Chicken Bunny and the Easter Eggs (PG)
How adult babies saved Easter!
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Evwybody nowadays thinks Easter is all about candy and eggs. And they're right!

But thew was one Easter when we almost didn't have eggs and candy for our Easter baskets. That would have made babies and kiddies and adult babies evwywhere vewwy sad.

It all started where the Easter Bunny wivvs, at the East Pole. The Easter Bunny wivvs in a small viwwage called Easter Eden. He has a cottage there and he wivvs wif his wife, Mrs. E. Bunny. The E is for Edith.

And, it's hardwy known, but the Bunny family, though they have adult baby childwen themselves, often take one or two vewwy special people into their house, when they have had a sad time in their lives. The Bunny family takes care of the people, and the people help with an Easter Chore each year.

This year, the people the Bunnies took in were bwand new. They were two adult babies. One was named Chrys. And the other was named Anthy. Chrys was a boy and Anthy was a girl. But Chrys was a moe boy, and he almost always dwessed wike a girl.

And although Chrys and Anthy didn't know each other in their normal lives, here in Easter Eden, they were bwother and sister.

They had both lived hard lives in their normal lives, and they had been sad. When they were at their wopes end, though, a bit of magic came into their lives and spiwited them away.

They had always wanted to be babies again. So the Easter Bunny turned them into adult babies, with pwetty, sexy adult bodies, but thoughts wike baby thoughts.

They had spent almost a full year, now, in the village of Easter Eden, with the Bunny family, in their cozy hutch. The hutch wooked wike a small cottage. But when you got into the cottage, you would see a hole in the middle of the fwoor. The hole would lead down into the Bunnies' main wesidence. The upstairs, the gwound fwoor, was the guest house.

The Bunnies just always thought it would be better for humans to wivv above gwound.

And now Easter was appwoaching. In fact, it would be here tomorrow!

Mrs. Bunny got the adult baby wesidents of Easter Eden all together. There were the two wittle adult baby Bunnies, the Chickies, and Chrys and Anthy.

They all stood in Blue Gardens, a lovely spot that was full of bluebell flowers, crocuses, gentians, and tiny irises. And there were wittle dots of bweeding-heart-dwop flowers, too, the pink hearts bwight against the other blues and purples and whites.

Most evwybody else stood at attention, but Chrys and Anthy cwawled at attention and sucked their pacies attentively.

Chrys wore a baby-blue sundwess that was short, and his diapered bottom stuck out fwom under the skirt. He had short, bwown hair, but it was in silky curls and had bows in it. He was a wittle skinny, and his body wooked almost girly, pwetty in a own moe-boy way.

Anthy wored a pink tank-top and a pink jean-skirt. She wore a big diaper wif pwastic panties over it. She had bwonde hair in two pigtails. She was cute and perky. Her hips and her chest pushed out against her wittle adult baby cwothes in the sexiest way.

Mrs. Bunny was tall and slim, but she was curvy, too. She had pink fur. She wore an olden-days outfit that made her wook wike a sexy teacher. And her skirt was quite short.

She tapped her iPaw, which she used for her chore charts.

Mrs. Bunny turned to the first bunny and said, "Peter Bunny, can you handle the chore of making Easter baskets?"

Peter Bunny had gwey fur, and he always dwessed quite sewiously for an adult baby boy. He wore a plaid vest and a wittle tie. And he wore pull-up diapers, because they made him feel wike a big boy.

He pushed his gwasses up on his nose and said, "Why, yes, Mother. I've been practicisng all year. I can weave the basket and weave the colored string into the baskets. I can put cheerful decorations on them, too!"

Mrs. Bunny nodded. She turned to the wittle girl Bunny, whose name was Velvet.

"Velvet, can you handle the task of making stuffed animals?"

Velvet had a wovewy, wight-bwown coat of fur and was wearing a white, cotton dwess wif lace and fwillies on it. She wore a big, fwuffy diaper and pink whumba panties wif duckies on them. She was older than her bwother Peter, but she acted much younger, because she liked being a baby.

She said, "Mama, I'll do my best! I'll cut the plushy fabric. I'll sew up the fabric and leave a hole. I'll stuff the animal with the softest, loveliest fabric. Then I'll sew the animal all the way up."

Mrs. Bunny nodded, but then she said, "Don't forget the most important part."

"The eyes? The nose?"

"No. You must breathe a tiny bit of life into each stuffed animal. So when a child or an adult baby loves the stuffed animal, the stuffed animal can love it back."

Velvet sighed and smiled. She said, "Ahh... I won't forget."

Mrs. Bunny turned to the thwee wittle Chickies. They were just lellow puffs of not-quite-feathers. And they were always the happiest things in the viwwage.

Mrs. Bunny always gave the Chickies the same chore. But the Chickies always thought it was a bwand new chore.

Mrs. Bunny said, "Little Chickies, can you handle putting the plastic grass into the baskets once they're made?"

The Chickies wepwied, "Piyo, Peep, Cheep!"

Mrs. Bunny spoke fwuent Chickie, and she wepwied, "Yes, it's a brand new chore, but I'm sure you'll do fine."

