Bad John To Good Jane (R)
This didn't happen to me, but I wish it did. A woman gets tired of her husband's constant peeking and language and has a 'special' punishment in mind.
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Chapter 1

It was a stormy afternoon in September. Margret Thompson had invited her friends, Anne and Bethany, over for lunch and tea. Margret's husband, John, came home very late that night and Margret knew it was because he'd gotten too drunk and passed out in the bar. But he seemed sober now... until Bethany went into the kitchen to fetch more muffins and John followed her. "Do you honestly think it's a good idea to allow John to be alone with Bethany." Anne asked. "You know how he is around women." "Oh, don't worry." Margret replied. "If John even so much as touches Bethany, I've got a little punishment in mind for him." Moments later, a scream was heard...

Chapter 2

Margret and Anne entered the kitchen only to discover their friend Bethany crying! John was standing near her, smiling and seeming very content. "What happened, Bethy?" Margret asked. "John insulted me." Bethany explained angrily. "He insulted me and tried to peek up my dress by grabbing me... HE'S A PIG!!!" "Oh really?" Margret replied, obviously angered by her husbands actions. She turned to face him. "John, I've told you time and time again about using foul language and raising your voice!" She said. "Now apologize to Bethany absolutely immediately and get yourself upstairs and get ready for bed. NOW!!!" John knew she meant business. He looked embarrassed at her direct order and hung his head in shame. It was obvious that he didn't want to be punished. The thought of being sent to bed like a little child was especially humiliating. He bowed his head and stuttered as he apologized to Bethany in a low voice. "Upstairs!" Margret demanded, pointing to the bedroom. John shuffled slowly up the stairs, dragging his feet on every step. Clearly, he was delaying as much as possible. When Margret heard his footsteps on the top floor, she excused herself and followed him up, telling her friends that she wanted to personally see that he selected the proper clothes for sleeping. Bethany grinned happily as she heard the sound of flesh being repeatedly slapped coming from upstairs, followed closely by John's moans of pain. Apparently, he had refused to wear what Margret had selected for him to sleep in. A few minutes later, John appeared on the stairs with Margret right behind him. Bethany and Anne both burst out laughing when they saw what Margret had forced him to wear. His muscular body was hidden under a white babydoll nightie! Bethany chuckled when she saw that Margret had added pink tights to the outfit to draw attention to the shortness of the nightie. Margret marched him down to Bethany and told him, "I don't think Bethany heard you apologize earlier. I want you to apologize so that everyone can hear!" John's face turned red as a beet and he turned to face his wife and said, "I believe I've already apologized to Bethany, Margret." He turned to his wife's friends. "If the two of you will excuse me, it's time for me to go to bed." Margret's face turned red in anger as she demanded, "John, apologize to Bethany right now!" He looked her in the eye with an expression that screamed 'defiance' and said, "Fuck you." Then he turned away from them and began walking towards the stairs. Margret flew into a fit of rage. She slapped a hand down on top of his shoulder, gripping him tightly, and grabbed his backside with her other hand. Bethany smiled as she saw the frilly red panties he was wearing underneath the tights, suddenly exposed to everyone's view. "Come on, Bethy!" Margret said, looking over her shoulder. "I think I'm going to need your help punishing her!"

