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UPDATE: 9/12/'12

I've only managed to fill in one scene, but with enough detail that I hope it will please and entertain. If you've read this before and merely want to check what's new, I've color coder the addition in red and purple. Hope you enjoy. ^_^

This is a story I originally created for the RP game "THe Town"

Since the thread"The Town" has no rating, I left any major graphic sex scenes out, and instead concentrated on the emotional experience and development of the main character.

So, Now that it's done, I thought I would repost it so more people would see it, and flesh out the sexual and fetish content, and spend more time developing the sex scenes, and also develop the supporting characters and their personal settings, and maybe add secondary plots and conflicts

Whether I do all that work, though, I was hoping to get feedback and suggestions, so I can turn it into a story that would entertain the most people.

So, p[lease, if you have any thoughts about where you might like to see it go, please let me know

The first section is really stuff to fulfill conditions of the game, so you can skip that if you want, tho there are some useful preamble info.

Skip to where it says Part Two tho, if you want to get right to the narrative.

Part One: New Sheriffs in Town

The Powerpuff Girls are invited to Sissy Town They are installed in a neato headquarters overlooking the town, where they play, keep watch, transform at will into teens. They patrol the borders, and protect Sissytown from monsters, bullies and bigots. And Lawyers

Next to be invited is an all Dominatrix Police Department, smart, strict and stunning. They patrol the town inside it's borders. There is very little actual crime to speak of, so very few carry guns; most are equipped with paddles, riding crops and padded cuffs, collars and leashes. They enforce the towns' traffic and safety laws, as well as a new set of ordinances governing the public behavior and appearance of sissies. These apply to all sissies on the street and in private businesses open to the public.

The new laws governing sissies are mild but swiftly and strictly enforced, without leniency or appeal.

First and foremost, sissies are required to keep a smart and pretty appearance in personal grooming and hygiene, dress and accessories, makeup and perfume, and are subject at any time to search and inspection by any Sissy Town D.P.D. officer, Public Official, or Resident Superior Female; Nannies, Mommies, Dommes or Goddesses.

Furthermore, Sissy girls are required to curtsy to any Sissy Town DPD officer, Public Official, or Resident Superior Female, eyes downcast, address all with the proper title, and speak only when spoken to.

Sissy babies are required to be accompanied, either by their personal Mommy , Nanny , Day Care Professional or School Mistress. If none are available, a pool of public service escorts are available.

Sissy girls are likewise expected to be accompanied by a superior. If on a private errand for their Domme or School Mistress, they must be provided with a written pass.

Sissy girls out on their own without a pass are considered to be thence at the disposal of any Sissy Town DPD officer, Public Official, or Resident Superior Female, and are required to perform any act of obeisance or service they may ask, including sexual service and dominance; Possessive Superiors are warned: Be sure to provide your sissy girls with a pass!

Small offences, such as minor mistakes in appearance, are usually dealt with by a mild paddling and stern warning. Tickets are issued for larger mistakes, which require terms of community service to be cleared. Offenses in behavior are corrected by humiliating punishments in public areas, and thorough discipline and reeducation sessions in the city jail, performed by the highly qualified and enthusiastic Dominatrix Police Force Correction Officers.

Repeat offenders may expect longer and stricter sessions. Sissy Girls with too many offenses on their record are warned that they may be classed as incorrigible, and forcibly subjected to Total Identity Transformation Therapy at "Sissy Kiss Me!" or other qualified facility. This may involve Sex Reassignment Surgery, so sissy girls are warned: Always be on your best behavior!

Part Two : Cynthia Anne sets her mary-janes in Sissy Town

I arrive in Sissy Town, a dreamy hopeful girl with stars in her eyes, a suitcase of lingerie and makeup and dresses, and my personal baggage of loneliness. My hopes are high that I may find a Mistress that will take me in and make me her own, but for the moment I am unattached.

