Beswitched (R)
A man meets a beautiful woman who unbeknown to him is a Witch and they become the best of Lesbian lovers to each other.
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I dedicate this story to Andreea, who has been kind to me, understanding, supportive and so very nice to me. I actually offered to do this story for her, that is all I will say on the matter, I want to also give Andreea the credit for directing me to a short clip on You Tube of a sweet magical Amine transformation of a man into a woman, being turned into a woman by another from which helped me to do this special story for Andreea.


Samuel Mathews was a young 20 year old man who lived in New York on Central Avenue, at Penthouse No. 13. Samuel was very slim and he had short blonde hair and blue eyes, he was always smartly dressed, he wore a different suit for every day of the week he was surprisingly a male sectary, he was not very rich, but he cleaned peoples apartments part time.

His current job was also part time, so holding down two different jobs. To some extent, Samuel was happier doing his cleaning job. He even wore a white frilly apron over his suit, which made some of his clients mildly amused, a few were concerned that he may be gay. But Samuel alway did such a marvellous and professional job, that his small antics of wearing a frilly apron became an acceptable if but strange quirk.

Samuel was right now at No. 32 of the Penthouse block that he was a resident of. Mrs Wilson, was a nice caring wonderful old lady of 50 years old and she found Samuel's antic of wearing a frilly apron, most refreshing. "How has your day been Mrs Wilson?" Asked Samuel in the most politest manor, Mrs Wilson who had wispy long white hair and cat green eyes, she smiled at Samuel.

"Oh, my day has been absolutely wonderful. Fank you for coming to clean my apartment for me. At my age I find doing even the most simplest of jobs difficult to do these days." Her voice was sweet and frail Mrs Wilson was the kind of lady who would make the perfect kind of grand mother. Surprisingly even more so, was the fact that Samuel was the sort of guy that ever girl would want to have.

As Samuel was always polite, sensitive, kind, caring, considerate, eager to please others, the type that actually liked to do all of the cooking, cleaning, even the ironing and Samuel was also the sort of guy every mother would want to meet and approve of. "It is a great pleasure to do a good job for you Mrs Wilson, that will be five Dollars please."

"Only five Dollars! Are you sure Samuel?"
"I am most definitely sure Mrs Wilson, you need the rest of your money for better things."
"Oh, bless you, that is so sweet of you Samuel."
"You are Most welcome Mrs Wilson."
Mrs Wilson smiled again at Samuel. "Please dear, call me Sophia. May I ask you something Samuel?"
"Yes, sure Sophia, ask anything you like."
"I do not mean to be too personal, but I am just curious. Why do you wear rilly aprons?"

Samuel went red slightly. "Oh I am ever so sorry dear, I did not mean to embarrass you."
"Oh, no, it's not that Sophia, it's just that no one has ever asked me that before. My mother really got me into doing the cleaning and wearing frilly aprons from a very early age, so I just got accustomed to doing such work and wearing the frilly aprons."

"Oh, you poor soul."
"Oh, no, it is no bad thing I can assure you, it helped me to respect women more and so I now wear a frilly apron both in honour of my mother and out of habit too."
"Oh, that is so nice of you, do you see your mother often?"

"Sadly, no my mother died now more than two years ago." Sophia Wilson looked shocked. "Oh I am ever so sorry to hear that."
"It's alright Sophia, I should have told you when i first began to clean your apartment."
"No, I really should not have pried."

"It's OK Sophia, I do not mind, honest, I have good fond memories of my mother."
"Oh, that is so good to know."
"You take care of your self now Sophia."
"Ah, bless you, fank you dear, I shall."

Samuel left No. 32 with a smile on his face, knowing that he did a job well done and he was happy, but deep down inside, there was an unhappiness, he kept pretty much to himself and well hidden from those he considered to be his friends. Samuel was pretty much a private person, he did not go out too much and he spent long and many lonely nights with none to keep him company.

Samuel returned to his own apartment, when to his utmost surprise, there was a beautiful woman who was carrying a large box that looked heavy into No. 14 which had been empty for a long time. The woman was very strikingly beautiful, she had an hour glass figure to die for, she had surprisingly however very short brown hair, blue eyes, she even was wearing a T-Shirt, Blue jeans and even a pair of mens sneakers upon her feet.

