PG 13 Bart the Baby
A Simpsons story about Bart going into diapers :3
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Bart the Baby
As Bart walked out of Dr. Hibbert's office, his mother Marge put a hand on his shoulder sympathetically. He looked up to her, and quickly back down to his feet as they walked back to the car.
''Cheer up sweetie,'' Marge said. ''I'm sure it won't be that bad...'' She tried to comfort him, but he remained silent. Bart had just found out his life would be changing, and not in a very good way.
Marge parked the car outside the Kwik-E-Mart and walked in, leaving Bart to sit in the car. He looked back to see Maggie fast asleep in her chair. The sight of her just reminded him of his situation, so he immediately turned away. Right afterwards, Marge was back and loaded bags into the back of the car. Just the thought of what was in those bags made Bart shudder.

As soon as they went through the front door, Bart began running upstairs to the safety of his room, before he was stopped by Marge's hand on his shoulder. He looked back towards her, silently pleading to let him go. ''Come on Mom, do I really have to?'' Bart said, quieter than normal. She held his hand to comfort him and led him upstairs to a different room.
They entered Maggie's room and Marge quickly picked Bart up and set him down on the changing table. Bart had been having ''accidents'' lately, leading to the loss of control of his bladder and bowels, and unfortunately the only way to treat it was to wear diapers.
Marge set Maggie down next to him, and it was obvious from the smell why. ''Do you have to do us both at the same time?'' Bart asked his mother, more and more embarrassed. ''Sorry Bart, have to save time. This'll only take a second.''

Bart lied down and waited for Marge to finish changing Maggie, just thinking about how this would eventually be him. He never felt more like a baby.
Finally, it was Bart's turn. A couple of minutes went by, and he was finally done. Unfortunately they had to use the cheapest diapers available for both Maggie and Bart, which of course were pink and had girly designs.
Marge put a hand on Bart's shoulder to comfort him once again. ''Now sweetheart, if you need to go, you can do it in your diaper, but make sure you tell me, okay?'' She smiled. He stepped down onto the floor and ran to his room. He didn't put his shorts back on since he couldn't fit them around his diaper. He found walking in a diaper very difficult, but he still ran as fast as he could to his room and closed the door behind him.
He felt lucky that Homer and Lisa weren't in the house, at least he had some time alone. Unfortunately, that time was very hard to fill; he spent what felt like forever trying to think of what to do alone in his room. He eventually resorted to just sitting on his bed. He eventually fell asleep on his bed, tired from the embarrassment he went through earlier and bored out of his mind.

He woke up some time later, not knowing how much time had past, to a strange sensation. He thought for a moment of what could be wrong, before realising the obvious: He had peed in his diaper! It was soaking wet and still warm, so he must have only just wet himself. He began wondering if he should tell Marge or not. He remembered that she said to tell her, but he wasn't sure if he was able to tell his own mother he had wet himself so soon after she put him in the diaper to begin with.
Finally, he decided he would have to go and tell his Mom. After all, he couldn't sit in a wet diaper all day. He walked calmly down the stairs, the diaper making a slight soggy noise as he shuffled down. Still only wearing a diaper and T-Shirt, he was shaking with the cold.
He walked into the kitchen, and Marge was at the sink, cleaning dishes. Bart snuck up behind her shyly, before pulling on her dress to get her attention, much like a child. Marge turned around and saw her son looking nervous and asked him what was wrong.

''I.. well...'' Bart stuttered slightly before pointing to his diaper, at which point Marge noticed how wet his diaper was. She smiled at him and led him by the hand back to Maggie's room, where she changed his diaper again.
A few hours later, Lisa returned after a day at the museum. Bart did everything he could to avoid her for as long as he could. He had his room door locked as a special precaution, but it was just a matter of time before his secret got out and the mocking began. Realising this, he decided to man up and go and tell her himself. He knew he'd regret this.

Lisa was in her room, playing her Saxaphone as always, when Bart poked his head in through the door. ''Uh.. hey Lis'..'' Bart began, interrupting her music.
''What is it Bart? I'm busy.'' Lisa replied, irritated at her brother once again stopping her music.
Bart continued; ''You know how I went to Dr. Hibbert's today?'' ''Yeah?'' ''Well...'' Bart opened the door wide, showing his bulky diaper with pink flowers on the front.

