My Bossy Wife
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My wife was working late again.At 8pm i recieved a text to say she was stopping out with the girls and would be back tommorrow night.
Great,i thought.I ran up stairs,slipped in to her nightie and panties and settled down to watch TV.Oh what fun i had when she was away.
As the weeks passed my wife Carol started staying out more and more.I was starting to get very suspicious.I was sure she was having an affair.The more she stayed out the more i could dress up which was good,also the more she stayed out the more i got horny about her maybe been with a lover.
One morning after a night away Carol came back home before going to work.She said she had forgotten some paper work.I was still in bed when she came back.She gave me a peck on the cheek,and quickly changed before going back to work.I heard the door bang as she left.I jumped out of bed and got her knickers out the wash basket.Laying her delicate pink silky knickers on the bed confirmed what i had thought.There lay a big dollop of cum.My heart sunk but my little cock grew.I went in to her draw and slipped on her nightie and knickers.I then knelt down and lowered my head to the big pool of cum.What was i doing,my heart was beating like mad.My tounge touched the wet cum.I then kissed his cum so my lips were dripping.
At that moment Carol came through the door.Ha,she said,i knew you could not resist.I turned round with her lovers come dripping of my lips and running down her nightie that i was wearing.I was speechless.Dont stop,she said,keep playing with yourself now! I knelt in front of her as my little spurts landed on the carpet.Good girl Carol said.I love you sissy so much and i love you more now i have a lover.I wept in a pool of his come and mine,lost for words.To be continued...
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really nice, id like that - maybe continue - maybe she forced you to wear a little maids outfit that she locks at the neck?? x
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