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A sissy trans girl becomes a big baby
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Michelle was in a grumpy mood after a long week of hard work. Like most evenings, she slipped out of her boy clothes and looked into her closet for pretty girl clothes.


There was in front of her three floral-patterned nightgowns in pastel shades of yellow, pink, and blue. Each had a unique pattern of old lace about the collar, and each went down to her ankles in length. She picked out her favorite in yellow and put it on. From her drawer she took out a pair of high-cut panties with a lacy trim along the elastic, and pulled them up her legs.


Michelle laid down on her bed and looked at her cute toesies. They seemed to need a fresh coat of polish. She decided to swap out her old purple paint for a pretty pink she'd been looking forward to trying. Like usual, she took her time and tried to get each nail one-hundred percent perfect.


She relaxed while her toesies dried, and her mind raced. Michelle wasn't like most other young women. She spent her workdays presenting as a man, and it was starting to get at her.


"Maybe it's time to come out and go full-time," she said aloud. She wondered what other sissies did to cope, and decided to ask the internet. As fate would have it, her first search brought her to a website called sissykiss, where the sissies mostly wore diapers and acted like babies. She wondered what it must be like to go back to being a baby, and curiosity got the better of her. She started searching around online, and listened to lots of hypnosis until she fell asleep listening to one late in the night.


When she awoke, her bed was wet. She laid there in disbelief for a moment and noticed her hypnosis audio was still playing.


"I'm going to need to get my first baby things today," she thought. A big smile had found its way onto her face. A new sissy had been born!


She gathered her wet sheets, tried to dry her bed, and took a shower. While she cleaned she couldn't help but wonder if she'd need to get baby shampoo, which made her giggle. After, she dried off and put on her favorite summer dress. For just a bit, she'd have to pretend to be a big girl.


She ran about town, buying herself a pack of adult diapers, a cute plush kitty, a pacifier, some pink ribbon, and baby shampoo, giggling throughout her trip. When she came back, she threw off her panties and padded her butt for the first time ever. The feeling was amazing for her, and she let herself wet while still standing behind her front door. She plopped the nipple of her new paci in her mouth, snuggled her new plushy tight, and suckled happily while she finished. She knew then in her heart that she'd enjoy being a baby forever.

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Baby Butch
I like your story which is a little different with a girl presenting herself as a male at work. I hope she loves being a Sissybaby after finding Sissy Kiss on the Internet.
dear ,, sassybabymichelle,,,,  I like your story too,,,, and it good for a change
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
nice little story and loved how michelle had to pretend to be a male at work.
Such a wonderful story! 
Cute story---- fankyou much---Paulapetal
Sarah Marina
Brief but adorable. Loved it.

Soooooo Perfect.It is never bad to JUST BE a BABY.I am now in adult years 29.Butt I have been a baby girl agian since almost 16 years old.My mommy and older sister keep me this way at MY request,since I required rediapering while sleeping or napping,due to complete loss of bladder control while sleeping.
Please add more to this story!!!!! 
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