Chrys and Anthy were so nervous about their chore! Chrys couldn't hold the suspense, and he pottied himself a tiny bit. He got embawwassed. Anthy saw Chrys bwush. She thought Chrys was so cute that she got excited. Then she pottied a wittle, too!

Mrs. Bunny said, "You two need to watch the eggs. When Mr. Bunny comes back from his visits to the malls across the world, he'll gather up the baskets and the eggs."

Anthy said, in baby talk, fwom behind her paci, "We put eggs in the basket?"

Mrs. Bunny said, "Nope. You just keep an eye on them. There are lots of kinds. Mr. Bunny will put some eggs in the basket. And he'll hide some eggs. But he makes the artistic decision on that."

Chrys said, also fwom behind his big, fat pacifier, "We just watch eggs?"

Mrs. Bunny said, "Yes. You just watch the eggs. But there are a lot. They're all in the Gingerbread Cottage on the other side of Carrot Patch Park."

Anthy and Chrys looked at each other. They were a bit gwum. Anthy thought, This will even be easier than the Chickies' chore!

Chrys thought, Mrs. Bunny must think we're not smart enough for a real task.

Mrs. Bunny saw that Chrys and Anthy were upset. She said, "The eggs are the most important part of Easter. They are the symbol of Easter. I'm giving you a very important chore."

Chrys and Anthy twied to wook cheerful for Mrs. Bunny. After all, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny had taken them in and gwanted their fantasy of becoming adult babies. So they had to be gwateful to Mrs. Bunny. But they weally were disappointed and embawwassed.

Mrs. Bunny said, "I think we're missing one more adult baby Bunny. Where is he?"

Mrs. Bunny was wight! They were missing Bunny Boy!

Mrs. Bunny called out, "Bunny Boy! Bunny Boy!"

The adult babies and Mrs. Bunny heard a deep, low voice call, "Wough! Wah!" Then they heard slow rustles thwough the bushes. And now big, old Bunny Boy swumped his way toward evwybody.

Bunny Boy was huge! He cwawled wike a wabbit. He had the pwettiest white coat and the woundest eyes! And he was big and fat! And he wore a diaper bigger than all the adult babies combined!

Mrs. Bunny could tell that, slow as he moved, Bunny Boy had weally hurried to get here. So she was patient. She was a kind mommy for all her adult baby bunnies.

When the Chickies saw Bunny Boy, they cowered away fwom him. They hid behind Anthy's legs. They had a pwetty good view of Anthy's big diaper fwom there!

But Bunny Boy had seen the Chickies. And that meant twouble.

Mrs. Bunny said to Bunny Boy, "You are going to be in charge of the chocolate bunnies, Bunny Boy. Do you understand?"

"Wough," Bunny Boy nodded. He was cweeping closer toward Anthy and the Chickies.

Mrs. Bunny said to Bunny Boy, "Do you know where you put the chocolate bunnies?"

Bunny Boy opened his mouth wide, said, "Waugh?" and pointed into his mouth.

Mrs. Bunny said, "No. You put them in the Easter basket's when they're ready. I wonder if you can handle this."

Mrs. Bunny scwolled thwough her iPaw to see if there was another task that she could give Bunny Boy. She said, "There really isn't anything else--"

Anthy scweamed, "Wet me go!"

Mrs. Bunny wooked up! She saw Bunny Boy holding Anthy upside down by a leg! Her skirt was down a wittle, showing her diapers and pwastic panties. Chrys was twying, wobbly, to stand on his knees and gwab Anthy.

And in Bunny Boy's other hand were the Chickies. Bunny Boy was about to pop the Chickies into his mouth!

Mrs. Bunny said, "Bunny Boy! You stop that behavior! I don't want to have to spank you!"

(And she weally didn't! You needed a heavy paddle for that one!)

Bunny Boy put the Chickies down and dwopped Anthy. Chrys twied to catch Anthy. But when Anthy landed, she knocked Chrys on his back. Anthy's boobies wubbed Chrys wight on his face!

"Snowdrop Bunnerty Boy! You play nice, or you'll be in the corner all Easter!"

"Wow," said Peter to Velvet, "She used his full name! She must be serious!"

Velvet nodded gwavely.

Bunny Boy said, "Woh, Waugh," and he petted the Chickies softwy.He pulled Chrys out fwom under Anthy, by the diaper, and he almost pulled off Chrys' diaper!

So now all the adult babies (and the Chickies, which were just happy wittle puffballs and nuffing more) had their chores.

Mrs. Bunny had her chore, too, and she had to take care of it before Mr. Bunny got back fwom his mall twips.

The adult babies went their own ways for a while. But they all got back together by the Gingerbread Cottage.

Mrs. Bunny had hired a human nanny named Nanny Bunny to take care of the adult babies. Nanny Bunny set up a delicious tea party for the adult babies. Nanny Bunny was the sweetest.

Nanny Bunny wore a pink, cotton maid's uniform and pink high-heels and black stockings. She wore white, fuzzy bunny ears with pink, satiny insides. The cotton skirt was a wittle tight, and Nanny Bunny had a white puff put on the back for a bunny tail.