As soon as I leave the station, however, I'm accosted by the police, who find me guilty of several infractions immediately! " Ignorance of the law is NO excuse, Sissy Girl " they scold me, and lickety split I find myself cuffed, bent over, my skirt pulled up and panties pulled down, and cropped soundly! On my first day! I hope this isn't unlucky...
" Now, since we've been kind enough to correct your foolish mistakes, you may now thank us, and kiss our boots, sweetie! "
"Uhhmm...uh..huh?" I stutter, and am quickly shoved to my knees on the sidewalk.
"You heard what we said, honey. This is Sissy Town, so you'd better get used to it."
Kneeling on the sidewalk, I sob" Thank you, Mistress Officer" Sniffling and still smarting from their riding crop, I fight my embarrassment and obey. kissing each boot, even as I hear some passers-by giggling at my predicament.
"New in town, huh?" They laugh.

After that, they are kinder. They advise me that I'd be wise to go immediately to "Sissy Kiss Me!" and "Bigger and Bouncier", so, helping me pull up my panties and fix my hair and makeup, they write me a temporary pass and send me on my way feeling better for the whole experience.

At "Sissy Kiss Me!" An initial brain scan reveals that though I'm just a male in badly fitting girls clothes, my brain is completely female; all that's considered necessary is the permanent removal any hair on my face and below my neck, otherwise I'm trusted to be responsible for my own feminine development with only a few minor changes, though they advise me to seek out as much supervision as I can find.. , "Bigger and Bouncier" helps with some small physical alterations to help me fill out my new training bra and sends me on my way: With a cute dress and petticoats on,, makeup improved and hair styled into curly pigtails and bows I'm neat and pretty enough now to be a resident sissy girl!
" They really are SO nice, here!"

I'm in higher spirits now, but hungry. Luckily, I spot what seems to be a lovely little Cafe, called Omuku,
and go inside for my first Sissy Town meal.

Part 3: Settling In

As soon as I'm inside, I'm greeted warmly by a pretty waitress in a kitty costume and short, babydoll skirt, large diaper showing under the incredibly short hemline. Looking around, I see the other servers and staff dressed the same.
"Welcome to Alice-chan's, sweetiekins!" Seeing a little confusion wrinkling my forehead, she adds ",
Oh, I know,the sign says 'Omuku', which is short for "Omutsukosuchūmu or Diapered Costumes.", but explaining it to newcomers takes so long...Oh, fiddlesticks, I did it anyway! Well, let's get you to a table, hon, you look famished!"
" Omutsuko..wha?" I ask.
Sitting me down and handing me a menu, she replies " Oh, I know, it's a mouthful! Though, I bet a girl like you doesn't mind a 'mouthful' now and again! " She giggles suggestively. Giving me a soft pinch on the cheek, she walks off to get water, her large diaper giving her a cute little babyish waddle. I blush to my hair, and repressing a giggle look at the menu.
The food is very reasonably priced, and turns out to be excellent.

Diaperskirt returns with the check, and tucking it under a plate asks " Everything okay, then, doll?"
I smile and nod enthusiastically. "It was lovely! Everyone seems so nice!"
She cocks her head a bit, looking at me appraisingly " You know, if you're new in town, and haven't found your feet yet, a good place to start is the boarding house across the street,' Mistress Ilsa's' . She asks for Sissy Maid service in lieu of rent, so you can save some money. She's a little strict, but really quite nice; she eats here all the time and always leaves us girl's a big tip. Interested?"
I nod and smile again, feeling warm, and she smiles at me and gives little me a pat on the butt on my way out, calling " Tell her I sent you. And come back next week some time if you need a job!" blowing me a kiss.
I feel shy, but blow one back and wave goodbye as I cross the Cherry Blossom Avenue to Mistress Ilsa's.

