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“Oh please Mistress, don’t make me do that in front of company, please.”

But Mistress Julie just admonished me and told me that if I didn’t behave and do what I was told, that there would be hell to pay. Then she ordered, “Go get your bottle right now! It’s time for your feeding and that’s it!”

Knowing all to well that if I upset Mistress Julie any more than I already had, things could quickly get much worse for me than having to demonstrate how I prepare for my feeding in front of Mistress Julie’s friends. So I scampered off to get the necessary items while Mistress Julie sat calmly drinking tea with the ladies she invited over today.

When I returned, I knelt in front of Mistress Julie holding my pink baby-bottle and the attachment that connected it to the end of my sissy stem. Mistress Julie just smiled as she told me, “That’s a good little sissy, now just lay back and show us how you like to fill your sissy bottle.” Then Mistress Julie smiled and said to her friends, “ He’s always been obsessed with playing with his little clitty so I figured that I might as well make it worthwhile.” Then she returned her gaze to me and I knew I was helpless but to comply with her wishes.

I carefully sat down on the edge of the pink changing mat that Mistress Julie always kept handy by the couch in the sitting room. I made sure to raise the hem of my skirt so I wouldn’t sit on it and I leaned back until I lay face up with my legs toward Mistress Julie and her friends. Then I used my feet to raise my backside up in the air just enough to pull my skirt up across my stomach, giving Mistress’ friends an unobstructed view of my pretty ruffled pink panties. Then I had to let them watch as my fingers found the waistband of my panties hidden from my view by all the petticoats. When there was no way I could avoid it any longer, I started pushing my panties down over my hips, exposing my cute little stem all tied up with a pink ribbon around the base and a pretty pink bow positioned right on my egg’s nest.

I could feel the tears welling up as I pushed the panties down far enough to make sure everyone had a good view of my candy and then I reached over beside me to retrieve the bottle and the tubing with the little suction cup on the end. I didn’t need to see what I was doing because I had done it so many times before. It was a simple matter of stretching the little cup at the end of the tube over the head of my sissy clitty. When I had that securely in place, I held the bottle up and pulled back on a little plunger that protruded from the base of the bottle and served to create a strong vacuum in the bottle and the tubing connected to my stem.

Mistress Julie was smiling brightly as she said, “Okay sissy, let's see how you like to play with that clitty of yours.” And she couldn’t help but chuckle as my face turned red form embarrassment. Still, I knew better than to stall any longer and reached down to fondle myself. Both of Mistress Julie’s friends laughed and commented on how darling I looked lying there, with one hand cupped under my little pink sack while the fingers of my other hand started to manipulate my tiny clit.

Very quickly, my stem swelled in my fingers and I was eventually able to wrap my fingers all the way around it. Tears rolled down my cheek as I continued to stoke myself knowing all too well the results of my efforts. It wasn’t more than a minute or two before Mistress Julie sensed my impending conclusion. My breathing became rapid and shallow and my eyes began to roll back as my hips started to gyrate and pulse.

Mistress Julie made sure to inform her friends that I was close and to watch carefully. She said, “Keep your eye on the end of his little stem. When he squirts, all of his sissy cream will shoot through that tube and into the bottle. I love to watch it splatter all over the insides of the bottle.” And all the ladies laughed as I pumped away and the muscles in my groin tightened up, leaving me no choice but to show these pretty ladies how a sissy fills his bottle.

My head was dizzy as I felt my clitty explode in pulse after pulse of glorious release. Oh how I hated that fact that my feedings came out of my stem and that I had to take my feeding in front of all these pretty ladies. After four or five heavy spurts, my stem continued to dribble and the remains were quickly sucked into the bottle along with the full contents of my ejaculation. When I had finished filling my bottle, I held it up and loosened the top to release the remaining vacuum so I could remove the little cup from the end of my clitty. Then I rolled to my side and twisted myself up onto my knees with my panties still down around my thighs. I looked up to Mistress Julie because I knew she wouldn’t forget to hand me what I needed now.