Nanny Bunny is human, but she always says she is a bunny. Even her white cotton panties say, "I am a bunny" on them in pink, fancy wetters. Not that the adult babies could see her panties. But we get to, dear weader.

Inside the Gingerbread Cottage, it is vewwy big. Thanks goodness! Because Bunny Boy was coming, and he is big, too!

The Gingerbread Cottage has bwown walls, but there are pink and white decorations evwywhere that wook wike fwosting. There is pink furniture, all soft. There are couches, pillow-chairs, big beds, and pwaypens, cwibs, bassinets, and rocking-horses. The pwace always smells sweet wike gingerbwead, and it is always warm and cozy.

Nanny Bunny showed Chrys and Anthy the big woom where the eggs were. And Mrs. Bunny was wight! There were all kinds of eggs in the woom!

There were plain-old eggs (dyed, of course, by the Paas fambly). And there were chocolate eggs that had pastel candy shells. There were chocolate eggs wapped in foil. There were caramel eggs and eggs with gooey yolky candy inside. There were even malted eggs! And there were eggs made all of sugar, that wooked wike treasures! And there were pwastic eggs that maybe held tweasures inside them!

"Oh!" said Chrys, fwom behind his pacifier, "Pwetty!" For Chrys wuvved pwetty things as much as he wuvved being pwetty.

Nanny Bunny said, "Are you two hungry? We'll have something to eat pretty soon!"

"Bottles?" asked Chrys. Nanny Bunny nodded her head.

"Bweast feed?" asked Anthy, as she twied to climb up on Nanny Bunny to weach her chest.

Nanny Bunny bwushed and said, "Unh! Get back down on the floor, Anthy! You can't always be hungry!"

But Anthy was always hungwy. And Nanny Bunny wiked it.

Anthy sucked her paci sulkily as Nanny Bunny said, "Our bunny friends are about to arrive."

Soon they did. Peter Bunny bwought a wed wagon of basket parts so he could make baskets. Then Velvet bwought a wed wagon of pwushy fabwic and stuffing for making bears. The Chickies shuffled in, buried under a thicket of pwastic Easter gwass. And finally, Bunny Boy came in wif two big sacks full of chocolate bunnies, all wapped in foil!

They all sat down for a Tea Party.

But Chrys and Anthy had bottles. Bottles were their second favorite meal, after Nanny Bunny's boobies.

Velvet wiked being a baby, but she had cookies and milk. It made her tummby rumbly, and she pottied and messed a wittle, wike a good adult baby bunny-girl.

Peter had tea and cookies, and said, "That is how distinguished adult babies do it, once they are big boys."

Then Peter pottied himself. He said, "Why, I must have spilled something into my big boy pull-ups! What a gaffe!"

Bunny Boy had a cookie in his one hand and a bottle in his other hand. Evwybody thought he was going to eat. But he just kept wooking at the Chickies.

The Chickies just had a few cwumbs of cookies and they were chirpy and happy. They fwuttered about in the pwastic gwass.

Finally Chrys and Anthy pottied in their diapers, too! Four wet adult babies, all for Nanny Bunny to change!

Nanny Bunny lay out a big, long bwankie of soft, fuzzy, pink yarn. The adult babies felt so tewwific on the bwankie. They laid on their backs and got comfie. Nanny Bunny took off their diapers one by one. Oh, Nanny Bunny just loved to see the adult babies when their diapers were just off! And the adult babies just loved the feeling of Nanny Bunny gentwy taking off the diaper!

Nanny Bunny cleaned off the babies and powdered their bottoms. Then she put fwesh, fwuffy diapers onto their bottoms. All except Peter Bunny, who said, "If you don't mind, I'll just step into these big boy pull-ups on my own."

After Nanny Bunny finished putting on evwybody's diapers, she tickled her adult babies and blew wasbewwies on their tummies! It was such fun that even Peter lay back down for it.

Then Nanny Bunny felt a warm bottle knock against her leg. She picked it up and wooked back to Bunny Boy. She asked, "Oh, Bunny Boy, did you drop your-- Bunny Boy!"

Bunny Boy had a cookie in one hand and the thwee Chickies in the other hand! He was about to pop the Chickies into his mouth!

Nanny Bunny stood up! Her eyes got bwight wed! She said, "Bunn..nny... Boy!" Nanny Bunny pulled out a big paddle (fwom out of the bwoo!). Bunny saw the paddle and dwopped the thwee Chickies back onto their thicket of pwastic gwass.

"Woughw..wwy," gwumped Bunny Boy.

Nanny Bunny wepwied, "Sorry won't cut it! Don't eat the Chickies!"

Now evwybody was quite fwustered, except Bunny Boy, who calmwy ate his cookie, and then the west of the whole pwate of cookies.

Velvet said, "It's so mean of Bunny Boy to act that way to the Chickies. It breaks my baby heart!"

Anthy said, "Teach him wesson!"

Velvet wepwied, "Oh, what can we teach that big oaf? He'll never learn his lesson. He's so big, he'd never know what it's like to be a chickie."

Peter said, "But wait! I've recently read a book on hypnosis!"

Velvet asked, "What's that?"

