The Baby Doll ( PG )
A simple need for a haircut changes a young man's life forever
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Title: The Baby Doll


Judas Ariet, 20, prospective business firm employee

Laurie Simmons - 21 yo make over specialist

Scene: The Baby doll Salon


Judas Airet had a very important job interview with the CEO of Firmware Enterprises that evening. Before he could go to this interview though, he had to get a haircut. What really hurt, was that being a Sunday, no place was open. Judas journeyed around the city for a full two hours, with little luck, until he found one place open; the Baby doll Salon.
Realizing it was this or nothing, Judas parked his car at a meter, then walked into the shop.

He sees very pretty girl sitting at the counter and says, "Hello?"

Laurie had been sitting at the counter, distractedly looking over a magazine when a very handsome young man with long black hair walked in. She looks up at his greeting and smiles radiantly as she says in a cooing cute voice, "Well hello. How can I help you today? Would you like a shampoo and a style? We can make you very pretty very quickly."

This young man was perfect for what Laurie needed and he was right on time.

Noting her cute look and greeting, Judas blushed a bit and nodded. "Er, yes please. I have an important interview later today, so I need your best treatment.'

Laurie wiggles off her stool and walks around the front of the counter. She had on an adorable and very short sundress and shiny black strap on slippers. She looked the world like a babydoll to Judas. Laurie took him by his hand and gently lead him to the back.

She giggles a bit and says in her cute voice, "I promise you will be given the most expert treatment you ever had."

She leads Judas to a grooming chair in front of a large counter with a hair washing sink.

She continues, "Please have a seat, and I will get started with your makeover immediately. When I'm done, you'll be perfect."

He nods a bit, sitting down in the chair and getting comfortable, as she leads him over. "Alright."

Laurie walks over to a desk across the room and picks up a clipboard with many pages attached and a pen. She returns and hands it to Judas.

In her cute giggly voice she says, "All right sweetie, I need you to fill out these forms, and give me your wallet and keys so I can put them in the safe for you so they won't get lost while we do this."

She points to the large floor safe at the far end of the room. Looking over at the safe, he nods and turns his attention back to the forms. Without even reading them, he fills them out and signs his name on the dotted line, and handed it back over. "Here."

Laurie takes the clipboard and examines each page. When she was satified, she holds out her hand and says, "Keys and wallet??"

She stands in a very adorable way as she waits. He digs his hand into his pocket, pulls out both, and hands them over. Laurie takes the keys and Wallet along with the clipboard and walks to the safe. Judas watches as she opens the safe and places them all in a drawer.

She attaches a name tag to the drawer and shuts and locks it. She in turn locks the safe as well. She skips back to Judas and hands him the key to the Drawer. Taking the key, he quickly pockets it into his pants.

Laurie coos sweetly, "That key is important, so keep up with it. Now, first thing we gonna do, is wash your pretty hair."

She lays the chair back and Judas finds his neck cradled in a soft cushiony place in the sink. He sees Laurie take a bottle of pink liquid and pour it generously into his scalp as she wet it completely with a spray nozzle. As she starts the shampooing and massaging, Judas closes his eyes, letting her get to work.

Laurie coos, "I promise to be quick and painless ... except for this one little thing ... "

There is a hissing pop and a very sharp sting in his neck. He can feel something icy cold quickly spreading through his body. Judas blinks a bit, hissing through his teeth and grunting at the shot. "Ow! What was that?!" as he feels his body relaxing totally.

Laurie bends down and coos softly, "That sweet heart, is the first step to becoming a baby doll. Thats what we do here, we make babydolls."

She massages his hair completely until it is full of bubbles. The wonderful aroma of Jasmine fills the air. Laurie gently rinses all the soap out of his hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and full of cute curls.

Laurie unbuttons Judas shirt and unbuckles his pants. She reaches in and takes the key back and ties a pink ribbon around it and hangs it around her neck.

