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do u know what you're doing?
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"Story by Keligo ;
 So I'm 37, hard working 40 hour job...and average male life....
I see the fact that some people are "freaks...and I get intrigued, and try it out to see what the "hype" was I started wearing Diapers and after a while 24/7....well I'd get off on iit from time to time...(weird)...but what ever right?....

    so I meet this woman on line...she tracked me down... and we started talking...but after a while...long ass while...we finally met...she's like aww I was cute(I was wearing a pair of jeans,  9 1/2 shoes diaper and  32 b bra and stoner t-shirt as  my hair was male and facial hair... so we went back and no word of a lie...she had a full size nursery and we both had drinks...and smoked some really good "snoop dog" type strength weed I was so stoned I passed out...and I woke up in a new diaper, diaper dress, and in a crib with a pacifier in my mouth as she says you're my daughter girl
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Baby Butch
Short but sweet - interesting scanero with a good outcome!

Very nice short story  
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