Peter said, "It's where grown-ups make people fall asleep. And then they will do whatever the grown-ups want!"

Velvet said, "But we're adult babies!"

Peter said, "Not me. I'm a big boy!"

Nanny Bunny giggled. She said, "I'm sorry to say, Peter, but hypnosis doesn't really work that easy. You have to be a specialist."

Peter said, "I am! I the specialist adult bunny-boy there ever was!"

The ovver adult babies, even Bunny Boy and the Chickies, just wooked at each ovver awkwardwy.

Peter said, "You don't believe me? Well, watch!"

Peter bunny took some thwead fwom his wed wagon and tied it awound a gold chocolate coin. He waved it in fwont of Bunny Boy's eyes.

Bunny Boy said, "Waugh wah?"

Peter wepwied, "You're supposed to be getting sleepy. That's the first step."

Bunny Boy said, "Woh, waugh, waugh."

Peter wepwied, "You're only getting hungry? Well, don't focus on the chocolate. Focus on the gold. And the movement. Now. You are getting very sleepy."

Nanny Bunny said, dwowsily, "Peter, you know, yawn... This doesn't work so... easil..."

Anthy wooked up at Nanny Bunny. Nanny Bunny had her eyes cwosed!

Chrys saw that Bunny Boy had his eyes cwosed, too! Chrys cwied fwom behind his paci, "It worked!" He twied to get up onto his knees so he could clap wif his hands. But he wobbled and fell backward. His skirt fwew up, and his big white diaper showed for evwybody to see.

Peter said, "Now for the next step. We re-program our subject. He will now think he is a chicken!"

Velvet asked, "But how?"

Peter said, "It's called the art of suggestion. I simply suggest. Bunny Boy, you are a chicken. You..."

Anthy was worried about Nanny Bunny. She just stood, her eyes cwosed. She was snoring, and a wittle bubble was bwowing out her nose!

Anthy kept tugging on Nanny Bunny's skirt and calling, "Nanny? Nanny?"

So that Bunny Boy heard this suggestion:

Peter: "You are a..."

Anthy: "Nanny?"

Peter: "Chicken. You are a..."

Anthy: "Nanny?"

Peter: "Chicken."

Finally, Peter, sweating, and having pottied himself again, said, "I think we've done it. Now we simply awake our subject and teach him his lesson."

Chrys said, "Oh! You smawt, Peter!" Chrys' eyes turned to hearts. Peter bwushed.

Velvet got jealous. But she turned to Bunny Boy and said, "Wake up! Wake up, Bunny Boy!"

Bunny Boy stayed asweep. Velvet thought, well, he is a chicken now. She said, "Wake up Chicken Bunny!"

Chicken Bunny opened his eyes! He said, "Bock, bock, bock!"

Peter said, "Yes. You are a chicken now."

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock!" He began swumping to the door of the big woom.

Peter said, "Where are you going?"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock, bock!"

Peter said, "But why do you want to go sit on the eggs?"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock, bock Nanny bock."

Peter said, "You are not a Nanny chicken. You're just a regular chicken!"

Chicken Bunny shook his head and said, "Bock bock..."

Peter said, "That is not what you heard!"

By this time, Chicken Bunny was to the door. Peter and Chrys and Velvet twied to stop Chicken Bunny fwom opening the door and going in. But Chicken Bunny easily bwushed them aside. The thwee stood back up and went after Chicken Bunny again as he opened the door and went in. But he bwushed them away again.

Velvet fell into a cwib, on her back. Her long, legs caught Chrys as he fell wight on her. They both thought, Ouch! How nice! Then Peter fell onto Chrys, bumping wight up against his behind!

Peter said, "Why, excuse me, Chrys."

Chrys said, "No pwobwem. Stay wight there."

Velvet got jealous and twied to get in between them. She swapped both Peter and Chrys, and said, "You hentai!"

Then the thwee adult babies heard the big woom door shut! Chrys said, "The eggs!"

But it was hard for the babies to get out of the cwib. They were stuck!

Chrys called, "Anthy! Help us out! Anthy-- what the?!"

Chrys was surprised! For, you see, while the other thwee adult babies were twying to stop Chicken Bunny, Anthy was twying to wake up Nanny Bunny.

But adult babies sometimes have short 'tension spans. And specially when they see big bosoms wike Nanny Bunny haves.

Anthy kind of got hympotized herself! By Nanny Bunny's big, warm babas!

She spit out her paci and said, "Oh, Nanny Bunny. Just sweep. I careful you."

She then knocked Nanny Bunny down and cawwied her to a big pillow chair. She cuddled up against Nanny Bunny She cwadled her diapered waist against Nanny Bunny's waist. She wubbed her nosey and her wips and her cheeks against Nanny's boobies.

And when the other thwee adult babies saw Anthy, she was singing, "Hush wittle boobies, I careful you."

Peter was vewwy jealous, cause he wiked Nanny Bunny. He yelled, "What are you two doing?"

Anthy said, "She hympotized!"

Peter said, "She did? Welll!" Peter felt quite pwoud of his self. Then he snapped out of it. He said, "You aren't helping things at all. If she's in a trance, let her sleep. Bunny Boy thinks he's a Fat Chicken! A mother chicken! And now he's sitting on the eggs!"