Mistress Ilsa, turns out to be a stunning and charismatic woman, tall, blonde, and fairly radiating feminine power. I'm a little in awe, it makes me a little dizzy, but it's clear she's used to that kind of response. After a short, interview, accepts me into the house, and explains the rules and terms of service I'll be expected to fulfill. Then, looking me in the eye, a mild grin lifting one corner of her flawless lips, " were hoping I'd demand personal services for me, weren't you? I know, I can see it in your eyes...well,moppet, don't get ahead of yourself, you'll be busy enough with what I've given you to do already. As to what you REALLY want...we'll see, we'll see. But you'll have to earn it."
I blush, knowing then she can see right into me. I go to my room, unpack and change into my new frilly maid's uniform, and begin my first week.

The first week is a very demanding one, as not only am I required to cook and clean , serve the entire house at mealtimes, and run all the shopping errands, I'm also expected to relieve the pent up desires of the longer term sissies in residence.

The first time I'm expected to do this, Mistress Ilsa fastens a collar around my neck, attaches a chain leash, and leads me downstairs to a large common room. As I enter, I see six other sissies from the house standing or sitting around the room. Of course, as soon as their House Mistress enters the room, they hastily rise and curtsy very low and gracefully, an art I have not yet fully mastered. The are all impeccably dressed and made up and look beautifully feminine, and I feel abashed. I feel, as Mistress Ilsa drags me into the center of the room roughly by my leash, as if I'm here to be somehow shamed, and all my small shortcomings in dress and behavior derided by all these pretty, well behaved girls. My face blushes a bright crimson.
"I'm sure most of you have met little Sissy Maid Cynthia Anne, our House's newest member" the beautiful, intimidating Domme announces to the group. " She has desires, oh such passionate desires! to enter my personal service, did you know that?"
The group breaks into smiles and grins, some even stifling a derisive laugh with their hands.
"Well, we shall teach her how much she has yet to learn."
As I look quickly around the room, thinking that I missed some detail in my cleaning of the room, she takes hold of my chin and locks her eyes on mine; again it's as if she can read my thoughts. " No, pet, your cleaning has been quite thorough, tonight you're going to learn how to provide ...'entertainment'" she says with a wicked smile and a dangerous glint in her eye." Any Sissy in service to me is of course expexted to amuse any guest of mine as I may demand of her, surely you knew to expect that?"
"Bu..Bu..But Mistress Ilsa, I...I can't dance very well, or..or sing.." I stammer, blushing even deeper.
Again, stifled laughter fills the room, and Mistress' smile widens to a subtly evil grin.
"THAT kind of training, you may be deemed adequate to another time. No, no, no, my silly little girl, tonight you are merely to provide my other girls with 'recreation'' " She laughs. "A kind of recreation those in this room feel they desperately need, don't you, girls?"
"Yes , please, Mistress, Ilsa" They reply in unison.
I'm even more baffled, as she now leads me to stand directly in front of a tall sissy in a beautiful pink and lavender dress. " Angelica, you have waited longest, I believe. You may lift your skirt and petticoats now."
The girl does, and my eyes are unwillingly drawn to her now exposed panties...and see revealed her. pressing 'need',; her cock is swollen and hard and pressing nearly through the sheer fabric, peeking out over the frilly, beribboned waistband.
My face lights with alarm, as I begin to realize what 'entertainment' she expects me to provide.
" Ah! Now it dawns on you? Cynthia! " She gives my face a slap, stinging painfully and making my eyes water. "Cyntha Anne, stop playing the naive little coquette, you know full well what's expected of you here! So stop pretending! Get on your knees where you belong!"
I hesitate, and she forces me down to my knees by yanking my leash with a sharp pull. Angelica remains motionless with her hands holding her skirts; above me I can hear her breathing more heavily in anticipation. Mistress Ilsa uses her free hand to tug her panties down just enough to fully expose her throbbing cock, now right on a level with my terrified face.

