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What happens when Mother leaves Daddy and Son?
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I walked down the road after the work the breeze danced around my shaved body as I walked gliding through my clothes like they weren't even there it felt nice as it kissed my skin. I arrived at the door and putting the key in the lock and turning the key I entered the house. It was quiet inside so I went straight to my room and stripped of, walking to the shower I turned it on then I remembered why it was so quiet my two sisters were seeing our aunty and uncle on our dads side our mum just upped and left after a few months of consistent arguments and dad works a lot of the time in the office now till late hours.

I got in the shower and grabbed a soft wash cloth pouring some baby lotion on to it I rubbed myself down. Now you might think it’s odd that I do not like body hair well I am one who likes to be clean soft and clean and with my body it feels and looks better without it. I use a shampoo and conditioner on my hair before wrapping a towel around me like a dress and walking out to my room. I look at the door of my mother’s old room as I walked past weird thing she never took or came back for anything and dad being hurt and sentimental just shut the door and never went in their again.

I entered my room and sat on the bed reaching over to grab my brush and hair dryer. I turned it on and teased and dried my hair to its normal layered and waved look I loved the girlish sweeping fringe I had my hair was about mid back length and it was dyed a purple colour to add some expression to it. I looked at my body in the mirror and besides some light bruises from work I thought I looked okay. I went to my draw seeing as how I had the house to myself I thought I would indulge in dressing as I feel in my heart but then I had an idea and walked to my mother’s old room and pushed the door. Normally I wouldn't do this as I still loved my mother but she never approved of how I really am saying that girls date boys and boys date girls and that the people who say there is middle are ones who need help.

I slowly and nervously entered her room the mess that was there before was still there her clothes were still in the wardrobe and make up still on her dressing table I was over whelmed by it as the sudden realisation of what I was doing and what it could mean hit me I sat in dressing table chair and looked into the mirror. Some might say I look my mother we had the same face shape and eyes. Dad never liked to look me in the eyes because he said they were too much like my mothers.

I remembered all the fights and all the pain when I saw her blame father for her mistakes she was a very controlling woman and strong willed and dad was equally the same so instead of a union it seems there personalities clashed as one tried to Dom the other. But she wasn't here now and she wasn't coming back I opened the top draw of her chest and playfully called out “Mum I am stealing you’re clothes whether you like it or not.” As I rummaged through I pulled out a nice set it was black silk with white lace over the top both on the panties and the bra and pure black suspender belt and sheer stockings. I giggled like an excited child as I slide the panties over my legs and shivered as they stroked my bare milky thighs tucking my private as I moved them in place before sliding up the suspender belt.

It felt weird wearing my mother’s clothes but also sexy. My mother had great taste in clothes and also did put a lot of effort into her looks. I slipped my hands in the bra and clasped around my back so it wasn't too tight I picked a padded bra as my androgynous looks did mean I still had a flat chest but I padded out the bra with socks. I looked at the sheer stockings and felt them it was so soft and slowly slid them up as they covered my heel my calf hugging it lightly then up over my knee and to my thigh I then clipped it into place then did the same with the other one. I turned and took a hair band that was lying on the desk and proceeded to tie back my hair. I then used a cleansing wipe and washed my face so no work residue remained.
I picked up some foundation and put it on my face and used some concealer to hide any remaining imperfections from being male. I picked a dark red lipstick and used it on my lips I then kissed a bit of tissue to remove any excess and then I followed a selection of two lighter pinks for my eyes and added a little blusher. I was pleased with it all but didn't want to look in the full length mirror till I had completely changed. I giggled to myself as I stroked over my tummy right up to my new bra and I gave it a little grope.
I moved slowly to her wardrobe and opened it was funny if my mother was still around she would of killed me by now. I rummaged through the various items till I pulled out a black skin tight imitation leather skirt and white thrill blouse and a nice pair of stiletto heels. Put the blouse doing it up as I hit the hit last few buttons I left them undone and slipped on the black skirt it was tight and showed the natural curve of my hips. I did it and up and slipped on the heels. I slid my foot in and it thought this might have been how Cinderella felt when she first wore the glass slipper. It hugged the palm of my foot and the diamanté strap elegantly kept them from falling off.

Now was the moment I had been looking forward to I closed my eyes and slowly turned towards the mirror and opened them the reflection I saw was a young woman with filled curves and a cheeky smile. I was completely taken back by what I saw I twirled turn my ankle in a cute girlie way I saw my sisters do many times. I stroked the skirt as it hugged and showed the shape of my tight bum. I was really loving the feeling as I knew no one was in I didn't fear so I walked out and down the stairs to the kitchen to get a drink and do some tidying up the living room feeling like a little housewife.
And that’s when I saw my father’s car pull into the drive way.

End of part one.
(This is my first time writing a story so please don't kill me negative comments)


I stood there shocked and unable to think frozen with terror and nervousness. If herd the key the door I realised then that if I was going to try to run or hide it would be now. I dashed for the only place that was close the down stairs toilet hoping that my dad will go straight upstairs that’s when it went terribly wrong little did I know my father not only heard the distinct sound of heels on the floor but also saw me enter the toilet.