“He always dribbles some after he squirts and I like to make him keep his panties as clean as possible,” Mistress Julie said as she reached toward me and handed me a little packet wrapped in pink plastic. “This way, he stays a little cleaner and dryer and it also gives me something to gag him with if he complains too much.” She said with a laugh.

I hung my head in total humiliation as I peeled the thin pink plastic film from around the Kotex maxipad and unfolded it so I could remove the adhesive backing. Then while I was still on my knees, I leaned from side to side a bit so I could spread my knees apart until my panties were stretched open between them. Then I carefully positioned the Kotex in the crotch of my panties, making sure to press the adhesive down against the material. When I was satisfied that I had it properly in place, I began to pull my panties up and push my stem down between my legs so it would lay comfortably in the Kotex. I got the panties pulled up tight around my waist before I let the hem of my skirts drop from under my arms.

If all this wasn’t bad enough, Mistress Julie knew I would hate the next part even more. I handed the bottle to Mistress Julie while she explained what she was doing to her friends. “Sometimes, I just love to make him drink his milk plain but most of the time, I like to help him out but making his bottle a little easier to suck on.” With that, her friends watched in amazement as Mistress Julie screwed the top off and then reached down beside her chair and picked up another large bottle filled with a golden yellow liquid. She went on to explain, “I like to relieve myself in a special jar just to help the little sissy with his nourishment.” When she removed the lid of the second container and started pouring it into my baby bottle, you could smell the acrid smell of morning urine and the smile on Mistress’ face grew quite wide.

I watched in ridiculed horror as she filled my baby bottle and I anticipated the utter mortification of having to consume this most vile mixture of my Mistress’ golden nectar and my sweet sissy cream and especially having to do it in front of her friends. Mistress Julie told me to get up on the couch and lie back with my head in her lap. I loved this position so much because I felt so safe and secure in her comfort and care. She just smiled at me as she rubbed the nipple of the bottle against my lips just like any mom would do for her baby. The tears rolled from my eyes from utter humiliation but I knew I had no choice so I opened my lips and sucked the nipple into my mouth. Then I started nursing just like the little infant sissy I was.

Mistress Julie looked to her friends and continued her conversation just as if she were feeding any little baby and said, “He is such a good sissy and I like to give him a little reward once in a while. If you have the time, you are welcome to stay because my friend John is coming over soon and it just so happens that he likes to help me reward my little sissy.” I was mortified but continued sucking on my bottle. At first, you could see the creamy deposits of my ejaculate floating around in the yellow mixture and it was obvious that I was nursing my loving Mistress’ urine straight from the bottle but eventually, the thick globs began to settle and as Mistress Julie was careful to hold the bottle very still and upright as I sucked it, everyone was able to see the thick masses settle down to the nipple and they watched intently as I sucked harder knowing that now, I was sucking my own sperm out of that nipple.

Mistress Julie made me lay there until I finished the entire bottle and then she told me to go sit in my playpen while she continued visiting with her guests. Before long, the doorbell rang and Mistress Julie got up to answer it and returned with John, her boyfriend of late who was extremely handsome and elicited a warm welcome from all the ladies. Mistress Julie introduced him and then announced that they had plans to go out this evening but before they left, she wanted to give her little sissy a reward for being so good all day. That’s when I was called over with my head hanging down in total embarrassment and told that since I had behaved, I was to get my reward right now while her friends were still here and could watch me.

I didn’t like my rewards but I had to tell Mistress Julie that I loved them and that she was so wonderful for giving them to me. I knew the dire consequences of saying anything other than what Mistress Julie wanted to hear so I learned to be quiet and accept my gifts with all the necessary appreciation. Master John, as I had learned to refer to him, was quite accustom to my needs and was quick to agree to give me my reward there in front of Mistress Julie’s friends. I was ordered to come over and kneel in front of Master John and then I waited for those ominous words that I knew meant that any dignity that I had as a man was soon to be gone forever.

