Baby Thor
I've been watching alot of Super Hero Squad and I've been wanting to do this to my favorite character Thor ^^ Hope you like and enjoy!
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If you read my fiwst stowy you will know how I wite ^ ^ But I hope woo enjoy this!!  

*We meet our hero's at the their head quarters*

Iron Man: *walks into the main room* Listen up Squadies! Doom is at it again only this time he has a new machine!
Wolverine: What's this new machine Metal head?
Iron Man: I'm not to sure but it's pretty strange cause anytime he zaps someone with it the person winds up crying their heads off
Hulk: People cry like big babies!
Silver Surfer: That's odd...Why would Doom make a machine that makes full grown people cry?
Iron Man: I don't know but we gotta stop him before it too late!
Thor: Thou is right! We must save the people from Doom's evil plan!
Iron Man: Then let's hero up Squadies!

*Meanwhile in the city Doom reaks his havick on Super Hero City*
Doom: I know that fractal is here somewhere and with nobody to stop me!!! *laughs manically*
Iron Man: Not so fast Doom!!
Doom: Oh...It's you guys! *points his gun at them* How about I try my new toy out on you guys!
Iron Man: Sorry Doom I don't have time to cry right now *goes after him*
Doom: Cry? wahahahhha! This little ray gun will do more than make you cry!! Wolverine: You'll be the one who's crying by time I get ahold of you!! *fights off one of Dooms minions*
Murdock: Sir use the ray on one of the Squad members!
Doom: Good idea...With one of their members in this condition they'll be so busy I'll be able to get the rest of the fractals!
Doom: I'll take out their leader Iron Man! *aims the ray at Iron Man
Hulk: No hurt Iron Man *jumps on Doom's back causing him to fall to the ground*
Doom: Aaaaaaah!! *screams and accidently pulls the trigger on the ray gun and the ray shoots up into the air towards Thor who was hovering above*
Thor: Oh no! *cringes in pain as the ray strikes him in the gut then shortly dies off causing Thor to hurl to the ground completely knocked out*
Iron Man: *quickly grabs him before he hits the ground* Hulk lets go Thor's out cold!
Hulk: *lets go of Doom and runs after the gang*
Doom: *chuckles evily* I didn't hit who I wanted but I got one of them!
Murdock: Sir? What exactly does that ray do to people?
Doom: Heheheh what's the most helpless thing on this planet?
Murdock: Uhhh...animals?
Doom: No you idiot!! Infants!!
Murdock: So that ray will turn Thor into a infant?
Doom: Ugh...Why is good help so hard to find?!

*Meanwhile back at head quarters the squad is in Thor's bedroom just waiting for him to wake up*
Thor: *snoring softly while his gold,blonde hair lays gently on his shoulders*
Wolverine: Hopely that ray didn't do anything to him.
Iron Man: He should be waking up by now according to my readings.
Thor: *stirs and opens his eye's quickly scanning the room*
Silver Surfer: Looks like sleeping beauty finally woke up *chuckles abit*
Iron Man: I geuss so..So Thor how you feeling?
Thor: *doesn't speak but stares at Iron Man in confusion*
Wolverine: Not talking much eh? Maybe that ray messed up his voice..
Thor: *quickly moves away from Wolverine in fear*
Wolverine: Thor? What's up with you?

To be continued! :)

Will the Gang find out what's wrong with Thor and will Thor snap out of the ray's power? Find out in the second part!
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Miki Yamuri
Thisa neat story ... wanna sees what Thor do now


The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Mina Silverwind
I am interested to see how this goes, keep up the great work as a writer, and this rocks as a story.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby StarShine
Thank you ^ ^ I should be witing mowe soon ^ ^ I'm actually updating it today  

 Thisa neat story ... wanna sees what Thor do now

Baby StarShine
Thank you ^ ^ I should have mowe soon! I'm actually updating today 

 I am interested to see how this goes, keep up the great work as a writer, and this rocks as a story.  

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