Ariel's New Baby by ~*ChristieLuv*~ (R)
Ariel is in love with Rachel and she has plans to bring out a side in her she never knew before
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Ariel's New Baby by ~*ChristieLuv*~
Ariel is in love with Rachel and she has plans to bring out a side in her she never knew before
Characters  (Babification), (Wearing Diapers), (Magic), (Gay Orientation), (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.), (Wetting Without Diapers On), (Wetting The Bed), (Vaginal Sex), (School Girl) - Rating  none - Chapters: 1
Published  01.08.06 - Completed: Yes

Rachel, an 18 year old highschool girl, was walking home from school with her friend Jenny. She didn't know Ariel her classmate had a big crush on her and is also a witch. She also really was into adultbabies. So she decided to make a spell that would gradually change her reality as if she grew up as Ariels adultbaby.

As they were talking Rachel noticed she really had to pee. She shrugged it off and kept talking. Then they pressure started to build even more and more. Until she was more dancing instead of walking. Then she felt a warm pee flodding in between her crotch and Jenny could see a growing oval coming out from the crotch of Rachels tight jeans and behind her on her bum. Rachel didn't know why but she had a growing sensation of pleasure from her little accident but then blushed beet red when she realized Jenny had saw the whole thing.

Did little Miss Pissypants have a accident? Jenny teased. Rachel explained she didn't know what happened and that could we please get home so I can change? Jenny agreed, she is a good freind of Rachel so Rachel trusts she wont tell everyone in the school about this to embarass her. "..but how will we sneak passed Mom when we get at my house?" Rachel said.

As they got there they rang the door bell and Rachel stayed behind Jenny. Her foster mom, Carla, opened the door noticing Rachel was unusually shy today. They both skampered past Rachels mom to go to her room. Her mom saw a wet spot on her bottom. "Rachel honey did you wet you pants? She gave a shy nod. Her mom grabbed her arm and said, Jenny could you come back later? We have to get you out of those wet clothes Rachel.

They went in her room and her mom searched in her drawer and pulled out some short shorts. "Here these will go good with your blouse" Rachel felt kinda funny being dressed by her mother as she hasn't done that since she was 5. "Okay sweetie I have some of your panties in the dryer, wait right here." As Rachel waited she suddenly felt some pressure build up again!

She just got up to go to the restroom but it was too late. She was flooding her panties again! "Oh no! What will Mommy think?" but then her train of thought was lost when she felt an incredible amount of pleasure from wetting and had the urge to wet some more, as she loved the way it came out of her vagina and soaking her panties.

Suddenly her mom walked in the door and saw her wetting like a baby. "Oh my, the carpet!" Rachel was confused. Her mom didn't seem that surprised about the other thing. "Did wittle wachel have an akiedient?

Its okay hun, just lay down on the bed." Rachel somehow liked her mommy cooing her and she layed on the bed. Her mom gently slid off her wet panties. Rachel realized she was half naked in front of her mom and furiously blushed. Her mom pulled out some fluffy cleansing cloths. She gently patted her clean.

Then her mom got the panties she got from the dryer and it was her most frilliest satin one, the most little girlish pair she had. Then she gently slid them up her legs until they were comfy around her vagina. She didn't know why but wearing such a little girlish pair made her have another orgasm. "Okay upsie daisy little princess." She pulled her up and slid on her short shorts. She zipped and buttoned them up for her and then gave her a patt on them bottum.

Now go watch tv honey, oh and you don't want to forget Fifi your stuffed bunny do you? She thought "Huh? Where did that come fr...." Then she felt funny and thought, Oh ofcoarse, the one mommy bought for me last Christmas and that I always like to cuddle! She happily hugged it and went into the living room. Rachel thought I just don't feel right unless I have something cute to cuddle like Mrs. Fifi.

The next day, early in the morning, Rachel noticed something. She woke up from her bed and lifted the covers and she was wet. She completly wet herself and she was sitting in a puddle of it and even got a little on her nightie. This strangely excited her. Then she got up out of bed and notice her panties were completly soaked.

She giggled and thought of what a baby she is and then she got an idea. She took a deep breath and started to push real hard and then to her delight a big bulge started to make its way into her panties. It kept growing and growing. It became really big and about six inches long. It was very noticable. Almost like she had a large dildo stuffed in the back of her panties.

Then she started to make tears build up in her eyes and went over into her mommy's room, as she walked she could feel it slide in between her vagina and which kinda made her waddle. She cried, waaaaah! Mommy! Her mommy got up, "What is the matter sweety?" She saw the large bump sticking out of her panties.

Her mommy cooed "Poor baby, lets change you out of those panties. Panties are for big girls and your to much of a baby. Babies like you need diapers." She led her into her room and she opened a drawer. Rachel noticed it was full of baby items like diapers, plastic panties, baby wipes, lotion, an enema kit and pacifiers. She never noticed that before.

Her mommy pulled out a changing mat on the bed and carefully pulled off her panties and then asked her to lie down on the bed. She layed down giggling and kicking her legs, waiting for her mommy. Her mommy pulled out some baby wipes and cleaned her all over. Rachel loved how they carressed her cheeks and almost climaxed when she went over her vagina.

Then her Mommy spread lotion all on her booboo and then went around the other side. Rachel saw the big cloth diapers her mommy was about to put on her. She said lift up, Rachel did and she slid them under her. She noticed they were very thick and fluffy, like she had a pillow in between her legs and anyone will know that she is wearing a diaper. Then her mommy pulled out some very frilly pink plastic panties. She showed them to Rachel, these will look so adorable on you! She slid them up her legs and around her diaper.

