This is about a boy who is caught doing something he loves
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This is my frist story i hope it is good for you girls. I don't mind suggestions/ fixes i need to the story.

I just got my first apartment and I am so excited. I finally am able to wear my diapers as much as I want or even dress up and get girly. I have loved wearing dresses as long as I can remember. I use to have my sister dress me up. It has been more recently that I have had an interest in diapers.
Now I can wear them both without anyone finding out too. I have had so many fantasies about someone forcing me into these. I would love someone do this to me. But being 5’10” and have a guys body this would never happen.
After my parents left I had my chance to put on everything and watch some chick flicks since I did not have to go to work tomorrow. Maybe I might even go to bed in my new nightie.
Get in the shower and shave my legs, stomach and face. There was a lot of hair since I was not able to do this at home. I was getting excited to do this since I have never done this before. I can’t wait to but on my diaper and fell the smoothness. I can even now do it proper and put baby powder on me. I am so excited.
I get out of the shower and put on my diaper. It didn’t feel as I thought it would. It felt even better then I expected. I am started to get horny with all the excitement. I look in the mirror. I wish I have a wig but oh well. Lets start on the makeup. Over the years I have procured some from my mom and sister. I start with eye liner. It was had to do it for the first time. But it did’t turn out to bad. Then the blush is next. I did it lightly so it wouldn’t to bad. Lipstick, the last one. I put some nice shade of red on the lips. It went on so smoothed.
I look in the mirror and I couldn’t believe how much that it changed me. I felt so feminine. I just wish I could experience this with someone for my first time. Now getting dressed. I am going to put on some nylons with this cute pink dress. I looked in the mirror. I looked like the sissy I dreamed to be. I start putting my things in order. Just like a maid would do. Making my bed, and dusting.
Then I realized I have doing all this stuff with my front window wide open. I forgot to shut the curtain. Crap! I ran over there and looked out my window looked like no one was around. Thank the lord. I shut my blinds and sat down. My heart was racing. What if someone saw me. What if they took pics of me.
I tried to calm down by watching some anime. My Mind got off it and got relax and fell asleep. I dreamed of being the prefect sissy. I obeyed my mistress and did everything for her. I was in dresses and diapers. I dreamed she tied me and punish me for being naughty.
When I woke up I decided I would go out today and touring the town. First I would need to get out of my sissy state. I did was about to go out when I heard a knock on the door I answered it. There was a cute girl there. "Hi."
"Hi I am Liz and saw that you just moved in and was wondering if you needed and help."
"No I finishing unpacking yesterday. Today I was going to explore a little."
"Oh I know this place very well, can show you around if you want hun."
She gave me a wink. I blushed a little.
"Sure. By the way I am Cameron. It is nice meeting you."
Off we went. We explored all day. She showed be where the mall, salon, and park was. It was so fun. I was sad that the day was ending. She was so nice. When we got back I invited her in. Liz asked if I had anyone over yet.
"Then can ask was that you yesterday dress up as a sissy."
Oh no she saw me!. My first day. I was so reckless. What am going to do. I am not ready for this.
Liz smiled. She notice that I was blushing a lot. "It was you. Why aren’t you dress today. I thought you were so cute. "
I didn’t know what to do. She didn’t bully me for it.
Liz looked around and stated "why dont you get dress again. We could have some fun with this. I could show you how to be a real girl." She smiled even more. I didn’t know what to say. To dress up as girl and get taught how to be one is life dream.
"Sure let me show you my clothes." I showed her them and she was surprise in my taste.
"Ok dress up in your sissiest clothes and I be right back I am going to get some…" she hesitated. She lick her lips. "Some items." She left.
I was shaking so much from being surprised someone saw me and for her wanting to help me. I started to get ready I put on panties on because I hope she didn’t know about the diapers. I choose this cute violet lacy dress. It is very poofy. I put on some nylons. I then put on my makeup. While putting on my make up Liz. Comes back in. "Oh you look so adorable. Do you have wig? If not here is one. I use to act and it is in pretty good condition. You can barrow it tell we grow out your hair."