She coos softly, "Ok, babydoll, I'm going to remove all of your adulthood and manhood. When I'm done, you will be a very adorable little baby girl doll. You will fetch a high price too. Cute ones like you always do."

She helps him to stand up as she removes the rest of his clothes. Eyes widening as he hears this, the boy gasps and starts squirming, as Laurie removes his clothes until he's in just his underwear.

He gasps out helplessly in a voice that sounds more like a little girls than his own, "What?! No, you can't!"

Laurie had taken all of Judas' clothes off except his undies.

She replies, "Oh, but I can silly. You agreed to it and so much more. You gave us total Power of attorney over you and all of your estates and accounts. We will use them for our benefit as you requested in the forms you filled out."

Judas gasps, shocked. He is totally horrified that the paperwork he signed gave them this power. He immediately tries to squirm and escape from Laurie's grasp.

Laurie leads the almost paralyzed youth back through a door far in the rear of the shop. It closes with an ominous click. It was very apparent a lock had fastened when it shut. She leads him down a short hall into another room. This room was a very well stocked bathroom and changing room. There was no mistaking that this room was for bathing and dressing little baby girls. Laurie pulls down his undies and tosses them into a trash bin.

She coos sweetly, "A babydoll has no need of boys undies ever again."

Judas tries to struggle but is finding his body not obeying what he wants it to do. Laurie turns and starts the water. She makes it very comfortably warm. She takes a large bottle of amber gel and pours it into the water. The wonderful smell of honeysuckle fills the room.

She picks up a pen looking devise and turns back to Judas. She giggles and says in a sweet voice, "Now, babydoll, I'm going to give you a bath. It will remove all the hair from your body except on your scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. The shampoo I gave you first will make sure your beautiful curls remain."

She takes the pen looking devise and touches it to his male parts. There are 3 hissing pops. Judas feels no pain, but he does feel a weird hot sensation all through his body. His head begins to buzz and he feels ... cramped some how ... like he is bigger on the inside ... than he is on the outside. Laurie helps him into the warm tingly water and has him sit.

By this time Judas is very weak, naked, and dizzy. There are many strange and wonderful sensations running all through him, especially in his crotch. Now in the tub, he squirms a bit, rubbing water out of his eyes, while the concoctions starts reversing and sucking in his male parts.

Laurie bends down beside the tub and begins to lather a large and fuzzy wash cloth with a sweet herbal smelling soap.

She coos softly, "Don't be afraid babydoll. You will be a cute baby girl doll in no time. It might feel a bit cramped as your body shrinks some ... but it will stop and feel wonderful when you get to 3 feet tall."

She washes Judas gently all over and in his squeaky places making sure not to miss any thing. She smiles as she watches Judas shrink and his skin change as he becomes a living doll.

The boy is in shock, blushing and wiggling as she starts washing him. He is overwhelmed by what she's telling him. Even as it starts happening, he can't believe he'll soon be a 3-foot tall baby girl doll. He feels the sensations on his skin as it changes. He is horrified.

Laurie helps Judas stand up and get out of the tub. He finds himself standing on a very thick and soft bath mat. Laurie picks up a huge and thick towel and dries Judas from top to bottom briskly, making sure to not disturb his pretty curls in any way.

When she is done, she gently takes one of his hands and puts it between his legs so he can feel ... he has no male parts anymore. Looking down, he gasps. Not even nubs are left, all of his manhood has retreated into his body, leaving him with a small infantile girlhood.

Laurie takes Judass nipples softly in her fingers and tugs. They stay where she leaves them in just noticeable bumps.

Laurie coos softly, "Now sweetheart, you can't keep the name you came to me with ... I think I'll call you ... Judy ... yes, that's it ... you'll be a Judy Doll."

He blushes more, fussing as Laurie inspects his new toddler-esque girl body and shapes his bottom with her hands into a cute one.