Anthy was so peaceful and lazy next to Nanny's babas that she said, "So what?"

Velvet said, "Well, most of those eggs are chocolate or sugar! And you know what happens to chocolate and sugar."

Chrys hadn't wealized. But now he did! He said, "Melt! Oh no! Our eggs, Anfy!"

Anthy got panic! She wooked awound. She got the diaper-changing bwankie. Then, fast as she could, she cwawled to a rocking-horse, a big, pink, plushie one, with a satiny mane!

She pushed the rocking horse over to the cwib wif her head. She had to stick her diapered bottom out vewwy far to get the extwa oomph. The Chickies landed on the rocking-horse's back, to cheer on Anthy as she pushed.

"Piyo, peep, cheep!" They cheered.

Finally Anthy got to the cwib. She tossed the bwankie over the cwib. She said, "Gwab, one baby! I pull you loose! Then step on horsey!"

Velvet said, "Adult baby girls first," and she held onto the bwankie. Anthy pulled. Velvet was about to come loose. But then Anthy saw Chrys making heart-eyes at Peter.

"No way you're getting back by him again!" Velvet said. And she sat her diapered bottom down hard on Peter's lap.

It felt so good that Peter pottied himself. Peter's warm diaper felt so good on Velvet's bottom that Velvet pottied, too!

But, thing is, they stayed stuck. Wet and stuck. And Anthy didn't know! So she gave a big, stwong pull! And the cwib fell wight over!

The thwee chickies fwew up in the air to miss the cwib! Then the babies fwew up into the air! Velvet landed wif her fwont of her diaper on Anthy's face and knocked her over! And Peter fell wight onto Chrys after Chrys fell on his stomach.

Now Chrys felt so good that he pottied!

Velvet twied to cwawl up, but she stumbled, and her face fell wight onto Anthy's diaper. It felt so good that both Velvet and Anthy pottied, too!

The babies were all embawwassed. They sat up. They were sad. Here they were, wet babies, with one Easter chore failing, and the other ones not getting started. And they were all pottied! And their Nanny couldn't change them cause she was hympotized!

The Chickies landed before the adult babies. They twied to cheer the babies up. They said, "Peep, cheep, piyo!"

Peter said, "Yes, at least you aren't being eaten. But what about us? We need a mommy to change us!"

The Chickes said, "Peep, piyo, cheep!"

Velvet said, "Hm. That might work. I'll tell you what. Let's two of us try one more time to wake up Nanny Bunny. The other two will try to get Bunny Boy out of the egg-room. I'll go see Nanny Bunny, since I'm too dainty a girl to fight the Fat Chicken. Who'll come with me!"

Peter and Anthy said at the same time, "I'll go!" They wooked mean at each other and said at the same time, "You will not! I'm going!"

Velvet, jealous again, and knowing that Peter wiked Nanny's babas more than Peter's bottom, said, "Peter, you go with Chrys. Anthy, you come with me!"

Chrys said, "Okay!" Peter bwushed.

Peter said, "But I wanna help Nanny!"

Velvet said, "You don't want me to go big sister on you, do you Peter?"

Peter shyly said, "Come on. Let's go, Chrys."

Chrys said, "I go wif you any pwace!" Peter and Chrys went to the door. The Chickies followed Chrys and Peter.

Velvet and Anthy went back to the pillow where Nanny Bunny was still zonked out, snoring loudly, wif a bubble bwowing out her nose.

Velvet said, "Wow! She did get hypnotized!"

Anthy said, "Unnn...hnnn..." in a daze.

Velvet said, "Anthy, are you okay?"

But Anthy was hympotized again! Cause Nanny Bunny had stwetched out a wittle on the pillow chair. And her legs were spwead so Anthy could see... Nanny's white cotton panties!

Before Velvet could stop her, Anthy had Nanny's skirt pulled up more. Velvet pulled Anthy back. But now both girls saw Nanny Bunny's panties.

But the panties were different. Instead of saying, "I am a bunny," they said, "I am a Nanny Chicken..."

Anthy said, "Why thwee dots? Somefing else say?"

Velvet shwugged. And before Velvet could stop her, Anthy turned Nanny Bunny awound, to see that her bottom said, "... Bunny."

Anthy giggled and patted Nanny's bottom. She said, "Nanny always bunny."

Velvet and Anthy pulled Nanny's skirt back down and turned her awound. They twied to wake her up.

Meanwhile, Chrys and Peter had opened the door to the egg-woom. There was Chicken Bunny, all the way up at the top of the huge pile off eggs!

And alweady the chocolate on the eggs were melting! There were wittle swides of chocolate melting down the cwiff, mixed with pastel-colored sugar!

Wittle fwosting woses dwifted down the wivulets of chocolate.

Peter said, "Fat Chicken! Bunny Boy! Get down here!"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock bock bock!"

Peter said, "You are not a chicken!"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock bock!"

Peter said, "I don't care if you're hypnotized!" He turned to Chrys and said, "Although, he does have a point. We need to climb up there and un-hypnotize him! Otherwise, he'll only respond to chickeny things!"

