All PG 13 BeC Clothing Company: Ursula's Story
The magic of BeC spreads to another friend.
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Sequel to "BeC Clothing Company: Jeremy's Story". Carol and Jeremy now have a last name, Johnston, and Ursula's son has also been named.

Part 1

Ursula had had a very long day. Her 15-year old son, Jonathan, had just gotten suspended from school for getting into a fight that had ended with his opponent going to the hospital. Not the worst thing that a kid who had been in juvenile prison twice had done, but another reason why something had to change.

Ursula thought that she had tried everything. The games had been removed, the cell phone deactivated, coal put in his stocking for the last three years in a row. Nothing was working. At least he knew that beating her up did not help his quality of life. He had tried that after several weeks at a boy's camp two years before. Unfortunately for him, Ursula had already come to the decision that learning self defense had practical uses. She had taken a vacation leave from work, and spent the time learning self defense, among other things. She just didn't think that she would have to use it on her own son. That was when he went downhill , as far as behavior is concerned. Over the last two years, there had been five school suspensions (Ursula would have suspected an expulsion had Jonathan not been going to a public school), and two trips to juvenile prison.

And now he was getting close to driving age. Now, Ursula was seriously worried. Apparently, he had befriended a kid who was skilled at forgery. If so, her semblance of control over him might be slipping.

But, she had heard of a possible solution. Recently, she had had dinner with two of her friends Francisca Gonzales and Carol Johnston. They offered to give her a way to chance Jonathan, enough for her to let Jonathan spend the night with one of his friends, Daniel. Daniel was one of the worst hooligans in the neighborhood, and Ursula did not like the two ever being in sight of each other, but it was worth it if Francisca and Carol had a solution for Jonathan.

Francesca started the conversation; "Ursula, there is a company called BeC Clothing Company...

To Be Continued!
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Baby Butch
Good start I am wondering what will happen to the trouble maker. I didn't read the original story.
The original story was recently posted by me on SK. It is entitled "BeC Clothing Company - Jeremy's Story".

Thanks so much for starting this! Nice introduction, I and many others will enjoy reading wherever you take this.

The names work great, and I like how your surname for Jeremy works; we can call him JayJay now... an adorably cute name for a happy ballet-boy!

You rock, girl... keep writing!
Thanks for the feedback. About Jeremy's last name, that was not intentionally done. Funny how it happens...

 Good start I am wondering what will happen to the trouble maker. I didn't read the original story.  

Yeah me too! , not bad though!
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