He whines in an adorably cute little girl voice, "No! My name is Judas! Judas Ariet!"

Laurie giggles and coos softly, "Not any more, you're a Judy Doll. Now, I'm going to dress you so you can see how adorable you will be. Your little girl will be so pleased with you too."

Laurie picks Judy up suddenly. Judy realizes she's only a few feet tall now. Judy feels the padded surface of the changing counter on her back as she is gently laid on it. Laurie bends and blows a loud raspberry in her tummy. Surprised, Judas giggles as he's laid down and tickled. He's completely shocked at what's happening, and powerless to do anything about it.

Laurie kisses Judy on her nose and coos softly, "See?? It doesn't hurt to become a babydoll, now does it? After a few weeks, youll feel all normal."

Judas wiggles more at the attention as he realizes he is being made into a babydoll to be sold to someone's child. He tries as hard as he can to escape, but finds he is totally helpless. A wonderfully strange and euphoric sensation fills his mind and body. He has a very hard time being upset over what's happening ... he has to really struggle to keep his anxiety level up.

Laurie lifts Judy by her ankles and puts a super thick cloth diaper under her. Laurie puts lots of baby powder in the diaper, then sets Judy's hinny in it. She powders her very generously in the front. The wonderful sweet smell of baby powder fill Judy's nose as Laurie pulls the diaper between her legs and pins it on with special locking diaper pins.

Laurie tickles Judys feet gently as she kisses each toe. Now in diapers, likely for the rest of his life, Judas giggles more as Laurie starts kissing and tickling him. He suddenly comes back to himself as he realizes he was getting lost in the attention. He knows there is no way to resist ... he is afraid he will very soon forget he was ever anything other than a Living doll ... he is even more terrified.

Laurie stands Judy on her feet on the floor. She lets Judy brace herself against her thigh as she reaches over and picks up a cute pair of rumba panties all in a fairytale theme.

Laurie holds them out and coos softly, "Ok, babydoll, step into your panties like a good doll."

Judas can't do anything to resist. Wobbling, he sways a bit, before stepping into the panties so Laurie can pull them up. Laurie pulls them up over the hugely thick diaper and pats Judy reassuringly on her bottom. Laurie knows the diaper will make Judy waddle in an adorable way as it is designed to do. All of Judys diapers are this way. Judy will be an adorable toddler doll.

Bottom patted, he blushes and murmurs a bit, squirming to try and get away before she can continue. Nothing he tries works. For all intents and purposes, all of his actions appear to be those of a cute, happy baby girl.

Laurie coos softly, "You have nothing to worry about. I know you've seen the ad's on TV about the new Companion dolls for little girls? The new smart toys? Well ... you are now one of them and will make some lonely girl very happy."

She turns as Judy holds onto her and picks up the babydoll top. Laurie continues, "Hold up your arms so I can get you into your dress."

Blushing more, he raises his arms, unable to help himself as she fetches the rest of his outfit.

"But I don't wanna be a doll..." he whined in his adorable voice.

Laurie gently fits Judy's hands into the puffy sleeves and pulls the dress over her head. It settles over her body and tickles her skin as the soft satin settles. Laurie zips it up and places a bright white crocheted pinafore over Judy's neck and ties it into a cute bow in the back.

As Laurie puts a pair of soft shiny black straps on the floor she coos softly, "It doesn't matter what you want silly babydoll. It's what you are now that counts, and you ... are a very expensive companion doll named Judy."

She pats Judy on her hinny again reassuringly as she bends down and helps Judy into her new slippers. Laurie takes Judy by her hand and leads her to a mirror so she can see how adorable a babydoll she had become.

Dressed and now in cute ruffle bottomed panties and shiny black strap on shoes, Judas blushes as he's led over and gets a look at himself in the mirror. Seeing his reflection, he swoons, nearly fainting. Looking back from the mirror, is one of the most adorable babydolls he has ever seen. Just like the ones he's seen advertised on The Vids. He knows, there's no way out.