Chapter 3

Margret hustled John into the upstairs bathroom in a style that's politely known as 'the bum's rush'. She seized a bar of soap from the sink and tried to force it into his mouth as she shouted, "You filthy, foul-mouthed, lowlife, good-for-nothing scoundrel! Since you act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one! Now open up for your punishment!" John turned his head and put his hands up to ward her off. Margret gripped his chin and called out to Bethany. "Hold his hands, Bethany! I've got his chin!" Bethany grabbed one of his hands with both of her hands and pulled it behind him. Then she reached out with one hand to grab the other hand, but discovered that he was too strong for her. She had to hold onto the one hand that she already had with both hands to keep him from breaking free. Anne, who was watching the commotion from the doorway, rushed in to help. She grabbed his other hand and forced it behind his back easily. She held it there while Margret worked in front of him. Margret pushed the bar of soap past his front teeth and worked it around the front of his mouth to get the soap wet and make it easier to force it the rest of the way in. John pushed at the bar with his tongue, attempting to get it out of his mouth. But he only succeeded in helping Margret wet the bar. Chips of soap curled from the top and bottom of the bar as Margret worked it back and forth over his teeth. The sour taste of the soap made John's mouth water and started dissolving the bits of soap that had been scraped off by his teeth. His mouth started foaming like a mad dog and his eyes went wide as he swallowed his soap tainted saliva. He struggled fiercely against the combined strength of the three women, but they were too much for him and he was unable to break free. Foam dripped from his chin as Margret continued to scrub his mouth with the bar until thick suds poured out from his mouth and ran down his chest. "Are you going to talk like that again?" She shouted. "Nuhhh! Nevuh agaun! Pleees stoooop!" John babbled through the suds. "Good girl! Now swallow!" She demanded. "Salooow?" John asked, disbelievingly. "You heard me! Swallow those suds right now!" She ordered. John gave an involuntary gulp and turned a pale shade of green as the soap hit his stomach. Margret nodded in approval and said, "It tastes pretty bad doesn't it? I want you to remember that taste the next time you think about using foul language like that around me." She then went to the medicine cabinet and took down a brown, glass medicine bottle and poured about three or four tablespoons into a plastic cup. "Tilt your head back and open your mouth." Margret commanded. John did as he was told. He tilted his head back, but only opened his mouth a crack. "That's right!" Margret shouted. "Now open wide!" John opened his mouth so that she could pour the medicine in and suddenly his mouth was filled with a terrible-tasting oily substance that seemed to slither down his throat, unrestrained. The taste of the stuff was truly horrible. He tried to lean his head forward and spit the vile stuff out, but Margret was holding his jaw in place and ticking his throat under his chin. John had to swallow in order to breath and discovered that it's true taste only came after a few minutes. It had an oily medicinal taste that reeked of some kind of chemical. Then John realized what Margret had made him swallow; castor oil! His stomach heaved involuntarily when he realized what she had done to him. Waves of nausea washed over him as he heard Margret say, "How do your words taste now, John? Think you'd like to say some more? There's more castor oil in the bottle! Here, let me whisper some of those words in your ear!" She leaned in close to him and began whispering foul language in his ear while, at the same time, holding the bottle of castor oil up to his nose. John's stomach rebelled at the fresh assault on his nostrils and his stomach began heaving violently. "Over there!" Margret instructed. She guided Bethany and Anne over to the toilet where they forced John's head into the toilet bowl until his entire head was in the water. He then began to puke into the toilet bowl as Margret said, "Well, Mr. Potty Mouth, are you happy now? Is there something you want to say to us? No? Well then, we're just going to let you star here and think about what you've said and what will happen if you ever say something like that again!" She motioned to Bethany and Anne to release his arms and he fell into the water of the toilet bowl headfirst. John gripped the sides of the toilet bowl and hauled his head out before the next wave of nausea hit him. Then he was back in the toilet bowl, holding onto the porcelain for dear life as he began puking over and over again! He felt like he was puking his guts up! "Now you know just how your behavior makes me feel, John- I mean- Jane." Margret said. "The very idea of you putting your hands on one of my friends makes me ill just to think about it! I've had all I'm going to take from you, Jane! Things are going to be very different around here starting today! From now on, you are going to behave yourself! And that means no more peeking, no more touching, and no more foul language! Do you understand me? I am going to see to it that you are a good little sissy girl every minute of the day! Just remember, if I ever hear you using language like that again, you'll be getting two weeks of nothing but punishment! We will have plenty of soap and castor oil! Do you understand!" John grunted his understanding just before he heaved again. He knew for sure right at that moment that he wasn't ever going to misbehave in front of his wife ever again.
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Delightful!!! More plese! Delightful!!
Fantastic story; I'd love to hear more about Jane's punishments. 
Marcie xxxxx
Sister to lisa123
more pwease more its gweat so far and castor oil does suck bad i knoe fwom experience
Diapered and Pretty!
Sissy Breeanna
Very nice story. I remember the soap treatments as a kid and really don't fantasize about ever getting them again but made for an excellent story and punishment.
more please,xxxx
Baby Susanna
What a wonderful story! A mouth soaping is always just the thing to correct a peeping man's behavior and soften his attitude. You go, Margret!
Oh yes, very nice active mouth soaping punishment for that potty mouth. I am so attracted to strong women who enjoy giving a nasty mouth a good soaping out. Lather his mouth out well, ladies! That puts a big boy in a much sweeter and childish place, all bibbed and lathered and billowing such pretty bubbles.
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