Seeing my eyes widen and start to tear up, she can easily tell it's the first time I've ever done this , as easily as she has read before. She laughs a little when she realizes I'm too shy and reluctant to obey without a little force, which she gleefully applies.
Placing her hand firmly at the back of my head, she pushes my head slowly forward until the tip of Angelica's cock presses against my lips. Her firm soft pressure and sheer charsima is too much for me, and through my trembling reluctance an irresistible need to obey overwhelms me me. I surrender and part my lips, and she pushes my face down, down....the cock fills my open mouth.
The light meaty flavor floods my tongue, saliva wells up and drips from the corners of my lips and suddenly I'm slurping it in and out as my face is pushed up and further down, up and further down, deeper each time. Gagging and smacking sounds fill the room, and tears of shame burst from my eyes; I know I sound like an eager, cockhungry slut!
" Now, moan!, little sweet little whore...let Angelica know how grateful you are to have her cock in your mouth." Angelica's heavy panting is immediately drowned out as I submit and give out joyful moaning. noises "Mmmphhh!...euurrmmmm!....Ahhhmmm! *slurpp!*...*smeck!*...*slorp!* Auughmmmmummmm!!!"
" Good Girl! GOOOD GIRL!" She tells me, and I'm jolted as a wave of pleasure flows all through me at the sound of her praise. " You look so good sucking cock, so natural. You know now don't you? This what you're meant to do, this is your raison detre" she laughs softly, enjoying my complete and total surrender to her. " To be on you knees with a cock in your mouth," She crooned."Isn't it?"
I started to pull my mouth away to answer, but the firm pressure of her hand kept Angelica's cock filling my mouth up, gagging me.
"..Eth, Ummithtrumphth! " I struggled to answer.
Oooh, how quickly she's learning, isn't she girls!" She laughed again. " Good little sissy cocksuckers can ALWAYS manage to talk a bit with their mouths full ! Such a natural born sissy-slut! Now," she went on, tell Angelica how much you love sucking her cock! Let her know how much you're aching for her to fill up your mouth with her cum!"
"ouimm uummve uummckingh uurrr 'aughchkk, aawn'ellli'aa ." *Slop* Slorp*Smuck* "pwuuve, aummm ii' mmmuh moouufff!"

"Ooooh, you look so good, on your knees sucking cock!, doesn't she girls!?" As her praise washed over me again, I began to realize she was no longer pushing my head; I was sucking and moaning on my own, shamelessly slurping it down and running my toungue back and forth, faster and faster as I heard Angelica's panting breath increase.
" Now, she's about to fill up your mouth with cum, and she hasn't been treated to this in Sooo long, think of HOW MUCH of it there'll be!" Ilsa Cajoled me.
"And when she fills up your mouth with all that cum, you are going to swallow it all. Every drop. Do you understand ,Cynthia?"
"Mmmuumphheetth, mmmeethreethh!"
The tears had run my mascara down my face, and rickles of saliva were dribbling and drooling from my lips and down my chin, as I pumped my mouth on her cock, faster, suffering the gagging as it bumped against the back of my mouth and bounced at my throat, and suddenly, it throbbed and swelled urgently, pulsing and pulsing, ....and erupted in mouth.
Great hot jets of cum flooded my mouth, spurting again and again. It was so hot! Like small embers turned to thick cream. I coughed and chocked as I struggled to swallow it, and Ilsa imprisoned my head again, and, face pressed nearly flush with Angelica's panties and shaven crotch, I had no other choice but to swallow as fast as I could, glugging it down in hot creamy swallows.
Finally, it abated, and Mistres Ilsa eased her hand away and allowed me to take gasping breaths, panting and sobbing for air. Cum coated every corner of my mouth, and each breath filled my tongue, mouth and sinuses with the strange, pungent sticky flavor. Bleach and pennies and savory soup...

She took my chin gently and turned my face toward her, and I blushed with shame as I felt the sticky stuff trickling down from the corners of my mouth.
"Awwww...didn't quite get it all, did we, sweet little cockwhore!" Such a messy little slut!" She wiped cum off my chin with her gloved hand and put her cum smeared fingers in my mouth for me to clean. I whimpered a little as I licked them, ashamed that I had to clean it off her beautiful fingers, such was my failure." Don't cry, pet," She chided gently. " And don't worry, you'll be getting plenty more practice tonight.
I gave a little sob, and then, somehow, without a single command or prompt, or anything other than the aching need to please her and hear her sweet praise again, I bent my mouth toward Angelica's softening, dripping cock and began eagerly licking and sucking up the last of her come...drawing her fully into my mouth again to polish her cock clean.