The tight T-Shirt and jeans really emphasised the woman's figure. Samuel immediately rushed over to take hold of the box that the woman was carrying. Though he apologised first. "I do humbly apologise Miss, but you looked as though you could do with some help carrying this box."
"Oh, why thank you kind sir."

"Oh no, not a problem..." Samuel took the box from this strangely dressed woman, why was she dressed in such a manner? If it had not been for her marvellous figure, this lady virtually almost looked like a guy. Samuel stumbled with the heavy weight of the box. He nearly almost fell over, the mysterious woman steadied him and took the box back from him with a smile on her face.

She was quite strong, which simply amazed Samuel, as she carried the box into the apartment. "Do you need help with any of your other things? Oh how rude of me, I have not properly introduced myself. My name is Samuel Mathews."
"Thank you, but I think I can manage. My name is Daisy Stevens by the way."
"Oh, err... it is a pleasure to meet you Daisy. Are you sure I can not help you in any way?"

Daisy looked at Samuel with a smile upon her face, as Samuel had this look of an eager puppy on his face. "Awww... that is so sweet of you, but I can manage. But maybe we could meet each other sometime, have a chat, get to know each other." Samuel turned red with embarrassment. "Err... sure. when would you like to do that then?"
"Yell it is going going to take me a while to settle in, so, say a week from today, how does that sound to you?"

"That, that sounds fine, err... is there a place you would like us two to meet?"
"Oh, yes of course, how silly of me. Oh I am pretty new here, why don't you suggest a place?"
"Oh..." Replied Samuel going slightly more red in the face. "OK... err... oh, I know, we can meet each other at Crystal's Coffee Bar."

"Oh, yes I know where that place is, so what time would you like to meet me there then Samuel?" Samuel turned even more bright red. "Oh, I do humbly apologise, I am the one that should be asking you that..."
"Should it really matter who asks first?"
"Well, it's the gentlemanly thing to do."

Daisy Stevens smiled. "Oh that is so sweet of you. OK you tell me the time and I will be there at Crystals Coffee Bar for that time."
"Of course, sure. How about three O'Clock then?"
"Three O'Clock a week from today at Crystals Coffee Bar it is then, I shall see you there. Oh, it was nice meeting you Samuel."

Samuel blushed again. "Sure, and it was nice meeting you too Daisy..." Samuel then had a sudden though, which made him blush even more. "I am terribly sorry to ask such a silly question, but is Daisy, really your name?"
"Yes it is. Why, what so wrong with that?"
"Oh, nothing, nothing at all, I do apologise."

"Thats OK, apology accepted." Samuel turned and left feeling somewhat a bit of a fool. He walked away ashamed of himself. Samuel did not see much of Daisy as his two jobs kept him busy for a while but one day to his complete surprise, Daisy was just leaving her apartment as he was. Daisy was wearing a dazzling sharp light blue 3 piece suit, a pristine crisp white shirt, a very smart and the most neatest blue tie Samuel had ever seen.

The suit however was not a woman's suit, it was very much a man's suit, even the shoes upon Daisy's feet were men's shoes, which were black and most shinney. "Oh hello, gosh err... you look very smart." Remarked Samuel who went red in the face, Daisy smiled at him and thats when he noticed, Daisy was not even wearing any make up either.

"Why thank you. You look smart your self too."
"Oh, err... thank you and you are most welcome, may I ask what line of work you are in?" Just then Daisy giggled, smiling even more at Samuel. "Why I thought you would never ask. I am the Manager of Wiccan Moon." Samuel looked at Daisy in utter amazement.

"Wow, you are the Manager of the biggest New Age and Wiccan Supplies chain store in all of America?"
"Yes I am. Why, does that surprise you?"
"Well yes it does actually, by that I mean, I..." Samuel became lost for words.
"I know, you are thinking that it is surprising that a woman would be the Manager of such a big corporate business?"

"No... of course not..." Samuel managed to say. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with business women. I think it is marvellous that a nice beautiful woman such as your self is the Manageress of such a big corporate business as Wiccan Moon."
"Why thank you. Oh, I am very much the Manager."

"Oh..." Was all that Samuel could manage to say.
"May I now ask what line of work you do Samuel?"
"Oh I work as work both as a part time sectary and a part time cleaner, I even do some catering too." Daisy smiled at him, her eyes widened. "Wow, that is impressive, say my apartment is in need of a good clean, could you pop by tomorrow afternoon at One O'Clock? I will be in then and busy at my lap top and I will absolutely have not much time to do any cleaning etc."

