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10 y/o Mason Thomas climbed the front steps to Mary McGuires house. Like most boys Mason was mad about sports just not a good shot, well he had a good shot but for some reason his target twice in the last few weeks was Miss McGuire's front window. His unemployed lone parent dad Steve had desided that because he couldnt afford to pay for the window again Mason would have to work off the bill at 50 cents an hour. So here he was knocking at Miss McGuires front door. He nervously waited for an answer even though Mary McGuire was a 34 y/o mother of a 2 month old baby boy and who was always very friendly towards Mason if fact she had on many occasion taken the boy in when his father wasnt back in time to meet Mason from school. He was more embarressed because of the reason he was there. Mary opened the door
"Oh Hello Mason, come on in" she said chirplily. "I'm glad your Dad suggested this, dont worry it wont be too hard, I promise" She cheerfully ruffled his hair.
Mason giggled when she did this. He followed her out into the back yard, it was a little untidy because the neighbours where students who had a wild party at the weekend and had dumped their rubish over the fence.
"Will you pick up those empty bottles first and put them in the recycle bin. Dont touch the broken ones till you have the thick gloves on, dont want you getting cut, do we honey?"
"Ok Miss McGuire" he replied
"Oh dont be so formal Mason,"i've told you lots of times before, its Mary. When you have the bottles cleaned up come back in and I'll give you some Ice cold lemonade"
"thanks Mi..Mary"
He set about picking up all the bottles and cans and putting them in the bin as instructed. It took him 45 minutes but he got them cleared up. He was thirsty so he went back inside to see Mary.
" Mary, i've got the bottles cleared" he called
"In here Mason" she called from the sittingroom. He walked into the sittingroom and gasped at the sight before his eyes. Mary was sitting on the couch with Jake lying accross her lap Sucking on her breast. Mason was amazed and confused, her breast was beautiful but why would a baby be sucking it? didnt they suck pacifiers?. Mary spoke, jolting Mason back to reality.
"Mason! Are you alright?"
"whaa? hmmm yes, just wanted a drink" he replied
"ok, theres a jug of fresh lemonade in the fridge, help yourself and will you pour me one too."
"ok" said Mason as he went into the kitchen. He took 2 glasses from the press, filled them with ice, still in a state of confusion at what he had just witnessed. He took the jug of lemonade and filled the 2 glasses. after replacing the jug in the fridge he took the 2 glasses back into the sittingroom where Jake was now asleep in his basket while Mary sat on the sofa watching tv. She patted the seat beside her indicating to Mason to sit beside her which he did. They sat in silence for a few minutes till Mason broke the silence.
"Mary, can i ask you something?"
"Sure Mason, honey, you know you can ask me anything!"
"what..... what was Jake doing when ....he was at know" he said feeling a little embaressed.
"when he was suckling on my breast?"
"He was drinking my milk, Mommies produce milk when they have babies to help them grow and be strong. I'm sure your mother Breastfed you as a baby"
"No....She mommie died giving birth to me" stated a tearful Mason before he burst into tears.
"Oh you poor thing...... come here" said Mary as he caressed the sobbing boy trying to console him. "I lost a child a few years back, she was 9, but we knew from birth she was going to die. I'm glad now I had her for even such a short time" she told him as she rocked him in her arms. After awhile his sobbing subsided, she pulled away from him but still kept her arm around his shoulders.
"you feeling a little better now"
"Yeah...sorry about that"
"dont be silly, everyone needs a good cry every now and then"
"Mary........ can i try some.......some milk"
Mary looked at him hard, she could see the honesty and pleading in his eye's
"I dont know!! it really is only for babies"
"Please, please, i'll do anything" he pleaded
"well, okay....just a little couldnt hurt, i suppose"
Mason sat back smiling in anticipation as Mary undid her blouse revealing one of her ample bosoms. She draped a baby blanket over her arm and got Mason to lay across her lap and rest his head on the blanket.
"Now only use your lips to suck, dont bite my nipple ok" she told him
"ok" he replied before starting to suck on her nipple. She gently carressed the side of her breast encouraging the milk to flow into his hungry mouth. Mason was delighted by the sweet taste of the warm milk and suckled hungrily to get as much as he could. Mary gazed lovingly at the child in her arms. She pulled the baby blanket over him and in her minds eye he was her little Emily, in her arms again. After about 5 mins she pulled Mason from her breast, he had a huge smile on his face.
"Did you enjoy that?" she asked him as she wiped the corners of his mouth with one of jakes bibs.
"oohhh yes! can we do it again sometime, PLEASE" he replied.
"we'll see, oh look at the time, your father will be looking for you"
"ok, thanks Mary" said Mason as he gave her a big hug and made his way to the front door " bye, see ya tomorrow"
"Bye Mason honey". Mary closed the door behind him. She stood with her back to the door and thought about what had happened. For some reason she felt more satisfaction from feeding Mason than she did Jake or was it because she really thought it was her lovely Emily suckling on her breast. She realised she was looking forward to it happening again as much as Mason.

