becuming a woman with mothers help ( TG, Incest )
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this is not true just a lil fantasy.

Ch 1.

The comeing out

I was born a male and all my life i felt to i was a female. So one day after a long talk with one of closet friend i knew who i was. I was a female and wanted to do everything and wear everything that a woman did and wore. So i started with takeing some panties fomr my moms room and then make up kit and started to save my legs. One day my friend came over with gift a whoe set of outfits and new make-up and everthing a girl chould want. But this gift pack came with one thing that i would come out and tell my mom that i am a woman inside and wanted to dress up and be a female all the time. So i thought about this and i choice i would come out. So that nite i thought i would see how she would take it, so over dinner i asked her if she ever heard about transgender. She said she did and thought that if they where happy then she was happy for them and would support them and one of her friends was a mtf. I knew she would take it good form the sound of it. So i went back to my room after dinner and put on one of the frist dress i ever put on and piar of panties which jsut happen to be oen of my mothers that i took. then i came out of my room went to the livieng room where my mom was sitting watching tv. She looked at me and asked me " do you have something you want to tell me?"

So then i told her everthing she sat there and smiled. "well i knew you where takeing some of panties and makeup and your friend told me about you so i was well arewe of it. I got to say i am happy for you and just one thing now." with that she had a grin on her face and walked up to me and kissed me hard and held me tight. I didnt know what was going to happen next. ...
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Awwwww. That's so sweet. ^_^ Wish it was me. -giggles- I have that same fantasy.

I wanna pretty mum to kiss me too
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