auntie mirah adopts jack (pg still minor lauage)
it leaves off where the last story left jack (new char) is left with auntie mirah right before his junkie mother dies read to find out
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its my attempt aty a good story if speeling errors please be kind and help me

I sadly said bye to stacy and her mother karen they were both very nice and kind i see them leave and hang out with mirah at the park some more when al of a sudden i hear aunties cellphone ring.She awnsered it and asked who it was at first she said jessica wait what im not sure "why cant you then fine okay i guess for a few days thenhell be god right then okay then".SHe hung up the phone and told us the story well sweeties your cousin jack is coming i assume youve met him once before right renee.I nodded once he was older than me but it wqas right after mirah he was nice i guess but distant until i realized it i had no reason why he was that way i expected him to be tal as me and a mean bully type. umm auntie can i go to the potty like a normal girl i like my diapers but i dun wana mess in them anymore im sorry if i seem this way. HMmm well you are a good girl i guess so since your only hre for two weeks you can go to the potty but id rather have you be safe than sorry so just wear the diapers still okay.I could tell by the look of auntie mirah she was worried about him as well. We arrived at the house early but they hadent shown up yet i was relived i told mirah i need ed to go no 2 and she led me up to the upstairs bathroom and let me do a no 2 which felt almost foreign the toilet but it was kinda nice sitting on it but i puled up my diaper mirah makeing sure it was snugly on and waited at the door when i sayw a sort old car come by the driveway. Jack had arrived from the car and came up to the front his motr left as soon as he got his one suitcase seemed old and used alot he was surprsingly my size an inch or two difference depending on shoes.he walked up to the door and rang the bel*i looked at him as i opened the door i greeted him my diaper pokeing out he asked to meet auntie and i showed him to her.Jack how are you i havent seen you since you were so little you look hungr are oyu child i can fix you something maybe thirsty too.He blushed a bit and noded to both and meekly asked for a glass of water Auntie was surprised how polite he was and gave him a glass of water and told hm to go in the den for now where i had decided to run off and play with ashly and her blocks.I saw him watch tv he was very quiet and watche d alittle bit d thought to himself before coming towards us embarresed he saw my diaper I blushed a shade of pink as i knew it was wet and auntie would change me soon i covered it usp as i saw him go back to watch some more all of a sudden i heard the doorbell ring and loud knocks at the door.Auntie ran towards the door seing who it was i saw two large police officer types ask for jack orton*he came overtowards them a but scared.Um sir we have some bad news about your mother she had died in an accident about 45 minutes ago is hshe okay sir umm i cant say son but shes dead the officers talked to mirrah and left after 15 minutes of talking shes a bit upset biuut jack at first i saw him shocked and quiet all of a sudden i began to see him sob quetly i was nervous and a bit worried he didnt seem mean bt i could tell he never expected it.I wanted to go over to him but a biuit afraid i watch him ball up and go upstairs in my room and begin to cry.He was queit at it i only heard a sob oor two but when mirah changed us and took us to bed after dinner which he skipped due to this accident*i was about to ask for my bed when mirah came up to me and told me to leave him alone as it would be best with a smile. i was nervous she gave me a bath before i went to bed and changed my clothes into pajams in 15 minutes i feel asleep waiting for the next morning

I Awoke to some soft sniffiling and sadness as i could see jack was still upset but he was now asleep i noticed the bed he slept in was wet i was a little nervous and i was interupted by aunt mirah who asked me quietly what i was doing . I left the room a bit nervous as i got prepared for my morning diaper change by her.It was quick and simple i notice i was called up a few minutes later to help her change the bed sheets and prove to her how responsible i could be. It was simple and quick as i was taken down stairs i could see jack wasent wearing a diaper i figured out that mirah decided it was best not to humiliate him especally on his first night living with us and right after his mothers death so i saw her begin to make us lunch first inspecting my diaper which to my gladness was not messy and amy whos diaper was not only wet but messy after dealing with this i saw her begin to fix us all lunch.
Jack ate the quietest I acidently said foolishly does jack need diapers causing hhim to cry i could see mirah was mad at me
I immeditly began to eep as i saw mirah look very upset at me. I told her it was an accidnet and i didnt mean for it to happen. I came back to the tabble and began to apologize to a still sniffleing jack which i comforted him nicely telling him it would be okay. After doing that i walked outside on a sunny day and began to play with ashley who was cutely diapered as always. I felt during the cousre of the day i wet my self lightly meanwhile i saw jack practically sad and still upset i wanted to go over towards him with a good sense but scaridly i stayed away still a bit worried. I mustered the courage to make small talk to him as i began to go through with it. I walked over to him and asked if he is okay and apologized, "listin im completly sorry about what i said i never meant to be so rude""its fine renee its okay"he looked at me nervously and backed off scared.It felt fairly awkward the situation i was wondering what was going on. dinner came around and was fairley tastey mirah and i helping her cooked up woderul chicken dumplings. After dinner was fairly simple i played with ashley until bedtime auntie checked me i used my diaper like she told me too.*i was changed first i felt mirah wipe my area nice and clean calling me a good baby girl, then ashly was next she used hers like a baby and we were taken both up to bed*i secretly snuck out and overheard jack and mirah,"i dont need those "okay sweetie but if another accident i want you to wear these okay sweetie i just dont want any accidents or change the sheets so ofton.
It was simple i saw mirah coming out i ran to my room and come to tuck me in i felt a little bnervous but i decided to pretend i was asleep

(heres part one itsd a sad but happy end i promise)
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aaw such a sweet story. A few suggestions to use the spell checker on a word program and make paragraphs at least every four sentences sweety :) but other than that it was sweet. make sure if you havent already to mark it pg since theres minors.

>>huggles and snuggles
imma orphan lil love pet :)

Mina Silverwind
I adore what you have so far, thanks for sharing as always, and you are an excellent writer.
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i too like what u have so far. As Lil One suggested if you use a spell checker there would be no need to appologise in advance. :)

if you wish to use babyish "phoenetic" spelling ie the way it sounds, thats fine too, just give a little heads up :)

and ofcourse some paragraphs to break up the story from being 1 continuous statement.

another way to look at it, put breaks where you would if you were speaking it. and it would flow much better and be easier to read. :)

pwease wite moor. xoxo
im adding a piece by piece bit
so we ask that you look at the story thats starting out
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
Nice story, keep it up!

 *i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*  

it goes on: I got up and saw that duty IS beauty.
Super start to a story :)
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