Saturday morning Mary was awoken by the sound of a lawnmower. Jake had kept her up most of the night but was now soundly sleeping which is why she had slept so late. She checked her clock. It was 10.30. She realised the mowing was coming from her back garden. Looking out the window she saw Mason busily cutting the grass in her back Garden. "boy,is he early" she thought to herself. She turned and went into the bathroom to wash and get dressed.
A short while later she carried Jake into the kitchen and placed him in his rocker. Mason walked in the backdoor.
"Morning Mary, I've cut your grass" announced Mason with a smile.
"Hi Mason, yes I saw. Thank you, you're very good" Mary said as she picked up Jake in his rocker and walked into the sittingroom. Jake was starting to cry so Mary took him from his rocker, sat on the couch with him in her arms. She unfastened her blouse and started to breastfeed Jake. Mason stood in the doorway watching intently. When Mary had finished feeding Jake, she burped him and checked his diaper before putting him back in his rocker. Mason smiled.
"Is it my turn now"
"Oh Mason, I don't know. It really is just for babie's"
"I am a baby" smiled Mason as he pulled down his track bottoms to reveal he was wearing a pull-up diaper. Mary stared at him for a minute then got up saying "ok well take of the rest of your clothes and i'll be back in a minute"
She went upstairs and when she came back Mason was standing there in just his pull-up. She walked over to him.
"Raise your arms up" she told him and when he did she pulled his arms through the sleeves of a pink garment and down over his head and down his body. She smoothed it out before fastening the snaps between his legs. Then it dawned on him the it was an oversized pink babygrow.
"There you go, now you really look like a baby, are you ready for your feed Em"
Mason nodded eagerly as she sat on the couch and pulled him into her arms, she set up the baby blanket as before and then presented her breast for him to suckle which he happily accepted. She gased at the blonde head eagerly suckling on her nipple and in her eyes it was her little Emily feeding from her breast once more. After a few minutes she pulled Mason from her breast.
"hey leave some for Jake" she joked
"He can have the other one" he laughed
"Come on baby, you can have some more later. You can play with your dollie's for awhile" she said as she got up of the couch and carried him over to a playpen in the corner of the sittingroom.
"you play nicely while i get some cleaning done"
as he sat in the playpen he started to play with the dolls, he had never played with dols before but dressed the way he was it felt comfortable to do so. Mary set about cleaning the house.A little while later he had an urgent urge to pee, he called mary who came back into the sittingroom
"Yes Honey, are you ok"
"i need to pee real bad"
"so!" replied Mary "you wanted to be a baby, drink my milk, wear diapers, use them"
"i...i cant, i cant use the diaper" he stuttered
she knelt down beside the playpen and started stroking his hair.
"ofcourse you can baby, go on, do it for mommy". He stared into her eyes and relaxed and slowly he felt the warmth of the pee as he wet his pull-up.
"that's a good baby, who's a good baby? you are arent you" she cooed as she craddled him and rocked him to and fro. Mason felt warm and safe, a feeling he hadn't had in so many years. He started to cry.
"oh Em, Whats wrong honey? Is it because you wet your pull-up. Oh honey dont feel bad, its ok, its ok"
"No No its not that.....its..." he cried
"Then whats wrong Baby?"
"it's just.... I've never had a mommy... to hold me before"
"well you have now, forever and ever" She told him. She smiled down at this pretty young thing in her arms and he smiled back, a smile so large she thought it would take over his face. And this is how it went for the next few weeks, everyday after school he would arrive, she would diaper him and dress him in the babygrow and he would do his homework dressed as a baby. Sometimes she would put ribbons in his hair, just give it a cuter look she told him.
A month before the Summer holidays Mason's father called to see Mary, saying he had a problem.
"Whats wrong Steve? Can i help?" she asked
"Well... I've got a new job..... Money's alot better....." He started
"Thats brilliant" She cried hugging him "So whatt...."
He cut in, "It's in Asia, 6 months atleast...... I dont know what to do, I cant take Mason, there's too much traveling and I've no one else to turn too. Could you? Maybe.....Take him in, i'll pay you and...."
"Ofcourse Steve, thats not a problem, He can stay here and we'll look after the house, you know, water plants and the like"
"Thats Brilliant Mary, you're a lifesaver. And I know he'll be happy to stay with you, He never stops talking about you. I call over at the weekend and we can sort out all the details" Steve said happily has he turned to leave.
That night when Mason came in from Marys his Dad was in the Kitchen cooking.
"that you Mase buddy" Steve called
"Yeah Dad, Whats for dinner?" Called Mason
"Mac and cheese, did you not get fed over in Mary's?"
"yeah, but i'm hungry again" Mason replied. Steve laughed, 'thats my boy' he thought to himself. As they ate Steve decided to broach the subject of his new job.
"Mase, you know I've been looking for a better job, something to make our life a lot more comfortable"
"yeah dad, why? did you get one?" said Mason excitedly
"Yes, but there is a bit of a problem,its in Asia, well all over Asia"
"oh" said Mason, sencing what was coming. "What about me?"
"Well you could come, but you'd be on your own a lot, in a strange country.....Look Mason, I'm sorry but i think you would be better staying here"
""HERE?? But where will i stay?"
"Well... I have spoken to someone, someone you like and she said yes"
"You mean.....Mary, I get to stay with Mary?"
"Yes.... Is that okay?"
"well..... I suppose, She is great"
"Brilliant, its only for 6 months and i hope to be home every 6 weeks if i can"
"okay" said Mason, trying to conceal the exceitement in his voice. Six months living with Mary.
The following day after school Mason raced over to Mary's house.
"I'm staying here for 6 months"
"Yes Baby, isnt that exciting, now lets get your diaper on and then you can do your homework" With that she led him by the hand into the sittingroom. She had him strip and then lie down on a plastic changing mat where she diapered him and put him in his pink babygrow. When she had him dressed she put a pink soother in his mouth and told him
"Now baby,you do your homework and then when its done you can have some milk"

