" she says with a smile and thanked me for returning her puppy. Her voice echoed in my ears and I felt it wash over me and warm me like wine. She told me how worried she was and asked me if I would join her for dinner as a reward.
"Why...yes of course your royal highness" I said to her "what a gracious offer, I would be honoured".
She smiled and insisted that I was to drop the formal pronouns and to just call her Cinderella.
"Dinner won't be for a few hours yet" she gently says, her voice caressing my ears like a breeze on a warm spring morning, "but my step father has rather strict rules about our guests and I will have to ask you to be a little more presentable before you can dine at our table. Don't worry though, we have clothes for you, its the very least I can do for you after your kind deed. Please follow me"
As I stood to follow her my heart feeling like it was fit to burst I could smell her delicate flowery perfume. Trying not to tremble I walked out of the room with her. I walked silently. How could I say anything? This was a moment my whole life was waiting for and this was a similar scene that I had run through my head over and over and even there I could not find words. There was something so...otherworldly about her presence. I was in the centre of the universe for this eternity.

She took me into a big white room with white Greek pillars extending almost to the sky itself, in the centre of the room a gigantic staircase with a balcony all around, she lead me up it. Eventually she stopped outside a room and held the door open for me. As I peeked inside I saw a small room with a tall wardrobe. A single bed and dresser with a large mirror.
Cinderella smiled angelically at me. "I will come and see you again in 15 minutes. I hope you find something in there that you like."
As I stepped inside she shut the door in her most divine way and as I listened I heard her dainty footsteps fade away.
I slumpt onto the bed and allowed myself a short breather. The Majesty of what had just past had left my head spinning. Little did I know that this was only a taste of how I would be feeling soon.
Standing and walking toward the wardrobe I first opened the right hand door. Inside I saw a few tailor made suits and tuxedos however in the corner of my eye behind the other door I saw something a little more colourful. Using my left hand I opened the other side and saw a row of many colourful long elegant pretty dresses.
From inside my poor tired heart I felt a powerful emotion overcome me and it caused me to take a physical step backwards. A deliciously decadent thought filled my mind. Could have been worn by her? It felt like I was back in her glorious presence all of a sudden. With trembling hands I removed one of my gloves and softly touch a silver dress and felt the wonderful blend of chiffon and satin on my fingertips.
I slowly ran my fingers over each and every dress. An emotional facet in my brain, still a fetus, is overheating and screaming at me. Feeling my heart hungering I found myself as if possessed slowly lifting a pink sleeveless dress from the hanger.

Before I realised where I was, I was stood naked apart for my underwear slipping this dress over my head. The skirt is very gently pleated and goes down to my shins. Around my hips was a lighter shade of pink and over my chest and bust is a deeper shade with white lace that extends over my shoulders. I sat down in front of the dresser and stare into the mirror. What are these feelings that I was getting? Am I enjoying what I see? These questions don't really find concrete answers, yet somehow there is a feeling of warmth and comfort. I find myself with my head in my hands staring into my reflection trying to put a handle on this confusion. I was completely mesmerised, perhaps hypnotised by the flickering shadows from the candle light? Perhaps my emotional core had shut down but I was entranced and drawn completely into myself. Time had stopped for me, it was a pity that it hadn't for the rest of the world.

The door behind me opened and I was jolted and snapped out of your thoughts. Panic filling me.
"So how do you like you new......" Cinderella's charming voice begins as she comes through the door. She gasps as her eyes focus on me and puts her hands to her face seeing me in this pink dress, I cringe and watch as her face slowly starts to change from surprise, not to anger but to softness.

"I....I am so so sorry" I stammer out, but I noticed in her azure eyes that she is not cross. Rather her radiant gentle loving smile is starting to come through.

She took a step towards me closing the door behind her back and says "Now I think I understand why pumpkin took such a shine to you!" .
I felt myself blushing, and staring down at the floor. My tongue swelling up in my mouth.
Sensing my embarrassment, the lovely, kind, affectionate Cinderella said: "It's okay, please come with lady"
I felt what was left of my tattered emotions jolt once more with a renewed energy, "did she really just call me....?" I thought. It was so strange to hear myself being called that for the first time. I took her outstretched hand and she lead me back out the room.
I felt so very scared that someone would see me like this being dragged out by the hand in this pink dress but luckily the castle was pretty much empty, at least here it seemed. Cinderella lead me higher in the castle to what turned out to be her personal chambers.

