XXX The Best Daddy Ever
I always wanted a daddy and my boyfriend of three years just might work.
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(The events depicted in this story are based on true events though names have been changed to keep identities from the public)
As long as I can remember I've always had a thing for diapers, from the way they feel to the way they look. I guess I should start by talking about me so you can sort of get the idea of how strange it is that I'm into this sort of stuff. Black has and always will be my going out colour; it looks great on me and compliments my blue eyes rather nicely. But in the bedroom, pink is my absolute favorite. I guess you could say I'm a goth chick what with my ankh necklace and the fact that i prefer combat boots over designer heels. I have mid-length blonde hair that used to run all the way down to my thighs until a good bit of it burned off during some hot-wax play. So the pink thing works pretty well. My list of fetishes is quite long now that I come to think of it. Bondage and role play really get me going. I'm not too tall, just over five feet and only 97 lbs. so i fit into child sized diapers with ease.

This story I'm about to tell is about the first time I ever told the man of my dreams (Lets call him Tyler) about my obsession with diapers.

It was well past midnight when I heard his key turning sliding into the door. Tyler's work schedule had been erratic for the past little bit but he was finally coming home at what seemed reasonable for two young bloods such as ourselves. My heart fluttered and I could feel my cheeks going red from excitement. After some fumbling at the door and muffled cursing, the door to our cozy flat opened to reveal Tyler holding his messenger bag in one hand and his keys in the other. Tyler is a bit of a clutz and was prone to losing track of his balance when trying to juggle his bag and keys. So I rushed over and pulled him into the living room and into my arms with a nice wet kiss. Everything went onto the ground. I giggled slightly as he smiled and pretended to scold me.
It had been a whole week since we had moved in together and the air was thick with our hormones and our new found sense of freedom. Tyler is everything I could ever have wanted physically in a partner. He towered over me at an even six feet tall, slender as a pole with shoulder length blonde hair and honey golden eyes that get me wet at just a glance. His long fingers danced along the skin of my neck as he stood and began kissing my cheeks.
I could already feel my thighs getting warm with the anticipation of what I had planned for the night. His hands began to find their way to my waist as i pressed myself deeper into his arms. I was practically begging for it. When I was about to break away and lead him to the bedroom he picked me up and threw me onto the couch. I let out a cry of joy. Having a big strong man picking me up and having his way with me is part of the reason I had always wanted a daddy. This was the final straw. I had to tell him.
"So... Are you gonna fuck me tonight or am I gonna have to hold you down and make me?" I said with an innocent expression across my face. He sat down next to me as he said "Anything you want Aria... Just as long as were both clear on the safe word tonight." I laughed as he began biting my neck. "Oh baby, I was actually hoping we could do something a little different tonight. Something that wont need a safe word..." I looked down at his face poking out between my tits with a curious look on his face. "Is it kinky? Cause if you're actually proposing we go slow than I'll probly need to call the Guiness Book people and let them know you've gone soft." He buried his face in my cleavage again.
"Well.. Its sorta hard to explain. How about I meet you in the room. Get something sexy on? Oh and get out the plug and a vibrator." "Haha sounds like a plan. So i guess you'll be wanting lube too" I watched him run off into our bedroom. Here we go, the point of no return. I thought to myself as I made my way into the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom the first thing I did was get rid of my piercings. Baby girls aren't supposed to have earrings or nose piercings. I slid into a nice pair of pampers and a pink skirt. I put on a white shirt with pink lace around the sleeves and tied my hair into pigtails. After a quick look into the mirror and a few minor adjustments I was ready.