Chrys said, "I can't! Chocolate on my dwessy!"

Peter said, "Then take your dress off."

Chrys got hearts in his eyes and said, "Yes Peter!" He swipped his dwess off and thwew it out the door.

Velvet heard Chrys say "yes Peter!" in a heartsy-eyed way. She wooked to the door to see the dwess fwing out. She yelled, "Not with my Peter!"

And she weft Anthy all alone with Nanny Bunny again.

Anthy said, "Time to take a baba nap, then." And she snuggled her diaper against Nanny's legs. And she snuggled her face against Nanny's chest.

Chrys and Peter were almost halfway up the egg-pile when Velvet wan in the door. She bounded up the pile and pulled Chrys and Peter back down. They all tumbled back down to the gwound and were a chocolatey mess.

Peter said, "What are you doing?"

Velvet said, "I was stopping you!"

Peter said, "But we almost got to Chicken Bunny! We need to get there fast! Look how the eggs are melting!"

Velvet said, "Oh. I thought you were-- I mean, I thought Chrys was--"

Peter said, "Well, anyway, it's good you're here. We can all three climb the hill."

The thwee Chickies helped to take Velvet's dwess off, even though it was alweady chocolatey. Velvet now just wore her diaper. Her big adult baby boobies bounced a wittle. Both boys bwushed.

Velvet said, "What are you looking at? Let's go!"

The thwee adult babies yelled, "Charge!" Velvet and Peter hopped up the hill. Chrys cwimbed.

But Chicken Bunny shook his head at them. He picked up some unmelted chocolate eggs (they were wapped in foil). He thwew them at the adult babies' head.

The babies got hit and they tumbled all the way back down. The Chickies cheered them on. They got back up and cwied, "Charge!"

They hopped and cwimbed up the hill again! But Chicken Bunny shook his head again. He said, "Bock Nanny bock bock!"

Peter said, "You aren't a Nanny, and these aren't your ba--"

But Chicken Bunny thwew the eggs again, and Peter, Chrys, and Velvet tumbled back to the ground.

Chicken Bunny said, "Ha ha bock bock bock."

Velvet, Peter, and Chrys all sat suwwounded by the foil-covered eggs that Chicken Bunny had thwown at them. They all thwee got watery eyed and stawted cwying.

The thwee Chickies said, "Piyo, cheep, peep!"

Velvet said, "Oh, how can we cheer up when we're all messy!"

The thwee Chickies cheeped among themselves. They fwew away and came back, stwuggling wif a bowl of water. They dumped it on the thwee adult babies, and did a couple more loads. The adult babies were clean in no time.

But they were still sad. The Chickies said, "Piyo, peep, cheep!"

Peter said, "Because, Chickies, we can't defeat the Fat Chicken. Bunny Boy is too much for us."

The Chickies became puffball-serious. They got wittle "v" marks over their dot-eyes.

Quickly they began unwapping the foils fwom the eggs! They made wittle helmets and bweastpwates and weapons! They put all of their new stuff on.

Peter said, "They look like Easter-colored... Mecha-Chickies!"

There was a metal-sounding shwing sound! One of the chickies fwew up into the air! It cwied, "Piyo-tor!"

Another chickie made the metal-sound and fwew up, cwying, "Cheep-tor!"

And the last chickie fwew up into the air and cwied, "Peep-tor!"

Then there was a thunderball! It joined all thwee Mecha-Chickies together! There was a big birdy-shaped potty-seat robot now. And it had a big sword! It called out. Yo-pi-chi-tor!

Velvet and Peter thwust their fuzzy fists in the air and said, "Yopichitor! Fight!"

The Potty-Seat Mecha-Chickie put on its bwasters and fwew up to the Chicken Bunny. There was a fuzzy focus behind them, but the view of Chicken Bunny was in clear focus.

Sad, Spanish horn music and dwums were pwaying. A girl's voice lulled softly over the music.

The Mecha-Chickie took on a gween battle aura! The Chicken Bunny took on a red battle aura!

The Mecha-Chickie closed in for battle! They were about to stwike! And then--!

Chicken Bunny swept off all the foil and gwabbed the Chickies. He said, "Bock bock bock!" He opened his mouth wide and was about to pop the Chickies in.

Peter said, "Don't eat the Chickies, Bunny Boy!"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock bock bock!"

Peter said, "Fine! We'll let you protect your babies. Just let the Chickies go free!"

Chicken Bunny said, "Bock bock." He weleased the Chickies, who fwuttered back to the thwee adult babies.

"Piyo, cheep, peep," said the thwee Chickies.

Velvet said, "Oh, nobody's going to tell your pals over at Otakon a thing about your defeat."

Peter said, "I guess this is it. We're ruined."

The chocolate was gushing deeply down the hill now. It was even starting to seep into the big woom.

Chrys said, "I twouble! Easter Bunny send me back!" He started cwying.

Velvet hugged Chrys. She said, "Oh, no!" She cwied. Now, at the thought of Chrys going away, Velvet wealized how much she wiked the adult baby.