Mason's Choice

Saturday morning, only a week till the summer holidays, a week till his dad left him for six months, six months living with Mary. His mind began to race with thoughts, how different would his life be? would he spend the whole time as a baby?. He climbed the steps to her front door and rang the bell before he saw his name on an envelope. He opened it and removed the note
"Mason, had to go into town with jake, back about 1. Left the backdoor unlocked and theres a bottle of milk in the fridge. Be good Love Mary"
He went round the back and entered the kitchen by the backdoor, locking it behind himself. He opened the fridge. On the shelf there where a bottle with his name on it. He stared at the bottles. He took the bottle and started drinking the contents as he headed for the stairs and up to the nursery. Once inside he stripped naked, picked up a pull-up and put it on. He was about to put on the pink babygrow when an urge hit him. Walking over to the chest of drawers he browsed through all the available garments. He spotted what he was looking for, a pink baby doll nighty. He took it out and held it against his naked upper body, it send an electric like trill through him. He quickly put it on then searched for a matching pair of frilly rhumba panties and put them on too. He admired himself in the mirror. Then he took his bottle and climbed into the crib. He lay there slowly sucking on his bottle and quitely fell asleep.
When Mason woke, the room was in complete darkness. It took him a few minutes to realise exactly where he was. He sat up in the cot realizing his diaper was wet. "****" he thought "hope Mary didnt see me like this" He climbed out of the cot and as quitely as he could he crepted over to his clothes and changed into his normal clothes. Everywhere was in darkness. "good, Mary mustn't be home yet" he went into the kitchen, put his bottle in the sink and put his wet diaper in the bin. Then he went out the backdoor and headed home his mind going ten to the dozen. Why had he wanted to wear girls clothes? baby girls clothes at that. "Never again" he thought.