I entered the bedroom slowly with my best fuck me face. I was gently sucking on my thumb while I watched his eyes scan me. I could see the hunger in them. I knew he was going for this before I even asked. I crawled up the bed and lay in his lap letting my skirt fall down my legs showing just a hint of my diaper. "Whats this about baby? Do you need someone to take care of you?" He asked in a soft but friendly tone. "I want you to be my daddy." I said gazing up at him with my big watery eyes. "I need someone to plug me and feed me and take extra good care of me so I can be happy." I said around my thumb. Tyler gently undid the straps on the sides of my diaper to reveal my freshly shaven pussy. He slid his hand beneath the plush squishy fabric and began to play with me all while staring into my eyes. I was smitten. Already I could feel the heat building in my stomach as my desire grew. "Babe, sorry to break character, but go into the kitchen and get my bottle. I left it in the fridge. Microwave it for like five seconds bring it in and then feed me. Also, plug." I had to buy myself some time. I knew i couldn't last long with him touching me like this. "Ill do you one better." He picked me up and left my diaper on the bed. He cradled me in his arms as we went to the kitchen for my bottle. I was positively soaking. He set me down at the table while he busied himself with my bottle. I watched him with growing anticipation. Finally after what seemed like an eternity I was back in his arms with a bottle in my mouth headed back to bed. My diaper lay lonely and empty on the bed and I knew I had to have it. He lay me down and told me to just keep feeding. I tilted my head back and stared at the ceiling while nursing my bottle. I could feel him playing with me again. I sank into a deep stupor while he worked his way around my body. Suddenly he was gone. I looked down between my legs to see him putting lube onto our butt plug. I squeeled with delight and lay back down. I could feel him spreading me open and slowly running his finger across my ass hole. He was driving me crazy. He began to work it in slowly as I continued to feed and moan. When it was all the way in he did the straps on my diaper and sat me up.
I had that nice and full feeling that only a fat cock or a butt plug can give and I was in heaven. "Daddy... Can I suck you peas... I wanna show you Imma good girl." I said slowly moving my hips to move the plug and diaper around. The feeling was incredible. "Of course baby. You can suck daddy all you want." he said as he climbed onto the bed. I pounced onto him and put my diapered ass into his face. I lowered my face to his pants and slowly undid them. Daddy's hand were crawling over my legs and back sending shivers up my spine as I took his cock in my mouth.
I blew him for what felt like hours in a state of sheer extacy until I felt his cock start to pulse and twitch. I knew what was coming next and began to suck harder to make it come faster. I needed it. I wanted Daddy's cum in my mouth so bad. I could feel him breathing beneath me, his heart racing. I forced myself down as far as I could and ended up just at his balls. He came right then and there. His hot cum filled my mouth and spilled down my cheeks. I climbed off of him and licked up his mess. "Wow Aria you're fucking kinky." He sat up laughing. "Now how does Daddy make his baby girl cum?" "Well... I wanted to have the vibrator in when we did that but I sorta forgot... Will you tie me down and play with me...?"
He smiled and without saying a word got out the ropes from the closet. Tyler Is the best knot tier I know. He can put me into a full body bind in about five minutes. For something like this he only needed a matter of seconds before my arms and legs were stretched and tied to the bedposts separately. My diaper was moved to the slide as he slid in the vibrator. I could feel it stretching my pussy nicely. This combined with the plug left me feeling absolutely full. I was ready.
He started slow, with the vibrate on low and his hands on my breasts he began to work the vibrator back and forth. I could feel my thighs getting wetter and soaking into my diaper. I moaned softly as he began to undo my shirt and expose my breasts. I could feel them poking strait out begging to be played with. Tyler re-adjusted himself and took my left nipple into his mouth. I let out a yelp and had to resist screaming. At this hour the neighbors were more than likely asleep. I bit my lip as he continued to suck and fuck me. "Fuck me Daddy. Please Fuck me Daddy" I heard myself say. My whole body was on fire. Without any warning he turned the vibrator to its highest setting and buried it as deep as he could inside me. "Cum for Daddy baby, show him how good you are at cumming and maybe you can have another." I tightened my hands on the ropes that had me bound. I felt myself gasping for air as it hit me. My ass was exploding, widening and tightening on the plug as my pussy clenched down on the vibrator. My hips squirmed about and I felt a growing warm and wet feeling in my crotch. I realized suddenly that I was screaming. When I think back on it Im not sure if i was yelling "fuck" or "oh my god" I guess I must have sort of blacked out. When the orgasm had passed I lay still and exhausted in my diaper in skirt tied to the bed. Tyler planted his lips firmly to mine and gave me a very satisfying kiss. A few minutes later I was out of the ropes. "I've never squirted before..." I said looking down at my soaking wet diaper.
"Well its a good thing you had that on, otherwise the whole bedroom would be a mess." He stated so matter of factly that I burst out laughing. "Come on sweetie, let me get you changed into something dry and we can go to bed."

That was nearly four years ago and we are still together. We have done much since then but diapers continue to be my favorite. If this story is popular enough I may post more.
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Incredibly erotic story, PluggMe! Thank you for sharing....I imagine you have just provided some excellent fodder for many of your readers' fantasy lives! (and the inclusion of diapers is always welcome!).
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