XXX me and my babygirl
fantasy story of mine, mine only please respect
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this is not at all real or relating in anyway to anyone real or any real events, this is just a story/fantasy of mine.this is my story and nobody elses, so please respect that. im looking for feedback/comments. if you dont like it thats ok just dont be an ******* about it try to be nice, k? thanks


*BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* My alarm screams in my ear, earlier than normal. Smiling I roll out of bed thinking that today is the day, nothing is gonna get me down. Today is my girlfriend and I’s 2 year anniversary and I plan on proposing to her tonight. I already have the ring as well as a reservation at the restaurant that she’s wanted to go to for a long time, all I have to do is wait and pray.

As I make my way to my apartment’s bathroom, my wet diaper crinkling as I waddle along, I stop and think of what it would be like to wake up in the mornings next to her, holding her close my diaper pressed to her. I can’t help but get hard, my cock pitching a tent begging to be set free begging to be inside her again, having her bouncing and writhing on me while she sucks on a pacifier, a diaper under me collecting our juices for later. As much as I am turned on as it makes me, I still fear how she will take my biggest secret. I have been wanting to tell someone for a long time, to share and talk to someone about my fetish, to confide in her most of all, but in the end I always chicken out and avoid it but after tonight that will change.

I was never into sports, hate them almost, just don’t see why most people put so much into them. So because of that I was not a very popular kid in high school didn’t have a girlfriend till my senior year. Thought I was in love until she shattered my heart, destroying and defiling the love I had given her. After that I didn’t think that I would ever know love or have my own family. That all changed when I met her, until I met Kayla. She has showed me more love and understanding then I have ever known. That why I should know that she will accept me and my fetish. Accept my love for diapers and want to take care of an AB girl.
I’m sure she will understand, my beautiful five foot three inch love has started calling me Daddy, acts like a toddler on more than one occasion. She has colored me many pictures; some while cuddling in bed others while sucking a pacifier, her pacifier. All of that let me to see her as an AB, my AB.
I turn the shower on, steam fogging up the mirror. I look down gaging the condition of my night diaper, somewhat wet but not completely, not yet. Relaxing a bit I let my bladder empty its contents, warm urine soaking in, dripping down my balls. Ahhh, sweet euphoria, utter bliss, this is something I want to share with her. Undoing the tapes with four load ripping, sounds letting it fall and splat loudly to the tiled floor as I step into the shower.

I slowly start jerking my 8 hard inches thinking of Kayla naked except for a very wet diaper, sitting in bed rubbing and pinching her beautiful DD breasts as I kneel nest her, my cock at the lips of her mouth. She slowly sucks me into her warm wet mouth, her tongue flicking the underside of my cock. One hand caressing my balls the other snakes down inside her diapers, stroking and fingering her clit and pussy, vibrating me as she moans. I stop her after a couple minutes, cupping her chin kissing her, one hand on her diapered mound pressing hard. “Turn around Babygirl, let me see your naughty wet diapered ass. Show Daddy you’re his good girl.” “Yes Daddy,” came her reply.

A grin spreading across her face as she bends over onto her hands and knees, seductively wiggling her wet ass at me: “see Daddy, I’s a a very good girl, I pottied lots ins my diapee!!” “Yes you did Babygirl, and now you’re going to get your reward for being Daddy’s good girl,” I tell her as I undo the bottom to tabs on her heavy diaper pressing it to the side of her beautiful bald pussy, running my fingers between her lips to her clit collecting her juices. “Oh Daddy, please….please. it feels so nice,” she moans as she pressing onto my hand. “Tut Tut Babygirl,” as I slap her diapered ass bringing my fingers to my mouth and sucking them clean, “ mmmmm, you taste so good Baby, now you can get your treat.”

A giddy happy squeal escapes her lips followed by a deep pleasure filled moan as I press the head of my cock to her, sliding inch by inch into her. Feeling her grip me like warm wet velvet, squeezing my entire cock till my balls press against her wet warm diaper. “Oh Daddy, yes yes Daddy. Fuck me like s dirty slut, I’m your dirty slut, Daddies dirty slut. Fuck yes! *giggle* oppsie, I going potty now Daddy,” she moaned. Sure enough she was peeing with me inside her. Pulling her diaper down and under my balls I collect as much as I can inside her diaper. “Oh Babygirl. Naughty naughty girl, Daddys dirty lil’ slut peeing while she’s getting a treat, am I gonna have to punish you?” I ask as I pump in and out of her. “Yes! Yes Daddy, punish your naughty diaper slut!!” she moans as she throws herself back onto my cock. I pull out of her turning her around, “suck Daddys bottle babygirl, clean your juices off it like a good diaper slut.” I didn’t need to tell her twice, in less than 3 seconds she had my cock in her mouth eagerly suck and slurping her cum of me.

After im satisfied she did a good job I push her back, pulling her to the edge of the bed lifting her ankles onto my shoulders as I slam my cock balls deep back into her dripping pussy. “OH DADDY!!! YES!! YES!!! OH MY!! IM CUMMING IM CUMMING SO HARD DADDY, IM CUMMING ON YOUR COCK!!!” With that I can feel her tight pussy grip me harder, squeezing me harder and tighter. I let up a little, slowing to a stop to let her catch her breath. After a bit she looks at me, a twisted lil grin, pressing a finger to her bottom lip. “oppsie!!, sorry daddy I had an accident in my diapee again.” She says as she rubs plays with her nipples. That’s when I smell it. A slow smile spreading across my face as I reach under her feeling the mess, no, the huge load she left as she came.
I press her huge stinky pile into her ass, mushing it around, I can feel her pussy pulsating around me again getting wetter and wetter. “Naughty naughty baby, messing your diaper while Daddy fucks you, you’re my dirty dirty slut. You love it when daddy rubs your dirty diaper into you while he fucks your tight pussy.” “Yes Daddy, I’m your dirty diaper slut. I love having my dirt diaper rubbed and played with while you fuck me. Please fuck me harder daddy!”

With that last thought I came, shooting string after string of hot cum across the shower to be washed down the drain. Finally after getting that out of my system I finish my now cold shower. Planning out how tonight will go as I re-diaper myself in 2 abena m4’s slitting the first one to insure proper pretection.
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