"Ohhh! Ohhh, you sweet little DARLING!" Ilsa exclaimed" Such a GOOOOD GIIRRRRLLL!!!!"

Tears sprang forth again, tears of happiness.

I remained on my knees all night. Even so, If the other sissies weren't so pretty and feminine, I don't know how I could have gone through with it.

That whole week I spend a LOT of time on my knees, scrubbing floors and....other things. What little money I have left over from basic makeup, grooming and toilet articles , I have to spend on extra mouthwash.
However, after the first week, my duties are cut in half , largely taken over by another new arrival, and I finally have time to cross the street again and take up Diaperskirt's offer and apply for a job at Omuko.

Part 4: Through the looking glass; Working at Alice-chan's

Alice-chan looks up at me from my application form. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not much food service experience here. And I usually turn girls away immediately who don't come to the interview properly diapered; it shows me they have the right attitude., But...there's something about you that tells me you can be..molded." *chuckle* "Well, there's no way I can start you out on the floor, but if you're willing to start in the back with the dishwashing and heavy cleaning, I'll take a chance on you. Sound fair? "
I nod eagerly, thinking to myself that without a job, I won't be able to afford even makeup and fresh panties by the end of the week.

She leads me out of the office to the kitchen, where I'm quickly changed into a water resistant shortie dress and apron, rubber gloves and booties, and a large waterproof diaper and plasic panties adorned with kittens and cherry blossoms,Omuko's scullery uniform. She immediately start's me out scrubbing the floor.
It's hard, grubby work in the kitchen, and several times I'm lucky to just cross the street to go home without getting a ticket. I do get stopped a couple of times, but when I explain where I work, they let me go with a warning or a few quick swats. I even have to spend a bit more to make myself presentable enough to serve at Mistress Ilsa's or run errands.
Finally, though, after an exhausting couple of months, I am lucky enough to be moved up to waitress. As the weeks working there go by, though, something weird starts to happen to me. I find myself giggling more and more often, my babyish waddle getting more and more pronounced, playing patty-cake with Diaperskirt and the other girls on our breaks, even lisping now and then. What in the world am I turning into?
Will I be jumping rope and playing jacks soon? Making mudpies in a sandbox? Unable to sleep without a nightlite and a plush toy?
Figuring it must be from wearing diapers all week, every week, I go to Alice-chan several times and try to offer a compromise. " Can I, er, PLease, wear something other than the diapers? I'll wear the frilliest, girliest ruffled rhumba panties instead, wouldn't those be babyish enough?" Each time though, she just shakes her head, "The Name means "Diapered Costumes, you know that, Cynthia. Just get back to work."
In an effort, feeble though it might be, to slow my eventual regression, I start to hum or sing under my breath a 50-year-old song by Arlo Guthrie called "Alice's Restaurant."You can get, any-thing you want, at Al-ice-es Rest-aur-ant (excepting Alice..), You can get..." I sense, however, after being caught a few times doing this, that Alice-chan is beginning to be annoyed by this.
" Cynthia, babykins, we CAN add a pacifier to your uniform. Do we need to?" She asks archly.

Part 5; An Adventure begins?

