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"A Christmas Wish"
(By Funshine Bear)

Whispers of love melt the crystal snowflakes falling all around me
I can almost hear Santa's sleigh bells jingling merrily above
Bright smiles line the faces of everyone, lit up by rainbows of light
Full hues of purple, green, yellow and red drench the crowded city life
Simple and serene breathe the forests in deep sleep while I wander home
Wondering and dreaming of satin dresses and silk panties
Snuggled in bed with my teddy, soon to lie down alone...
When I saw a great blue star, sparkling and shimmering
My heart beat fast and I threw open my frozen window
Then aloud I cried: If only I could become a real girl!

So silly I now felt, as my wish echoed out across all the world
A single tear slipped away from my eye and was caught by the snow
Above in the black midnight sky the sapphire star continued to grow
Engulfing my bedroom in the tender tones of its bold, arctic-blue glow.

Cuddling my teddy, feet quite unsteady as memories of Christmas flowed
Gushing like a water fall, tickling at my toes and warming my soul with joy
Upon my bed I collapsed in girlish laughter, wishing for dollies and perfume
When the first waves of sleep, swept me away with the stars and moon
Down the stairs I went slowly, softly yet boldly awaiting to peek
Then Santa Claus appeared, bent down and kissed my cheek
He chuckled all rosy, dressed in fur, he turned to his leather sack slowly
Reaching in, I saw him withdraw a great, big Funshine Bear!
And around its neck a pendant of pure Jade mysteriously glared.

"This gift, my darling was made just for you..."
Santa smiled reassuringly and laced the stone about my neck
"In remembrance of the night you got your wish, my precious...
Now hurry, off to bed... you must be asleep before I leave
For the true magic of Christmas lies within the eyes of a child
What most are happy just to see, children look for instead."

  MerryChristmas Everybody!!   

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This is simply magnificent Funshine Bear, I adore the way you colored the words their colors, its so swee tthe way you write!

This is one of my favorites of yours, :3 thank you so much Funshine
"Cotton streaks of rose tangerine
Shades the sunlight's parting gleam
I can feel the breeze caress my cheeks
Whispering melodies lost inside my heart
Violets and daisies line the fields of the park
As I see Ryobaby, picking flowers before dark
For the Sissy Kiss family playing just as they are.

As evening's twilight blossoms behind
The pale, silver moon arising into the sky
Sweet and girly sissies cradle their dollies
Each grasping a violet flower at their side
Given by the compassionate Ryobaby
Whose verses continue to inspire me
Yet time is fading, forgive my inconsistency
I cry for a dream that's more than make-believe
Forever in your honor, Princess of My Twilight"

~Funshine Bear~
What a thing it would be to wake on Christmas morning and discover such a thing had happened ... though I'm glad you leave the ending of your sweet poem somewhat ambiguous, and make the main message of it a celebration of imagination and innocence (as we all know, true sissiness goes well beyond the merely physical). Moving and eloquent, your works are always a joy to read.      

Merry Christmas, dear.  
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  Wonderful dear and MERRIE CHRISTMAS to you too , giggles , and a HAPPY NEW YEAR , may your dreams come true for you . WUV   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
Mina Silverwind
I love your cute poetry themed stories and I hope to see more of your fabulous stories from you well into the future.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
That was simply wonderful sweetie. I hope today is absolutely magnificent for you :)

happy new year
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