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On my birthday, my wife invites her girlfriends over to have a birthday party for me. In order to show proper respect for the ladies, and my appreciation for the honor they're doing me, I'm expected to look my best. So I use Nair and then shave, as necessary, to remove all my body hair and make my skin nice and soft. After I shower and blow dry my hair, I put on some of my best lace lingerie: a padded bra, panties, a garter belt, and nylon stockings. Sitting at my vanity, I put on lipstick, foundation, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. I brush my hair until it's nice and smooth, then tie it into a ponytail with a pink ribbon tied in a pretty bow. I slip on a pair of black patent leather ankle strap pumps with four inch heels. Then I step into one of my best formal gowns. I ask my wife to zip me and then fasten the clasp behind my neck. Once I've put on a necklace, bracelets, and earrings and given myself of quick spray of perfume, I'm ready for my party.

As the guests arrive, I welcome them at the door. I hang their coats up for them and usher them into the living room, where I serve them snacks and coffee. Eventually it's time for dinner. My wife has a nice meal ready. I invite the guests to the dining room and we all eat. We have a lovely dinner. The ladies chat while I maintain a respectful silence, speaking only when spoken to. The ladies have wine with their dinner. I'm not allowed to drink, of course.

After dinner comes my least favorite part of the evening -- my birthday spanking. We adjourn to the living room, and the ladies take their seats. In the corner of the room is a straight-backed, armless, wooden chair. Lying on the seat is the paddle. I fetch these from the corner and set the chair down across the room from where the ladies are sitting. That way they'll have the best view. I hold the paddle and the chair while my wife sits down. Then I hand my wife the paddle and take my place over her lap. She lifts my skirt out of the way and then begins my spanking. We don't bother with a count; my wife just spanks me until she decides I've had enough. After the first minute or so, my wife pulls my panties down and gives me the rest of my spanking on my bare bottom. This is a serious spanking and it really hurts. The purpose is to teach me that even though I'm a year older, I'm still not too old to get a good spanking when I act up, and to remind me what will happen when I'm naughty. By the time my lesson is over, I'm sobbing. Then the guests form a line and each of them takes a turn giving my bottom a couple of good, hard whacks with the paddle for good luck.

After my birthday spanking I'm sent to the corner to sit on the hard wooden chair with my panties down and think about the lesson I've just learned. The women talk for half an hour or so while I sit there, holding my skirt up to show off my red bottom.

Then I'm allowed to pull my panties up and join the ladies for cake and ice cream. I blow out the candles on my birthday cake and serve slices to the other ladies. This is the best part of my birthday party!

When dessert is over, it's time to open my presents. These are usually items of feminine clothing for me to wear, or implements of correction for my wife to use on me: paddles, tawses, and so on. Of course, my wife always wants to try out any new implements right away. One present my wife always gives me is a small, sealed envelope. This contains a new rule for me to follow from then on. It might be a new chore for me to do, it might be a note that my bedtime is being moved an hour earlier, once I received a new rule that I was to receive a weekly maintenance spanking every Tuesday night from then on. I never know what it might be. But whatever it is, I'm expected to show proper gratitude for my gift.

We finish the evening off by playing party games, which the women all love:

Spin the Bottle: My wife gets out one of her strap-on sissy husband training devices. The ladies form a circle around a table. I put a wine bottle from dinner on the table and give it a good spin. Whoever it ends up pointing to bends me over the spanking chair, or puts me on my back on the couch, and takes me with the strap-on. This is meant to help me feel more like a real woman. We do this four or five times.

Guess the Implement: I'm blindfolded and put over the back of my spanking chair. The women take turns giving me hard spanks with various implements. I have to guess what implement I was spanked with. The spank is repeated until I guess correctly.

Wheel of Punishment: The women take turns spinning a wheel with various punishments marked around the outside: three strokes with the cane, ten spanks with the paddle, having one of my butt plugs put in me for the rest of the evening, a walk around the backyard on my leash and collar, and so on. Whatever punishment the wheel ends up pointing to is administered to me by the woman who spun it.

As each guest leaves, I curtsey to her and thank her for the gifts she gave me. When the guests have gone, I help clean up and then head for bed, sore and exhausted but happy.
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Baby Butch
This is one dominating birthday party for a sissy. All those spankings would make anyone behave. Good job writing the short story.
nice story :)
Keep searching for happiness
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