All R aunt betty made me a baby
a young man meets his cousin and an aunt who likes to diaper them both.
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*all characters situations and events are complacently fictitious.*

my name lee. i'm 19 and lived with my mother and father. one day my father died in a motorcycle accident. my mother called for her sister to come over and help out around the house and be there for emotional support. one day the door bell rang.

"lee can you get that?"
said his mother from her bedroom

I went down stairs and opened the door to see a woman with black curly hair and a white dress that shown of her hour glass shape

"hi sweetie. im your aunt betty"

she hugged me and was the same size as i was. but when she hugged me i was able to see over her shoulder a guy who was my age and he was standing in a white disposable diaper and a t-shirt that covered half his belly button and dark blue velcro shoes with white socks that had little ducks on them.

"this is your cousin jake."

jake was sucking on a purple pacifier and he gave me a big smile and pulled it out and said.

"hello lee, its nice to see you. i hope we can become great friends"

"isnt he just the cutest? can you help me out and keep jakie some company?"

"yes mam"
i responded

"aww sweetie, call my aunt betty"
as she squeezed my side and i couldn't help but giggle.

i tried to recompose myself and said,
"yes aunt betty. come on jake we can go up to my room"

i felt strange as this guy who was my age was walking around so care free in a diaper where everyone could see it

when we got to my room jake said
"you are probably wondering about why im wearing a diaper"

i was way too curious

"i did wonder that"
i answered

"you cant imagine how good this feels and you can do almost anything you want. it also feels great and liberating to get a diaper change anywhere."

"how long have you been doing this?"
i asked

"two years ago my best friend died and i will admit i was pretty upset. my mom took me to a psychiatric dr. and she suggested i do some regression therapy. at first i was so humiliated, but she asked me if i wanted to play outside in the sand box in just my diaper and t-shirt and i agreed to do it and i felt a huge thrill."

i was interested but too embarrassed.
"i see"

"want to try it?"
said jake

"why would i want to do that?"
i said calmly

"well your daddy died didn't he? this might make you feel better"
said jake

"i will keep it as an option, but i think im okay jake."

"all right, the offer is always on the changing table"
jake giggled

i had to admit i really wanted to wear diapers and go outside like jake was doing. it seemed so taboo but i wanted to feel that rush.

that night i was at the dinner table with aunt betty and jake. mom was out at a female support group.
jake was in a chair and aunt betty was feeding him

"hay lee would you like me to help feed you?"
asked aunt betty

"no thank you aunt betty. i'm well capable of feeding myself."

"okay sweetie"

then later that night me and jake were watching some tv and aunt betty came in

"come on jake time for a bath, lee would you like some help taking a bath?"
she asked

"no i can take a shower on my own."

"well, okay. anyway its time to get cleaned up. you can shower in your mothers bathroom while i clean jake up in the main bathroom."

i went into moms shower and i got cleaned up and i took my dear sweet time. when i came out and into my bedroom with a towel around my waste i saw jake on the floor with his legs up in the air an a diaper being placed under his butt

"hi lee"
jake said happily s aunt betty was diapering him.

i was surprised,

"your just in time to get a diaper, have a set on the bed and i will get you next okay?"
said aunt betty

i didn't say anything and i sat down on the bed. i wasn't thinking and just saw the diaper being strapped on jake and i must of gotten hypnotized.

i was stairing at jakes diaper and it had a elephant pattern as the baby elephants were holding their tails going over the front. i saw jake get up and i saw the back pattern had a little elephant tail.
i then felt the towel get pulled away from me as i was completely naked siting on the bed.

"wait i...."
i said but trailed off as aunt betty was looking at me

"do you want a diaper?"
she asked

i was silent for half a minuet and said

"then lay down baby"

i was so nervous laying there as she was drying my off as i was staring at her as she looked threw a package of adult diapers with baby prints on them.

"do you want the same as jakie there? or do you want a little lion with a ribbon on the tail?"
she asked

"umm... lion please"

"aww you will be a cutie butt"

i blushed as she took my legs and lifted them up and slid the diaper underneath.
she then sprinkled baby powder over my crotch and i got a bit excited

"come on sweetie i need you to calm down so i can get your diaper on"
she said

i had a raging boner as both jake and aunt betty were watching it waiting for it to go down.

she pulled out a pink pacifier from a package and popped it in my mouth and i started to suck on it as my erection went back down.

i could feel the diaper tighten around my hips and between my crotch as she finished diapering me.

"do you have a t-shirt baby?"
i continued to suck but i sat up and i pointed to my closet as she pulled out a red t-shirt that i had deep in the back cause it was too small for me.

"this will be perfect! i think diapers always need to bee seen, don't you?"
said aunt betty as she slipped the t-shirt over me and my tummy popped out from under the t-shirt.

"stand up baby and lets get a look at you"

as aunt betty was getting a shirt on jake i looked in the mirror and saw my diaper that had baby lions playing with string on the front of my diaper i turned around and say the little lion tail that had the red ribbon in its tail.

i loved how i felt
"okay boys off to bed, is it okay if you boys sleep in the same room?"

jake looked at me

"sure i would be okay with that"
i said

"great it will allow me to keep all the baby supplies in one place its also great that you two are the same size."

she tucked us in and i fell straight to sleep.

end of chapter 1

*depending on the popularity of this story i will continue it. this is my first story and i want to know if this is what is wanted. suggestions on how the story should go are acceptable and appreciated thank you for reading."
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Baby Butch
I like your story so far and the writing style is fine. I like the way aunt Betty put the new guy in diapers so casually. I like diaper stories, please continue.
Not a bad effort...I won't bring up the usual things that some would nitpick about, but I would say to watch what you're writing a bit closer - there was one spot toward the beginning where you went from first person point of view to third person. You want to make sure your story stays consistent.
Very interesting. Like to see what Lee's mother thinks of it and willing to take Lee down babyhood lane. Because Lee has pink Paci does that mean he be wearing girly clothes?
krystala's sissy baby
i like the start of your story good work thank you
I really like it so I definitely think you should continue it.
Looking for friends
keep it coming i just love do not stop what will happen next will he go out side and play in just his diaper
   Aunty Betty can make me into a baby anytime more please??   
Im definately interested in the story.

Has a ton of potential... I like that aunt Betty and Jake are so casual about it... I'm wondering how his mom is gonna be seeing him back in diapers...

I hope you keep going on this story :)
This is the kind of story I really love. Being babied with care and affection. I really want to read more of this story, but being that it was written 7months ago and nothing added since, I doubt that more is coming. That is really a shame, the response seemed good, the story was lovely. Please reconsider and add to this one, I personally could use some babying done with love and tenderness. I hope his Mommy is aware of his Aunt's diapering of her son and is happy to have her own son in baby-land too.
        Alyssa Dee ... Once upon a time, an evil witch turned an ugly prince into a frog. Then came a Good Mommy Witch who kissed the frog and turned him into her Beautiful Baby Princess, and they lived Happily Ever After. 
I agree tons of potential... Would love to see it continued. Please
krystala's sissy baby
i would like to see aunt betty put him in cloth nappies and baby girl clothes will he be breastfed by anyone a great start to the story baby jason

You want popular you have it.  Keep it coming

i absolutely wuv wuv wuv ith sthory pwetty pwetty please continue the stowy.  and wet me know when you do.
i wuv your stories
lots of love
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