Samuel looked at Daisy looking nearly lost for words again, but he managed to say. "Oh yes, sure I am free for then."
"Excellent... I will see you tomorrow then. Oh we are still on for this up coming Saturday at Crystal's Coffee Bar at Three O'Clock." Samuel's face turned red, he had almost forgotten about his date with Daisy, he mentally slapped him self.

"Oh... yes, of course we are still on for our, err meeting at the coffee bar." Daisy simply smiled again at Samuel. "Great, excellent in fact. OK, well i have got to go, I have a an important meeting to attend to."
"I can understand that. Bye." Samuel watched Daisy go, he just could not believe his eyes, he then began to wonder what Daisy would look like in a dress and with longer hair of course.
His imagination easily made up the image of the perfect Goddess of a woman if there ever was one, but just then Samuel felt ashamed of imagining Daisy in such a manor, wearing a sensual long flowing Virgin white satin dress, strapless with an open back, showing off every inch of her curvacious perfect hour glass figure. The day soon passed and the next day came to when Samuel turned up at Daisy's apartment at One O'Clock dead on time.

Daisy opened her apartment door to Samuel, she was wearing a nice sharp white business 3 piece suit, a pristine and immaculate white tie and a pair of sharp well polished white shoes, again, these were all men's clothes, but Samuel felt it was not his place to say anything about Daisy's manor of dress. Then again, Samuel himself was also smartly dressed in a black 3 piece suit.

"Well, punctual and smart. I'm impressed."
"You... you are?" Remarked Samuel blushing slightly.
"Yes, I am. But I do hate to have to point this out to you Samuel, but aren't you a little over dressed though for doing a cleaning job?" Samuel blushed again, with him he had a plastic box that was much almost like a tool box, only that it had inside of it all manor of cleaning products in it.

That was in one hand and in his other hand was a black plastic clothes protector, there was a hanger as well, Samuel replied shyly. "I have something to ensure that I do not get my suit all dirty."
"Oh that is good to know, in that case, please come on in." Samuel timidly entered into Daisy's apartment.

Samuel soon unzip-ed the black plastic clothes protector and removed the item that was inside of it, neatly hung up, to Daisy's mild amusement and surprise, hung on the hanger was a pretty pale pink frilly apron. She watched in shear amazement as Samuel to the apron off it's hanger with grate care and attention and then he proceeded to place the apron against his body and he perfectly tied an elegant tight bow around th back of him.

Also inside the cleaning box there was a pair of pink rubber gloves too, which Samuel now put on. Bravely now he asked Daisy. "Where would you like me to clean first?" Daisy tried very hard not to look as amused as she actually was and tried to suppress a giggle too. "Oh... in the bedroom first, oh I had better show you where that is, if you will just follow me please."

Samuel followed Daisy into her bedroom. Samuel felt embarrassed being there, but Daisy simply said to him. "I shall let you get on with your work then."
"Yes, and thank you."
"You're welcome." Samuel was the perfect gentleman the whole time he had spent cleaning and tidying up in Daisy's bedroom."

In fact Samuel did no differently than he usually does in his duties as cleaner, ironer, cook, etc. He was practically quite the perfect house maid, only that he was in fact a guy. But Daisy somehow Daisy could sense the inner sadness that was inside of Samuel, but she did not let on that she actually could sense this in him and soon she paid Samuel for his work.

Samuel had given the same care and attention to putting the apron back onto the hanger, as he had, when he had taken it off it's hanger. Daisy watched him go, she was actually quite looking forward to her date with Samuel on Saturday at Crystal's Coffee Bar. That day soon came, but at Three O'Clock at Crystal's Coffee Bar, Daisy waited, to her some what puzzlement, Samuel was late.

She had entered into the coffee bar and sat down at a table and had ordered herself a Milky Coffee. It was now five minutes past Three O'Clock, Daisy began to worry a little, she had a feeling that Samuel was not really the type of guy that would dare to stand her up on their first date. She patiently waited a while longer.

The time was now getting to half past three, Daisy got up from where she was seated, she was not cross or angry, she was actually more worried than anything else and she soon turned up at Samuel's apartment. But there was no answer to the door bell, Daisy went into her own apartment and she tried again to call at Samuel's apartment, but there was no answer, now Daisy was really very worried.