The Month in school leading up to the summer holidays went by quickly enough and every weekday afternoon and most saturdays Mason spent with Mary and Jake dressed in his diaper and pink babygrow. He never mentioned the panties and nightie to Mary even though deep down he really wanted to try them on again. But to do so would be denying his malehood.
He took the last day of term off because his Dad was flying off for his new job and wanted Mason to see him off at the airport. Mary offered to drive them to the airport so Steve could leave his car in his garage. At the airport tears flowed from Mason
"hey Little man" said his Dad hugging him tight "its not forever, its only six months."
"i know, i know but i gonna miss you" cried Mason
"and I'll miss you" replied his dad "now you be good and do whatever Mary tells you. Thanks again Mary"
"its not a problem, really Steve, I'm looking forward to it" said Mary
"right, thats my flight, gotta go, be good Mase, and I'll be back sooner than you know" with that and a wave Steve was gone. Mary took Mason by the hand.
"its just you, Jake and me now M"
Mason nodded as she led him out of the airport and back to the car.

When they got to the car Mason climbed into his booster seat in the back while Mary strapped Jake in his carrier in the front passenger seat. Then Mary walked around the back of the car, opened the boot and removed a carrier bag and Jake's changing bag and placed them on the seat beside Mason.
"Will we need to change Jake before we get home?" Mason asked as he knew they lived only 15 minutes from the airport.
"Well we're not going home, We are going to the Coast for a holiday" Mary replied as she started the car.
"But, my Dad, he wont be able to ring me, He'll be worried" Mason exclaimed
"Oh dont worry Honey, He already knows, I asked him if it was alright, plus all calls to my house will be diverted to my mobile" she explained although not all her words where true. Steve knew nothing of her plans, not that he would have objected to her holiday plans but if he knew her other plan, well I don't think he would have left his son alone with this woman.
"What about clothes? I'll need clean clothes!" Mason stated
"Sorted M, your case is in the boot" she assured him.
Jake started to wimper so Mary reached into her bag and pulled out a blue pacifier which she pushed between his lips, which settled him down. She then pulled out a pink pacifier which she held out to Mason.
"huh I dont need a paci" he told her
"OK, but those who dont suck on a paci, dont need to suck from Mommie's breast" she told him.
He sat for a few minutes pondering her words then spoke up
"ok, give me the paci"
"Whats that Honey" Mary replied
"I'll take the paci" Mason replied
"sorry honey, if you want it now you'll have to ask MOMMIE nicely for YOUR paci" she told him.
he took a deep breath then said "Mommie, can I have my Paci"
Mary smile "ofcourse you can Honey" she said as she handed him his pink pacifier which he slipped between his lips. They drove for a couple of hours and the drive took its toll on Mason as he fell asleep. When he woke up Mary had parked the car in the carpark of a roadside diner and was in the process of removing Jake's carrier from the front seat straps.
"Come on sleepyhead, we need to get Jake changed and grab a bite to eat. Bring those bags with you ok"
Mason unclipped his seatbelt and climbed out of the car, then reached back in to grab the two bags and followed Mary over to the toilet block, but stopped in his tracks when he realised where she was going.
"buddd theesss rrrr daaaa girlzz toileettts" he said forgeting he still had his pacifier in his mouth.
"thats ok Honey, little boys often escort their mommies into the toilets, its too dangerous for them to go into the Gents alone, nasty men might try and hurt you. Anyway the baby changing facilities are in a seperate room, come on"
He reluctantly followed her into the bathroom and then into the changing room. Once inside he stood and watched intently as Mary removed Jake from his carrier, placed him tenderly on the changing counter. As she undid his babygrow and removed his dirty diaper and started to clean him up she told Mason to hand her a clean disposable from Jakes changing bag and his talc. Mason did as he was instructed then asked "caa" he stopped removed his paci then said "can i go to the toilet"
"sure Honey, just please use the ladies its safer"
He went into the ladies toilets and went into one of the cubicles. When he returned to the changing room Mary had just put Jake back into his carrier, She turned to him and lifted him up onto the counter so he was sitting on the edge and proceeded to take off his shoes and socks.
"What are you doing??" Mason asked a slight bit confused
"We have a long drive ahead of us with no place to stop so I'm going to diaper you" she Told him
"but't't I don't need a diaper" he complained as Mary continued to unbutton his shorts and removed them along with his underpants.
"Now Now Em I know you think you'll be a big boy, but Mommie knows best and only those in Diapers get to drink mommie's milk remember" she told him as she lay him down on the counter. He didnt want to be diapered, especially in public but the thought of suckling from her breasts was enough to convince him to co-operate. She parted his legs to powder his privates and bottom, then lifted him to place his diaper under him. When she put him back down he knew straight away that something didnt feel right. "These arent my usual disposables!!" he cried.
"Sorry Honey we where all out of disposables in your size so these cloth ones will have to do" she told him as she pinned them in place with the pink diaper pins "but dont worry I have some lovely plastic lined panties to prevent any leaks" She reached into the bag and pulled out the panties, Mason went to sit up to get a better look but Mary pushed him back down.