We is she going help out. I can’t believe this. My dreams are coming true. I turn around and I see her with a butt plug and a dildo. "What are we going to do with those." I asked this without thinking.
"You are going use them. I think being a sissy you need to be able to take it up the butt and suck on cocks all day. So what do you want to do first," she smiled.
"I don’t think I am ready for this. I don’t think I am ready to lose my virginity yet." I was nervous because I don’t know if I would be the same after.
"Oh it won’t take your virginity from you. It won’t do anything to you except stretch you a little."
"If you insist I guess. But I don’t know what to do first. I will let you choose."
"Ok come here and kneel." I did as I was told as a good sissy would do. I got on my knees and looked up at her. "Ok I want you to first look at the dildo. Admire its beauty. Then when you are ready like the shaft from the balls to the tip. Then put your mouth on it and start away. Remember to suck and no teeth because teeth are bad. Very bad."
I nodded nervously. Liz saw that I was nervous, "don’t worry its only me and you here. I wont do anything to you...yet."
She stuck the dildo on the door mirror, "this will help you learn to become a good cock sucker." I looked at the dildo and admire the realistic futures of it. It look so real.It was about 6” and about 1” in width. I then bent my head in licked the shaft as instructed and I started to suck it. I was weird having something so big in my mouth. I couldn’t get down my throat all the way.
"Its alright if you can’t get it all the way down your throat yet. I don’t expect you to… at least not yet. Make sure if you need to use your hands, do." I didn’t hear much of this. I was in heaven. I was sucking a cock. It wasn’t real but still. I think she caught on to that because I started to her laugh, "you like it don’t you cock sucker sissy." I was so horny right now.
"Ok keep at but I need you to lift your sissy butt up." I did as I was told. "This might hurt a little at first but it will fill good after a while." I felt her take my panties and pulled them down just enough so she could get to my sissy hole. She started to lub up the butt plug I was trying to get mentally ready for it. "Ok, ready?" I nodded as I suck the dildo back and forth. Then I felt the tip of the butt plug. All of a sudden I felt her start pushing it in then I felt it pop in. I felt the pain at first then It felt so good. It wasn’t so bad was it I shock my head. Kept sucking. I felt the drawl going down my chin from trying to suck the dildo and not use my teeth.
"Ok I think thats enough sucking for now but I want my sissy to cum for me. Not just on your stomach but into your mouth. And I hope you are having fun"
"Ok, think I can that." So I took my panties off and leaned over so my dick was over my mouth and I started to go. It didn’t take long for I was so horny from sucking and the butt plug.
"Make sure when you cum to drink it all up." She smiled and I exploded from the excitement. I made sure to get all mouth and drank it as instructed. It tasted so good. "You are good sissy aren’t you. Well I got to go, but I want you to come over tomorrow to help with your training. So if you work leave a note on my door and tell me what time you be home. I will also have more surprises for you. I live the apartment that is above you. "
She started to leave and then stopped at the door. Looked back and said "you don’t need to dress up but make sure you bring you new toys." She winked and left. I was so tired from all this I took out the plug and went to bed in what I was in.
to be continue... 
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Wow! This is a great start to the story :) I wish I had a dildo of my own!
Lots of tight and long hugs!
i would love to read more please  
OMG I love this story. I hope you write more. I can't wait to read what happens next. This is every "girls" fantasy. Thank you.
great 1st story i would like to read more. thanks
Diapered and Pretty!
Sissy Wanda C
Curtsy:} A. Keep going
B. Slow down, read and edit befor posting, also you can edit what has already been posted if you want.
Multiple misspells and missing words."I use a dictionary all the time"Blush. Good first try keep at it!
Bestest wishes
Sissy Wanda C
"Ah to dream dreams"
So far your story is great. Just an idea for spelling. Try typing your story into Microsoft Word and use the spell check function. then when you're satisfied just copy and paste what you wrote.
Interesting keep it up
wow i forgot i ever did this story. sorry i havent done any more yet. i will get another part of the story up as soon as i can.( in a couple hours)
love you all
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