The next day came and Daisy was ready wearing again a man's 3 piece suit and there was Samuel in his, not so expensive 3 piece suit. "Oh good morning, sorry I did not see you there." Remarked Samuel most humbly. Daisy looked at him with the greatest of concern. "Are you OK? You did not show for our date yesterday at Crystal's Coffee Bar."
"Oh... oh GOD... I am so, so terribly sorry. I, I, I..."

Samuel turned away, ashamed to even face Daisy. "I have no real excuses Daisy and I am utterly ashamed of my self, I simply got cold feet and I am a total disgrace. I would not blame you if you never ever wish to see or talk to me ever again..." Daisy had suddenly approached Samuel and she gently turned his head with her hands to face her.

"Hey, it's OK sweetie... I forgive you." Samuel looked at her, he was almost speechless. "You, you do?"
"Of course I do sweetie." Samuel looked at Daisy confused, the way she talked to him, it was not in the way of talking to a guy, it was more like in the way of talking to him as though he was another woman."

But he said nothing about this, as he had acted so ashamedly and foolishly about his date with Daisy. "Thank you, will you give me another chance then?"
"Sure sweetie, of course I will give you another chance. How about tomorrow at the same time and at the same place?"
"T, t, t, tomorrow..."

"Yes. Why, is that going to be a problem for you?"
"No... it's, it's just so, so soon. I am more surprised than anything else, tomorrow will be fine, I wont let you down again, I promise."
"Sure sweetie, I shall see you tomorrow then, bye." Strangely Daisy simply shook Samuel's hand and left, he scratched his head and and he headed off to work.

The day soon past and the next day came and again Daisy turned up at Crystal's Coffee Bar, it was Three O'Clock precisely, but Samuel did not show up, Daisy waited and waited, she knew that something was wrong and she got up and left. But she was not angry, as strange as this sounds, and she would have every right to be angry with Samuel, she left the coffee bar and vanished.

Meanwhile... Samuel was in a hotel room, it was a double bed, bedroom, but it was the only room available, he had taken it and he had been crying his eyes out, for he just could not bring himself to have his date with Daisy. Just then, there came a knock on on guest room door. "Who is it please?" He called out, trying to hold back his tears.

"Room service." Came a soft wonderful feminine voice from behind the door. Samuel could not re-call, calling for room service, but his mind was all mixed up and so he called out. "Come on in." The door opened and a nice lady came in with a trolley, she was dressed pretty much like a male waiter. She turned to face Samuel, he suddenly stepped back in shock and disbelief.

"Daisy..." Daisy was stood before him smiling, she could see that Samuel's face was wet with tears. She approached him, but Samuel backed away from her, almost afraid. "How... how did you possibly find me?"
"Samuel, I got worried about you, so I came looking for you."
"But no one knows I am here, I ask you again, how did you possibly find me?"

Asked Samuel, but in tears, Daisy tried to hug him, but Samuel backed further away from her. This worried Daisy very deeply. "Hey it's OK sweetie, I am not going to hurt you. OK, I was able to find you because I am actually a Witch... "
"What? You mean that you are a Wiccan?"

"No sweetie, I mean that I am the real deal. I am a true to life, true born Witch. By that, I mean that I have real powers and I shall show you." Daisy looked at the trolley, suddenly it began to move all by itself right across the guest room floor." Samuel looked on shocked, but he looked at Daisy he knew that he had broken a promise to her, no matter what she really was, that no longer mattered now to him, he suddenly broke down before her.

"I am so, so sorry that I broke my promise to you and not turn up for our date, I, I was just so scared..." If Samuel had been any other guy, his excuse would have been rather pathetic, but Daisy understood Samuel's fear completely, she approached him, but this time, he did not back away from her, instead, Samuel flung his arms around her and sobbed uncontrollably. "I am, so, so sorry."

"Hey, it's OK sweetie, I forgive you, I understand, truly I do. You are so unhappy and you have been ever since you were a little boy..."
"How... how can you possibly know that?"
"I've already told you, I'm a Witch. I know how to help you be truly happy, to fulfil a life that you have desired all of your life, but it has been a life you have not dared to live."

"I can give you that life Samuel, set your soul free."
"I'm a Witch silly..." Daisy suddenly lifted up Samuel in her arms and carried him over to the double bed. She placed him down upon it and then, she began to take off, all of her clothes, Samuel, did not know what to do,other than being the perfect gent, he turned to look th other way.