"Now now baby, you have to stay still till Mommie is ready. Here" she said as she picked up his paci and pushed it between his lips "you suck on that till I'm finished" Mason obeyed, closing his eyes in the vain hope that this was all a dream. Mary pull the pantied over his feet and easily worked them up his legs and over his diapers, making sure his diaper was properly tucked in. Then she pulled a pair of pink frilly ankle socks and put them on his feet and finally a pair of pink mary janes.
"Jump down now Em" she told him
"Wha...what are you doing??" he wailed "these are little girl panties and socks, I'm not a girl"
"well you didnt seem to mind wearing those pantie's in your cot Now did you"
"But......but my shorts wont go over this diaper"
"I've thought of that" Mary told him "as she pulled out a pink summer dress, with puffy sleeves and a lacey peter pan collar"
"I cant wear that...i..i...i wont wear it" he cried
"well you have three options, 1, you wear it and pretend to be my lovely daughter for the holiday, 2, you walk out now and show yourself as a boy in frilly pants and diapers or 3, you can redress yourself in your own clothes but by the time you have I'll be gone and you can spend you summer on the streets or in care. Its your choice"
He stared at her for a minute, was she serious? he started to cry. She knelt down and hug him tightly, though he tried in vain to squirm away. After a few minutes he started to calm down, she held his face in her hands and spoke very gently to him.
"EM you know I love you, and I know you love getting babied and I know deep down you want to do this. You know you do, it need only be for our holiday, back to a boy when we get home, if you want"
"Only for the Holiday?" he asked, She nodded "ok then" he Said
"Brilliant Emily" she squealed in delight "Lets get your Dress on, raise your arms"
He raised his arms and Mary pulled off his T-shirt and then lowered the dress over his head and down his body. She zipped up the back and tide the ribbons at the back. Then she brushed his shoulder lenght hair and braided it into two pony tails on either side of his head, tying a pink ribbon on the end of them. She lifted him back up onto the bench, telling him to sit still while she applied a little pink lipstick to his lips and a small bit of blusher to his cheeks.
"OH Emily, you look prescious" she cried as she hugged him tight. "Lets go" She picked up the bags and flung them over her shoulder, then she picked up the baby carrier with Jake asleep inside and walked out with a very nervous Mason following behind. He walked very slowly, extremely concious of his diapered bottom but happy the knee lenght dress hid it well. As he passed the window of the diner he gasped at his reflection, he looked just like a 10 year old girl. He could pull this off, no one would guess, he thought to himself. Mary opened the door and walked into the diner, stopping to hold the door for Mason to follow behind.
"Chin up Emily, no one will know, trust me" she told him. Mason looked at her and smiled as her took her hand and they picked a booth to sit in. They sat facing each other while Mary took Jake out of his carrier.
A waitress approached them with two menu's.
"Hello girls, here are you menu's and today's specials are on the board" she said with a smile
"Thanks, do you have a baby high chair?" replied Mary
"Yes, sure, give me a second" said the waitress as she turned and headed over to a side wall to get a high chair for Jake.
"there you go" she said as she placed the chair at the end of the table. "Here let me help" she offered as she reached in and took Jake from Mary and placed him in the high chair. "MY MY he's a fine young boy, how old is he" she enquired
"nearly six months, his name is Jake" replied Mary
"Well you're very lucky to have such a bonny wee boy and a beautiful young daughter. Give us a wave when you are ready to order" the waitress said as she turned to greet some more customers.
"See, Emily, I told you, you make a beautiful girl" Mason just smiled back.
"are you ready to order Emily"
"yeah....I'm mean yes Mommie, may i have chicken strips and french fries and a strawberry shake please"
"ofcourse Honey, anything you'd like" Mary replied. She called the waitress and gave in their order. They chatted freely as they waited for their food which please Mary immencely as she knew it meant that Mason was settling and becoming comfortable in his role of a girl. The waitress served their food stil smiling broadly at Mason. They had just finished their food when the waitress returned with an icecream sundae and a smaller bowl of icecream.
"I hope you dont mind but we dont get many kids in here, let alone two cutie's like your daughter and son so we'd like to offer some free icecream, is that ok?"
"OH thats very kind of you, thank you very much, Isnt that nice Emily" replied Mary
"Oh yes thank you" replied Mason
"You are very welcome Dearie" thev waitress replied " such a beautifully manner child"
"Yes, She is my pride and joy along with her brother ofcourse" beamed Mary.
After their desert, Mary paid the bill and they said their goodbyes and returned to the car to continue their journey. On the journey Mason thought about his transformation and what this holiday would entail, till while sucking on his pacifier he fell soundly asleep.
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Miki Yamuri
I have contacted Chrissie about this story. Personally, a young child seeing his mother breast feeding a baby is not something I am disagreement with ... altho baby does know the controversial nature of the subject due to age and personal attitudes.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Miki Yamuri
Hi sweetie, Imma baby Moderator for Story Time an have approved this part of ur story. Am in no wise against breast feeding. The issue will come is u makesa story ( R ) or above. The protagonist must be no less than 18 years old or the story will be disapproved until it is corrected. If the 5yo mentioned issa protagonist, it must remain a maximum of ( PG )