My continuing regression starts to really worry me. After all, I'm a girl on my own, I have to take care of myself. I'm beginning to believe I'll have to do SOMETHING dramatic to at least ****** this process before I forget how to use the toilet by myself or how to walk.
As I've gotten better at waitressing, my tips have gotten larger. So, after my weekly expenses for makeup, toiletries, fresh panties, new bras, the occasional new dress or set of petticoats, and the girl's night's out with the other sissies from the restaurant,( and mouthwash. LOTS and LOTS of mouthwash.) I've been able to save more and more. I've been hoping to move out on my own or share an apartment with another girl while continuing my search for a Mistress to claim me.
But, inspired by the Powerpuff Girls and our lovely and charismatic Dominatrix Police Department, a wild idea sets my imagination ablaze, and I come up with a bold plan. Dipping recklessly into my savings, I buy the best supplies I can find and begin sewing a costume and practicing with gadgets. Within ten days I am ready.
The next dark night, I don my costume, fit myself out with my equipment, and exit via my bedroom window.
And I take to the streets and rooftops as.....Catwoman! A masked avenger, a stealthy femme fatale with Ninja cunning, an unlooked for Heroine!

With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that the idea was more than a little ridiculous. For one thing, there was no real crime to fight or or wrongs to avenge, the town was just that nice. But it felt so good being a big girl, feeling just a little daring and a little dangerous, I confess that this important detail escaped me.

It didn't, however, escape the D.P.D. when they rounded me up. As luck would have it, it was officers Desiree and Zarah, the same pair that had accosted me on my first day here!
This time however, they were more flabbergasted and bemused at my appearance, and since I had instinctively curtsied as soon as they appeared, they looked at their ticket books puzzled for a moment wondering what to write. Then they put them away and started chuckling.
" Cynthia, Cynthia,'ve come a long way from that naive sloppily dressed little slattern that arrived just a few months ago!" smirked Desiree.
" Sissydoll, I think you'd better come with us down to the station before you get into real trouble." laughed Zarah.

They took me in to the station and sat me down in one of the unused interview rooms, called in a couple more officers, as this was too good of a joke not to share, and waited to hear me explain myself. I'd never felt so silly and embarrassed, even when these same two had had me bent over with my panties around my ankles on a public street! They were treating me kindly, though, ; one had even given me a coffee, so, blushing and stammering, I told them everything I'd been experiencing and planning over the last several weeks.

When I'd finished, they burst out laughing hysterically, holding their sides and slapping each other on the back.
"Oh, my! " said Desiree, gasping for breath, "Sluttikins, when you go out looking for answers to your problems, you really CHARGE!"
I burst into tears, feeling ten kinds of foolish and silly, as I realized it had been the growing child in me that had dreamed this up, like a six-year-old daydreaming over a comic book.

" Awww, don't take it so hard, little pretty one..." said Zarah kindly, still smirking a bit. " You even had a bit of the right idea, but sweetheart, " she said as she held my chin and smiled gently " can't you see you're in WAY over your head? "
"Y,, Miss..tress Office..Office...Officer Zarah!" I burbled, still sobbing and sniffling.
" It'll be okay, honey." she chided. She bopped a kiss on the end of my nose, and handed me a tissue. " Now dry your eyes. I know you're a good girl at heart, but if you're worried 'bout regressing too far, you don't need to go at it a hundred-and-crazy percent! You just need a little extra responsibility, that's all."
She turned to the others "Any ideas, babes?"

" Oh, I can think of something that might be just her speed." said Dominique, the ranking officer there. " Something our civic minded little princess -of-the-night here might do really do well." She smiled. " You can even keep playing dress up heroine, if you want, just more of a sweet little side-kick. " Kitten-Girl" lets say, and," she added indulgently, " Officially attached and in service of the Sissy Town Dominatrix Police Department, how's that sound?"
My eyes went wide." mean it?"
" Really mean it...what?"
" You really mean it, Mistress Officer Dominique?"
" Good Girl! Yes, little kitten,I really mean it.


So here I am, still in Sissy Town, a littler wiser, and happier than I ever imagined. Not much remains of the sloppy, starry eyed wannabe sissy slut that arrived months ago. No battered suitcase suitcase of threadbare panties, and I've ditched the loneliness baggage and swapped it for a little wistfulness now and then.