Laurie bends and whispers softly into Judy's ear, "Now sweetheart, one of the cute things about a companion babydoll ... is they are unpotty trained and only about 3 years old. When your little girl opens the box you're in, you will be unable to do or act in any way other than as a cute and adorable living babydoll. We do allow you to keep your mind so that the babydoll part of you can be a smart toy and react properly."

Laurie pats Judy again on her hinny. Judy feels a wonderful sensation run through her when her hinny was patted. She can't help herself, she giggles in an adorable manner and blushes softly.

Laurie coos softly, "Now, don't be afraid babydoll ... you have to be packaged for shipment. I know it is kind of scary, but when your box is opened, you'll make a very lonely girl very happy."

She kisses Judy softly on her cheek as she leads her through a door. Blushing as he's kissed, the shy living doll let's the woman lead her farther into the back, now a convincing toddler girl.

When they reach the far back room, there is this very strange looking metal box. It is lined with pink satin and has a keypad and a LCD screen on the side. On a large plate are the words, ˜ Genuine Living Companion Doll. Laurie leads the squirming Judy to the box and puts her in it. She fastens a name tag to the front of Judys dress. It says simply, My name is Judy.

The soft satin lining caresses Judy and forms to her body holding her firmly in place. Judy tries to struggle against it, but is engulfing softness prevents any movement on her part in any way. Laurie gives Judy one more kiss on her nose, then shuts the lid. Judy can see Laurie waving bye bye through the view window as a soft fog fills her existence. She can still think ... she has no other outside sensations at all. She can feel wonderful sensation running all through her body. In the deep recesses of her mind, Judy hears the life instructions that make her what she will be ... for the rest of her life.

Judas is shocked and near tears at his fate. There is nothing he can do as he is put into the box, sealed in, and put to sleep, beginning his life as a Real Living Companion Baby doll

  Laurie knows the President's daughter will love her new Companion Judy Doll.  

-The End-
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Baby Flo
Poor Judy, I think it is a cruel fate, but the story is really good! Thanks!
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
great story
Baby Yasmine

Wow! As you often do, Miki, you're blending very exciting (to me, and to many others at SK I daresay) themes with very scary ones, but it's that exciting-plus-scary mix that makes people ride roller coasters! I know it's just a story, of course, but what makes it scary is ...

How much of a doll is (s)he now? Is Judy made of plastic now? If something goes wrong with her, does she go to a doctor or a toymaker?

I'm sure she'll have to eat and drink in order to wet and mess her diapers, like all dolls that do that, but does she have to eat and drink to stay alive? What happens if she gets put in the closet for a few days, or if his new owner grows up and decides she's too big for dolls? How much self-mobility does Judy have?

What happens to his life when he doesn't show up for the job interview? Obviously he doesn't get the job, but won't people come looking for him? But even if they find him ... what then? Can the process be reversed? What if it can't?

We don't know that much about his life before this, actually ... that does lessen the impact of what happens to him, but since what happens is so drastic, perhaps some lessening of the impact is a good thing. Also, it lets us put ourselves in his shoes more easily.
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I was wondering a few of the same things that LilJennie said but there's always room for a sequel. Personally I'd love to see how the lucky little girl interacts with Judy and how Judy feels about being a baby doll for the little girl. ^_^ There's a lot to explore because of the concepts raised, so I'd like to see how the story could progress and how people feel about the baby dolls. Clearly they're quite popular, given they're advertised on television but I'm guessing that people don't know how they're made. :)
Cute story I think being shipped would be really scary though.
Miki Yamuri
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baby doll

the story baby doll ever thought about putting it to a movie or tv .sound like a good episode for tales from the dark side or creep show
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

Definitely a scary concept, and not a fantasy I could share, but very effectively and sensually realised. You have a unique gift for dramatising these ideas.
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