I do hope to see more stories from you inna future. Please read the How to rules at the top of the Forum for more information

Thx again for posting your story and keep up the good work.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

i like breastfeeding if done in a non sexual sense so i think it as should be kept no sex
actions babying and spanking yes but sex no i think personally breastfeeding shouldent count as sexual desires its hard where to draw the line there
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*

 i like breastfeeding if done in a non sexual sense so i think it as should be kept no sex
actions babying and spanking yes but sex no i think personally breastfeeding shouldent count as sexual desires its hard where to draw the line there  

i have no intentions of making this a sexual story. The breastfeeding is a lead into the total regression of the boy to a baby and then a baby girl. No sexual contact or even spanking more the love between the woman and the boy as they both get what they really want
Carly Amanda
Thought Story was really good. Would've liked to see chacters more developed good start
are you gonna write more i really like this story
please tell me that theres more i wanna know what happened while his dad is gone
keep your story pg as the story is approvable by christie luv keep it pg oor pg 13 if there is lanuage violence and sex refrences other than that keep it pg sweetie
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
emma wotson
please keep it pg or pg 13 its such a good story and i like the innocence of it. please more more more!!!!!!!!
yeah next time u make story be sure to edit it to pg to pg13 unless char turns 18 in story than r is okay
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
More i want to know what happens during the summer
Pweez keep this story going, it is a dweam for me ...

Wuvving Sissy Jamie
the idea of breast feeding is my biggest thrill. doesn't have to be sexual, just the mother to ABY contact
Is there any more pleeeasee!!!!
me wovs stories like this breastfeeding is a big dream of mine. please write more too the story
krystala's sissy baby
sweet story with sweet beginning
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
is there more? i want more! its a great story!
I'm just a baby girl
Very well done. A lovely story start up. I well be looking forward to the next chpter.
Sweet Dreams
Love the innocent curiosity of the story and the need to relive past losses. Really wonderful and believable. Please keep it going xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mees tinks dis ibs a goodys tories, mees wons moors Pweeties Peaseses..


    (giggles...)  Hi...
is there more coming?
baby like a lot it was very good
Yeah, is there going to be more?

 i have no intentions of making this a sexual story. The breastfeeding is a lead into the total regression of the boy to a baby and then a baby girl. No sexual contact or even spanking more the love between the woman and the boy as they both get what they really want  

I used to write G-rated stories for diaper buddies who just wanted the whole experience. Have done a number of long role playing in the same vein as Daddy for a number of boys at a time. If the scene involved a sensitive or tender moment, I'd weep as I lived out my role. Miss those days very much.

Your doing a great job, just carry on. Others will see what they want in it, don't let that distract you from writing from the depth of your own soul.

Make me weep some more!
Just had to comment on the story. I loved how it built up and can't wait to see more.
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