“Amanda? Is that….is that you?” he said as he slowly walked towards the toilet door and then proceeded to knock. What might I do? If I spoke it would be game over with little options in view I slowly opened the door and looked at him. To avoid some eye contact I practically jumped right into his arms. He held me tighter than I have ever been held and gave my bum a little squeeze that made me squeal. “I have missed you so much my dear.” He said with some pain and love in his voice I felt sorry for him.

I then whispered into his ear “I love you daddy.” He was shocked and used his big muscular hands and pushed me back and looked at me holding my tightly by the wrist I only looked down as his eyes traced and took in the woman I now was. “S S Son?” he said with high grade of disbelieve in his tone. “Yes daddy” I whimperd to him. “Son why are you dressed like that you know I miss your mother, Is this is this the real you?” He was both nervous and becoming aroused. That was my fault I cupped his crotch through his jeans as we spoke and rubbed it gently to try to keep him calm. “Yes daddy it is I've always been jealous of mum for having such a strong and providing man she didn't deserve you. I was only trying to make you happy.” I sniffled into his head as his hand stroked my back then ran all over my body and came to rest on my bum. It was bigger than mums you might say I was an improvement.

“Son you know you really look like your mother and I do not mind you wearing her clothes as I I’ve always told you each to their own.” He lifted my head by the chin and looked into my eyes I knew if I was going to make this better I had to have him I had to do what a wife would not a son or a daughter.. “Daddy I love you there is no one in the world I would rather be with.” I leaned up and began to kiss him softly at first then with passion as his resistance faded then I pushed with a little more passion. His hands stroked everywhere squeezing my breasts and bum with began to turn me on. Prying I wouldn't get hard as I knew deep down he was still in shock thought I was mum.

“Daddy let me show you how much I need and want you.” I said as I undid his belt pulling it off and then throwing it away. My hands then worked the button and zipper almost in an animal fashion I yanked his boxers down next. “Mmmm seems daddy loves his baby.” I took his cock into my well-manicured hands and moved it up and down jerking him feeling the blood rush to it I knew my lips will be around it soon. Daddy moaned as his eyes closed “oh Amanda yes baby.” I didn't care if he wasn't using my name calling me moms name only turned me on more as I moved and began to flick my lounge over the head and shaft of his manhood.

“Yes baby please you’re husband.” Not one to ruin a moment or give up I said in the most seductive way I could to him. “oooo baby you’re so big the only candy and cream I want in my life is from you.” I slowly took the head in my mouth and sucked it up and down stopping only to lick and suck each ball as then returned to bobbing my head up and down his beautiful cock. For I was Amanda I will a better mum one more pleasing and lustily sexy. I learnt to breathe through my nose quickly as his cock filled my mouth. He yanked my hair and thrust into my face, his balls slapped against my chin as moaned between breathes.

“Cant my wife handle real man meat baby?” He moaned as I was left accepting what he was doing it wasn't long before streams of pre-cum were pouring down my neck. I took this as sign he needed to cum I expected he had lots of back log from mum being away forever now and I wanted it all. I reached up and held his balls tightly playing with and squeezing them as his thrusts became wild my jaw ached and I was scared to relax a little in-case I bite him. “Oh yes that’s the slutty girl I remember you always were quiet more when you had a mouth full of my cum.” My daddy was a animal it’s like his gentle soul had a sex demon inside of it. “Yes Baby keep it wide here cums you're present hereeee ittt cumsss, ohhhhhhh mann.” His cock exploded in my throat as I tried to swallow it all but it still leaked out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. “I lifted my figure a d wiped before liking the cum on my figure in a seductive manner.

“You always a bad woman Amanda,” I need to be inside you he said as he ripped open my blouse exposing my little boy breasts, but in his sex craved state he didn’t seem to care as he stroked me all over unzipping the skirt and pulling it down. Next came the panties but only enough to expose my cute button hole. I prayed it wouldn't hurt for long as I knew daddy would have even if I wanted it or not. He spun me round and bent me over sliding his hand over my bum and to my hips readying for taking his wife’s cherry. “This is what good girls get.” He said as his cock pounded into me I was going to scream but the consistent thrusting was causing pleasure, wave after wave of pleasure I was pleasing my man that’s all that mattered to me now.

His moaning was like roaring as he slammed my hips back into him making me moan and arch my breasts out as he pounded me I can feel his cock harden again and this time I was ready for it and I knew I needed it. He thrust harder and harder as small amounts of blood dripped down the crack in my bottom. “Oh yesssss baby that’s it yes don't stop I need to fill you up.” He was wild and dominating and I needed it all his seed was now mine. I felt myself cum in my panties as he fucked me he was tugging my hair and riding me deeply. “OH yes here it cums baby hereeee itttt cumms.”He cumbed in me and I panted having both of us had a orgasim I took his hands and wrapped them around me “I love you my husband.” “And I love you my wife.” We stayed like that till I wanted to go to bed and he asked me sleep in moms old bed so I did he also made it a rule that after school I would always dress like and be a wife forever.
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Girl at soul stuck in a guys body
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