"There all done, does Baby Rachel like her diaper?" Rachel gave a sweet nod and a little giggle. Then her mommy helped up and gave her some pats on the bottom. That made her already wet. She noticed she has felt sexual lately and she loved cumming in her diaper. Her breasts are more sensitive than they have ever been before.

Ok what is baby going to wear today? Her mommy went in her closet and pulled out a cute flared short skirt. I think this will show you pretty plastic panties and big diaper very nicely, hehe. She slipped it on and she was right you can definitley see half her diaper butt poking out. "Okay sweetie lift your arms up." Rachel did and her mommy put a pretty, pink, satiny short shirt that showed her belly button and had frillies all around the trims. The sleeves where see through puff sleeves. Rachel loved her new wardrobe.

Her mommy held her hand and said "Come on honey baby we have breakfast waiting for you" Rachels diaper was so thick it made her waddle and you can definitly hear the plastic move back and forth. When they entered the kitchen she was surprised to see an adult sized toddler chair and was pink and decorated with cute teddies all around it. Her mommy could easily lift Baby Rachel up and place her in her cute baby chair. She then gave Rachel a baby bib with hearts on it and fed her gerber baby food.

Rachel had trouble trying to make it get in her mouth and each time the spoon bumped on nose it made her giggle. She loved it when her mommy made funny noises while feeding her. Then she felt herself wetting her diaper. She was glad she had plastic panties on or else it would have leaked out. "All done!" Her mommy said and Rachel had a messy mouth. Her mommy got some wipes and wiped it clean.

Then she picked her up by her big cushiony bottom and brought her into an adultbaby sized play pen. When Rachel looked around and it was filled with wonderful toddler toys, like babydolls, cushiony and colorful building blocks, raddles, etc. Then she felt funny like somehow she doesn't usually play with baby toys and that would be silly but then her mind became even more and more distracted to how cute and cuddly those babydolls looked. Then all the toys looked alot more fun to her. She gave in with a babyish giggle and played with her baby dolls.

When her mommy came back Baby Rachel was sucking on one of the cushiony blocks. "Awww honey do you need your paci?" Her mommy popped it out of her mouth and stuck in her pacifier that was pink and had a baby mini on it. Then they heard the door bell ring. Her mommy answered it and she greeted a very sweet looking girl. That could be the same age as Rachel if Rachel wasn't totally babified.

Rachel didn't know why but as soon as she saw her she thought she was very sexy. Rachels mommy said "I'm going off to work sweety so I hired Ariel our babysitter to take care of you today." "Hi Lil Rachel what a cutie you are" Ariel hugged Baby Rachel and give her a little eskimo kiss. That made Rachel very turned on and her nipples became hard. "Can you say your name?" Rachel said "Wachiel" Rachel gasped at the little kid lisp that she now talked like. Ariel giggled in delight.

She reached down and was able to easily pick her up just like a little baby and carried her out to her pink minivan. Rachel could see she has a big baby girl seat for her and then they were off to Ariel's house. It was a very large and doll house looking. The inside was just as beautiful. She showed upstairs and said, "Here is your nursery lil sweetie"

Rachel peeked in and saw an adorable room with a big crib covered in frills and pink plastic covered the mattress with cute little cartoon characters on them. It also had a beautiful vanity table and all around were baby toys and dolls. Rachels eyes became very big as she took in the wonderful babyishness of her new nursery.

Then Ariel opened up a whole new room but it was actually a really big closet filled with babygirl dresses which looked like they would go on a really big babydoll. She realized that she is now that babydoll. Out of all of this excitement she suddenly felt herself wetting her diaper uncontrollably. "Whoopsie doodles!" Rachel said cutley blushing. She flooded it so much that it started to leak.

Ariel noticed it and brought her over to a really big cushiony changing table. She unpinned her diaper while and playfull tickled Rachel all over and sang a song while she grabbed another diaper. Then she said, "Oh your such a baby, you completley soaked your last diaper. I think you need to wear an even bigger and thicker diaper from now on. She slid a very thick diaper under her, then liberally baby wiped and powdered her.

Rachel felt so turned on like she was always on the verge of cumming. Ariel lifted the diaper between her legs and now her knees couldn't even touch. Ariel rubbed the crouch of her diaper and the thick diaper against her vagina felt so erotic to Rachel which made her cum, she was completley in heaven.

Then Ariel said, "Rachel sweetie the minute I layed my eyes on you I saw the adult baby you had inside you, that wanted to come out. I didn't change any part of you, the spell was made to just bring out what was already inside of you. I could sense your need to be pampered and nurtured and I love you that is why, I have to take off the spell to see your true feelings. With a wave of her hand. Rachel glittered all over. Then Ariel said, "So what will it be? Do you want to be my little babygirl from now on?" Rachel grew tears in her eyes, "I would wuv thiat wit all my heart Mommy!" and they kissed.
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omg my gf's name is rachel! lol i told her about the story and she laughed and said im not a lesbian lol she likes the diapers too
Soo cute.I hope you write more like this one.
Great story, I really liked this one :)
hope u wright more i like that
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cute story luvd it
This story is the best i have ever read.
cant wait for more of ariel
baby a.j.
Yay! that was so cute
Very, very, very wonderful story! Definitely one of a kind, hehe. Hope you add more ^_^
What a very sweet ending. Lovely story
Sweet Dreams
That was very cute! I'd like to be like that!
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