I work as hard as ever at Mistress Ilsa's, (and still need lots of mouthwash, though I've been there long enough that just as often it's another sissy that needs to borrow mine!) . And Mistress Ilsa has lately been hinting that I may be almost ready for my hopes,my hopes of serving her personally, that she saw right away the first day I arrived, to be fulfilled.

I've grown to accept the little girl I become at work at Alice-chan's Omuko Cafe, as well. Evey evening,giggling while serving the customers, playing slap-n-tickle on our breaks, making sure Alice-chan's is the best cafe in town, and always lives up to it's name.
And after work we often get together for girls nights out, or have fun and silly slumber parties, gossiping and trading makeup tips,playing games and letting our hair down (and sometimes even our panties, too!).

I don't mind any of it at all, and have even grown to love it. I no longer fear regressing in a way I can't control, 'cause being attached to the Dominatrix Police Department keeps the big girl and the little girl in me balanced.
I help out with paperwork sometimes, and run errands, and even get invited to serve at their private fundraisers and parties ( though what they do there, and do to me, I'm not allowed to say. I'll just call it the bestest mix of scary and happy, and let it go at that.)

But, every weekday morning, I get to put on my badge, uniform, kitten ears and tail. And I go out to do what Mistress Officer Zarah says I really do best. It keeps me in balance, plus I get to give back a little to the town that welcomed me so warmly, that I love and call home. I go down to my friend Diaperskirt's Sissy High School, and carry out my duties, as Kitten-Girl. The School Crossing Guard. ^ _ ^

And who knows? I often think of whether or not there might be a need for my Catwoman costume someday. Or whether or not any of my girlfriends have secret "Catwomen" of their own waiting to emerge, and we might not form our own league of sissy super heroines?

After all............................................A girl can dream, can't she?

..................................................................... T H E E N D ................................................................................

( Hoped you liked my little story. Hugs~N~Kisses. <3 <3 <3 Cynthia Anne, aka Kitten Girl
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wow loved your story its one of those story's that makes me want to go out and find this town so i could live there too. thank you

 wow loved your story its one of those story's that makes me want to go out and find this town so i could live there too. thank you  

Thanx; a lot of credit has to go to "The Town"'s creator, Hi00180. If you like the idea you might find it worth your while to check out the thread in the games section of the forum, and help create more of the town, and ,why not, write a little story of yourself living there.

I tried to include in what I wrote anything that had been added with any detail by previous contributors, especially Alice-chan's Cafe, and Diaperskirt's school.

Still haven't made up my mind about how explicit to make it, and where. Kinda busy now, too, but I'll get back to it soon; 'cause of the milieu lovingly created in advance by so many other contributors, I found the story practically wrote itself, and was a joy to do.
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Every new day we are granted is a gift, a precious gift. But it's usually tube socks or fruitcake or some crap like that,when all you
REALLY wanted was a Malibu Barbie.

"We're alone in a godless universe. Life is meaningless, death is inevitable. But is that necessarily SO depressing ?
"Brendan Fraser, as 'Eliot', in"Bedazzled"

Okay, I'm probably not going to be posting much for a while, so I wanted to update this story like I promised.
It's kind of a long scene, though I had to wrap it up sooner than I'd hoped; I'd meant to provide more details of the rest of Cynthia's first evening on her knees at Mistress Ilsa's, instead of trailing off where I did; hopefully when I get back, maybe I'll be able to correct that.

And thanks to baby__bobby for inspiration; if my forced oral scenes are a bit like his, I hope they'll be taken for sincere tribute instead of pastiche. ^_^

(The new additions are color coded in red and purple , to make them easier to find.)

Hope you enjoy


Executive Transvestite
& Monster Grrrrrl

Every new day we are granted is a gift, a precious gift. But it's usually tube socks or fruitcake or some crap like that,when all you
REALLY wanted was a Malibu Barbie.

"We're alone in a godless universe. Life is meaningless, death is inevitable. But is that necessarily SO depressing ?
"Brendan Fraser, as 'Eliot', in"Bedazzled"

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