There was silence for a moment before Lisa burst out with laughter, falling over on her bed. Bart was embarrassed, but expected it. He simply stood still, blushing, waiting for Lisa to finish.
Several minutes later, when she did, Lisa asked why. Bart began to explain everything, including why they were pink and why he couldn't wear anything over them. Lisa grew more and more sympathetic as he explained, although she couldn't help but giggle every now and then.
Noticing that Bart was embarrassed over the whole ordeal, Lisa walked up and hugged her brother tight. ''Don't worry Bart. I admire that you told me instead of hiding.'' The two smiled as Bart finally started to see the bright side of this.

Several months went by, and the whole family, including Bart, became more and more used to his ''accidents'', though he was still very embarrassed and reserved about it. He had been out of school for some time, having Lisa help him catch up on work from home (With much difficulty) and Bart had stopped using the bathroom altogether, using his only his diaper. Of course being at home more often (and in diapers), had softened his troublemaker attitude and made him more timid, to the secret delight of his family.

Bart was playing video games to pass the exceedingly long day, when he felt a rumble in his stomach. He ignored it for a moment, focused on his video game, but just a moment later he would regret it, as he started pooping into his diaper. It quickly filled up, causing Bart to panic for a moment. Even after a couple of months he wasn't used to the feeling of pooping himself. The smell quickly filled the room and he slowly went downstairs to tell Marge. Unfortunately, Lisa and Homer were in the kitchen with her. He knew they would hear him asking to be changed, along with smelling his dirty diaper, so he had no choice but to wait upstairs. He stood in his room for a moment, unsure of what to do next. He decided to sit down and wait, not thinking ahead that once he sat down the poop in his diaper would squish and spread out even more.

Bart sighed as he realised he was in a different situation now: With the position he was in, if he stood up, his diaper would overflow, meaning he had no choice but to sit on his bed in the same position until someone came in to his room. He was in for a long day ahead.
About one hour later, he heard someone coming up the stairs. ''Finally...'' He said under his breath. He was getting sick of waiting for Marge to come and check on him. However, he went red in the face as he saw Lisa walking in instead of Marge. ''Hey Bart, Mom sent me up to-'' Lisa started before catching the smell of Bart's diaper. ''Ewww, Bart!'' Lisa shouted, covering her nose and leaving to get Marge. Bart was heavily embarrassed, but glad to finally be getting out of his diaper.

Marge quickly came upstairs and into Bart's room. ''Yeesh! Lisa was right, it really does stink in here...'' Marge said, covering her nose too. Bart told her that if he got up the poop in his diaper would overflow, causing Marge to giggle. ''I know what to do.'' She replied, and picked him up and cradled him in her arms, like she would with a baby. She carried him into Maggie's room and quickly changed him. ''There you go honey!'' Marge said with a smile.

A few hours later, Bart was walking upstairs to get into bed, before being stopped by Lisa giggling. ''What are you so happy about?'' He asked her, cautiously. ''Mom wants to talk to you, baby Bart.'' Lisa replied, walking away and still giggling. He knew something was wrong. He went into Marge's room, where Homer was already fast asleep, but Marge was still awake.

''Hi, sweetie, there's something I need to talk to you about..'' Marge said. ''Remember your little.. accident from earlier?'' ''Uh huh... I said I was sorry, Mom..'' Bart said, becoming shy once more. ''It's fine, but your diaper stained your bed and the smell is still in your room. You can't sleep in there tonight.'' Marge continued.
Bart was startled. ''Well.. where am I supposed to sleep?''

Bart was mortified to hear that he had to sleep in Maggie's room, and in Maggie's spare crib. ''C-can't I sleep in with you tonight?'' Bart asked in a slight panic.
''Sorry Bart, I can't let you sleep with us in case you mess your diapers again. This is the only place where it won't affect anyone.'' Bart didn't have a response, so Marge took Bart's shirt off, leaving him in only his diaper, and lifted him into the crib, which was right next to Maggie's. She tucked the two of them in, kissed them on the forehead and said goodnight.

A few hours later, Bart was barely awake. He wasn't fully asleep, since he wasn't used to the crib. He soon caught a familiar scent - the scent of his full diaper. He double checked to make sure it wasn't Maggie's. Of course she was fast asleep, and with a clean diaper. Bart groaned at the thought of this happening again. He looked at the clock and saw it was 4am - Marge was probably asleep now, and wouldn't be coming in to check on him. He noticed Maggie's Baby monitor and realised that was his only hope. So, he tried as hard as he could and began crying like a baby, not wanting to talk through the monitor. Within a moment, Marge was in the room, barely awake, and picked Bart up like a baby again. She changed him slower than usual, being so tired. Bart was happy he decided to start crying. Still barely awake, Marge grabbed one of Maggie's spare pacifiers and stuck it in Bart's mouth. She then tucked him in, kissed his forehead and said goodnight just as before.
Bart sucked on the pacifier, smiling when he heard it made the same noise as Maggie did when she sucked hers. He started enjoying it, and eventually went back to sleep.

