Chrissy's New Life
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Chrissy’s New Life
Part 1

My name is Christopher Reilly and I woke up early this morning and quickly showered and dressed in my school uniform. I am a freshman at St. Mark's Academy for Boys in Los Angeles, and, although my studies are progressing nicely, I am still homesick. It was November, and I have been away from home for over two months. I have always been an excellent student in grammar school and, from my earliest years I have been something of a teacher's pet to the nuns at St. Stephen's. I am called Chris for short and I am almost 13; my birthday is on the first day of the year. I am slight of build and shorter than all off the boys in my class. I have longish hair for a boy. It was halfway down to my shoulders. I am a bit effeminate and have a girlish face. I was teased a bit about my appearance and manner. My puberty was late and my voice had not yet broken as many of the boys in my class had. Consequently I took part in the choir and was told I had a heavenly voice.

I dislike rough masculine sports and I prefer intellectual pursuits like chess and debating. I do not mind non contact sports and like doing gymnastics and swimming. My home life while still at grammar school caused a bit of friction between my Dad and I, as he wanted me as the eldest to follow in his footsteps as a football player. My twin brothers Mark and James who were three years younger were into all sports and this pleased my Dad. I was content to spend more time with my Mom. I developed from her a caring for people. Mom was in nursing and was a chief nursing sister. I spent a lot of time with her in the kitchen and learned to cook. My Dad was an engineer and was in charge of a whole section at a factory. Our home life was quite pleasant otherwise. One thing I did miss was the fact that we had no other relatives. Both Mom and Dad were orphans and had lived in orphanages till they left school and as a result we had no uncles, aunts, cousins or grandparents.

We had many happy days together as a family in which we went on camping and fishing trips although I did not like the fishing part. Often my Dad and brothers went fishing together on day trips at nearby Lake Tangle****. During these times I would have Mom to myself and I loved the time we spent together. We would take in movies and also listen to music at home. I enjoyed helping her prepare the family meal and baking and would wear an apron. I would also spend time with her in her workroom room as she did sewing and knitting. I had learned to knit and sew during the last six months of my time at home and we kept these activities secret from my Dad and brothers. We had talked recently of Mom’s desire to have a girl. She had said she would try and persuade Dad to have another child.

Boarding school was a new experience for me, however; I missed my Mom, Dad and brothers and, although I never would have dreamed it before, even the nuns. St. Mark's was a small school run by an order of cloistered priests. There were no females at the academy at all; the teachers as well as the support staff were all members of the religious order.

This morning promised to be interesting at least. A small group of ladies from the local parish had been invited to share breakfast with some of the students and our teachers. This was to be something of a “get-acquainted” session, in that rarely had the academy grounds been open to outsiders, especially women. As a reward for doing especially well in my classes, I have been selected as one of five students invited to take part.

The breakfast was to be held off the main dining hall in a separate room. The other boys and I helped serve the breakfast, by bringing each of the ladies food before taking our seats which alternated around the table, one of the ladies, one of the students, and one of the priests. I served Father Tom and then brought a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes to the woman I would be seated next to. I guess she was nearly forty and although on the heavy side, she had a very kind and even pretty face.

She thanked me as I took my seat and introduced herself to me as Mrs. Mary Alexander. Her perfume filled my senses and after being separated for months now from any female company at all, I delighted in the conversation and seldom let my sight off her. I spoke of my studies and my participation in intramural sporting events, and she in turn spoke of her life in the small community several miles down the road from the academy gates. Mrs. Alexander explained that she was a widow with one daughter away at college on the East Coast. I listened attentively and impressed Mrs. Alexander as a perfect little gentleman.

The breakfast over, we boys cleared the dishes and later as we were to find out the Fathers expressed their gratitude to the ladies for attending. Mrs. Alexander had made a suggestion to continue this interaction, perhaps by permitting the students to visit off-campus periodically.

I returned from the kitchen and moved to take my seat, and Mrs. Alexander motioned me to her lap. I was a little embarrassed to be sitting on Mrs. Alexander’s lap, but I felt very comfortable. I noticed the other boys who were all older than me grin and smile at me. She had her arm around me and she cradled me affectionately against her massive bosom and ran her fingers through my curly hair. I began to feel warm inside and felt loved. Father Tom also just smiled at me as I sat on the lap of this motherly woman.

She told Father Tom how I was such a cute little child and was welcome to visit her home at any time, and as he had agreed to allow us boys off grounds and thanked her for the kind offer. I was lost in a flood of senses. I let my headrest against her wondrous breast and let the smell of her heavenly fragrance fill me. After our guests departed Paul the boy from the next higher grade and a friend of mine from the chess club said to me, “You must have enjoyed sitting on that ladies lap, I know how you miss your Mom.” I replied, “Yes I do and she was so motherly towards me.”
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this was good i wounder where your going with it continue please
   What a great story please more??   
Stephanie Johnson
This is such a well written story--you're very tallented. I'm filled with anticipation!
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