Peter said, "Oh, the Easter Bunny wouldn't send you back... I think. Although, I can't remember anybody ever messing up his chore this much."

Chrys said, "Kids on earth! And adult babies! No eggs?"

Peter and Velvet suddenly got sad. Peter said, "No. I guess not. Not this year. And it's all my fault. I made Bunny Boy sit on the eggs. Now look how melted they are!"

There were pastel sugar rivers, and cweeks of caramel. The were peanut butter stweams and gooey-sweet-yolk bwooks. Malted pebbles spwung up here and there. Pwastic boulders shouldered against raging marshmallow tides.

But Velvet said, "Look. Only half the eggs are melted. If we get Chicken Bunny off of the pile, we might be able to save some of the eggs."

Peter said, "Oh, nothing can move that Bunny Boy."

Chrys said fwom behind his paci, "Nanny Bunny can."

Peter said, "But my terrific skill hypnotized her. What could possibly undo my achievement?"

The Chickies cheeped amongst themselves again. They nodded their wittle body-heads.

They fwew away. The thwee adult babies walked out to watch them. They saw the Chickies fwy to the kitchen. They heard the water wunning. Then they saw the Chickies fwy out, vewwy stwuggly, wif a big! bowl of water.

They fwew over to Nanny Bunny, on the pillow chair. Nanny Bunny was still asweep. And now Anthy was asweep too, cuddled seductivewy against Nanny Bunny.

Anthy's face was so close to Nanny Bunny's that both their noses shared the same bubble!

The Chickies dwopped the water. But it was so heavy, they dwopped the bowl, too! And they fell! The bowl hit Anthy on the head. Anthy woke up and sat up and wubbed her head. The Chickies fell in their own water and got all wet and soaky.

And then, Nanny Bunny woke up! Nanny Bunny sat stwaight up. She pushed Anthy far away without meaning to. The Chickies were in Nanny Bunny's skirted lap. They wooked cutely miserable, all soaky and sad.

Nanny Bunny said, "What's going on?"

The Chickies didn't tell the whole stowy. They just said, "Peep, piyo, cheep!"

Nanny Bunny said, "Bunny Boy is melting the eggs? Bunn...nny... Boy!!!"

Nanny Bunny quickly stood up! The Chickies plopped off her lap and onto the carpet.

Nanny Bunny swiftwy pulled out her gigantic paddle! She wan to the egg-woom!

Anthy put the Chickies on her back and let them dwy off while she cwawled to the egg-woom.

Nanny Bunny wooked at the chocolatey mess. She yelled up the hill at Bunny Boy, "Get down here right now, Bunny Boy! Or you'll be feeling it for a week!"

Bunny Boy said, "Waugh? Woh, waugh waugh." He gwumwy cwawled down the hill.

Peter said, "But he thought he was a chicken! How did you un-hypnotized him?"

Nanny Bunny said, "Oh, he was just playing. Didn't I tell you, you can't hypnotize anybody that easily?"

Peter said, "But I hyp--"

Anthy said, "Watch out!" Cause just as she was getting into the egg-woom, she saw that Bunny Boy had stumbled on some eggs! He was falling fast!

The Chickies, dwy and in a panic, fwew off Anthy's back. They fwew out of the woom and shut the door! They'd had enough!

Bunny Boy was tumbwing down fast! Anthy yelled "Abalanche!"

Eggs were crashing evwywhere! Melty candy was splashing! It was fwooding the woom!

Nanny Bunny yelled, "Open a window!" So Velvet swam to a window and opened it.

The eggs and chocolate poured out the window. Pwetty soon the egg woom was dwy -- and empty, except for a small pile of eggs.

Chrys cwied, "Easter ruined?"

Peter said, "I think so. This pile of eggs can't help everybody. It's only up to my knees. And even though I'm a big boy, my knees still aren't that high."

All four adult babies sat on the fwoor and began cwying. Nanny Bunny called fwom the window, "Oh, it's alright, babies. Don't cry."

Nanny Bunny was hanging upside down fwom the top of the window. Her skirt was over her head.

Anthy noticed that somehow, Nanny Bunny's panties were still snow-white! But even stwanger, was that they now said "I'm a bunny" on their fwont!

You never can tell!

Nanny Bunny fell fwom the window. But she fell on Bunny Boy's big, soft back. The adult babies all went to make sure Nanny Bunny was okay. They cwimbed atop Bunny Boy and hugged and kissed Nanny Bunny.

Bunny Boy was snoozing away! I guess he was all tuckered out after his big adventure.

Then! There was a knock on the fwont door! The Chickies quickly opened the door and chirped, "Cheep, peep, piyo!"

Nanny Bunny stood up and cwied, "Mr. Bunny and Mrs. Bunny?!"

The four adult babies and their adult Nanny slid off of Bunny Boy's back! What were they to do? Nanny Bunny said, "Quick! Peter! Don't let them in! Stall them!"

Peter was about to say okay, when Mr. and Mrs. Bunny walked into the big woom. Mr. Bunny said, "Oh, they're probably all taking a pre-work nap. That would be a cute photo. Do you have your camera ready, Edith?"