By the next month, Bart was sleeping in the crib every night, and began using the pacifier more and more often. Marge found it adorable, Homer found it strange, and Lisa found it funny.

Soon afterward, Homer and Marge decided to go to a party, leaving Lisa in charge of Maggie and Bart.
As soon as Marge and Homer left, Lisa walked up to Bart with a smirk on her face.
''Hey, Bart... you think you could do me a favour?'' Lisa asked. ''Sure... what is it?'' Bart replied cautiously.
Lisa almost immediately held up a pink frilly dress. ''How about a game of dress up?'' Bart was speechless for a moment. He didn't know how to react, but his face clearly said no. ''Come on Bart, it could be fun!'' Lisa pleaded with him. ''No way! I need to hang on to what little dignity I have left.'' Bart said sarcastically.

Lisa pondered for a moment before continuing ''You said you would, though. If you don't, I'm not changing your diapers!'' Bart was speechless again. He thought about it and realised she had the upper hand. He sighed heavily and agreed, causing Lisa to squeal with happiness. She grabbed him by the hand and ran upstairs with him.
Bart slowly put the dress on over his head. It was very frilly, very pink, and very comfortable. Bart was surprised, actually. Of course it was short enough to leave his diaper on display. Lisa then handed Bart white knee socks and Mary Jane shoes, which she helped him put on, eager to see him all dressed up.
Lisa quickly moved on to the makeup. She didn't forget a thing; eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and nail polish. Bart was now all dolled up and girly, causing Lisa to giggle again.

''Alright Lis', you've had your fun. Now help me get out of this thing.'' Bart said before a bright camera flash blinded him. ''Oh, not yet, baby Betsy!'' Lisa giggled, holding a camera.
''What'd you call me?'' Bart replied, slightly irritated. ''I've always wanted a sister I could play dress up with!'' ''But I'm a dude!'' ''You sure about that?'' Lisa joked, to Bart's annoyance.
''Come on, Bart, it's just a little fun. Now gimme a pose?'' Lisa asked with her puppy-dog eyes. Bart sighed, and without giving it much thought, put his hands on his hips femininely, with Lisa taking a picture quickly.
''There, I did your pose. Now can we-'' Bart was interrupted by yet another camera flash.
As the night went on, Lisa managed to persuade Bart into taking ''just one more picture'' again and again, until Bart had forgotten about the blackmail and actually started to enjoy posing for the camera. He did every girly pose he could think of, and he and Lisa began to have a lot of fun.

Bart's fun was stopped, however, when he began pooping in his diapers once again. The poop filled his diapers quickly, squishing around and making a slight noise. It was instantly obvious to Lisa what had happened, and she didn't know how to react for a moment, simply watching Bart blush and become increasingly more embarrassed.
When she finally realised what to do, she took Bart's hand and slowly led him into Maggie's room, leading him up to the changing table. She stood on a chair at the end to reach him properly and proceeded to change him with unexpected ease.
Though she was more visibly affected by the whole thing than Marge was.

When he was all clean and in a fresh diaper, he hugged Lisa tightly. ''Thanks sis..'' He said timidly. ''No problem... sis.'' Lisa replied jokingly. The two laughed and went back to playing dress up.
A short while later, Marge and Homer returned early, Homer of course having embarrassed Marge too much to stay. The two walked into the kitchen to see Lisa, Maggie and Bart all dressed up and in full makeup. Homer took one look at the three children and immediately went to bed, but Marge was ecstatic over the sight of it, taking pictures of her three ''adorable little girls''. Bart actually didn't mind being called ''Betsy'' at this point, either.
''I think the four of us will need to have some girl time together at some point!'' Marge said to her children, each of them excited for the next time. Suddenly, Bart spoke out: ''Hey, Mo-'' Bart was about to call Marge Mom as usual, before changing his mind; ''--Mommy?'' Marge smiled and replied ''Yes, Betsy?'' ''I've gotta tinkle again!'' Bart said with a shy smile on his face as Marge lifted him up like a baby to bring him to the changing table.

The end
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normally I don't like reading stories using characters from shows, books etc but I gotta say I enjoyed your story, great job XD
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