The room is gigantic, it is almost the size of a palace unto itself. Along the exterior wall are stained glass windows one of which I was drawn to as it showed the grand duke placing the glass shoe upon her foot. All doubt was lost to me then, the stories about this lady must be true. As my eyes scanned around the room I saw the doors to the biggest walk in wardrobe that I could have ever dreamed of and centre of the room an enormous 4 pillar poster bed with 2 end stands next to it. The walls were painted a light pink and had regal wooden panels. Against one of the walls is a cabinet with roseglass panels, through the glass I could see the glint from the diamonds in her tiara along with the sparkle of the crystal decal on the toes of her glass slipper that is sitting atop a purple velvet cushion. Holding the ceiling up are pillars of obsidian. Taking all this in I could not help but to gasp in wonder. Maybe it was just a trick of the light, but I thought I saw a mouse scurry across the carpet.

Cinderella walks towards one of the mahogany doors and pulled it open for me and gestured me to go inside. It is her en suite bathroom. The walls have Coral decals and the floor is marble and uncarpeted. Cinderella starts to fill the silver bath with warm water. From the side of the bath she pours many different coloured liquids into the bath and mixed them with her hand. She invited me to bathe.
I felt so embarrassed to be naked in front of a princess of the realm but she was most insistent and I was feeling so weak willed after all the emotional duress I had been under. She lifted the pink dress over my head and turned for me to take my underwear off as I quickly slipped in. Thankfully a reaction had taken place in the water to create an opaque blanket of bubbles.

The water is so warm and welcoming and the scent from the various creams that was in my bathwater was like being in a flowery forest in spring.
Cinderella kneeled behind the bath and gently caressed my body with her delicate soft hands, scoping some of the warm water over my chest.
I closed my eyes and let out a slow sigh and then felt the most precious gift of my lifetime as her lips planted a soft kiss on my neck.
I felt myself slipping away more seduced than I have ever been in my life. I gradually opened my now relaxed closed eyes and noticed floating on the waters surface fine little hairs, part of what she put in the water must be reacting with my skin.
I notice that my arm is now bare and as I touched my arm it felt hydrated and smoother than the softest silk.

Eventually Cinderella stands up and got a big pink fluffy towel for me, and as I stood to get out she wraps it around my body. She turns to leave so I may dry myself and comes back a little later with a robe of the same colour. It felt incredibly expensive and soft against my now smooth skin.
"Phew, I'm tired" she says to you with a smile, "I will help you to be one of the prettiest ladies at the feast, but would you be willing to rest for a little while?" She gestured to the bed and laid down on top of it, I smiled and laid next to her. It wasn't long before I was spilling my heart out to her and we were in a close cuddle. Unfortunately it didn't last too long though, as Pumpkin was eager to jump up onto her bed and snuggle in between us!

As we chatted my emotions slowly rested from tears to relaxation, within the embrace of her Divine presence my world slowly softened. She told me of a place far beyond the sea where she had met another princess by the name of Mulan who had opened her eyes to people who are not binary gendered. I was completely intoxicated by her sweet perfume and gentle loving voice and I had hoped that this moment would last for an eternity.
As the day turned to evening moonlight had started to bathe us in its revenant charm. Cinderella finally and tragically broke away from me and stood up, saying that we had to get ready. I sat up and watched as she walked over to her dresser and rummaged in the top draw. She smiled at me and presented me with a cotton pair of pink briefs. On them was a picture of herself wearing a golden dress. "I hope every time you wear these from now on you will think of me." She said. I swallowed back a lump and slowly started to slide them up my legs and under my dressing gown. The cotton felt so exquisite against my now smooth legs and I could tell that it was in its most purest form. I stood there in pink panties for the first time, feeling a mix of embarrassment, comfort and an overwhelming sense of belonging. I could also not help but wonder if the material that was now resting on me had once been close upon the heavenly being that stood in front of me. Luckily she had turned and was once again lent over her dresser finding more things for me to wear.
Next she pulled out a pink bra, it had a big pink bow between the cups and 2 smaller bows at the base of the straps which were also lined with a lacy satin. I slipped out of the dressing gown and she helped me to put it on. I was thankful for this as I do not think I would have been able to place the bra on myself yet, my hands had basically become jelly. Cinderella also found 2 balls of socks with which she quickly taught me how to fill my bra. I couldn't help but put my hands on my now full chest and feel with rapture how the shape of my body had changed. Cinderella giggled softly at my excitement. "I can see that you like your new figure my darling, but we are not done yet." she said while holding open a pink satin corset. I gladly stepped forward and felt her wrap it around me, and lace it snuggly. The liquidy texture hugging me tightly was the most sensual experience I had had up unto that point. It had a very regal flowery design with frilly lace at the top and the bottom. Below it suspender belts dangled down.
Cinderella then invited me to sit in a chair. I did so and tried to sit like a lady with my legs crossed over. Cinderella then kneeled down and rolled 2 black silk stockings up my legs and attached the belt. The silky texture sliding up my smooth skin felt almost electrifying. She then guided my feet into 2 pink high heels.
Cinderella stood up and took a step back to look at me. "Oh that looks so pretty on you, don't you think so sweetheart? All that is missing now is your dress. I think you have already chosen though haven’t you?" She said with a smile and gracefully gestured with her hand to the pink one she hung on the back of the bathroom door. I nodded and smiled shyly and I stood and sweetly held my arms up as she pulled it down over my head. She then turned the chair around so it faced the vanity mirror on top of her make up table and lightly pushed my shoulders down back onto it. I could see my reflection with her standing behind me. Cinderella then picked up some bobby pins and held them in her mouth, she then lifted this purple brush that had golden bristle and slowly brushed my hair. Cinderella started to hum with her siren like voice and as she did I could see the bristles start to glow and gradually intensify. My scalp started to feel slightly warmer and what happened next I still almost can't believe were it not for the fact that I still have this today. With every stroke my hair became longer, and more fuller. Cinderella noticed my shocked and confused expression in the mirror, but just smiled warmly to herself and kept brushing, until my hair was long, flowing, golden and beautiful. Using the pins Cinderella styled my hair into a regal "up do". As I took my reflection in I was amazed, I could still tell that it was me but I saw a very demure noblewoman. Somehow it felt just right, as if something deep inside my psyche had just unlocked itself. I thought that I should be thinking that I looked silly, or out of place, but there was some spiritual otherworldly connection. I was snapped back into reality as I felt Cinderellas hand pushing my chin up and closing my wide open mouth, I felt so embarrassed but I need not have, Cinderella just smiled at me without a trace of malice, I could tell that she was happy for me and pleased with her work.

