PG Billy helps to clean house with the divorcee' down the block
Billy puts on a French Maid costume with garters and fishnets stockings and helps with the housework
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[Its 7:30 AM Saturday morning. Mrs Julia Denson (no relation with any actual person the author of this story knows, btw) is sitting in her morning robe sipping coffee and waiting for her visitor to arrive. ]


[Mrs. Denson goes to the door] "Hello?"

"Billy! You're right on time! Did you take a shower and thoroughly dehair your arms and legs and chest and underarms like I asked?"

"Yes. I took a shower at 6:30 as soon as I woke up"

"Great. That saves us a lot of time. Would you like a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese? "

"OK ... Thank you Mrs. Denson"

"Please, call me Julia. Billy, look at your hands. Doesn't it feel beautiful without all that horrid hair on your hands and arms? I can hardly wait to see how beautiful your legs must be without hair all over them!

Before we start the day's work we'll both put on our costumes. I have something really lovely for you to wear. First, I'm going to put you in a body shaper. It looks a lot like a woman's one-piece bathing suit, but its designed to squeeze you in the middle so you'll look like you have a more girly figure. It has attached garters, to hold up the fishnet stockings you'll be wearing. And then, you'll be wearing a short, frilly French Maid dress. Finally for your feet, I have a real cute pair of shoes with 2 inch heels. I'm sure you'll love it! I'll be wearing the same outfit, by the way."

Thank you Julia for everything.

"Not a problem! Now that we've finished our coffee, let's go upstairs and start getting ready. Billy, you don't have any hangups about being naked in front of me or seeing me undressed, do you? "

No, not at all.

[Billy and Julia help each other put on their body shapers and stockings and attach the garters, and put on their French Maid outfits]

"First, let's start the washing machine going with my laundry. BTW next time you come, bring your laundry too! While the washing machine is going through its cycle, you'll help me make the bed. I hope you won't get too excited handling my bras and panties and skirts and nightgowns. "

[Billy and Julia work for three and a half hours, then break for lunch. Afterwards, they do the dishes and clean the bathrooms. Finally, at 4:15 PM, they have the household chores wrapped up. Now, its time for Billy and Mrs. Denson to change into more ordinary clothes and call it a day, and for Billy to go home. But before that, comes the highlight of the day]

Billy, you really have lovely legs and arms and such a beautiful body. You're my belated Christmas present all wrapped up. Do you mind if I unwrap you and hold you in my arms and kiss you all over head to toe and inside and out? C'mon Billy, don't be shy, let's get our clothes off and hop into bed!

**kiss** **kiss** **embrace** **embrace** **squirt** **squirt**

OOOhhhh, Thank you Billy, we both needed that!

Hoping y'all don't mind my fantasy,

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