Soon as I was comfortably kneeling right in front of Master John’s huge bulge, I heard my Mistress say, “Okay sissy, you can open Master John’s pants now and get your reward.” With heavy arms that ached with wretched anticipation, I reached up and unzipped his trousers and unfastened the button at the top. Then I gently pulled the material down exposing snowy white boxers that revealed the evidence of a huge erection just waiting to emerge. My fingers moved slow but with careful precision as I peeled down his shorts showing all the world his glorious member that was already glistening from a bit of precum that had leaked from the tip. As if my hands had a mind of their own, my fingers carefully surrounded his shaft and cupped his precious balls while I looked straight at that little slit in the end of his cock.

“Open your mouth and take your present,” I heard my Mistress say from behind me as the ladies watched intently. “He loves this part so much that you can tell he is a natural born sissy,” Mistress Julie said to her friends. “Just watch how he manipulates the shaft and cradles those balls so softly.” I had learned from previous experience that the only way to get out of this situation was to get it over with as soon as possible so I worked very hard to make it as pleasing and hot as I could for Master John so he would give me his seed very quickly. My mouth engulfed the head after I licked around the top and I used my hands to warm and massage his gorgeous prick. The skin was so soft and smooth and felt so natural sliding across my lips and tongue. I occasionally had to stop and lick the sides of the shaft to catch the juices that flowed freely. I knew Master John was leaking a steady stream of precum and I had to make sure that every bit of it ended up where it belonged.

It didn’t take too long before Master John was swaying and his head rolled back indicating that he was about ready. Mistress Julie knew just how Master John liked it so she readied herself as Master John informed Mistress Julie’s friends that I was about to receive my just deserts. I felt Master John’s hands reach down and grab a hold of my head and I knew that I shouldn’t fight it and that I needed to go along with what I had already learned. Mistress Julie told her friends that when Master John was ready to give me his milk, that he liked Mistress Julie to kneel behind me and hold my arms back behind me so I can’t use them. So I just put my arms down by my sides and waited for Mistress Julie to reach down and take control of them. Then, I knew there was nothing else I could do to change what was about to happen. I no longer had any control but was a mere receptacle for Master John to spew his mess into any way he wanted to.

With renewed vigor, Master John started thrusting his member deeper and deeper into my mouth, burying the end deep in my throat causing me to gag and choke. But there wasn’t any hint of letting up or any kind of concern for my well being. Mistress Julie just smiled and leaned down to my ear and said, “Drink up sissy, I love to see you do this.” And I felt completely helpless as Master John stabbed my mouth over and over until finally, he grunted and he pulled my face up against his groin with his cock buried so deeply in my throat that I wasn’t even about to taste that delicious reward. It was going to get pumped straight from his balls, down to my stomach.

Master John just held me there while his legs wobbled and he grunted over and over, obviously pumping squirt after squirt of his filthy seed down my throat. When it seemed he was about to fall over from his massive expulsion, he let go of my head and I was able to pull myself off in order to catch my breath. Sperm and goo just hung like strings from the corners of my mouth and Mistress Julie told me to make sure I licked up all the mess before I was done. I knew better than to quit before I had finished so I started licking the shaft in front of me paying close attention to every detail and making sure that I cleaned up every last drop of anything sticky and messy. When they were satisfied that I had cleaned everything properly, I was told to go back to my playpen while Mistress Julie said goodbye to her guests and prepared to go out for the evening with her boyfriend.

I just sat wondering how I had gotten myself into such a predicament and just how long this situation might last. On the one hand, I felt secure in Mistress Julie’s care but I was also concerned about how long I could exist when I was being fed such incredibly nasty meals every day. I knew it was my place to accept it but this was the last thing I could have imagined when I first started out wearing little girl’s panties. It’s funny how life seems to turn around on you sometimes.
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Nice,is there more to the story?Best wishes Wanda C xoxo
Thanks Wanda, I have so many stories that I never sseem to get finished. I think it's time that I made a genuine effort to share some more of my stuff.
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