But Daisy sat down on the bed close to him and she took his head into her hands and turned it to face her. "There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of sweetie." Daisy said ever so softly, as she began to slowly caress Samuel's shoulder blades and his suit jacket suddenly dissolved into a fine shower of particles that simply faded away.

The suit jacket was gone, leaving only the shirt and the waist-coat, again Daisy slowly caressed Samuel, but this time all over the entire part of his waist-coat, it dissolved into a stream of particles also that faded away. Daisy caressed the shoulder blades again, and soon the entire crisp white shirt that was on Samuel dissolved into nothingness.

Daisy now began to caress Samuels bare broad shoulders, Daisy's caresses to Samuels surprise were very, very sensual, his broad shoulders suddenly began to reform, they suddenly became much shorter and rounder, likes a woman's shoulders, Daisy continued to caress the long manly arms of Samuel and they changed to long more slender arms to that of a woman's pair of arms, Daisy caressed each hand and all of Samuel's fingers until his hands became a woman's pair of hands.

Daisy then pulled up Samuel, from the bed until he was stood at foot of it. Daisy began to caress the legs of Samuel's suit trousers, they dissolved and Daisy began to sweep her hands over Samuel's socks and shoes until they too dissolved into nothingness. Samuel could not help but look at Daisy's breasts, to his sock, he soon became aware of something, and he looked down, his penis was fully erect.

He looked away in shame, but again Daisy brought his head to look at her and her beautifully formed breasts. "It's OK sweetie, its just a natural rection, but you will soon find, that your own breasts will produce an equal reaction." Remarked Daisy very softly, Samuel just simply stood there in shock and confusion. She now began to slowly caress Samuels chest, he felt a strange tingling sensation until his chest began to expand and form a pretty petite pair of breasts.

Samuel felt his penis stiffen even, more, he looked down at his penis, and it was hard, his mind could not simply take in what was happening to him, as now Daisy suddenly began to caress his hardened penis, which began to shrivel up, the hairs around his testicles began to change, as did the testicles themselves, as they shrivelled up too, until now in there place and in place of Samuel's penis, there was a beautifully formed vagina.

Daisy had not finished, her hands now began to caress all of the features of Samuel's manly face until it was now a woman's face. Daisy then began to caress Samuels hair, it began to thicken and grow until it reached down to Samuels perfectly rounded buttocks. Daisy smiled at Samuel. "Sweetie you are now Samantha Stevens."

Samantha, looked at Daisy confused. She simply smiled at her and said. "Oh when marrying a Witch, you my dear have to take my surname instead, don't worry sweetie, you'll get used to it. You are my lover now and forever." Strangely, Samantha did not object to this or being picked up again in and placed out upon the satin sheet covered double bed, Daisy held her naked body up close to Samantha's naked body, their breasts touched each other and as Daisy made sweet love to her new lover, she knew that their relationship was one that was truly Beswitched.


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I knew I was going to adore this story ... and no surprise that I do.   This is so beautiful and insightful, and I see a lot of myself in the protagonist (though I hope I would not be quite so remiss about keeping my promises  ). I am very appreciative of the fact that you do not merely jump into the transformation after only a cursory setting-up, but get you us fully involved with the characters first. When it does occur, however, it is so loving and gentle that I can only wish, on every level, that I could share that experience, with none of the ambiguity of feeling I would get from the typical forced-fem story. I am very happy that sweet authors such as you and Miki and pioneering the trend for happy, fulfilling, unforced transformations.  

Thank you so much for this wonderful gesture, Baby Amy.      
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Miki Yamuri
This is so nice. I do so like a good love story with a happy ending.
I love the way he is transformed and accepts his new position and it is unforced and willing.
I do hope there are more in the works Miss Amy ... you are a very good writer.

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Baby Amy mz wuv this one too mz wish mz was Samuel
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Jennifer Funshine
A well-crafted and believable tale, Amy. I do so admire the characters
you have created and the ending has a lovely resolution marked with enchantment.
However, I found myself re-reading certain parts, the flow of the story slightly
hindered by it's overstating and wordiness. Also, I found it difficult to distinguish
the male and female character from the narration because of the similarities
in the writing. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!
Me just want to fank those fwo your comments on this stowy and a new stwy wil be on its way, not yet, but a new stowy wil be on its way to you all, me iseths glad and happy to that my stowies have pleased so many people here at SissyKiss, fank you, all of you.

Baby Amy.


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