XXX Austin Powers was turned into a fembot!
This is a twist to the first Austin Powers story! It was going to be a caption, but it ended up being too big to fit on an image lol.
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   While Austin Powers was invading Dr. Evil's lair a door suddenly closed behind him a bit too close! A wall revolved around revealing a giant luxurious pink bed full of fembots. They flipped around fast enough to grab Austin with their legs, while another fembot covered Austin in pink smoke. What Austin didn't know was Frau Farbissina, who was working for Dr. Evil, designed the pink smoke to have little micro robots to invade the body of anyone who inhaled them, and transform them into a cyborg version of a fembot rather than an android. They will be half human, but they will not be able to resist anything Frau Farbissina says. That was not enough to stop Austin from working his mojo on the fembots who all exploded in a cross mojonation! Vanessa caught Austin at an awkward moment in his underwear. They, and secret agent soldiers left with Austin feeling a bit funny.

  They hid as they saw they were close to the drill Dr. Evil would like to use to drill to the center of the Earth covering all the cities of the Earth with liquid hot magma. Vanessa said, "What's the plan Austin?" Austin spoke in a much higher pitch then usual. "Stop being funny Austin! Wow have you lost weight? How come your face seems thinner, and more smooth?? Never mind! We'll just have to detonate that door, and burst in." As the door exploded, and they ran into the room, firing many shots. Austin saw the big drill, and didn't know why but he became very randy just looking at it. Breaking his attention, someone came in from behind him. Austin turned around to shoot, but suddenly two giant breasts grew out, breaking through his shirt, his nipples turned into gun barrels, and fired a few shots before Austin could even use the gun! Austin in complete surprise let out a girlish moan as the breasts came out, and then the barrels moved back in.

  Vanessa's mouth dropped as she saw the whole thing! "Oh my god Austin! You look like you could fit into one of my outfits! We better get out of here! Dr. Evil got away, and the place is about to explode!" Back at the headquarters Austin was in the agency's doctors office. The doctor said, "I don't know how they did it Austin, but I'm finding little bots all over your body. You've shrunk 5 inches, you have a slight hourglass figure, and your hair has grown down past your shoulders! I'm also sorry, but your penis shrunk in size, and looks to be getting smaller." "Erm, actually that's the same size it's always been, which is why I wrote this best selling book about penis pumps!.." Austin said, as Vanessa walked into the room. "..I mean, yes it's terrible! My penis is even shrinking!" "You may have to live as a girl until we get this figured out, good luck sir, uh, mam!"

  What they didn't know was Vanessa was secretly a fembot, and was really enjoying this situation, as much as an android fembot can. "How about we call you Ashley Powers darling? Come with me, let's go shopping for some lovely outfits for you to wear!" Something clicked in Austin's head as he saw Vanessa's eyes glowing, and suddenly he thought he has to do everything Vanessa says.

  They went to a beautiful clothing boutique. Vanessa kept choosing the most girlish, and skimpy outfits, until she finally put Ashley Powers into a hot short pink dress. Ashley Powers felt so exposed. Then suddenly the micro bots made Ashley Powers filled with many new girlish thought's and feelings! She felt her libido increase in size as her ass suddenly grew out, and her breasts became larger! A couple minutes later stylists came in, and did Ashley Power's makeup, and hair.

  Frau Farbissina was now aware of Austin being turned into a fembot, and was controlling Vanessa. Vanessa said oddly in Frau's german accent, "I'm afraid that vee may have to mess up your pretty vittle outfit after vee just put it on. Bring in zee studs!" Suddenly two hot guys with their shirts off showing their big muscles walked in the room. Ashley Powers felt very turned on while Austin's mind was still somewhat aware of what was going on, but had no control over what Ashley Powers did. She felt herself uncontrollably walking over to the guys, and beginning to flirt with them. "Hey big boys, what do you think of my outfit?" said Ashley as she shakes her ass. Inside she couldn't believe what she was saying! "Oh babe, it's so hot." said one of the guys.

  Vanessa said, "Darling you vill get a full taste of your future my dear." One of the guys got up behind her, and put his hands around her. She could feel he wasn't wearing pants anymore. Ashley stuck her ass out, arching her back enough for her head to press against his chest, and let out a moan. Then the other guy came in front of her, and unzipped his pants, and a giant dick fell out. Ashley could feel her mouth watering, as she got on all fours, and crawled over to his big cock.

  She wrapped her hands around it, and was shocked that she could take it all completely in her mouth. "My vittle micro bots made you throat soft, and easy to take in any size cock that pop in your pretty vittle mouth. You vill also experience orgasms so intense you vill only be vondering who to have sex with next!" Ashley's body wracked up in intense pleasure as she felt the other guy sticking his dick into her ass! Then her feelings doubled in intensity. Even Austin's able self faded way into the background, and all she could think about is girly, and slutty thoughts, and sensations!

  Then she could fill them creaming inside of her, and she suddenly felt her breast were even growing larger. The guy behind her pulled his dick out and creamed all over her dress, and the other guy creamed all over her face, and she loved it! Vanessa said, "Good, vee got all of zat on video! Erotic film companies would love to have you, my prissy whore! I can't have you with my other fembots, and giving zee agency a chance to change you back. So you'll be sent off, and become a sexy famous vittle porn star!" By now Austin was completely thinking like Ashley Powers who was giddy at the thought of being a famous porn star! Then Vanessa dressed Ashley in the official fembot baby doll lingerie.

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Ah I nice change to a classic story. Wonderful work!
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