Cinderella then moved a small stool from the other side of the room and sat facing me with a little bag of make up. She started by getting a big fluffy pink make up puff with a cute little satin pink bow on the hand strap and put a layer of foundation on me. I felt the mixture of the grainy powder and the soft fluffiness against my face, it felt very special. She then selected a small brush and asked me to close my eyes, I felt her brush the backs of my eyelids and would later find out that she had chosen for me a midnight blue eye shadow. Next went on the mascara and eye liner. I have to admit I was frightened to have all these things so close to my eyes but I would trust my princess with my life. Finally she put some dusty pink lipstick on my lips, the same as the one she is wearing she told me. It felt so magical to know that her lips had touched the smooth wax that was now brushing against my lips. When she was done she stepped to the side for me to see myself again. I looked so beautiful, she had hidden any trace of masculinity within my face. I felt an overwhelming desire to cry happy tears but it took every last ounce of my willpower not to as I would have sooner died than spoil her work. Cinderella must have been able to tell how I was feeling as she lent down and hugged me saying that I was most welcome.

On the arms of my chair were 2 small alcoves that both had a shallow silver bowl in. Cinderella picked up a bottle and filled them with a strong smelling mixture and guided my fingernails into it. We waited for a few moments before she asked me to take them out again, where upon she filed and buffed my nails before painting them the same pink colour as my dress. She then took my hand and stood me up and sprayed in front of me a cloud of perfume and guided me through it.

We walked down the stairs together onto a big crowd of people who applauded us. I just followed Cinderellas lead when talking to the guests, and tried to speak as softly as I could. Many of the guests could clearly tell but I had the shield of her royal highness and no one was going to insult one of her friends. The King was giving me a bit of a dirty look however when Prince charming was announced he played along and kissed my hand. I knew that the King had wanted his son to marry and was going to let it go however I knew in my heart that this wouldn't last. The banquet was splendid. I had never seen so much food in my life. I tasted so many new flavours and ate sea food for the first time in my life. After the feast there was classical music and dancing. It was the happiest day of my life.

I sat and watched Cinderella dancing with Prince charming and thought what a wonderful couple they were and what joy and happiness their union had bought to me. I watched as the King cut in and spoke to Cinderella though and saw her body language change. She came up to me and said quietly and with a hint of soreness that she was to show me to a room. My evening ended there but it was just the start of a long journey. I lay on the soft bed and waited until sleep took me, drifting off while listening to the faint hum of the music beneath me. I had only slept for about 4 hours though before there was a soft knock at my door.....
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Because I didn't get too much space on the poll: I don't mind adding extra chapters to this if you would like me to but I also wouldn't mind writing something else instead. It's fun to write about princesses but part of me likes the fact that I wrote this pre transition and maybe it would be nice to leave it as it is as a relic from an earlier time :) 
My best advice, from one prinsess, albeit a Sissy Kitty Baby one, to you, the grown up one. Simply follow your heart. I liked and loved your story

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