Mrs. Bunny held up her iPaw and said, "Sure do." But then Mrs. Bunny said, "Oh! What's happened in there? In the egg-room?"

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny wan toward the woom. The Chickies had flown to Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. They said, "Cheep, piyo, peep!"

Mr. Easter Bunny said, "It doesn't look like nothing!"

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny saw all the dirty adult babies and their Nanny Bunny. He said, "What's happened here?"

Velvet and Peter wooked at the gwound. Chrys and Anthy wooked at each other. They were so sad and embawwassed. They got all teary eyed and then cwied, "Wahhhhh! We sowwy, Easter Bunny! Don't send back!"

Mr. Bunny was shocked. He said, "I would never send you back. You two are adult babies now. And you will be adult babies for a long time yet. I'm just glad you're alright. What's happened here?"

Mrs. Bunny said, "I'll bet it starts with the big one that's sleeping in the corner."

Mr. Bunny turned to see the big lump of Bunny Boy dozing wike a bwick. He said, "Oh, how precious. Get a picture, wouldya, Edith?"

Mrs. Bunny compwied. She also thought Bunny Boy was cute!

Chrys sniffled, "Easter ruined for kids? For adult babies?"

Mr. Bunny said, "Why on earth would that be?"

Peter said, "Well, Father, it only stands to reason. The eggs are all melted away!"

Mr. Bunny laughed and said, "All?"

Velvet said, "All the eggs in the room are melted!"

Mr. Bunny chuckled and said, "All the eggs in the above-ground room are melted. But look."

Mr. Bunny pushed the pile of eggs away. He wevealed a big wabbit-hole! Evwybody gathered awound. The Chickies landed on some of the eggs and also wooked down into the hole.

They saw a huge cavern of eggs! It was like a Cave of Winds full of eggs! There were all diffwent colored lights shining on the eggs.

It was wike the eggs went on forever and ever!

Mr. Bunny said, "One room wouldn't be enough eggs for all the kids and adult babies who celebrate Easter. I need a lot of eggs!"

Chrys said, "How you put so many in houses?"

Anthy nodded and asked, "All in one night?"

Mr. Bunny said, "Well, I have helpers. But I also have magic."

Peter said, "I do, too."

Velvet said, "Me, too. Otherwise, we'd never be able to get all our work done before Daddy had to leave."

Anthy said, "You both magic?"

Velvet said, "Uh-huh. Bunny Boy, too."

Anthy said, "You knew 'bout egg-woom? Egg-cave?"

Velvet said, "No. We never knew this. Otherwise we'd never have been so worried."

Nanny Bunny said, "You know, Anthy, one day you and Chrys will be magic, too."

Anthy said, "Weally?"

Nanny Bunny nodded. "Then you'll find your Easter chores a lot easier."

Anthy said, "Hmmm... But always be your baby."

Nanny bwushed and said, "If you'd like that, Darling."

Bunny Boy woke up. He gwoggily eyed the Chickies. He twied to sneak over and eat them again.

Mr. Bunny said, "Snowdrop Bunnerty Boy!"

Bunny Boy fwoze in his twacks.

Mr. Bunny held out a box of Peeps, the sugary marshmallowy birdy candies. Mr. Bunny said, "Here are your Chickies. Leave the other ones alone! And go guard your chocolate!"

Bunny Boy said, "Waugh, Woh." He swumped off.

"Phew!" The Chickies said. They were 'zausted! So they fwew back to their pwastic gwass for a nap.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny weft to fix dinner. Nanny Bunny changed the adult babies' diapers. Nanny just wuvved changing adult babies' diapers. And the adult babies wuvved it, too.

Nanny Bunny even changed Bunny Boy. Though he hardly noticed. He was so busy eating Peeps. But he is a good baby, Nanny Bunny thought. And she petted Bunny Boy's pure-white fur.

The adult babies and the Chickies all finished their work on time. Then they had dinner, and then they had a swumber party at the Gingerbwead Cottage!

Nanny Bunny twied to make Anthy sweep in her cwib. But when Nanny Bunny finally fell asweep, Anthy snuck into bed with her and snuggled soft and warm!

How nice to be an adult baby girl in wuv! Or at least in super-crush!

Velvet pwotected Peter fwom Chrys -- for a wittle while. But they all ended up sweeping in the same cwib. Velvet thought, that wasn't so bad. Chrys thought, it's simply gweat. Peter thought, I am a big boy!

And Bunny Boy swept stwetched out on the big fwoor, dweaming of dancing with a gigantic Peeps candy bird.

Then in the morning, the adult babies had their vewwy own Easter baskets, too! Just wike all the kids and adult babies.

And I'm pwetty sure this Easter, kids and adult babies all over the pwace, in real-time and in play-time, will have their Easter baskets, filled with eggs of all diffwent kinds.

And it makes me happy to think how pweasantly surprised they'll be.
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A neat story, thanks for posting.

However... I have to recommend against the whole "Wuv" and "Pwease" thing. It makes reading painfully hard, and distracts from the flow of the story when you over-use it. If you just let us know that a character has a lisp, that's fine, but continuing it through the entire story, including the expository parts, is really a bit much.

Thanks for the story, though!
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